Goplus 10′ White iSUP Review

When it comes to water sports, there’s nothing like the sense of freedom you get from a paddle board. I’ve spent countless hours on the water, so I decided to test out the Goplus 10′ White Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board. At 6 inches thick, this board seemed robust enough for a variety of activities: from casual paddling to more intensive water-based workouts.

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Upon taking the Goplus SUP out for a spin, its durable EVA construction was apparent, supporting my weight easily without buckling. The board was impressively stable too, giving me the confidence to try a few yoga poses. Adjusting the paddle length was straightforward, allowing me to find a comfortable paddling position quickly. The convenience of having a removable fin was a nice touch, aiding in smooth transitions during turns.

Goplus 10' White iSUP

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However, I did face some challenges. The manual pump is efficient enough, but inflating the board can be a workout in itself. Once deflated, fitting the board back into its carry bag felt like a puzzle, and with the weight at 22 pounds, treks to remote launch spots can be demanding. Also, while the board is indeed versatile and suitable for all skill levels, seasoned paddlers might find the performance a tad less responsive compared to non-inflatable options.


Bottom Line

For the outdoor enthusiast eager to hit the water without the hassle of a rigid board, the Goplus SUP is a tempting choice. It combines a solid build with the flexibility of an inflatable. There are trade-offs in convenience versus inflation time and portability. Yet, for its price point and multifunctionality, it certainly deserves attention.

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Overview of the Goplus Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Having recently tried the Goplus ISUP, I must say it’s a solid piece of equipment for water enthusiasts. Crafted with durability in mind, its high-quality EVA and drop-stitch construction holds up against pressure, and the textured surface ensures you won’t easily slip off. The adjustable paddle allows for a comfortable experience irrespective of your height, which is a thoughtful feature.

Functionality is at the forefront with the inclusion of multiple fins that assist with steering and stability — although the central fin’s removability is a tad unnecessary, causing some minor inconvenience. What’s provided in the package is comprehensive, notably the manual pump, which is decent but can test your patience and stamina as it takes some effort to get the board fully inflated.

It’s also versatile; whether you’re into serene water yoga sessions or a bit more adventurous surfing, the ISUP seemingly handles it all. The carry backpack is convenient for transportation, but it can be a struggle to pack everything back neatly, which is a minor gripe.

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My experience was mostly positive, although I would caution that this board, while stable, might not satisfy serious surfers used to the rigidity of traditional hardboards. For casual users or beginners, it’s a great choice, offering good value and multipurpose use — from lounging on a lake to riding light waves. The portability is fantastic, but be ready for a workout when pumping it up. Overall, it’s a reliable companion for your aquatic adventures, albeit not without its quirks.


Key Features

Having had the chance to experience the Goplus Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board, I’m ready to talk about what sets it apart, both positively and questionably. With any outdoor gear, the details can make or break your experience, so let’s dive into what I found.

High Quality and Sturdy Construction

First things first, the construction of this SUP merits some discussion. Its non-slip EVA deck and solid drop-stitch construction are noteworthy. In my time with it, the board maintained its shape under pressure and didn’t show signs of deformation. The feeling of security is something I value on the water, and with this SUP, I didn’t worry about durability – a definite plus.

Controllable Details with Adjustable Paddle and Fins

I appreciate control when I’m on the water, which makes the adjustable aluminum paddle stand out. I could easily change the paddle’s length from 63″ to 83″, fitting my height and paddling style. The tail fins—two fixed and one removable—made my rides smoother and more stable. Maneuvering was a breeze, and it felt like the SUP was responsive to my every directive.

Full Equipment Set

The Goplus SUP comes with a well-thought-out equipment set. I had everything I needed straight out of the box: an adjustable paddle, manual pump, repair kit, and detaching fin. Inflating the board was straightforward, and I was glad to see that if any mishaps were to occur, the repair kit was there. It’s a solid setup for both beginners and seasoned paddlers.

Ease of Transport and Storage

Transporting and storing gear can often be a hassle, but not so much with this SUP. Once deflated and rolled up, it fits snugly into its carry backpack. Although the pack itself felt a tad cramped, I managed to get everything inside. The board has a carrying handle when inflated, but be aware that transferring it to and from the water takes a bit of muscle.

Multifunctional Use

Versatility is crucial for me with paddle boards. I found that the Goplus SUP is just as comfortable on a calm lake as it is on a more challenging river section. The platform is generous enough for different activities like water yoga or a bit of light fishing. It’s a board that won’t confine you to one single type of paddling adventure, provided you’re not looking for a specialized racing or surfing SUP.


Pros of the Goplus Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Having recently had the pleasure of taking the Goplus paddle board out on the water, I found several positives worth noting. Firstly, its construction is impressive, featuring high-quality EVA and a drop-stitch technique that significantly resists deformation—even under high pressure. This makes it not only sturdy but also ensures safety during prolonged use.

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The controllable aspects of the paddle, like the adjustable length and the trio of tail fins, facilitate a more tailored and balanced experience—particularly beneficial for controlling the board during use. Moreover, it comes generously bundled with essential accessories such as a paddle, a hand pump, a carry bag, and a repair kit, which provide convenience and ease for both setting up and handling potential mishaps.

Ease of transport and storage is another highlight; the board easily rolls up to fit into the supplied backpack. Its practical design, complete with a carrying handle, simplifies the logistics of taking it to various destinations. Finally, its versatility can’t go unmentioned, as it adeptly accommodates a range of activities from leisurely cruises to more active endeavors like water yoga and fishing, appealing to users of varied interests and skill levels.


Cons of the Goplus Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Having spent some time on this SUP, it’s only fair to discuss where the board falls short. I found the hand pump to be a major downside; it’s a workout in itself to inflate the board fully. If you’re planning to hit the water frequently, consider investing in an electric pump.

Additionally, while the board’s material feels durable, the included carry bag doesn’t match up. It’s a tight fit when packing everything back in, and a bit more space would go a long way. Portability is also a concern as the bag, once packed, can get heavy, especially if you need to walk a bit to reach your destination.

Moreover, on the water, the performance is decent, but seasoned paddlers might spot a lack of rigidity compared to more expensive models. It’s perfectly serviceable for leisurely paddles and some yoga, yet those looking for more dynamic or aggressive paddling might hit a wall with the Goplus SUP’s abilities.

Lastly, when I had to make some minor repairs, the kit was sufficient, but not as comprehensive as I hoped. For anything more than a little patchwork, you might need additional tools. Overall, while it’s a good starter or casual paddle board, some of its accessories and aspects hold it back from being a fantastic all-rounder.


Review Analysis

After spending some quality time with the Goplus Inflatable SUP, I poured over the customer feedback to identify trends and concerns shared by those who’ve actually used the product. Surprisingly, there’s a widespread consensus on the ease of setup and stability on the water, which I personally can vouch for. Despite some initial skepticism, many users admit finding the SUP not only easy to inflate but also surprisingly sturdy and delightful to use—my friends and I definitely had our share of fun with it.

A small gripe that resonates among the comments is the snug storage bag, which can be a bit of a puzzle to repack. Yet the craftsmanship and materials have received kudos, aligning with my own observation of the board’s high quality considering its cost-efficiency. The included pump works, but it could test your patience and arm strength, hinting that perhaps looking into an electric pump isn’t the worst idea, especially if you’re planning on frequent outings.

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While the carry weight is manageable, some mention it’s a tad heavy for longer treks to the water’s edge. If you’re looking for a lightweight option and don’t mind the extra preparation time, this SUP seems to be a solid choice. It was tough saying goodbye to it as the seasons changed, and it’s definitely one of the more memorable additions to my water sport gear.


Usage Experience and Performance

After several outings with the Goplus Inflatable SUP, I’ve formed a solid opinion on its real-world performance. It’s fair to say this SUP makes getting on the water accessible and fun, especially considering its price point. Inflation is straightforward—though I must admit the process will give your arms a good workout before even hitting the water. Once inflated, it provides a stable ride, and yes, it’s buoyant enough to support two young adults without turning into a submarine.

Despite its portability, the SUP isn’t exactly a featherweight, and if you’re trekking to that perfect launch spot, it’ll test your resolve. The accompanying storage bag could use a redesign for a snugger fit, but it’s not a deal-breaker. As for durability, so far, so good; it’s survived its fair share of scrapes and direct sunlight.

On the flip side, the hand pump’s pressure gauge has been an enigma, at times testing my patience. I’m also unconvinced about the supposed ease of use that some users have experienced with the pump. Then again, my standards are high, given my past experiences with high-end rigid boards.

All in all, the Goplus SUP has impressed me more than I expected, but I’ll be keeping a keen eye on how it stands up to continued use through the seasons.


Final Thoughts

After many outings on the water with the Goplus SUP, I’ve gained a real appreciation for its ease of setup and remarkable stability, especially given its price point. Although the storage bag could benefit from a bit more space, it’s a minor gripe in light of the board’s overall performance. The included accessories are mostly up to snuff—though inflating the board with the provided pump can be a bit of a workout.

My experience has shown that it supports weight well, maintaining buoyancy even with two riders, which is impressive. Nonetheless, its weight can be a downside if you’re trekking to far-off waters; it’s manageable but expect a bit of heft. I’ve also faced skepticism from friends about its lower-end price, only to have the board stand up to the challenge, showing both quality and durability through the summer.

While others hesitated about the reliability of an inflatable model, my use throughout the season has convinced me of its merit. It’s not without its shortcomings, but the Goplus SUP is, without question, worth considering for the cost-conscious paddleboard enthusiast.

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