What PSI Should an Inflatable Paddle Board Be At?

optimal psi for inflatable paddle board

Imagine setting out on a serene Alpine lake with an inflatable paddleboard that seems firm at first glance, but once you’re afloat, it begins to sag and flex, compromising your balance and the board’s responsiveness. It’s an all-too-common scenario that underscores the importance of inflating a paddleboard to its optimal PSI. The manufacturer’s recommendation, typically … Read more

Types of Inflatable Paddle Boards

various inflatable paddle board options

Hey there, did you catch the whopping 60% spike in iSUP sales last year? Yeah, inflatable stand-up paddle boards are the new craze, and honestly, they’re not just a fad. I’ve been on my fair share of these buoyant beauties, and let me tell you, not all iSUPs are created equal. From the jack-of-all-trades all-arounders … Read more

SUP Buying Guide

SUP Buying Guide

There is no board that’s perfect for everyone. There are trade offs to every board you choose. This piece of content aims to put your mind at ease, or make things more confusing, by helping you make a more informed decision. My experience tells me it’s much nicer to get into the paddle board game … Read more

What’s an All-Around SUP?

What's an All-Around SUP?

An All-Around stand up paddle board is one that can be used primarily for recreational paddling in general, but also, as the name implies, for all the other SUP activities to some extent: SUP surfing, SUP fishing, SUP yoga/fitness, SUP cruising/touring, SUP river riding/whitewater, and more.   All-Around SUP is Good for Anything & Anyone? Different … Read more

How Much Do Inflatable Paddle Boards Cost?

How Much Do Inflatable SUP Boards Cost?

If you’re eyeing an inflatable stand-up paddle board and wondering how much cash you’re gonna drop, sit tight, because I’ve got the lowdown. From my own adventures (and, yeah, a couple of mishaps) with water sports gear, I’ve seen it all. Prices? They swing wildly. Think budget-friendly boards kicking off around $300—perfect for newbies. But … Read more

What is PVC Material?

What is PVC Material?

Brands usually mention how many layers and/or what quality “PVC” they’ve got in their iSUPs. This piece of content aims to make sense of what they really mean by that. What is PVC, why & how is it being used + extra info.   PVC, short for polymerized vinyl chloride, is a strong and lightweight … Read more