FAYEAN Whale 10′ iSUP Review

I recently had the chance to take the FAYEAN Stand Up Paddle Board out for a spin on the lake, and I’ve got some thoughts to share. Marketed as an all-inclusive set, the board measures 10 feet in length and 28 inches in width, with a 6-inch thickness which is fairly standard for stability. The kit coming along with it – a hand pump, paddle, backpack, coil leash, carry bag, repair kit, and even a waterproof case – presents a generous package for beginner and casual paddlers.

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On the water, the board performed well in terms of balance and glide. However, I found the width slightly narrowing for anyone seeking a very stable platform, something crucial for beginners or yoga enthusiasts. The hand pump worked effectively, but it’s worth noting that electric pumps save your energy for the paddle. While the included accessories ensure you’re ready to hit the water right away, the overboard whale design isn’t for everyone – it’s cute but may not suit those looking for a sleeker, more professional appearance.


Bottom Line

The FAYEAN board offers recreational paddlers a fun day out on the water with everything needed to get started. Although not perfect for everyone due to the narrow width and design, its compact and comprehensive kit holds value, especially for newcomers to the sport.


FAYEAN Stand Up Paddle Board Overview

From my experience, the FAYEAN Stand Up Paddle Board strikes a balance with its ultra-wide design, which contributes to stability and balance. At 10 feet long and 28 inches wide, it caters to riders up to 450lbs, making it a versatile choice for various body types and skill levels. Its construction hinges on a lightweight yet durable double-layer PVC, so I found it resilient during use and relatively easy to transport.

The included accessories like the aluminum paddle, rapid-inflate pump, and the waterproof case make it a comprehensive package, though I’d advise caution with the paddle, as I’ve heard of mid-use breakages — something to consider if you’re going in for rougher waters or if you’re a bit more inexperienced and prone to falls.

I appreciated the board’s triple fin setup for its positive impact on speed and steering; it’s no race board, but handling is smooth. The portability is as advertised; it folded nicely into the travel bag, fitting comfortably in my car trunk.

However, given my time on the water, the board’s narrower profile does translate to a bit of a learning curve in terms of balance. It’s manageable once acclimated, but beginners may be tentative at first. As for the customer service promise and accessories warranty, those are reassuring, but as with all products, the proof is in the real-world experience, which, for the most part, aligns with the sense of quality FAYEAN aims to project.

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Key Features

Having spent some time with the FAYEAN Stand Up Paddle Board, I’ve come to notice its appealing and practical features that make it stand out, as well as some aspects that could use refinement.

Ultra Wide & Stable

With its considerable width and a 6-inch thickness, the board presents an impressive stability that will benefit not only beginners but also those looking to enjoy a relaxed paddle. Personally, I found it to be quite accommodating when moving around the board without feeling unstable, a boon for those who might be nervous starting out. However, don’t expect this stability to translate into high performance in wave riding – it’s clearly designed for calm waters and leisure use.

Super High Quality

The FAYEAN paddle board’s double-layer PVC construction positions it as a resilient choice; it indeed feels tough to the touch and looks like it would hold up well over time. The large EVA foot pad caught my eye – it provides an excellent grip and contributes to a comfortable paddling experience. It’s a nice touch that speaks well of the board’s quality, but I’d remind potential buyers that no matter the quality, wear and tear is inevitable in water sports equipment.

Lightweight & Portable

At just over 16 pounds, this board is one I could haul from my car to the water without issue. Folded down and stowed in the travel bag, it’s sufficiently portable for most people. I managed quick inflation and deflation, a feature I appreciate for those days when I’m eager to hit the water or pack up swiftly. The ease of storage and transport here is commendable, though admittedly, it’s a common feature among most inflatable paddle boards.

Triple Fin System

The triple fin system is noteworthy for improving the board’s tracking in water, which I found smooth and rather straightforward. Detachable fins make it practical for different riders and waters, enhancing the board’s versatility. However, while the fin system contributes to ease of use, experts looking for a high-performance ride may find the fins somewhat basic.

Overall then, the FAYEAN Stand Up Paddle Board is a solid choice for recreational paddlers, proving itself to be convenient to transport and stable in the water. While it scores highly for novice and leisurely use, those seeking high adrenaline and advanced functionality might need to look elsewhere. Its features hold appeal for its target audience, although the market offers options that could potentially provide a more rigorous paddle boarding experience.


Performance on Water

Having taken the FAYEAN Stand Up Paddle Board out for a spin recently, I’m ready to share my findings. First off, it stands by its claim of stability; even as a beginner, I could maintain my balance quite well on flat water and during the occasional river runs. However, the width—at 28 inches—felt a bit narrow when confronted with small waves. Subsequently, maneuvering took a bit more effort compared to some wider boards I’ve tried.

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The triple fin design did improve the navigation experience, contributing positively to both the board’s speed and steering capabilities. On the flip side, I must say, although the fins are detachable and touted for their durability, they seemed pretty standard in quality—nothing that really sets them apart from comparable models.

As for portability, the SUP folds up nicely and fits into the provided backpack. This made transportation quite convenient for me. The board’s lightweight design didn’t tire me out when carrying it from my car to the water’s edge and back.

This SUP is indeed functional, but if you’re looking for top-notch performance, especially in choppier conditions, you might want to explore other options. It’s a solid beginner board but might not satisfy the thrill a seasoned paddler is after.


Pros & Cons


Having experienced the FAYEAN Stand Up Paddle Board out on the water, there are several highlights worth noting. Firstly, its ultra-wide design genuinely contributes to a stable ride, reassuring especially for beginners like myself. Being lightweight at only 16.3lbs and coupled with a portable backpack, I was able to easily carry it to my local lake without any fuss. I particularly appreciated the triple fin system which seemed to help with steering and handling, making for a smooth paddling session. Also, the paddle board feels tough due to its double layer PVC, and after several uses, I’ve seen no sign of wear or abrasion. A handy feature is the rapid inflation and deflation pump, which means I’m ready to hit the water or pack up in no time. Lastly, the comprehensive package—paddle, repair kit, leash, carry bag, and even a waterproof case for essentials—provides everything needed to get started without additional purchases.


On the flip side, there are some drawbacks to the FAYEAN Stand Up Paddle Board. The board is narrower than others I’ve tried (28″ width), which can affect balance for those not accustomed to such dimensions. I found it a tad challenging during choppier conditions where a wider board might have offered more stability. During one of my outings, the paddle broke in a minor fall, suggesting that while the board is durable, the paddle may not withstand rough handling. Furthermore, managing customer service can be hit or miss. Although they offer support and returns, I’ve read about varied experiences from others which could be a concern for prospective buyers. Lastly, the included EVA foot pad—whilst comfortable—can retain water and requires thorough drying to prevent any moisture-related issues.


Customer Reviews

Having had my fun with the FAYEAN Stand Up Paddle Board, I feel equipped to discuss what real users are saying. Scouring through customer testimonials, the overall sentiment is a sigh of relief—this board seems to hold its own. It’s been called the “best thing ever” by an enthusiast who’s been hitting the water for over a year, lauding its durability and design. The package deal, inclusive of necessary accessories, hasn’t gone unnoticed, with families applauding its inclusivity and value. However, not all that glitters is gold. A few drawbacks crept up, like the slightly challenging width for the unsteady and a paddle that gave up on one user post-collision.

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Despite these hiccups, purchasers are generally satisfied. I find the ease of setup—a common praise point—quite accurate, having inflated it effortlessly myself. It’s lighter than more expensive counterparts, which is a boon for those not looking to lug heavy gear. Do not carry over any misconceptions; it’s not perfect. But the consensus? It’s a solid choice that’s easy on the wallet for someone dipping their toes in the SUP waters.


Ease of Use & Maintenance

Having tested the FAYEAN Stand Up Paddle Board on various water conditions, I appreciate its no-hassle setup. Its lightweight and portable design at just 16.3 lbs has been a breeze for me to carry around. The included backpack is handy, making transportation to and from the water straightforward.

Inflation and deflation are efficient with the bidirectional pump; it does take some effort, but it’s part of the paddle board experience. The process is simple enough, though, and once inflated, the board feels sturdy underfoot, which speaks to its quality construction. However, the narrow design, while aiding in speed, adds a bit of a learning curve when it comes to balance, particularly for new users.

Maintenance-wise, the board has shown to be resilient against abrasion, and the EVA foot pad remains grippy without showing signs of wear. Having a repair kit included is reassuring, though I’ve not had to use it yet.

One downside I found was the paddle durability. After a minor mishap, the paddle broke. While it was easy to find a replacement, it’s disappointing it didn’t withstand a fall that, in my view, should be considered typical use.

Overall, the board is easy to use and maintain, but expect to put a little muscle into the initial inflation and be mindful of the paddle’s fragility.


Final Thoughts

Having spent some time with the FAYEAN Stand Up Paddle Board, the experience brings some clear considerations to the forefront. The overall quality is commendable, and the inclusion of essential accessories like a hand pump, leash, and repair kit is genuinely practical. The board’s design is useful for family outings, catering to various sizes and weight classes. Nevertheless, a word of caution: the narrowness of the board might challenge those new to paddleboarding, particularly in maintaining balance.

It’s noteworthy that while the board and accompanying bag are lighter, which contributes to ease of transportation, this may underscore a trade-off in material durability compared to pricier options. Also, the paddle’s fragility was a slight disappointment, having snapped rather unexpectedly. However, finding replacements is straightforward and won’t break the bank.

In a market where value and performance must strike a balance, this board positions itself well. My encounter with the FAYEAN board was largely positive, but I endorse purchasing it with a critical eye on its limitations, particularly for more avid paddleboard enthusiasts.

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