Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews
Can I Stand Up Paddle Board When I’m Overweight?

Can I Stand Up Paddle Board When I’m Overweight?

Can I Stand Up Paddle Board When I’m Fat

Can You Stand Up Paddle Board When You’re Overweight? (2023)


Stand Up Paddle Boarding or SUP boarding has quickly gained popularity across the globe. It is quite exciting, entertaining and health-promoting activity that everyone should try. You might wonder: can I stand up paddle board when I’m overweight? The answer is yes!

It might seem a bit daunting to do because you may struggle to climb back on the board without assistance because of poor upper body strength, fatigue, or wider shape of your belly, but that’s the challenge you have to accept. That floating board has the power of making you more flexible and stronger than you are now.


When talking about the all-around type of stand up paddle board, you want to get a board wider than 32 inches and at the same time longer than 11 feet (to balance the length-width ratio, and even longer of a board the taller you are on top of the extra weight – check with this SUP Buying Guide article to understand more). A typical board for lighter paddlers that still provides them some extra mobility in weight has less than 32 inches in width and are usually 10’5 long. The more typical variant for the little folk is a 10-feet long and 30 inches wide of a board.


How SUP Boarding Aids In Improving Your Fitness Levels?

It might be a fun activity for many people but you should look it as a great full body exercise if you are overweight. Yes, it is more beneficial than many other weight loss exercises. Some would argue that stand up paddle boarding is even a better exercise than running. Continue reading to reveal how it helps you in improving your fitness levels:

  • It is a very helpful cardio workout:

You might lie down on the shore and wonder how easy SUP boarding is. You may probably think that it does nothing to improve fitness levels, but that’s not true. In fact stand up paddle boarding is a great cardiovascular workout. You can join your friends in a small race, improve the work rate, or try HITT style while paddling your board to improve the heart rate.

These tactics make SUP boarding quite a beneficial cardio workout. Your cardio fitness will quickly improve if you try SUP boarding on a daily basis. It can effectively reduce the chances of facing severe health issues like joint issues, diabetes, stroke, and heart attack.

  • It lowers stress level:

Today’s lifestyle and work pressure causes a lot of stress due to which people face many serious health issues. Everyone from students to an experienced adult is facing a certain degree of stress. It can quickly get out of control and cause severe depression and other mental issues.

The studies reveal that people feel quite relaxed when they are near water bodies. It creates a soothing effect when you are roaming on water and stand up paddle boarding is quite an entertaining way of enjoying small rides on water. You can easily keep the stress levels under control by trying this activity. It will help you in maintaining mental clarity and thinking positive.

  • You can burn a lot of calories:

It might feel pretty daunting to stand up and paddle the stand up paddle board in the beginning. It might not be as difficult as surfing, but still it requires great balance and constant movement of hands to paddle the board ahead. Your whole body involves when it comes to maintaining proper balance on a water body. You will be active on the paddle board as long as you will paddle it on water. This activity will help you in burning more calories than many other exercises. Therefore, it is an entertaining and exciting way of losing extra fat.

  • It is a low impact exercise:

Every sporting activity allows you to improve muscle flexibility and be fit. Many of these activities are tiring and cause too much strain on muscles. Consequently, many individual face muscle injuries and some of these injuries can take a long time to recover. Therefore, a fitness coach is required to monitor your actions when performing an exercise.

You do not need any fitness coach when trying SUP boarding. You just need to learn how to maintain your balance and paddle perfectly. You will do great if you learn it and still this activity will provide all the health related benefits. Stand up paddle boarding is not one of those strenuous activities and that’s why it is safe for everyone.

  • SUP boarding is a full body exercise:

As mentioned earlier, SUP boarding involves whole body of the user. You just can’t leave it on your legs to maintain the balance and move forward. Your upper body plays a vital role in maintaining the balance and your hands will constantly manipulate the paddle in order to move the paddle board back and forth. All your muscles will get involved when you are paddling the board. So, it will improve mind-body connection and your mind will be active all the time to control different body parts for a much better performance.

Yes, SUP boarding is a bit challenging for the newbies but it soon becomes a fun activity. You might take a week to learn some essential stand up paddle boarding skills, but it will be an enjoyable and exciting water sport after your training. Therefore, you should try it to train all your muscles and lose all the excess fat faster.


Is Stand Up Paddle Boarding a Better Excercise Than Running?

Every person wants to try something that offers better results than regular weight loss exercises. Running is considered one of the best cardiovascular and weight loss exercise. Millions of people, who are overweight, run miles every day. Do they all lose excess body fat? Of course they lose, but not as fast as a standup paddle boarder who’s addicted to it. Personally, running can be boring and can put too much stress on the body.

Studies reveal that stand up paddle boarding requires more energy than running. You do not put too much pressure on your body while running, unless you run many miles every day. SUP boarding is a whole body exercise. It will not let you rest until you reach the shore and get off the board. Your leg muscles, upper body muscles, and hands will be active all the time to improve your balance and move the board. That’s why it seems a more beneficial weight loss exercise than running.


How To Get Started With SUP?

You can try stand-up paddle boarding anywhere you want. I hope this question “can I stand up paddle board when I’m a big guy” will not trouble you anymore because it is a great exercise for you. You should find a SUP boarding trainer to learn how to begin and how to prepare yourself for this sporty activity. Get a nice board with a wide deck and give it a go. Quickly skim through this SUP Buying Guide article to get a better understanding of things, and also this article on How Much iSUP Boards Cost.



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