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Goplus 11′ iSUP Review (2019)

Goplus 11′ iSUP Review (2019)

Goplus 11' iSUP Board Review

Goplus 11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package Review (2019)


Goplus 11' iSUP Board Package
This is what you get: Goplus 11′ iSUP Board, adjustable 2-piece aluminium paddle, backpack, handpump, repair kit, manual (+ the detachable bigger fin).

Goplus 11′ iSUP Board is a low quality, cheap and generic all-around, mainly for flatwater conditions, that’s long enough for larger paddlers to use (ideally around 220 pounds or less), but at the same time too narrow for larger paddlers to enjoy from the get-go… Probably too wobbly for a considerably larger paddler.

In this Goplus 11′ iSUP Board Package review, I’ll learn what I can about this board and document my findings as I go.

Check its price and delivery conditions here: Goplus 11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

Quick Overview For The Hasty

The Goplus 11′ iSUP  measures 11′ x 30″ x 6″ (length x width x thickness)weighs 26 pounds and has weight capacity of 265 pounds, making it suitable more for smaller and doesn’t outright exclude larger paddlers.

Who is this for? The Goplus 11′ iSUP Board is for anybody weighing up to 265 pounds looking to paddle around in flatwater conditions. Though admittedly, larger paddlers may find the board to be a little too wobbly because it’s a little too narrow and not rigid enough.

How’s the performance? The Goplus 11′ iSUP Board can build up decent speed, is relatively maneuverable and tracks well enough for a cheap all-around. It’s not the most stable nor rigid board though, even more so the larger the rider is.

You might also want to take a look at this post where I go over whether a cheap iSUP is worth it (link opens in a new tab).


Who And What Is The Goplus 11′ iSUP Board Designed For?

The Goplus 11′ Inflatable SUP Board is designed for:

  • who: paddlers weighing up to 265 pounds, ideally around 220 lbs or less;
  • what: all-around (more for flatwater, otherwise viable in almost all water conditions to some extent).

The weight capacity is reported to be 265 pounds, but for a board this size (30 inches wide), larger (heavier/taller) paddlers will find it to be too wobbly and the experience from the Goplus 11′ iSUP Board would suffer greatly.

I’d say the optimal paddler weight would be around 220 pounds or less because of the width and poor rigidity. This doesn’t exclude larger paddlers though – as long as you’re up to the challenge, you’d be golden.

Due to the design and rigidity of the board (long, narrow, not super rigid), it’s definitely meant more for flatwater conditions.

What would happen to you in chppy conditions? It doesn’t even matter if you’re a smaller paddler here – the chop would likely make the ride very unstable. The nose of the board is rounded and with a small rocker which doesn’t excatly cut through water/small waves and the board overall is just narrow.

Who and what is Goplus 11' iSUP Board designed for?
Who and what is Goplus 11′ iSUP Board designed for?

How Does The Goplus 11′ iSUP Board Perform?

The Goplus 11′ iSUP Board can be characterized by:

  • speed

The Goplus 11′ iSUP Board is narrow (30 inches wide) and long (11 inches long) which allows you to build up more speed with it. However, a couple of things bring down the potential speed you could go with it, so it might feel like something is off as you ride (low quality paddle and fin, poor stability, etc).

It won’t track nearly as good as it should due to the relatively small larger single fin which is made of poor quality materials as well.

When it comes to the stability of the board, unless you were a smaller paddler, it won’t be all that great. The tail is narrow, making the board tip from side to side more, and the board itself is just narrow…

Maneuverability, because the Goplus 11′ Inflatable SUP Board is narrow, is relatively good, perhaps even snappy for a larger paddler who can shift their weight to the back more.

For a smaller paddler, the Goplus 11′ iSUP would be rigid enough, but for a larger paddler it may not feel super rigid at times. Rigidity should be sufficient for flatwater paddling.

How does Goplus 11' iSUP Board perform?
How does Goplus 11′ iSUP Board perform?

How Have I Conducted This Review?

I’ve read user experiences with this Goplus 11′ iSUP Board package, reviews, specifications and other cues, along with my own experience and due diligence that have given me a better picture of the board, how it handles and feels when used, for whom and for what the board is suitable for, etc.

I’ve simply written down my findings here for others as well as for myself to get a better understanding of things.


Specs Of The Goplus 11′ Inflatable SUP Board

Tail WidthN/A (narrow rounded tail)
Weight (lbs)26
Weight Capacity (lbs)440
Volume (liters)N/A

1 – type
Goplus 11′ iSUP is an all-around, but it’s somewhat limited to flatwater conditions due to the lower quality.

2 – construction
It’s inflatable. That means it can be deflated and rolled up for easy transportation. Optimal/maximum air pressure is reported to be 15 PSI (the pump has a pressure gauge on top).

3 – lenght
The board is 11 feet long. Longer boards can build up more speed and are also more stable, more suitable for larger paddlers.

4 – width
Goplus 11′ iSUP board is 30 inches wide at its widest point, which is narrow. Usually people find 32 inches or wider all-around to be stable enough to enjoy as a beginner.

5 – thickness
Although it’s marked as 6 inches thick, it seems to only have 1 layer of PVC material in it’s construction. It’s mostly filled with air and drop stitch material to achieve such thickness. Thicker boards feel more stable and rigid because there are usually more layers of PVC instead of just more empty space like it’s with Goplus 11′ iSUP board…

6 – tail width
N/A. However, it is relatively narrow and rounded.

7 – weight
Goplus Inflatable 11′ SUP Board weighs 26 pounds. It’s relatively lightweight, still.

8 – weight capacity
The weight capacity of Goplus Inflatable 11′ SUP Board is 265 pounds.

9 – volume

Goplus 11' iSUP Board Specs
Specifications of the Goplus 11′ iSUP Board.

Size when DEFLATED


What Is Goplus 11′ iSUP Board Made Of?

Since the PVC is mentioned in singular:

  • single layer PVC material with drop stitch material at the core

All things considered (potential volume, weight capacity, price, etc), I’m made believe that the Goplus Inflatable 10′ SUP Board is made of a single (1) layer PVC material together with the standard drop-stitch core material. Also, that the 6-inch thickness is NOT achieved by having ticker layers of PVC material, rather the thickness is achieved by having more empty space in the middle.

With that said, the rigidity of the Goplus Inflatable 10′ SUP Board comes to my attention. It will likely not be as rigid as a hardboard, but for a smaller paddler, it should be rigid enough in flatwater conditions. For a larger paddler however, it might not be rigid enough unless you pump it up too much which risks the longevity of the board at the cost of short term rigid experience.

For further reading: what is this “PVC” used in iSUPs? PVC material (link opens in a new tab).

Goplus 11' iSUP Board Construction Illustration
General illustration in relation to Goplus 11′ iSUP Board construction.

What Are The Features Of Goplus 11′ iSUP Board?

The Goplus 11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board has just one color code (overall white with mostly blue but also some black elements).

Goplus 11' iSUP Board Features
Goplus 11′ iSUP Board features.

Following are the features (8) of the Goplus 11′ iSUP Board:

  1. Point mounted (4) bungee net
  2. Carry handle
  3. D-rings (4)
  4. Deck pad
  5. Inflation valve
  6. D-ring (1) rear
  7. D-ring (1) bottom
  8. Fin (1)

1 – point mounted (4) bungee net
Closer to the nose of the board, you’ll find a 4 point mounted cargo area made up of a bungee cord. You can simply slip things under it, essentially.

2 – carry handle
In the middle of the board you’ll find a carry handle which is relatively basic, made of nylon it seems.

3 – D-rings (4)
The iSUP has 2 D-rings on either side of the board. They’re more on the rear side, so I’m not sure if shoulder straps would work with them. I’m also used to the gap being smaller for most attachable seats to fit there, so I’m not entirely sure why they’re there, ironically (I should know this stuff…).

4 – deck pad
The deck pad of Goplus 11′ iSUP board is made of a relatively soft non-slip material (EVA foam), textured with striped grooves.

5 – inflation valve
Found at the rear of the Goplus 11′ iSUP Board there’s an inflation valve. This is where you inflate the board with air.

6 – D-ring (1) rear
Just behind the inflation valve is the single D-ring for towing, attaching an anklel eash or an anchor to it or what have you.

7 – D-ring (1) bottom
On the flip side, just behind the fin, there’s a the final D-ring. This can be used for attaching an anchor to it for example.

8 – fin (1)
The Goplus 11′ iSUP Board has just one larger (not very large) fin to it and it’s likely made of plastic. Those 2 aspects of the fin together make it a relatively low quality generic fin that doesn’t provide superb tracking.

Goplus 11' iSUP Board Features On The Flip Side
Goplus 11′ iSUP Board features on the flip side.

What Else Is Included With The Goplus 11′ iSUP Board Package?

Apart from the leash, the Goplus 11′ iSUP Board package includes:

  • paddle
  • backpack
  • pump
  • repair kit
  • instructions manual(?)

Goplus 11' iSUP Board Paddle

This package includes an adjustable aluminium non-floating lower quality adjustable (67″ – 86.6″) paddle. Since it’s aluminium paddle, it may not float, so you may want to test and improvise a little in case it doesn’t float at all. It should break down to two 33-inch pieces, so it will likely fit in the backpack just fine.

BackpackGoplus 11' iSUP Board Backpack
The Goplus 11′ iSUP Board package includes a backpack that’s relatively generic and perhaps lowish quality on top of it. It should fit the entire package inside it. I’d advise you to simply handle the backpack with more care for it to last longer.

Goplus 11' iSUP Board PumpPump
A generic lower quality handpump with a pressure gauge on top (the pressure gauge might not register until you’ve hit certain PSI, optimal air pressure is 15 PSI), also included with the purchase of the Goplus 11′ iSUP Board package.

Repair KitGoplus 11' iSUP Board Repair Kit
As per usual, with almost any inflatable SUP package purchase comes a repair kit consisting of PVC patches, adhesive, and a valve wrench. They’re in an orange plastic cyliner container.

The Goplus 11′ iSUP Board package should come with a manual, too.


So Is Goplus 11′ Inflatable SUP Board For You?So Is Goplus 11' iSUP Board For You?

Goplus 11′ iSUP is a simple generic but practical cheap all-around more suitable for flatwater conditions and average sized paddlers (220 pounds or less). It doesn’t exclude larger paddlers, but the 30-inch width might be too narrow making the board feel unstable for bigger riders.

My biggest concerns are the lack of support/documentation and the overall low quality of the package.

If it doesn’t arrive with any defects, you may want to simply take better care of the board (link opens to a post in a new tab) in order for it to last longer.


Where To Buy Goplus 11′ iSUP Board Package?

It’s always best to first try and test the iSUP yourself before buying, preferably from a physical local shop on the spot with enthusiastic experts (not sales people) able to give you advice directly.

There are quite a few options for buying the Goplus 11′ iSUP Board package online:

  •  Amazon (Goplus has a presence there);
  • a used one from a marketplaces like Ebay (try not to fall for misleading offers).

You can buy the Goplus 11′ iSUP Board package from Amazon.
(link opens in a new tab)



The Goplus 11′ iSUP Board package, apart from the leash and PFD (short for personal flotation device or “life jacket”), includes everything you need to get on the water.

The board is otherwise lightweight all-around that can serve the purpose just fine for paddlers weighing around 220 pounds or less.

You may want to pray it doesn’t arrive with any defects because I don’t think I got the impression that there was a warranty or sufficient customer support for it from Goplus.

Goplus Brand
The goplus brand sell all kinds of sports equipment, so they don’t seem to be dedicated to making stand up paddle boards.

Still, they’ve got a lineup of inflatable SUPs and they seem somewhat knowledgeable in the field, BUT they’re exaggerating when it comes to some aspects of this iSUP package. They sell budget iSUPs it seems. Their boards are available in many places, such as Amazon or even Walmart it seems. However, they themselves don’t seem to provide customer support directly.

Goplus 11′ iSUP Board
The Goplus 11′ Inflatable SUP Board is a low quality cheap all-around, more for flatwater conditions and for paddlers weighing around 220 pounds or less.

Included Accessories
The Goplus 11′ iSUP Board package includes the board, paddle, backpack, pump, repair kit and manual, which are of somehat low quality, but that’s what makes it cheap.

Goplus doesn’t seem to have customer support nor a warranty, rather those aspects, if provided, are dealt by the 3rd party companies doing the selling (the sellers) rather than Goplus directly (they don’t seem to provide any themselves).

Where To Buy
You can buy this Goplus Inflatable 10′ SUP Board package (board + included accessories) online, such as Amazon or Ebay.



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