Goplus 11′ (Blue) iSUP Review

Paddling out on a calm lake with the Goplus Inflatable SUP is quite the experience. After testing this board on various water conditions, I’m convinced it’s designed with user-friendly features in mind. The stability is commendable, likely due to its generous width and the trio of fins beneath. Handling the board is quite straightforward, making it accessible for beginners like myself, as well as more skilled enthusiasts.

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The board’s portability is a true advantage. Toting it around in its backpack form is undemanding, and the inflation process, although it gives you a bit of a workout, is efficient. The non-slip deck design is practical, keeping me securely on board and minimizing falls into the water. Its durability gives the impression of longevity, but I did note that achieving the proper inflation pressure is demanding with the provided manual pump, and can be exhausting.

Goplus Inflatable SUP

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On the flip side, not all is perfect. Despite the construction appearing solid, the valve on my unit felt slightly wobbly after a few uses, raising concerns about potential air leaks. Additionally, the aluminum paddle, while adjustable and functional, doesn’t evoke the sturdiness I had hoped for. Finally, the included pressure gauge seemed unresponsive, making it a guessing game to hit the sweet spot of 15 PSI without risking under or over-inflation.


Bottom Line

For an inflatable SUP that doesn’t break the bank, the Goplus model stands out for its excellent balance performance and ease of use. It’s a great entry-point for those new to paddle boarding or for anyone interested in a convenient, transportable option. While it’s not without its issues, such as the laborious pump up process and questionable durability of select accessories, it still offers solid value.

Before making a decision, weigh the convenience against the minor drawbacks, and consider if this SUP meets your expectations.


Overview of the Goplus SUP

Recently, I took the Goplus paddleboard out for a spin, and while there’s a lot to appreciate, some aspects warrant a critical eye. This SUP boasts stability with its decent length and width. When I challenged it with a few waves, it did stand firm, credit partly to the trio of fins aiding in steering. It’s a boon for varied skill levels.

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I noticed the board’s lightweight feel while carting it to the water. The portability is a plus, with a backpack for transport, and despite its inflatable nature, it didn’t buckle under my weight—a solid show of durability from the PVC material.

The non-slip deck design is a thoughtful touch; it added to my confidence during maneuvers. However, don’t let the convenience features lure you into overlooking its flaws. The stiff manual pump gave my arms a serious workout, not the kind I was looking for. Also, whether the aluminum paddle’s floatable nature is reliable over time remains a question, as I’ve yet to test it long-term.

Overall, Goplus delivers a functional but not flawless SUP experience. Good for leisurely paddles, but I recommend considering all facets before you dive into this purchase.


Critical Features

In my most recent adventure with the Goplus SUP, I took notice of some notable aspects that are crucial to highlight for any potential buyer. One of the first things that struck me was its balance performance. With a generous width and length, the board delivers a stable ride which is great for combating those pesky waves. However, I did find that while the triple fin setup enhances control, beginners may require some practice to fully appreciate the maneuverability.

The portability of this SUP is also worthy of mention. The included backpack is indeed a game-changer as it allows for effortless transport to various paddling venues. The board itself is light enough to carry when inflated thanks to the handy grip, which I found incredibly useful when moving it from the shoreline into the water.

The non-slip deck is another feature that I appreciated, especially when trying some SUP yoga. It fosters a sense of security during use. Yet, the area covered by the non-slip pattern isn’t as extensive as I’d like, meaning you’ll want to stay centered for the best stability.

Durability is often a concern with inflatable boards, but the Goplus’ double-layer PVC construction is rugged and seems like it will hold up over time. I’ve noticed no signs of wear so far, which speaks well of its longevity. However, the color of the board tends to attract sunlight, so I would advise caution on particularly hot days.

The complete accessory kit that comes with the SUP minimizes additional purchases, which is fantastic. Inflation was straightforward, although reaching the ideal PSI can be a slight workout with the manual pump provided. I recommend investing in an electric pump for frequent use to save some time and effort.

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Lastly, the overall quality and performance feel above average for its price point. Yet, it’s important for potential owners to be prepared for the physical effort required in manual inflation and the entry-level steering finesse needed.



During my recent escapades on the lake, the Goplus Inflatable SUP proved to be a solid performer. What instantly struck me was how it maintained stiffness akin to a non-inflatable board once fully pumped. Its lightweight design didn’t impede portability, as I could effortlessly transport it to various locations. Paddling was a breeze too, thanks to the trio of bottom fins which seemed to refine speed and maneuverability, a boon for both novice paddlers and seasoned aficionados.

Furthermore, the deck’s non-slip texture held true to its promise, providing a secure platform during my yoga routines, and the bungee cords came in handy for securing gear. The added durability from the double-layer PVC material is something I put a lot of stock in, meaning I expect to enjoy this board for seasons to come.

I must admit, however, inflating the board was more labor-intensive than I’d hoped—even with the included manual pump. But once at the desired PSI, it exhibited commendable rigidity and floatation. Plus, the completeness of the SUP kit, which spared me from any additional purchases, was a thoughtful touch.



During my time with the Goplus SUP, I noticed a few drawbacks that prospective buyers should consider. Firstly, inflating the board to the optimal 15 PSI is a workout in itself; the hand pump is functional but requires quite a bit of effort, which may be off-putting for some. This could be a challenge for those looking to get on the water quickly.

Another point of concern was the valve issue; on my unit, it came loose, creating a small ordeal to secure it properly again. This seems to be a rare occurrence, but it’s something to be mindful of.

Lastly, while overall the board is light and easy to manage, the discrepancy between ordered and actual size was a slight inconvenience. I received a slightly larger board than what I purchased, which, while not a dealbreaker, indicates potential inconsistencies in product specifications.

The gauge on the pump also gave me trouble—it malfunctioned, making it difficult to determine the correct pressure. Paddle boarding enthusiasts who expect precise equipment might find this frustrating.

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Other Customer Experiences

I’ve spent a fair amount of time on the water with the Goplus SUP and have a good feel for its strengths and weaknesses. The board’s stability is as solid as you’d hope for when fully inflated; it doesn’t give away that it’s not a hard board. Families have echoed this sentiment, particularly when it comes to kids enjoying their lake-time fun.

Yet, there are some considerations. Inflation can be a workout—expect to put in a good ten minutes of pumping—and reaching the ideal 15 PSI is a challenge. A couple of users mentioned malfunctions with the valves and pumps; always a downer when you’re eager to hit the water. Thankfully, the company’s responsiveness to issues is something customers have praised.

Durability is another high point, based on what I’ve experienced and others have reported. No inflated ego here, but the quality seems on par with much pricier SUPs. Carrying it around is uncomplicated due to its lightweight nature, although one might mistake the sizes—9.8′ for 10′ and so on. It’s quite the pack; everything you’d need is included, even a patch kit just in case.

It’s a delight to carry it packed up as it fits neatly into the bag provided. That said, scrutinize the gauges on the pumps—they’ve been known to be problematic. All in all, this SUP has held up its end of the bargain, making it a sensible choice for both new paddlers and seasoned ones not looking to splash out on a hard board.


Final Thoughts

After taking the Goplus inflatable SUP for a spin, I’ve collected a fair share of impressions. The board, once inflated, is surprisingly sturdy, belying its inflatable nature. The grandkids gave their enthusiastic stamp of approval, emphasizing its appeal across ages. The lightweight design made hauling it a bearable endeavor, even when a fair hike was involved.

However, not everything was smooth sailing. For one, inflating it to the recommended 15 PSI is a workout in itself — a consideration for those planning frequent outings. A valve issue that cropped up was a slight hiccup, quickly resolved, but worth mentioning for prospective buyers.

While comparing this to higher-priced SUPs, I didn’t notice a stark difference in quality or performance. This Goplus SUP holds its ground, offering a solid experience without breaking the bank. My only niggle is the inaccurate pumps’ gauges supplied with the boards, which could use an upgrade. Overall, it’s a worthwhile investment, especially if you’re not keen on shelling out a grand for a hard board.

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