XQ Max 10′ Inflatable SUP Model 305 Review

XQ Max SUP 305 Package

XQ Max SUP 305 is more for smaller paddlers, a vanilla all-around iSUP. It’s narrow, so it may feel unstable unless you’re a smaller paddler (around 150 pounds or less). For what it is, it serves the purpose just fine.

I came across this affordable inflatable stand up paddle board called XQ Max SUP 305 and, sure enough, I did some digging to learn more about it by reviewing it, essentially.

See the price of the XQ Max inflatable SUP Model 305 package here.

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Quick Overview For The Hasty

The XQ Max SUP 305 measures 10′ x 27.84″ x 3.84″ (length x width x thickness), weighs roughly 16 to 22 pounds and carries a paddler weighing up to 220 pounds (ideally 180 pounds or less for flatwater activities).

Who is this for? The XQ Max SUP 305 is for paddlers weighing less than 220 pounds (ideally 180 lbs or less for flatwater activities) who are looking for a challenging cheaper inflatable SUP to start out with. It could be classified as an all-around – that means it’s a relatively verstile stand up paddle board and not designed for a specific discipline of SUP.

How’s the performance? The XQ Max SUP 305 will likely maneuver relatively well and can even build enough speed for it should track relatively well, but due to the elements making it maneuverable, balancing may be a little difficult.

Who And What Is The XQ Max SUP 305 Designed For?

Overall, the XQ Max SUP 305 is designed for:

  • who: paddlers weighing up to 220 pounds, ideally for paddler weighing less than 180 lbs;
  • what: all-around (more for surfing and less for flatwater SUP activities).

The optimal paddler weight (220 lbs) isn’t too big, so a considerably larger paddler won’t be able to make good use of the XQ Max SUP 305. However, individuals weighing around that or less can use it for trying out surfing as it has elements for that SUP activity in particular (narrow, short, thin; maneuverable), though quality-wise it might not handle waves well…

However, anything other than surfing, say, then, flatwater paddling for example (ideally for 180 lbs or less rider), and you may form some regrets as it’s rather limited in the elements that would make riding this XQ Max SUP 305 an enjoyable experience in flatwater conditions compared to some other more viable board. However, that doesn’t mean it absolutely can’t be used for flatwater SUP activities – it’s an all-around, so to some degree everything is possible.

Because it’s a little more for surfing rather than for flatwater or small chop conditions, I wouldn’t really call it beginner friendly iSUP, rather for intermediates or experienced paddlers. However, that doesn’t mean a beginner can’t tame this XQ Max SUP 305 if they were quick or dedicated learners.

Who And What Is XQ Max SUP 305 Designed For?
Who and what is XQ Max SUP 305 designed for?

How Does The XQ Max SUP 305 Perform?

When it comes to performance, XQ Max SUP 305 is mainly:

  • maneuverable

Maneuverable, yes, but maybe too much so. It’s already narrow, thin and relatively short.

In small chop, I can imagine it being rather challenging because it’s not really that stable nor will it cut through water very effectively with its rounded nose. Going against smaller waves may bump you off balance and off course a little because the impact to the underside of the nose would likely shift the direction of the board enough to have that effect. This may be frustrating for a beginner.

It should, however, track relatively well for it has a tri-fin system with one of them being bigger and detachable. Without that bigger fin, it wouldn’t track too well, but then it could be used for whitewater, but considering how narrow and potentially wobbly it is, I don’t think it was meant for whitewater… Surfing is more controlled environment.

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It’s NOT the most rigid inflatable SUP around.

It looks to have elements that can help build speed, but at the same time, the poor stability is what bottlenecks your efforts, more so if you’re a beginner (unless you’d consider yourself small and lightweight).

How Does XQ Max SUP 305 Perform?
How does XQ Max SUP 305 perform?

How Have I Conducted This Review?

I’ve noticed people find all these iSUPs that I’ve never come across myself in search of SUPs to check out.

I figured I’d just research some of them, such as this one, as much as I can to find out what exactly are these cheap iSUPs all about.

As a way for me to learn about the world of SUP, I’ve created this site that will hopefully be helpful for others as well, not just for me here. So, having done the research, I’ve simply written down my restructured findings and named this piece of content XQ Max SUP 305 Review.


Specs Of The XQ Max SUP 305 When Inflated

[table id=12 /]

1 – type
ALL-AROUND. This iSUP seems to be more for surf, but is otherwise an all-around, viable to some extent in most water conditions as it doesn’t exclude anything.

2 – construction
INFLATABLE. The XQ Max SUP 305 seems to be single-layer construction with just one PVC layer on top of the drop-stitch core layer material (more info about what a PVC is). Basically, an inflatable SUP (iSUP) can be deflated and rolled up for ease of transportation.

3 – lenght
The XQ Max SUP 305 is 10 feet long. Usually all-around iSUPs average around 10 to 12 feet in length.

4 – width
It’s 27.84 inches wide at its widest point. This I’d consider narrow for an all-around, makes the XQ Max SUP 305 more surf-oriented. Width dictates how stable the board is side-to-side. Usually people find something like 32-inch wide iSUP to be stable enough for beginners in flatwater conditions.

5 – thickness
The XQ Max SUP 305 is 3.84 inches thick. Normally, inflatable boards are 4 to 6 inches thick. Most flatwater iSUPs tend to be 6 inches thick and those for surfing are usually around 4. Thinner ones are easier to maneuver is why. Thicker SUPs feel stiffer/rigid and more stable than thinner SUPs.

6 – tail width
N/A. The XQ Max SUP 305 has a rounded point tail which is relatively narrow. Such a tail is a sort of hybrid between a pointed tail (more control on the wave) and a rounded tail (maneuverability and smoother turns). But compared to a squash tail (squared, sort of), it will tip from side-to-side more, though less than that with a completely pointed tail.

7 – weight
XQ Max SUP 305 weighs around 16-22 pounds (if not more, maybe up to 26 pounds). It could be considered relatively lightweight. If you deflated this iSUP, rolled up and threw it in the carry bag, I’m not sure as to how much the bag along with the deflated board stored inside the bag would weigh, but the bag would measure approximately 30.36″ x 15″ x 8.64″ (hight x width x depth) – more about the backpack somewhere below.

8 – weight capacity
N/A. Since the optimal rider weight is reported to be around 220 lbs (100 kg) or less, and since the optimal volume for all-arounds is usually 2x that of the rider’s weight in kilograms, which, if derivated, should be at around 160-200 liters [80 (kg) to 100 (kg) x2 = 160 (kg) to 200 (kg)], then the overall weight capacity should be anywhere around 352-441 pounds (160-200 kilograms). So then that means, at around 352-441 pounds this XQ Max SUP 305 would be forced under water due to too much weight, the actual weight capacity.

9 – volume
N/A. However, I’ve derivated the volume to be approximately 160-200 liters.

XQ Max SUP 305 Specifications
Specifications of the XQ Max SUP 305.

When DEFLATED (size)
N/A. But I derivated that, when deflated and rolled up, the XQ Max SUP 305 will approximately measure 30 inches in width and 8 inches in diameter.

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What is This XQ Max SUP 305 Made Of?

Since it’s not pointed out directly, I’ve figured it’s probably:

  • single-layer PVC material on top of the drop-stitch core fabric material

Well, the XQ Max SUP 305… I’m not sure what kind of drop-stitch material is used in the construction, so it might be of low quality. However, there has been mention of a single-layer PVC material on top of the drop-stitch core fabric material, which is okayish, but not ideal (usually, especially in 2018, bigger brands either use quad-layer PVC or, if less, a patented technology in order to achieve the same durability). There’s no mention of heat welded seams on the sides of this iSUP, so I’m assuming it’s just the single-layer rail holding things together.

What is this “PVC” used in iSUPs? PVC material (link opens in a new tab).

Illustration of XQ Max SUP 305 Construction
General illustration in relation to XQ Max SUP 305 construction.

What Are The Features Of The XQ Max SUP 305 Inflatable Board?

The XQ Max SUP 305 has about 3 different color variations (blue, green, and red, along with black accessories).

Relatively basic, the features of the XQ Max SUP 305:

  1. Inflation valve
  2. Nose D-rings (4) with cargo storage bungee net
  3. Carry handle
  4. Deck pad
  5. D-ring (1) for ankle leash
  6. Fins (3)

1– inflation valve
Located at the nose of the board is the inflation valve where you can pump the air into the XQ Max SUP 305. The maximum air pressure is reported to be 15 PSI. There’s no mention of what the optimal air pressure is, so you just have to pump closer and closer to 15 PSI till you feel it’s rigid enough for you. And in case there’s a manual, you might want to check with that whether the maximum air pressure is not higher than 15 PSI and the reported 15 PSI is actually the optimal air pressure instead…

2 – D-rings (4) bungee net
Since the bungee net is tied together, it’s safe to assume there are D-rings, 4 of them, through which the bungee cord runs that make up the cargo storage area. You can store stuff under it (the paddle, the rucksack/backpack, etc).

3 – carry handle
It looks like a simple carry handle that doesn’t have softening outer layer to it, basically like a piece of strap either glued onto or ducked into the deck pad from each end. It’s for carrying the SUP around when inflated. And since the board is likely lightweight, it’s not really a problem to have that strap without softening layer around it.

4 – deck pad
The deck pad of the XQ Max SUP 305 looks simple. It’s reported to be non-slip and comfortable to stand on. So it should do the trick.

5 – rear D-ring for ankle leash
For your ankle leash, there’s a D-ring located at the very rear of the board.

6 – fins (3)
The XQ Max SUP 305 has a tri-fin setup. The 2 fixed smaller fins are closer to the sides while the 1 attachable bigger fin is aligned middle closer to the back edge at the bottom of the board.


What Else Is Included With The XQ Max SUP 305 Package?

The XQ Max SUP 305 package comes with everything you need to get on the water:

  • paddle
  • leash
  • rucksack
  • pump
  • repair kit
  • instructions manual

PaddleXQ Max SUP 305 Paddle
With the purhcase of this XQ Max SUP 305 package comes a decent beginner level adjustable (70-86 inches) aluminium paddle. Although the paddle looks like it can be shortened further to some extent, I’m not sure how much exactly (it may or may not fit in the backpack). The paddle will likely not float, it will probably sink in the water.

XQ Max SUP 305 LeashLeash
90-inch (or 2.3 meters) long simple and practical leash. Its one end is tied to the D-ring found on the rear of the board and the other end straps around one’s ankle.

RucksackXQ Max SUP 305 Backpack
Also called backpack, so I’m assuming it’s got shoulder straps for carrying around on one’s back, too. Fairly simple, with a carry handle on top and smaller storage pockets on either side, also outer tightening straps for securing the contents inside more firmly. The backpack should be able to store the entire package (apart from the paddle as it probably won’t fit, though I could be wrong). because if my calculations are correct, since the size of the bag is approximately 30″ x 15″ x 8.66″ (heigth x width x depth), and the size of the deflated and rolled up XQ Max SUP 305 is around 30 inches in wdth and 8.66 inches in depth, then there’s about 6-7 inches of empty space in width of the backpack for extra storage once the deflated and rolled up SUP is tucked inside.

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XQ Max SUP 305 HandpumpPump
It’s a handpump with a pressure gauge on top for checking the air pressure in the XQ Max SUP 305 board. The maximum air pressure was reported to be 15 PSI, so simply pump closer and closer to 15 till you feel it’s rigid enough. However, considering how poorly documented this is elsewhere on the internet, it may very well be that the optimal air pressure is actually 15, but that it’s also the maximum air pressure… I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 15 max because it is, after all, a cheap low quality iSUP with just 1 PVC layer.

XQ Max SUP 305 Repair KitRepair kit
With the purchase of the XQ Max SUP 305 package comes a repair kit. Although I can’t be certain, the industry standard with such an organe cylinder container is a few PVC patches (adhesive, in other words glue, may or may not be included) along with the valve wrench. PVC patches are there to fix minor “problems” with the iSUP were there little holes or something, a patch is simply applied onto the problematic spot using the glue. The wrench is for removing the valve in order to inspect or deal with problems, too.

I do believe I saw one seller mention that a manual comes with the purchase.


So Is XQ Max SUP 305 For You?

If you weighed 220 lbs (ideally around 180 lbs) or less, expecting a simple and cheap but low quality all-around inflatable stand up paddle board, then XQ Max SUP 305 might be for you.

Its functionality isn’t so much of an issue, its the overall quality that may become a problem.

For a beginner, it may feel too unstable. For an all-around SUP board, 28-inch width is, in my opinion, too narrow. Otherwise it’s okay’ish. The quality looks to be low (not very rigid, just 1 PVC layer, not very well documented, seemingly no warranty, customer support not present).


Ultimately, you’re the one deciding. I’m not here to sell it, I’m more about understanding the world of SUP.


Where To Buy XQ Max SUP 305 Package?

Best way to buy stand up paddle boards would be from physical shops. That way you could gain much needed info, advice and tips from the enthusiastic sellers there (assuming they were enthusiastic…).

If purchasing from a physical store was not an option, there are still online stores to check out.

Check the price or buy here: XQ Max SUP 305 package here.



XQ Max SUP 305 package comes with everything you need to get one the water. The inflatable SUP itself is for smaller paddlers, a cheap low quality surf-oriented vanilla all-around board. Although the negatives sound louder than the positives, that does not neccessarily mean this board is bad. You just need to take better care of it yourself and pray it comes with no hard-to-spot defects (because I’m pretty sure I did NOT see any warranties being mentioned anywhere).

In terms of functionality, it’s okay’ish, but in terms of quality, it’s relatively poor.

If you were a total beginner, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference anyway (unless you got to compare it with something better). However, the stability may prove challenging for you unless you weighed 180 lbs or less, and the rigidity is somewhat questionable.

XQ Max Brand
I couldn’t really find much of any information about the brand itself. They seem to produce all kinds of sports equipment and the SUPs they’ve produced look relatively generic. They sell their SUPs through atheleteshop.com and other e-commerce shops.

XQ Max SUP 305 Board
The XQ Max SUP 305 is best suited for smaller riders, is maneuverable, tracks relatively well, BUT may feel a little too unstable for an all-around, and the quality is, honestly, rather poor, so you might want to simply take better care of it so it may last longer.

Included Accessories
The XQ Max SUP 305 package includes an adjustable aluminium paddle, a rucksack/backpack, a handpump, a repair kit and possibly a manual.

Where To Buy
It’s simple: buy the XQ Max SUP 305 package here.

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  1. I bought one 6 weeks ago and I have had no problems with it. I have been on 2 rivers, a canal, 2 lakes and the sea.

  2. I’ve got a similar one, looks just like this one. I used it the whole summer in 2018 on a lake and didn’t have any problems with it. That’s to say the board itself is doing just fine. I can’t comment on customer support though…


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