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Goplus 10′ iSUP Review (2019)

Goplus 10′ iSUP Review (2019)

Goplus 10' iSUP Board Review

Goplus 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review (2019)


Goplus 10′ iSUP Board Package
This is what you get: Goplus 10′ iSUP Board, adjustable aluminium paddle, backpack, handpump, repair kit, manual (+ the detachable bigger fin).

Goplus 10′ iSUP is a simple and practical all-around board for smaller paddlers, otherwise it’s a low quality and generic board with not much to offer for larger paddlers. The package comes with almost everything you need to get on the water (apart from a leash and a life jacket).

I figured I’d give the Goplus 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board a good spin to learn more about it and get down with a review.

Check its price and delivery conditions here: Goplus 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board package.

Quick Overview For The Hasty

The Goplus 10′ iSUP measures 9′9″ x 30″ x 6″ (length x width x thickness)weighs 24 pounds and has weight capacity of 440 pounds.

Although optimal paddler weight is said to be up to 265 pounds, it’s really around 180 pounds or less (a.k.a smaller paddler) because of the design and size of the board.

Who is this for? The Goplus 10′ Inflatable SUP is described as being for anyone weighing less than 265 pounds, but really, in my opinion and for your sake, the optimal paddler weight is around 180 pounds or less.

How’s the performance? The Goplus 10′ iSUP is designed so it maneuvers, glides and tracks well as long as you can keep it stable, which for smaller paddlers shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you were a larger/taller paddler, things are more complex and difficult.

You may want to take a quick look into whether a cheap low quality iSUP is what you need (link opens in a new tab).


Who And What Is The Goplus 10′ Inflatable SUP Designed For?

Goplus 10′ iSUP board is designed for:

  • who: paddlers weighing up to 265 pounds, ideally 180 lbs or less;
  • what: all-around (viable in basically all water conditions).

Unless you’re up to a wobbly challenge, I personally wouldn’t recommend it as an all-around for paddlers weighing too much more than 180 pounds even though descriptions say it to be viable for paddlers weighing up to 265 pounds (that’d be true when it was based on statistics only, but in practice things are more complicated than that).

All-around basically means it’s viable for most water conditions as long as you, the rider, can handle them, be it surf, whitewater, yoga, fishing, etc.

BUT if you were a larger paddler… weighing considerably more than 180 pounds, there’s a possibility that you’ll have a harder time getting used to stand up paddle boarding using the Goplus 10′ iSUP. Generally speaking, larger or taller paddlers would need a bigger (wider and/or longer) board respectively.

Who and what is Goplus 10′ iSUP Board designed for?
Who and what is Goplus 10′ iSUP Board designed for?

How Does The Goplus 10′ iSUP Perform?

For who it’s meant (smaller paddlers), the Goplus 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board:

  • is mainly maneuverable
  • glides well
  • tracks relatively well
  • relatively stable

The Goplus 10′ iSUP is mainly maneuverable because the board is short (9-feet-9-inch long), narrow (30 inches wide) and with a narrow rounded tail which contributes to it being snappy.

Mainly because of the narrow rounded tail, the Goplus 10′ iSUP should glide well in flatwater conditions due to the reduced drag on the water. The overall narrowness of the board (30-inch width) should also contribute to speed and glide. However, what will bring down the overall speed, more so in chop or heavy wind, is the wide rounded nose and the short length of the board which would hamper your efforts in building up speed. It will build up to speed quickly, but it won’t build great long-lasting glide and you’d need to paddle more often when compared to a longer board with narrower nose.

It only has one bigger fin (detachable) which determines the board’s tracking ability. For an all-around, and considering it’s overall design, that single fin should provide good enough tracking.

When it comes to stability, for a smaller paddler, it would probably feel stable enough to even try yoga on. BUT for a larger/taller paddler, there would be more of a challenge and learning involved which may put you off from this hobby entirely. Larger/taller (basically the same thing) should use it more for surfing or the likes.

How does Goplus 10′ iSUP Board perform?
How does Goplus 10′ iSUP Board perform?

How Have I Conducted This Review?

Having read customer experiences with this board (mainly first-timers), descriptions and other little cues as well, and finally I compared these insights with what I know about the sport by now,I’ve written this review about the Goplus 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (this is the actual full name of the board by the way). Fairly simple.


Specs Of The Goplus 10′ iSUP When Inflated

Tail WidthN/A (narrow rounded tail)
Weight (lbs)24
Weight Capacity (lbs)440
Volume (liters)N/A (200-225)

1 – type
ALL-AROUND. Proper all-around for smaller paddlers, surf-oriented all-around for larger paddlers.

2 – construction
INFLATABLE. Goplus 10′ iSUP is inflatable, this essentially means it’s filled with air. This allows for easy transportation when deflated and rolled up. This particular board’s optimal air pressure is around 15 or less (or more, there’s no real answer to this).

3 – lenght
The Goplus 10′ iSUP is 9-feet-9-inch long board. Typically, all-around iSUP boards average around 10 to 12 feet in length. Longer boards can build up more speed and are more stable for taller paddlers.

4 – width
Goplus 10′ iSUP is 30 inches wide at its widest point. Overall, the board is rather wide, but the tail is narrower.

5 – thickness
The board is 6 inches thick. Inflatable SUP boards are usually around 4 to 6 inches thick. Thicker boards feel more stable and rigid while narrower boards less rigid but more maneuverable.

6 – tail width
N/A. Though it’s narrow and rounded.

7 – weight
Goplus 10′ iSUP weighs 24 pounds. This is considered lightweight for an inflatable SUP board.

8 – weight capacity
The weight capacity of Goplus 10′ iSUP is 440 pounds.

9 – volume
N/A. But the volume of Goplus 10′ iSUP Board should be around 200-225 liters.

Goplus 10′ iSUP Board Specifications
Specifications of the Goplus 10′ iSUP Board.

Size when DEFLATED


What Is Goplus 10′ iSUP Board Made Of?

It’s not documented, so I can only estimate based on their other board:

  • probably a single layer PVC material with drop stitch material at the core

Considering the price, the potential volume, the weight of the board and other cues, chances are there’s only single PVC layer in its construction. The added thickness (6 inches) seems to be there only for increasing the overall stability of the board.

Goplus 10′ iSUP Board is likely not very rigid. Perhaps if you inflated the board around 15 PSI or more (pounds per square inch, air pressure), but then you might be risking with the longevity of the board…

For further reading: what is this “PVC” used in iSUPs? PVC material (link opens in a new tab).

Goplus 10′ iSUP Board Construction Illustration
General illustration in relation to Goplus 10′ iSUP Board construction.

What Are The Features Of Goplus 10′ ISUP Board?

The Goplus 10′ iSUP Board has 1 color code to it (overall white, orange stripes, rest of the elements either black, red or blue).

Goplus 10′ iSUP Board Features
Goplus 10′ iSUP Board features…

Starting from the nose, the features of the Goplus 10′ iSUP Board:

  1. Mounted nylon holders (4) for bungee net
  2. Carry handle
  3. D-rings (4) middle
  4. Deck pad
  5. Inflation valve
  6. D-ring (1) rear
  7. D-ring (1) bottom
  8. Fin (1)

1 – Mounted nylon holders (4) for bungee net
Usually there are D-rings holding the bungee cord, but the Goplus 10′ iSUP Board has nylon material holders that are mounted at the nose of the board holding the bungee net that makes up the storage area. Excess items can be slidden under the bungee cords.

2 – Carry handle
Carry handle, located at the middle of the board, seems to be made of nylon and is rather generic, though it does the trick. This is where you can carry the board when it’s inflated.

3 – D-rings (4) middle
These D-rings are located at the edges of the board aligned in the middle area of the board. They could be used to attach a kayak seat, I’d recon, but also some fishing tanks or other accessory items if you have them and they fit.

4 – Deck pad
EVA foam soft and comfortable non-slip deck pad covering the better half of the board in the middle area for you to stand one, looks to be relatively generic and basic, but it does the trick and looks okay’ish.

5 – Inflation valve
Located at the rear of the board is the inflation valve. This is where you inflate the board using a pump. If you’re thinking of buying a better pump, try to somehow make sure it will fit a SUP’s inflation valve.

6 – D-ring (1) rear
Just behind the inflation valve, closer to the rear of the Goplus 10′ iSUP Board is a D-ring. This is used for connecting your ankle leash with the board so that you won’t lose the board if you were to fall off in waves or river. It could be used for towring or attaching an anchor to it when doing yoga, etc.

7 – D-ring (1) bottom
On the flip side, you’ll find the last D-ring that’s just behind the fin box closer to the rear of the board. This can be used for towing the board or for attaching an anchor to it in case the top one was in use for something else already.


8 – Fin (1)
The Goplus 10′ iSUP Board has only 1 fin that’s bigger and detachable, providing tracking when paddling on the water. Remove it when, perhaps, paddling in shallow water (but then you’ll lose some tracking ability) and also when rolling up the board for storing.

Goplus 10′ iSUP Board Fin And D-ring
Goplus 10′ iSUP Board single-fin system (1 bigger detachable fin), behind it lies the final D-ring (1).

What Else Is Included With The Goplus 10′ iSUP Board Package?

Apart from the leash and life jacket, the Goplus 10′ iSUP Board package has everything you need to get on the water:

  • paddle
  • backpack
  • pump
  • repair kit
  • instructions manual(?)

With the purchase of the package comes an adjustable (67″ – 86.6″) aluminium paddle (aluminium isn’t the best, wooden, fiberglass paddle would be better and carbon/kevlar even better). It doesn’t float on the water, it sinks, but it sinks relatively slowly. You could improvise a little and add to it something that helps the paddle stay afloat in case you’re afraid of losing it. It probably won’t fit in the backpack though…

BackpackGoplus 10' iSUP Board Backpack
With the Goplus 10′ iSUP Board package comes the Goplus backpack which looks to be simple and generic, but it isn’t of highest quality, though it does the trick. However, I’m afraid it won’t be able to store the paddle in it for the paddle might be too long, otherwise it seems to fit the deflated and rolled up board itself and some more.

Goplus 10' iSUP Board PumpPump
The Goplus pump looks to be relatively generic, so you might have a hard time pumping at higher pressures. The pump does have a pressure gauge on top of it, so, for some motivation when you’re swetting it, you’ll be able to see what the pressure inside the board is like while at it.

Repair kitGoplus 10' iSUP Board Repair Kit
As with basically any SUP package purchase nowadays, the Goplus 10′ iSUP Board package, too, comes with a repair kit. It’s got the PVC patches and a wrench valve, but also adhesive (glue) for actually applying the PVC patches (for some reason, some packages don’t include the adhesive, but, again, this one does).

I believe the Goplus 10′ iSUP Board package does include a manual of some kind (would be weird if it didn’t, though it will probably be very generic, judging by the public documentation of the package over the web…).


So Is Goplus 10′ iSUP Board For You?

Is Goplus 10' iSUP Board For You?

If you weighed less than 265 pounds (preferably around 180 lbs or less), looked for a cheap all-around inflatable stand up paddle board that was maneuverable, glideded and tracked well enough and was relatively stable, but perhaps not too rigid, and don’t mind the low quality, then you can consider buying this Goplus 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board package.

My biggest concerns are the construction and lack of support/documentation of the board.

If you’re lucky enough to receive the package with no defects, you ought to take better care of it for it to last.


Where To Buy Goplus 10′ iSUP Board Package?

It’s always best to first try and test the iSUP yourself before buying, preferably from a physical local shop on the spot with enthusiastic experts (not sales people) able to give you advice directly. I don’t know about SUP shops, but this Goplus 10′ iSUP Board seems to be widely available even in walmart and the likes.

You have quite a few options for buying the Goplus 10′ iSUP package online, just to name a few:

  •  Amazon (Goplus has a presence there);
  • a used one from a marketplaces like Ebay (try not to fall for misleading offers).

Check the price of the Goplus 10′ iSUP Board package on Amazon.



In hindsight, the Goplus 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board package, apart from a leash and a life jacket, has almost everything you need to get on the water (package includes the board itself, paddle, backpack, bump, repair kit, fin, manual).

The quality is low, but the package is cheap. As long as the items don’t arrive with any defects and you take really good care of them, they’ll likely last you a long time.

The goplus 10′ iSUP is really meant for smaller paddlers as an all-around. I’d say it’s more of a surf-oriented all around for larger paddlers as it might be too wobbly.

Goplus Brand
The Goplus brand has many other unrelated products they’re selling, but their inflatable SUPs aren’t outright bad, rather generic. They have a presence on Amazon and elsewhere.

Goplus 10′ iSUP Board
Better suited for smaller paddlers, the Goplus 10′ iSUP is a simple and practical cheap, but low quality all-around board.

Included Accessories
The Goplus 10′ iSUP package includes an adjustable aluminium paddle, a backpack, a handpump, a repair kit and probably a manual as well.

I didn’t seem to find much information about warranty nor customer support from Goplus, but depending on the seller, perhaps there are some 3rd party precautions you can rely on in case of defects or other problems.

Where To Buy
You can buy this Goplus 10′ iSUP Board package (board + included accessories) online from many places, one of which is Amazon, or you can get a used one off of Ebay, etc.



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