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How Much Do Inflatable SUP Boards Cost?

How Much Do Inflatable SUP Boards Cost?

How Much Do Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards Cost

How Much Do Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards Cost? (2023)


Usually inflatable paddle boards are sold as a package that cost anywhere from $160 to $1800 or more.

And there you have it.


BUT why such a price gap and what’s the difference? What I’ve gathered is that there can be various reasons as to why some boards cost more than others…

What Makes One Inflatable Paddle Board Cost More Than Another?

How Much Do Inflatable SUP Boards Cost?

Among other reasons, I’d mention just a few:

  1. size (more/less materials needed),
  2. type (specialized are costlier),
  3. quality (materials used),
  4. added value (customer support, brand-specific design, accessory items, etc).

Granted, the pricing of inflatable SUP boards doesn’t follow any pattern or rules set in stone, so it’s still up to you to determine its true value for yourself. Get a better overview of this by taking a quick look at this SUP Buying Guide article. I’ve outlined some simpl factors influencing the price point.


1. The Size Of The Inflatable Board

Basically, it’s because the bigger the board the more materials are needed to patch one together – the bigger the board the more it costs.

So, for example, long-distance racing and touring boards are made much longer (up to or around 14ft) than your average all-around boards (10ft), and that’s already one of the reasons as to why they cost so much in general. But the reasons as to why some boards cost more than others go deeper than just that. We’d be talking shipping, storing, and all those little things adding up to the price, but we’ll skip those and go for the bigger reasons instead.


2. The Specialization Of The Inflatable Board

Not that I know for a fact, but it looks to me as if all-around type of inflatable boards ($200-$500) are the easiest to make and are most abundant. But are the really cheap ones worth it?

It’s likely because the sport (stand up paddling) is relatively new, so the most cheapest beginner friendly all-purpose inflatable boards are bought the most as new people who don’t know what to make of the sport jump in on it. For them, the quality and performance of the board is not and shouldn’t be that big of an issue (unless they knew exactly what they wanted, skipping the many areas of SUP entirely and sticking to just one specialized area with their super expensive specialized board that’s kind of horrible for all the rest areas of SUP).

This leaves sellers mass producing such cheaper all-around inflatable SUP boards, bringing down its overall price drastically due to competition and whatnot, never mind its quality and performance too much. And so, when looking at the more specialized boards ($600+) only the knowledable tend to buy, the price is high likely because there are less buyers and people know what they want from the board. Expectations are higher from the board.


3. The Quality Of The Inflatable Board

How Much Do iSUP Boards CostBe it specialized or not, the inflatable stand up paddle boards can be of different quality.

Although all inflatable iSUPs are made of a rubber-like plastic material called PVC, some boards may have extra layers of it, others may have fused the materials or connected the top and bottom half together in a more efficient way.

In this way, you get inflatable stand up paddle boards that have either good attributes (lightweight, break down less, last longer, can take more rough handling and so on), or boards with lesser attributes.

Granted, even the high quality boards might not last forever if you didn’t take care of them enough.


4. Added Value

Some boards have their price upped by the addition of accessory items (paddle, backpack, pump, leash, etc) which, to be honest, may not be of good enough quality to begin with.

Among those accessory items, usually the most costly piece would be the paddle. Learn more about SUP paddles here.

Another thing is warranty and customer support that can only add to the price but also for your certainty in the product.


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How Much Do Inflatable SUP Boards Cost?

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