YASKA Mermaid 10’6 iSUP Review

Recently, I took the YASKA Mermaid 10’6 Inflatable Paddle Board out for a spin, and I have some thoughts to share. The first thing I noticed was its solid construction; the board touts a military-grade PVC build and, despite being inflatable, it doesn’t compromise on rigidity once fully pumped. With a buoyancy that allegedly exceeds many competitors by 20%, it carries up to 330 pounds, which is quite impressive for an inflatable model.

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YASKA Inflatable Paddle Board

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On the flip side, the board claims to be suitable for all skill levels, but I would argue it leans more toward those with some experience. The stability isn’t the best for beginners, which contradicts some of the feedback I’ve seen. The non-slip EVA deck pad does ensure that you stay put while paddling, but it takes some balance to stay upright, which is something new paddlers might struggle with.


Bottom Line

For those seasoned on the water looking for a convenient and portable board, I say the YASKA Inflatable Paddle Board should be on your radar. If you don’t mind a bit of a stability challenge, this board might pleasantly surprise you with its durability and ease of use.

Just don’t expect perfection from the hand pump – while it gets the job done, a bit of patience and effort is required.


YASKA Inflatable Paddle Board Overview

Having recently taken the YASKA inflatable board out on the water, I was keen to see if it lived up to its promises of stability and durability. The board’s construction certainly feels robust, a nod to the military-grade PVC material used. Its 10’6″ length and 32″ width offer ample space, which contributes to a reassuringly stable ride, even when I pushed its capacity close to the listed maximum of 330 pounds.

While paddling, I appreciated the cushioned, non-slip EVA deck pad that provided comfort underfoot and kept me from sliding around. The board comes with a comprehensive package, including an adjustable paddle, hand pump, and a backpack for transport. The inclusion of the removable fin and leash is standard, but still welcome.

However, despite its strengths, I have reservations. While the board claims superb buoyancy and zero-leakage through superior technology, I’m skeptical that these features significantly outpace other boards I’ve tested. The backpack, though functional, is not the most comfortable for longer treks to the water’s edge. Also, I’ve yet to judge the long-term durability of the board based on brief usage, and I’d exercise caution before fully buying into the one-year warranty without understanding its terms.

Ultimately, while the YASKA paddle board is a solid performer and well-equipped, don’t expect it to revolutionize your paddleboarding experience. It stands on par with many in its price bracket, but a discerning buyer should weigh its purported unique features critically against competing options.

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Key Features

When it comes to inflatable paddle boards, my experience with the YASKA SUP was definitely one to write home about, and not all features had me singing its praises. While its buoyancy and portability stood out, some other aspects left room for improvement. Let’s dive into what makes this product stand out and where it could do better.


The one thing that I can confidently vouch for is its super-buoyancy. The board is composed of a 500D drop stitch fabric paired with military-grade PVC material. Even though I’m not lightweight, I felt secure, and the YASKA SUP floated effortlessly, supporting my weight with no signs of sinking or bending in the middle.

Zero-Leakage Protection

Now, onto the seam construction. The zero-leakage claim holds water, so to speak, thanks to the pre-laminated double layer drop stitch fabric and thermal bonding technology. I tested it thoroughly across several days of intense paddling, and not once did it show any signs of stress or cracks, which can be a common issue with less well-made inflatable SUPs.

Premium Non-Slip Comfort

The top deck of the YASKA SUP is equipped with a thick EVA foam pad which provides a comfortable and non-slip surface. My feet remained steady, even when the board was wet. However, I’ve seen better contouring on other models that offer more foot grip and comfort, which this one lacked, making it less ideal for lengthy sessions on the water.

Portability and Convenience

A standout convenience is how easy it is to get the YASKA SUP from A to B. The board, when deflated, fits into a robust backpack along with all the necessary accessories like the hand pump, paddle, safety leash, removable fin, and repair kit. I could stash it in my trunk with room to spare, a pleasant change from rigid boards. Despite its portability, I found the provided backpack could use more padding for comfort during longer carries.

Overall, the YASKA SUP impresses on the water where it counts, but some design choices could be refined for an even better paddling experience.


Pros and Cons


After taking the YASKA Inflatable Paddle Board out for a spin, I can earnestly say that its buoyancy is a standout feature. The board felt exceptionally stable on the water, which I attribute to the top-notch 500D drop stitch fabric and light military-grade PVC material. YASKA’s claim of 20% more buoyancy holds water in my book.

I must mention the design; it’s simply ideal for a variety of skill levels. Measuring 10′ 6” in length, it’s an excellent size for balance and control, which I especially appreciate as it caters to both newbie and seasoned paddlers.

Convenience is another big plus. The inclusion of a durable backpack makes transportation a breeze, and it snugly fits the necessary accouterments, from the paddle to the fin. The non-slip EVA pad is a boon for safety—it kept me firmly in place even when I ventured into choppier currents.

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Additionally, the paddle board was relatively quick to inflate, setting up in about 15 minutes without the need for Herculean strength, which I found to be quite accurate.


Now, onto the downsides. The board does have a bit of a stability issue, which might be challenging for beginners. I experienced a little more wobble than I’m accustomed to with other boards, which could deter those just starting out.

Another hiccup is the potential for receiving a product with mold—this concern was flagged in a message received with the board, and it definitely set off some alarm bells for me. Quality control should be a given, not a gamble.

In the end, while the YASKA board scores highly on buoyancy and thought-out design, it doesn’t quite hit the mark when it comes to stability for all users and quality assurance. It’s a mixed bag—superb for an intermediate paddler looking for convenience but may give pause to beginners or those expecting perfect condition right out of the box.


In-Use Experiences

I recently had the chance to take the YASKA inflatable paddle board out on the water, and I’ll be frank—my impressions are mixed. Inflating the board was fairly straightforward: it took me around fifteen minutes using the hand pump provided. However, if you’re aiming for a quick launch, those minutes might feel like an eternity. The board itself is definitely light, which is a blessing when carrying it to the shoreline.

On the water, the non-slip area holds true to its promise, offering a decent grip for maintaining balance. Adjusting the paddle to my height was a breeze with its three-part design, which is a plus. However, I noticed the board’s stability isn’t exactly friendly for beginners. It feels slightly wobbly, which could shake the confidence of new paddlers and possibly lead to unexpected dips in the water.

Durability seems robust at first glance; the material is thick and comes across as sturdy, giving the impression it won’t easily succumb to punctures. The board comes complete with all the necessary accessories, which is a thoughtful touch. Yet, the longevity of the board remains a question—an inflatable’s enemy is often hidden faults or wear over time. My advice: handle with care and keep an eye out for any signs of wear and tear.

Overall, it’s an average board that will satisfy those looking for casual summer fun without breaking the bank, but seasoned paddlers or complete novices might want to explore other options.


Other Reviews

After taking the YASKA Inflatable Paddle Board out several times, I’ve combed through what others have said to see if my experiences align. Most users have praised the board for its easy inflation and lightweight structure, making it effortless to carry to the water. The vibrant blue color also seems to be a hit among paddlers. Stability is a point of contention, with some finding it less stable than desired, which is particularly challenging for those new to stand-up paddleboarding.

Durability is often mentioned positively, with many surprised by the sturdiness of an inflatable board. The non-slip area is effective, and the adjustable paddle is a useful addition. A few noted the quick inflation with the hand pump provided, although it appears it might require significant effort, as I’ve found, and suggest being prepared for a workout before hitting the water.

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Bluntly speaking, some reviews hint at potential quality control issues, with one customer receiving a warning about possible mold—this is concerning. While the affordability is appealing, especially for a board that includes all the necessary accessories, longevity is still an open question for me. I think if you’re trying the sport out and not looking to invest heavily, this might be an option, but be mindful of its limitations.


Safety and Durability Considerations

After taking the YASKA Inflatable Paddle Board out for a spin, it’s clear that safety and durability are central to its design. The military-grade PVC material gives me confidence in its robustness, and the non-slip EVA deck pad ensures stability underfoot which is crucial for avoiding slips and falls on the water.

However, despite its super-buoyancy feature, which is quite impressive, I’d say it requires vigilance to avoid over-inflation. Overdoing it could stress the materials, despite the zero-leakage claims, which are hard to verify in the short term. On durability, while the material seems tough, I recommend careful handling to steer clear of punctures or abrasions.

The board’s ability to hold up to 330 pounds is notable, appealing to a wider range of users, but I’d exercise caution not to push these limits as it could compromise performance and safety. Based on my experience, proper care is paramount; always rinse the board after use and store it correctly to prevent warping from sun exposure.


Final Thoughts

After spending some quality time with the YASKA Inflatable Paddle Board, I’ve forged a solid opinion. While the board boasts convenience and comes with all necessary accessories, from the paddle to the pump, the true test comes in its performance on the water. I found it incredibly easy to inflate, deflating it was just as straightforward, and the lightweight design made for simplified transport to my local paddling spot.

The ride itself is where I encountered a mix of feelings. The board isn’t the most stable option I’ve tried, which left me hesitant to recommend it for novice paddlers. However, its lightness and the provided non-slip area do contribute to a comfortable experience once you find your balance. The paddle’s height adjustability is a thoughtful touch, suitable for adults of various statures.

While I was skeptical of the durability at first, given the board’s inflated nature, I was pleasantly surprised. It endured my escapades without showing signs of wear. My initial concern about potential mold based on a message I received was unfounded, as there were no such issues upon careful inspection and usage.

In the end, I consider this board a sensible choice for those not wanting to invest a fortune but still looking to enjoy the occasional paddleboarding venture. It’s a value-for-money option granted that you have the patience to master its buoyancy quirks.

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