DAMA Nature Wood 11’6 iSUP Review

Inflating the DAMA paddle board felt like a breeze compared to other inflatable boards I’ve tried. The process took around 10 minutes, which is pretty standard, but the extra steel D-rings scattered around the board intrigued me. They’re supposed to offer extra convenience for carrying and attaching things like a kayak seat, which unfortunately isn’t included, but they sparked my imagination for future water adventures.

The build quality struck me as robust for a board made of PVC, supporting a substantial weight capacity of 380 lbs. It seems to be versatile enough for yoga, fishing, or a leisure paddle, holding up children or pets. The paddle, hand pump, and waterproof bag—all bundled accessories—add value to the package.

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DAMA Nature Wood 11'6 Paddle Board

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I was less impressed by the stability when compared to some of the solid boards I’ve stood on, but it still performs adequately. The central fin’s promise of higher speed and skatier control brought some skepticism as I didn’t find a dramatic difference from other models of similar size and build.


Bottom Line

The DAMA board can be a solid option for casual paddlers looking to enjoy a range of activities on the water. While it doesn’t outshine the stiff competition in stability or unique features, it offers a high weight capacity and a decent set of accessories.

For those convinced by its versatility and extra storage conveniences, it could certainly be a worthy addition to your water sports arsenal. If this has piqued your interest in finding a multipurpose board, consider giving the DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board a closer look.


Overview of DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

After spending some time with DAMA’s paddle board on the water, I’ve noticed its versatility and its attempt to cater to a range of activities. What strikes me first is the convenience it offers; inflating in 10 minutes and deflating in half that time is practical, although I found the deflation slightly longer than advertised.

The extra steel D rings are indeed a thoughtful addition for carrying and securing the board. However, I couldn’t help but wonder about their durability and long-term rust resistance after prolonged exposure to saltwater. Despite the potential to connect with other boards and add a kayak seat, not including the seat feels like a missed opportunity for immediate enjoyment.

The drop stitch materials give the impression of durability, and with a weight capacity of 380 lbs, the board seems sturdy enough to handle various activities. The claim of being suitable for Yoga, Fishing, and Surfing with both kids and pets seemed ambitious, though. In practice, stability is decent, but pristine conditions are needed to truly enjoy varied uses, especially yoga.

Regarding accessories, DAMA appears generous, providing all the essentials like paddles, a dual hand pump, and a waterproof bag which indeed came in handy to protect my essentials. The leash and SUP board carrier represent handy inclusions, enhancing portability and safety. However, the absence of glue in the repairing kits could lead to frustration if immediate repair is needed.

The underwater performance hinges on the 10” US FIN design, which promises responsive control and stability. It’s functional and enhances straight paddling, but calling it ideal for professionals might be overreaching. Offering stable navigation in calm waters, I found the board’s maneuverability to be less impressive in choppier conditions.

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Lastly, DAMA’s customer service pledge and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty reflect confidence in their product. Time on the water indeed demonstrated quality, but only long-term use will confirm the board’s ability to withstand continuous use, particularly where the fin connection and material integrity are concerned.


Key Features

After recently taking the DAMA paddle board for a spin, I’ve observed some aspects of the equipment that stand out. In the interest of a full assessment, I’ll share my hands-on experience with some critical features, both where it excels and where it could use some improvement.

Extra Steel D Rings for Convenience

Upon setting up the board, the extra steel D rings caught my attention. They’ve proved to be quite functional, allowing for easy carrying and the possibility to attach a kayak seat or tether multiple boards together. Their placement seemed thoughtful; however, while these rings add convenience, their utility is limited if you don’t invest in additional accessories like the kayak seat, which, unfortunately, is not included.

High-Quality Drop Stitch Construction

The board feels sturdy beneath my feet, thanks to its high-quality PVC material and meticulous drop stitch construction. The weight capacity is impressive, able to easily support up to 380 lbs without compromising the board’s integrity. I can’t help but notice that this kind of durability in an inflatable board is quite remarkable, though it’s something I’ve come to expect from the DAMA brand. Yet, in a market flooded with claims of “superior materials,” do keep in mind that all PVC may not be created equal.

Ample Board Accessories

DAMA provides a generous bundle of accessories, including a waterproof bag that can act as a makeshift life jacket, a SUP board carrier, and even a waterproof phone bag. The completeness of the set is convenient, saving me from numerous additional purchases. However, it’s important to consider if these accessories meet individual needs, both in terms of quality and necessity. Not all accessories are created with the same attention to detail, as I’ve found the hand pumps to require more effort than expected for inflation.

Responsive Control with 10” US Fin

The central fin aids skilful navigation through waters, offering responsive control with its 10” size and angled rake, which I found to aid in straight shot paddling. During my time on the board, I appreciated this feature in particular, as it allowed for a mix of good speed and maneuverability. Nevertheless, this fin configuration might be somewhat of a challenge for absolute beginners who are still fine-tuning their balance and control on the water.

In my critical and skeptical view, the DAMA paddle board’s key features present a mixed bag. While the durability and thoughtful inclusion of accessories are commendable, potential buyers should consider whether all the extras align with their specific needs or if they’ll be investing in features that aren’t essential to their paddleboarding experience.


Pros and Cons


After spending some quality time with the DAMA inflatable paddle board, I found several commendable features worth mentioning. First, the convenience of the 10-minute inflation and 5-minute deflation is a game-changer; it’s genuinely practical and such a time-saver. Another striking pro is the extra steel D rings, which aren’t just for attachments but make carrying and tying up with friends’ sups a breeze. I particularly liked the utility these rings provided for adding a kayak seat, although it’s worth noting that the seat is not included.

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Additionally, the build quality stands out. The high-quality PVC Material and drop stitch construction not only give this board a premium feel but also contribute to its impressive 380 lbs weight capacity. It’s plenty sturdy whether I’m attempting some yoga poses, taking the kids out, or letting my pup roam free on the front.

The height-adjustable paddle, the included waterproof bag, and the board carrier reveal the thoughtfulness put into the accessories. They’re not just there for show; they do cater to a hassle-free experience. Especially the waterproof phone bag – it’s a small touch but shows that the designers have thought about real-world usage.

Lastly, navigating with the DAMA is delightfully seamless, thanks to the 10” US FIN design which provides excellent stability and control.


However, as I critically look at the DAMA paddle board, there are a few downsides that nagged at me. To start with, despite the company’s claim of “Customer as God Service”, I can’t shake the feeling that this is just smart marketing speech and wonder about the longevity of customer support especially after the warranty.

While the board boasts a range of functions, I found the absence of the kayak seat slightly misleading. It’s promoted as a key feature but not including it feels like a miss. Also, they mention a repairing kit includes glue which isn’t actually provided. This is confusing and could leave you in a lurch should the need arise.

Another concern is the white underside of the board, which, although not affecting its performance, cheapens its aesthetic compared to boards with a fully designed base.

As robust as the accessories are, the hand pump requires significant effort to get the board to full pressure, which may be a turn-off for some users, especially after a long drive to get to the water.

Moreover, there’s the potential issue of durability over multiple seasons as some users noted concerns over long-term usage – a significant consideration given the investment. Regular paddlers may want to weigh this durability question carefully.

Wrapping it up, the DAMA inflatable paddle board delivers on many fronts, but one should cast a critical eye on some of the claims and consider what you actually get in the package before making a decision.


Analyzing Customer Reviews

After spending a good bit of time with the DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, I’ve perused through numerous customer reviews, and there’s a lot to unpack. The board, as I’ve found myself, is a hit for its accessories and convenience. It’s not just me; others find the ease of inflation and setup a huge plus. Imagine heading to the water and being ready to paddle in no time – that’s what we’re talking about.

Now, the brand promises stability and versatility, and based on what I’ve seen on the waves, that holds. However, I couldn’t help but notice some skepticism around the board’s durability. One year in, it held up fine for me, but will it stand the test of time? A critical eye would catch a reviewer mentioning it maintains condition after a year, but let’s keep watching that space.

The board isn’t short on fans praising its aesthetic appeal, but for the pragmatists among us, let’s talk functionality. Yes, it’s got style, but some customers and I question the white underside’s longevity in terms of staying clean. Additionally, there’s mention of two adults sitting and paddling comfortably. My experience aligns, but I’d advise caution – adding too much weight could test its limits, despite what any product claim suggests.

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In terms of value, the common consensus, which I share, is that you get a lot of bang for your buck. But do remember, “reasonable price” doesn’t always equate to the best quality on the market. Users are generally happy, though an eagle-eyed reviewer might spot some who consider alternatives before their next purchase.

So, while this paddleboard packs a punch in its category, I’m left pondering – is it the ultimate choice, or just a solid contender? Well, that’s for you to decide.


Board Versatility and Utility

Recently, I took the DAMA paddle board out for a spin in a variety of settings and found it to be quite adaptable, whether it was a serene lake or the mildly choppy sea. One of its notable features is the extra steel D rings that offer incredible convenience for attaching additional gear or even linking up with another board, which is especially fun when paddling in a group.

The board feels stable and responsive, lending itself well to a range of activities. My yoga session was surprisingly steady, even with the natural challenge of being on water. Fishing could be a possibility too, given the generous weight capacity and stability, though I haven’t had the chance to cast a line yet.

On the downside, while the 10’’ central fin is praised for its speed and control, I found it was more suited to those with intermediate skills rather than beginners. Maneuverability was not as forgiving for first-timers, which could lead to frustration.

As for the utility factor, the full set of accessories, including the waterproof bag and the carrier, make it practical for solo adventures. However, it’s worth mentioning that inflating the board took me a bit longer than the advertised 10 minutes, and it was more physically demanding than expected. The board’s weight—19.8 pounds—is manageable, but can be a slight hassle to transport if you’re not in close proximity to the water.


Final Thoughts

When I took the DAMA inflatable paddle board out for a spin, it struck me how it melds aesthetics with functionality. It’s truly eye-catching with its nature wood design, yet not just a pretty face. With a sturdy and stable construction, the board didn’t disappoint on the water, despite my initial skepticism about its durability. It handled my weight with ease, and I could bring along essentials, securing them under the bungee storage.

The process of inflating and deflating the board is straightforward, and the ease of packing allows for hassle-free transportation. While it is true that the set includes a myriad of accessories, I found the waterproof bag to be of particular use during my paddling excursions.

However, not all that glitters is gold. The white bottom of the board does cheapen its overall luxurious appearance, slightly dulling my enthusiasm. My board has weathered the seasons well, but longevity is a question that hangs in the balance. The shoulder strap is a thoughtful addition, yet for someone of my stature, I found it still presented a slight challenge.

With a rating of 4.4 stars from over 3100 ratings, my experience seems to align with the majority. The DAMA board is a cost-effective alternative to more expensive competitors, but buyers should bear in mind that with a lower price may come compromises in certain areas.

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