Abahub 10’6 Blue Lite iSUP Review

Having spent a solid day out on the water with the Abahub 10’6 Blue Lite Inflatable SUP, I’ve gotten a firm grasp on its capabilities. It’s been quite a journey from unpacking the impressively compact backpack to standing on a fully inflated board, ready to tackle the waves.

Upon taking the board to the lake, I noticed how the 10’6″ x 31″ x 6″ dimensions provided a stable platform for paddling, which definitely boosted my confidence, particularly when I ventured into choppier waters. The Dual Fusion Laminated high-density drop-stitch PVC core boasted a solid feel underfoot, not too dissimilar from a traditional solid SUP. Its buoyancy and maneuverability were commendable, though the board felt just a bit too stiff for my liking when attempting sharper turns or trying to catch small waves for surfing.

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Abahub 10'6 Blue Lite Inflatable SUP

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Comfort on the water is key, and here, the soft elastic EVA traction pad offered a cozy spot for my feet. This also eased the strain on my knees while I attempted a bit of SUP yoga. The board’s material felt durable, but I remained mindful of potential scrapes when bringing it into shore.

The inclusion of a 1-year warranty reassures a buyer of the product quality, reflecting the decade of experience Abahub claims to have in crafting iSUPs. Yet, the 30-day limitation on this warranty for used products leaves me questioning the board’s longevity in practice, especially for those not buying new.

After several hours of testing, the convenience of the backpack was undeniable. The ease of fitting all the accessories into it made transportation to and from the water a breeze. The pump did its job effectively, but appeared to be of a slightly lower build quality than the rest of the kit. The paddle converted seamlessly into a kayak paddle, which was a neat addition, though I found it a tad on the heavy side after prolonged use.


Bottom Line

The Abahub Inflatable SUP carries its weight as a versatile and stable board that’s beginner-friendly and appealing for family fun days on the water. Its robust build and thoughtful extras, like the waterproof phone pouch, are significant pluses. However, the slight rigidness during turns and the weight of the paddle give me pause.

Despite some reservations, if you’re considering stepping into the world of SUP with a versatile, all-inclusive kit, the Abahub offers a substantial package. I encourage you try and see for yourself if it stands up to the test.


Overview of the Abahub Inflatable SUP

After taking this board out for a spin, the sturdy feel of it contrasts sharply with the stereotype of inflatable paddleboards being flimsy. Crafted with Dual Fusion Laminated PVC, there’s a confidence the iSUP engenders as I stand on it; it’s akin to the rigidity of a solid board while retaining its promised lightness. Balancing on the 10’6″x31″x6″ dimensions felt incredibly secure, which encourages the thought of it being family-friendly for various activities, be it a casual paddle, yoga, or even tackling small waves.

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One thing that struck me was the soft elastic EVA traction pad. It managed to be gentle on the feet yet provided enough grip where I felt stable and comfortable during transitions between movements. Transporting the iSUP was facilitated by a seemingly durable backpack that held all the essentials, including a three-piece adjustable SUP/kayak paddle and a waterproof phone pouch.

However, the claimed 1-year manufacturer’s warranty raises an eyebrow, knowing that buying used drops this to a mere 30 days. It makes me wonder about the long-term durability, especially with a review mentioning a leak after a run-in with a rock. Customer service seems to be attentive, but will they honor their warranty readily, or does it require some push and pull?

Overall, it’s a solid board, but should prospective buyers rely on a warranty that significantly diminishes with a used purchase? The one-sided reviews that highlight the positives aren’t enough. I deem it necessary to carefully consider how one intends to use the iSUP and whether it suits all conditions they might face.


Key Features

Construction and Stability

I found the construction of the SUP to be quite robust. Made with a Dual Fusion Laminated high-density drop-stitch PVC core, it feels almost as solid as a non-inflatable SUP when fully inflated. Its 10’6″ length and 31″ width contribute to a stable boarding experience, which I particularly appreciated during my kayaking and paddleboarding sessions. However, the board’s rigidity might not compare to that of a hardboard, which is something to bear in mind.

Comfort and Traction Pad

The soft elastic EVA traction pad is a game-changer. It’s clear they’ve geared this towards being a comfort-above-all feature. It provides a soft cushion for your feet and enough grip to enhance your balance and stability on the water. During yoga sessions, this cushioning was appreciable, although the board did not provide the level of support found in dedicated yoga boards.

Ease of Transportation

The convenience of carrying the SUP is undeniable. With all accessories fitting into the provided backpack, and especially considering the large volume travel bag with two-way zippers, I can take it anywhere without a hassle. It’s travel-friendly indeed, but squeezing everything back into the bag can be a bit of a puzzle – a point to note for efficiency aficionados.

Included Accessories and Warranty

As for accessories, the SUP comes with a 3-piece adjustable SUP/kayak paddle, which has the versatility I appreciate, though the paddle may not satisfy more seasoned kayakers in terms of performance. There’s also a handy waterproof phone pouch, coiled ankle leash, and a single-action hand pump. The removable fin is useful for smooth water tracking, but I did miss the rapid inflation of a dual-action pump.

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The 1-year manufacturer’s warranty reflects confidence in the product’s durability, although my critical side notes this is fairly standard in the SUP industry. The fact that this warranty shrinks to 30 days on used products is something potential buyers should consider, reinforcing the value of purchasing new.

Considering a purchase, the SUP does provide an adequate set of features for beginners and leisure paddlers, though its performance may not impress serious enthusiasts. It’s a reminder that while this SUP can serve a variety of uses, specialized equipment may be necessary for those looking to excel in a particular paddleboarding domain.


Pros and Cons


After several trips to the lake with the Abahub Inflatable SUP, I can confidently say that its stability has become a standout feature. Balancing on this 10’6″ x 31″ x 6″ board is a breeze, even with my beginner skills in paddleboarding. It’s quite lightweight, yet manages to mimic the stiffness and performance of a solid SUP, making it a versatile choice for various water conditions. Moreover, the soft elastic EVA traction pad deserves praise for its comfortable grip, which is crucial during longer paddles or when I dabble in SUP yoga.

Another plus is the ease of transportation. The SUP neatly fits into its backpack, and the quality of the included accessories – notably the durable 3-piece paddle and a handy waterproof phone pouch – enhances the overall experience. The board comes with a promise of durability backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, which instills an extra layer of confidence in the investment.


Despite appreciating its many qualities, I observed a few aspects that clouded my satisfaction with the Abahub SUP. The board’s material durability became a concerning question after reading instances of it being susceptible to leaking seams when challenged by rougher conditions, like river rapids. Encountering sharp rocks seems to be this SUP’s Achilles’ heel, so those looking for a rugged adventure companion might want to weigh this factor heavily.

Another consideration is that while the board boasts ample stability for calm waters and beginners, some may find the 31″ width slightly limiting when facing choppier surfaces. This affects the boards’ maneuverability and might not cater well to users seeking a more athletic or aggressive paddling experience.

While customer service has been praised, the varied experiences with repair effectiveness raise some eyebrows. Users who have needed to conduct repairs have had mixed success, hinting at a potentially frustrating aspect of long-term maintenance. It’s also worth mentioning that the “impressive” backpack did, in one instance, translate to an unwieldy burden, especially for smaller-framed individuals, when fully packed.

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Given these points, I find the Abahub SUP to be a reliable option for family fun and casual paddlers who prioritize ease of use and comfort over extreme durability and dynamic performance.


Review Analysis

After spending quite some time with the Abahub iSUP, I’ve gotten to know what actual users are saying. There’s a consensus that while the board offers solid stability, especially for those not gifted with great balance, its durability is a double-edged sword. A customer expressed confidence even at a weight of 250 lbs, which speaks to the strength and sturdiness of the iSUP.

However, durability concerns arise with some reports of the board suffering damage when faced with rocks on a river trip. Issues with the seam leaking on first use also cast some shadows over the product’s reliability, contrasting with a pleased user who found the included accessories and backpack of high quality.

The customer service seems to be a redeeming feature, with buyers feeling taken care of through above and beyond support. Yet, I can’t ignore the mention of a poor quality experience, where the iSUP’s rear joint separated just after 10 minutes of use.

It’s clear that the Abahub iSUP can impress at first glance with its extra features for comfort and convenience, but potential buyers should weigh the praise against the instances of quality concerns. My takeaway is that while this iSUP may shine in calm waters and for lighter individuals, it might just let you down when you push it to more adventurous uses.


Final Thoughts

After spending time with the Abahub Inflatable SUP, I’ve formed a quite mixed opinion. The SUP’s width provides excellent stability, which is especially praiseworthy for those who might not be as agile or confident on the water. Their attention to durability is clear in the construction of the carry case, which stands out in its sturdiness.

What caught my attention, however, was the variability in the user experience. Some users have praised the paddleboard’s impressive performance, there are concerns about its longevity. The reports of leaks and seam separation are worrisome, particularly after a mere 10 minutes in water. It’s apparent that when the product holds up, it offers a delightful experience, but the instances of defects cannot be overlooked.

While the customer service seems responsive and the added waterproof bag is a thoughtful touch, the potential for durability issues raises a red flag. As someone who values reliability as much as supplemental features, I find myself hesitant to fully endorse the product without reservations. Engaging with the Abahub SUP has shown moments of brilliance, but I encourage potential buyers to weigh the chances of encountering a defective unit.

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