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Aqua Marina Vapor Review

Aqua Marina Vapor Review

Aqua Marina Vapor Review

(Old Version) Aqua Marina Vapor 10ft 10in Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable SUP Review (2020)


Aqua Marina Vapor iSUP PackageAqua Marina Vapor is an affordable and lightweight beginner-friendly all-around inflatable stand up paddle board that’s better suited for the lighter paddlers and calmer waters.

Taking some time off and going paddle boarding can be a fulfilling experience as it’s low impact full body workout along with a sense of challenge keeping your balance on it all the while exploring nature from a totally new angle. Will this suit your needs?

Quick Overview For The Hasty

The Aqua Marina Vapor 10’10 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board measures: 10’10” x 30″ x 4″ (length x width x thickness). It has a max paddler weight of 220 pounds, weighs 18.1 pounds and comes with everything you need to get on the water.

Aqua Marina Vapor is relatively narrow and thin for its length. This makes the board somewhat fast for an all-around, so if you’re looking for speed from an all-around, this could be it. But because of that, the weight and experience of the paddler plays a crucial role here. Also, this paddle board is better suited for calmer waters, but is otherwise suitable for all water conditions to some extent.

Aqua Marina Vapor is not a super high quality pricey inflatable paddle board, but it’s still decent and at an affordable price. If you at this point asked yourself whether a cheaper iSUP was worth it, I’d say, as long as you fit the criteria, you won’t have much to worry about with Vapor.


Who And What Is The Aqua Marina Vapor Designed For

  • Who: beginners/intermediates weighing up to 220 (ideally up to 180) pounds.
  • What: all-around (suitable mainly for calmer waters)

Given the dimensions of Aqua Marina Vapor, it’s designed ideally for paddlers weighing less than 180 pounds (max weight 220 lbs) of average height. Too much of either and you may find the board to be a little too wobbly, unless of course you were up to the challenge. It’s thus suitable for beginner and intermediate paddler boarders.

As an all-around, Aqua Marina Vapor should be, by definition, be suitable for all water conditions. But it’s rather clear to me that it’s not. It’s suitable more for calmer waters than rough waters. Though, again, if you were looking for a rough and raw challenge, then of course it’s suitable for all water conditions.

You may want to quickly skim through this SUP Buying Guide to get a better understanding of things.

Who And What Is Aqua Marina Vapor Designed For

How Does The Aqua Marina Vapor iSUP Board Perform

Aqua Marina Vapor can be best described as having:

  • speed

This inflatable stand up paddle board is lightweight and fairly snappy for an all-around this long. It’s long, thin and somewhat narrow for your typical all-around. So that’s why it’s somewhat fast when it comes to speed.

That thickness and width however don’t quite make this Aqua Marina Vapor super stable, so that’s something that may put you off when it’s your very first board and you weighed a little too close to 180 pounds.

As for handling, assuming you found firm feet on it, for all-around this long, Aqua Marina Vapor should feel relatively snappy because it’s that lightweight and thin.

All in all, maneuverability is not really an issue, rather it’s the stability that might prove to be a problem instead. And because of that, maneuverability becomes and issue if you can’t find your standing to begin with.


How Have I Conducted The Review

With my own experience in the field and other people’s experience with the board, having done the research to better understand this board, I’ve compiled the material and named this piece of content a review of the Aqua Marina Vapor.


Specifications Of The Aqua Marina Vapor

Specifications of the Aqua Marina Vapor:

  • Type – all round
  • Construction – Inflatable
  • Length – 10’10”
  • Width – 30”
  • Thickness – 4”
  • Weight – 18.1 pounds
  • Max Paddler’s Weight – 220 pounds
  • Ideal Paddler’s Weight – 180 pounds and less
  • Outer Shell – PVC
  • Construction: Drop stitch

Aqua Marina Vapor is an all-around type of inflatable stand up paddle board. All-around refers to it being suitable for all water conditions, but Aqua Marina Vapor is better suited for calmer water conditions.

Inflatable. This means Aqua Marina Vapor is filled with air. But it’s not all air – the board has a drop-stitch core and a PVC later around it with foam deck pad on top. Its maximum and recommended air pressure is 15 PSI.

Aqua Marina Vapor is 10’10” long.

30” wide at its widest point.

Aqua Marina Fusion is 4 inches thick. Thicker boards feel more rigid and in some cases more stable.

The board weighs 18.1 pounds. This means Aqua Marina Vapor is lightweight.

Weight capacity:
Maximum paddler weight is reported to be 220 pounds, but I’d say 180 pounds or less would be more suitable because of the board’s construction and dimensions.

Aqua Marina Vapor Specifications

What Is The Aqua Marina Vapor Made Of

Aqua Marina Vapor is made of:

  • single layer PVC material

Aqua Marina Vapor has a drop stitch core and a single layer PVC material around it. On top of the board there’s a relatively large area of a non-slip honeycomb grooved deck pad to stand on.

As for the quality of the drop stitch material and the PVC layer on top of it, it’s safe to assume they’re the industry standard.

Since PVC material is the main element of an inflatable stand up paddle board these days, do check out more about the PVC material in this article.


What Are The Features Of The Aqua Marina Vapor

Features of Aqua Marina Vapor iSUP board:

  1. bungee storage area
  2. Aqua Marina Vapor iSUP Board Featurescarry handle
  3. D-rings (4)
  4. deck pad
  5. D-ring (1)
  6. valve
  7. fins (3)

1 – bungee storage area
Aqua Marina Vapor has 4 D-rings with an elastic string attached to them. This makes up the storage area. There you can store, for example, the paddle, a waterproof bag were you to have one for storing electronics or just simply some of your belongings, such as spare clothes.

2 – carry handle
Located at the middle of the board you’ll find a carry handle. As Aqua Marina Vapor is lightweight, you probably won’t have much of problems carrying it even when inflated.

3 – D-rings (4)
4 D-rings located at the sides of the board. Usually these can be used to attach a kayak seat. With the addition of a specialized paddle that can have 2 blades on each side, this could be transformed into a hybrid-kayak of sorts. The kayak seat and an extra blade/different paddle with 2 sets of blades are bought spearately though.

4 – deck pad
EVA foam honeycomb grooved deck pad on top of the board for better grip while standing on Aqua Marina Vapor iSUP board.

5 – D-ring (1)
A single D-ring at the rear of the board for attaching an ankle leash were you to have one.

6 – valve
A valve located at the very rear of the board for inflating the board (the repair kit that’s usually included with the purchase of the package comes with a valve wrench with which you may want to tighten the seal of the valve from time to time).

7 – fins (3)
Aqua Marina Breeze has 3 fins. They’re all detachable. You may want to attach the side fins before inflating. The one in the middle is bigger than the ones by its sides. Removing them all would allow you to explore the more shallow waters without the fear of losing or damaging the fins. Another thing is that by removing the fins, it’s easier to roll up the board once deflated.


What Else Is Included In The Aqua Marina Vapor Package?

The Aqua Marina Vapor iSUP package includes an aluminium paddle, rucksack backpack carry bag, a handpump with integrated pressure gauge, mount for attachments and probably a repair kit as well. The package doesn’t include an ankle leash nor a life jacket.

PaddleAqua Marina Vapor Paddle
A 3-piece adjustable aluminium paddle. Normally aluminium paddles tend to not float. It may float for a little while, but it will eventually sink as water pours in from here and there. Here’s a handy overlooking take on SUP paddles to make more sense of them SUP paddles.

Aqua Marina Vapor BackpackBackpack
The backpack included with the Aqua Marina Vapor package is a simple one. It’s basically a mat that straps around the deflated and rolled up board. It’s not a zippered one. It’s sides have specially designed straps for holding the pump and the paddle. It’s got shoulder straps as well.

PumpAqua Marina Vapor Handpump
The package includes a dual-action handpump with integrated pressure gauge for inflating the board. The pressure gauge can be found on top of the handpump. Recommended and max PSI for the Aqua Marina Vapor iSUP board is reported to be 15.

Repair Kit
Chances are the Aqua Marina Vapor package also includes a repair kit for patching up holes and the likes when there’s need for it (industry standard is to include a valve wrench for sealing the valve more tightly every now and then, and a glue along with PVC patches).


So Is Aqua Marina Vapor For You?So Is Aqua Marina Vapor For You?

If you were looking for speed in an all-around inflatable stand up paddle board at an affordable price and weighed less than 180 pounds, you may want to add Aqua Marina Vapor package to your list.

The package includes everything you need to get on the water (apart from a life jacket and an ankle leash).


Where To Buy Aqua Marina Vapor iSUP Package?

Best way to buy stand up paddle boards would be from physical shops. That way you could gain much needed info, advice and tips from the enthusiastic sellers there (assuming they were enthusiastic…).

If purchasing from a physical store was not an option, there are still online stores to check out.



Aqua Marina Vapor is for paddlers up to 220 pounds, is inflatable, lightweight, fairly beginner-friendly affordable decent quality all-around stand up paddle board that performs better in calmer waters and is designed to go faster than a typical all-around.

Included Accessories
The Aqua Marina Vapor iSUP package includes the board, an aluminium paddle, handpump, carry bag, 3 detachable fins, and a repair kit. There’s no ankle leash nor a life jacket.

There is no particular warranty information available apart from a mention of having to contact the seller directly to find out more about it. Make sure to get accustomed with the seller’s policies.

Where To Buy
Replaced with newer version.



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