Anyoo 10’6 A-Black White iSUP Review

As someone who loves to spend time on the water, I recently had the opportunity to try out the Anyoo Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. Priced within a budget-friendly range, this SUP presents itself as a complete package for beginners and intermediate paddlers alike. My experience on the water with this board was a mixed bag, offering some solid features with a few hiccups along the way.

The construction seems robust, with its high-strength PVC material and drop-stitch construction allowing it to reach a considerable level of rigidity once fully inflated. I must say, the non-slip pad provided enough cushioning for a comfortable ride, though I remained unconvinced about its long-term durability against frequent abrasions. I was also pleased with the extra removable center fin, which I found quite practical for those inevitable moments when a fin might get lost or damaged during trips.

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However, I found the inflatable paddle board’s lower rating across few tens of reviews somewhat troubling, suggesting potential inconsistencies in performance or quality. Several user experiences mirrored my concerns about wear and tear, an issue to consider if you plan on frequent outings. The tri-fins did enhance the board’s controllability, as I glided smoothly across the water with ease. Yet, the addition of 4 D-Rings for a seat didn’t compensate for the overall feeling that the board might not stand the test of time in harsher conditions.


Bottom Line

The Anyoo Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board offers an appealing start-up kit for the paddleboard enthusiast looking to ease into this watersport. My trial with this board revealed essential attributes like ease of inflation and overall decent performance, but durability may be a question mark after extended use. If you’re curious about paddle boarding and don’t want to invest heavily from the get-go, this could be a reasonable option. However, for those seeking a long-term companion for their aquatic adventures, it may be prudent to continue searching. You can buy it and hop onto the SUP train—just keep your expectations on an even keel.


In-Depth Anyoo Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Overview

From my time on the water, the Anyoo Inflatable SUP seems to boast durability with its high-strength PVC and drop-stitch construction. While these materials should theoretically hold up against wear and tear, the reality might differ as I’ve heard some users mention issues with air leakage, particularly around the valve.

The board’s non-slip rubber pad was a selling point for me, contributing to a stable and reassuring stand-up paddling experience. However, the 3.3 out of 5-star rating indicates that not every paddler has had the same level of satisfaction. The dual-layer PVC cover is advertised for increased durability, yet the reality again is mismatched as some users have experienced scuffing and wear.

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The SUP comes with a comprehensive kit including an adjustable paddle and a safety leash, which I found to be adequate for getting started. Yet, the quality of the included air pump is in question, as it seemed to be a common pain point among users, with some reporting it breaking on the first use.

Moreover, while the tri-fins are designed for better control and direction, and the extra removable center fin is a thoughtful addition, the practicality might be overshadowed by concerns over the board’s longevity.

In sum, while Anyoo’s Inflatable SUP appears to check many boxes for both novice and experienced paddlers, potential buyers should weigh the mixed feedback and below-average reviews carefully. It portrays the image of a perfect all-rounder but doesn’t fully escape the trappings of its price point.


Key Features

After spending some quality time with the Anyoo Inflatable SUP, I’ve discovered several facets worth considering before you decide whether it floats your boat.

Revolutionary Material Durability

This board’s high-strength PVC material reinforced with drop-stitch construction gives it a resilience that has thus far withstood the rigors of my paddling adventures. I’m particularly tough on gear, so I appreciate that it hasn’t shown signs of scuffing or abrasion, even after a couple of drops. While the dual-layer PVC cover does promise durability, only time will tell if it can hold up to the kind of punishment some paddlers—myself included—might dole out regularly.

Exceptional Controllability

The tri-fin setup improved my control over the board, enabling me to cut through water with a sense of precision that was unexpected for an inflatable model. Installations with the latch device felt intuitive, though I’m skeptical about its long-term durability given the potential for small mechanisms to fail. The four D-Rings are supposed to secure a seat for those interested in kayaking, but they seemed to be a novel idea versus a truly functional feature, as I haven’t had the chance to test this thoroughly.

Comprehensive All-In-1 Kit

The all-inclusive aspect is definitely a selling point. It comes with a 3-piece adjustable paddle, high pressure pump, repair toolbox, and an extra removable center fin as a backup. The added safety leash kept me attached during a couple of unexpected swims. My concern lies in the durability of the pump and the necessity of the repair toolbox; if you’re including a repair kit, does that imply I’ll need it sooner rather than later?

Efficient Inflation and Portability

The dual action pump expedited the inflation process, but I doubt the longevity of manual labor against the convenience of an electric pump—something I might consider investing in for my own ease. The board’s air valve, contrived of sturdy material, has so far coped well with the frequent transitions between inflation and deflation, although it’s worth mentioning that ease doesn’t always equate to speed.

Holistic Physical and Mental Benefits

I can vouch for the full-body workout the Anyoo SUP provided, which certainly improved my balance and strength over time. Paddle boarding, generally a meditative experience, did help in diminishing my stress, although environmental and weather conditions played a role in that. Versatility in water bodies—from lakes to oceans—allows me to explore various paddle boarding activities, which can be quite rewarding for water sports enthusiasts like me.

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In the end, the Anyoo Inflatable SUP has noteworthy features that are worth considering. However, as with any product that promises a lot, a critical eye is important to ensure it meets individual expectations over the long term.


Pros and Cons


One thing I quickly noticed about the Anyoo Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is its solid build quality. The high-strength PVC material and drop-stitch construction give it a feel of durability that is reassuring when you’re far from shore. During my time with the board, it maintained its shape perfectly even when inflated to high pressures. The non-slip pad deserves a special mention; made of thick rubber, it provided excellent cushioning without sacrificing stability.

The tri-fin system made maneuvering around the calm lake I tested on almost effortless. Those fins, especially the center one, can be removed when necessary, adding a layer of convenience. The inclusion of 4 D-Rings is a thoughtful touch for those who might want to attach a seat, and it expands the versatility to activities like kayaking.

This board came with everything I needed to get started, which is not something to be taken for granted. The All-In-1 Kit felt comprehensive, with the adjustable paddle, high pressure pump, repair toolbox, safety leash, and the extra removable center fin. The dual action pump did indeed speed up inflation time, which meant I was on the water faster than I expected.

Finally, stand up paddle boarding is well-known for its physical and mental benefits, a claim this Anyoo board lived up to. It offered a solid workout and was an enjoyable way to de-stress.


However, every silver lining has a cloud, and during my use, issues did arise. The board’s 3.3-star rating across only 33 reviews made me skeptical, and my concerns were somewhat validated. The very first time I used the pump, it broke. Sure, an electric pump is my usual go-to, but dependability is key in accessories.

Then there’s the valve leak on my second outing which was a major disappointment—it’s imperative that a board holds pressure, and a leak undoes all of the aforementioned positives. Although the board itself feels durable, I noticed scratches on the paddle on arrival, suggesting potential quality control issues.

Some customers reported the absence of their second fin or paddle in their orders, raising more red flags about the consistency of what’s included. Adding insult to injury, the carrying bag, while a handy addition, seemed substandard.

Overall, the Anyoo Paddle Board shows a lot of potential with its solid build and complete kit, but does fall short on reliability and quality consistency. Buyers might find the trade-off between price and potential issues to be a risk with this purchase.

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Reviews Analysis

My time with the Anyoo Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board has been a mixed bag. On the one hand, I appreciate its lightweight construction, making it relatively simple for me and my kids to lug around, a definite perk. The board’s appearance is also notably sleek and sturdy—initially leaving me quite impressed.

However, there were notable issues under the surface. I encountered a leak near the air valve on my first outing—an issue echoed by others in the online community. Customer service problems are apparent, with missing paddles and fins upon delivery. I wasn’t alone; another customer’s first encounter with the pump led to immediate disappointment as it broke, making me question the durability of the included accessories.

An upside, though, is the external pump compatibility. I must admit, using an electric pump instead of the manual one provided saved time and wrist strain. Despite its ease of inflation, it’s a small consolation when considering the functionality flaws; notably the deflating valve issues that render the board unusable for some unfortunate users.

Overall reliability is a concern, and this board’s long-term value is debatable. While the Anyoo SUP may catch your eye with its good looks, a thorough pre-purchase check and managing expectations would be wise. After all, aesthetics can only go so far if the product doesn’t consistently perform as needed.


Final Thoughts

After spending time with the Anyoo Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, I’ve noted several key aspects that potential buyers should be aware of. On the plus side, the board is incredibly light and manageable which is ideal when dealing with kids or for those who dread a cumbersome setup for their water adventures. The aesthetic appeal and sturdiness of the board are commendable, too; it’s easy to fall for its sleek design.

However, my experience was marred with issues that raise questions about the product’s reliability. The pump broke on the first use, and I encountered a persistent leak at the seal, severely undermining the board’s utility. While this might be an isolated incident, it seems to be a recurring theme among reviews. Further missing parts like the paddle and second fin from the package only added to my skepticism about quality control.

I had hoped the durability would match the board’s good looks, but the scratched-up paddle and damaged packaging on arrival left much to be desired. Although other users had better experiences, citing quick inflation times with an electric pump and a sturdy carrying case, the fact that mine had a valve hole right out of the box is hard to overlook.

The Anyoo board swims in a sea of competing products, and while it has the potential to be a solid choice for casual paddlers, my experience suggests that it might not rise above the tide. Inconsistent quality and post-purchase problems could steer seasoned paddlers to other shores.

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