Retrospec Weekender-Tour 11′ iSUP Review

I recently had the chance to try out the Weekender-Tour, an 11-foot inflatable paddleboard by Retrospec, and I’ve got some thoughts to share. When I took it out for a spin on the lake, the first thing that struck me was the textured EVA deck. It’s quite comfortable and gives you a decent grip—I’d say it’s secure for paddling, even with a canine companion should you wish to bring one along. That said, while Retrospec touts the board’s stability, I found that distributors claiming suitability for up to 275 lbs might be a bit too optimistic. Lightweight individuals will find the board stable, but if you’re pushing closer to that weight limit, you might experience a wobble or two. So, I’m skeptical about their one-size-fits-all approach here.

For those seeking value without compromising on quality, our roundup of the best budget-friendly inflatable paddle boards is a must-read. It’s designed to guide you through the maze of options to find a board that not only fits your budget but also meets your paddling needs.


Retrospec Weekender-Tour Paddleboard

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Inflation and setup were straightforward with the included pump, but it does require some muscle to reach optimal firmness. The selling point for many is the portability; deflated and rolled, it’s quite compact. While the armor-strength PVC is durable and seems to handle minor impacts well, I wouldn’t be too quick to challenge its resistance against more serious encounters. The bundle comes across as generous, especially the waterproof phone case, but the real question is longevity and how this kit stands the test of time and usage.


Bottom Line

The Weekender-Tour is a solid entry-level option for casual paddleboard enthusiasts. The setup is easy, it performs adequately on the water, and the entire bundle is convenient. However, heavier paddlers should think twice before diving in—if you’re near the weight limit, look at larger, more stable boards to ensure your safety and enjoyment. If you feel this board meets your needs and expectations, give it a try.

Interested in taking the plunge with the Weekender-Tour?


A Skeptical Overview of the Weekender-Tour 11ft ISUP Bundle

Having taken the Weekender-Tour 11ft ISUP out for recent spins, I’ve formed some candid thoughts. Its portability is commendable—I had no issues carrying the 29-pound bundle on my own. Getting onto the water was straightforward as well, with the pump system working efficiently enough. However, stability was a matter I took issue with. The board boasts a capacity of up to 275 lbs, but it didn’t take much for me to feel the wobble; lighter paddlers might find their comfort zone easier than heavier individuals.

The textured EVA deck was, in fact, as promised—comfy and non-slip. My four-legged friend could keep steady, thus dog-friendly point is valid. But on rougher waters, I sensed the Weekender’s limits. The provided aluminum paddle was sufficient for calm paddling, yet something more robust could better complement the bundle.

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In terms of resilience, the ArmorStrength PVC material held up well against a few inadvertent scrapes against rocks. My concerns lie more with long-term durability given the light structure; only time will reveal its true resilience. The waterproof phone case was a nice touch, though it’s a common accessory these days.

To sum it up, while the ISUP package is comprehensive and user-friendly for tranquil outings, those seeking a thrill or heavier paddlers might pause for thought. The Weekender-Tour is a mixed bag – easy to love for its ease of use, yet leaving me skeptical about its performance under less-than-ideal conditions.


Key Features

Having had my fair share of experiences with various paddleboards, the Weekender-Tour from Retrospec offers a mix of convenience and durability, but not without its nuances. Here’s a thorough breakdown of the key features from my recent expeditions with this board.

Innovative Portability for Adventure

The Weekender-Tour boasts impressive portability. Weighing at a mere 29 pounds when inflated, I found it easily carried over my shoulder with the included carrying case. Its ability to deflate to a compact size of 11″x36″ is a real game-changer for storage. The portability is convenient; I tucked it in my Jeep’s trunk, and it even fit into my overstuffed storage closet with ease.

Robust Construction and Durability

Crafted from tough ArmorStrength PVC, the board held up well during my excursions through rocky creeks and against submerged branches. While some inflatable boards fear the sight of a sharp rock, the Weekender-Tour welcomed the challenge. The robust material certainly adds a layer of confidence during paddling, though I can’t say how it would endure years of abuse.

Designed With Comfort in Mind

The comfort of the Weekender-Tour’s EVA deck pad is undeniable. It’s inviting for longer sessions on the water and even for my furry friend, who seemed to enjoy the stable platform as much as I did. However, stability can be an issue for users closer to the weight limit, as was evident with a couple of my friends who attempted to use the board and struggled with balance. Comfort, it seems, is contingent on keeping within a certain weight range.

Complete Paddling Bundle

This ISUP bundle comes loaded with just about everything you need to get started: a lightweight paddle, a carry bag, a high-pressure dual action pump, and even a waterproof phone case. On the water, the fins provided decent tracking, and the paddle, while basic, did the job. But when it came to inflation, the dual action pump had me breaking a sweat well before hitting the water. Also worth noting is the leash, a critical safety component for any paddler, which this bundle thankfully includes.

Bear in mind, this isn’t an all-positive declaration of perfection. Despite the thorough kit, I found myself wishing for a more ergonomic grip on the paddle and perhaps even an electric pump for ease of use. Nonetheless, for someone just dipping their toes into the world of paddleboarding, the bundle offers a solid start.



I’ve had my hands on the Weekender-Tour for a few paddling adventures now, and I must say, its portability is impressive. Weighing in at just 29 lbs when fully inflated, I could transport it easily without any extra hassle. It’s not just about the weight—once deflated, it rolls up to a compact size that fits snug in the trunk of my Jeep or tucks away neatly in my gear closet.

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The textured EVA deck offered a comfortable and secure footing, especially beneficial when I’ve brought my four-legged friend along. It’s rare to find a board that’s truly dog-friendly, but this aspect is a definite plus.

Durability is another strong suit; the ArmorStrength PVC material handled the occasional brushes with rocks without showing any significant wear. This level of resilience gives me peace of mind that I won’t be patching holes after every excursion.

Coming with all the necessary add-ons—like the adjustable paddle, pump, and a waterproof phone case—it was a complete package right out of the box. The removable fins and leash are additional thoughtful touches adding value to my experience. However, the skepticism comes into play with the board’s stability. While it boasts a decent carrying capacity, users approaching the weight limit may find it less stable, something I quickly noticed when loading it up with gear.



While I discovered many attributes to admire about the Weekender-Tour ISUP Bundle, I’d be remiss not to mention its drawbacks that surfaced during use. The first hiccup I encountered was the board’s stability. Despite my excitement to hit the water, I found the board to be unsettlingly tippy when nearing its weight capacity. This was especially noticeable as I’m not a lightweight by any measure, and keeping balance became a task, diminishing the serene paddling experience I anticipated.

Another area of concern was the manual pump included in the bundle. Inflation is a workout in itself; after multiple uses, I could feel the strain on my arms. An electric pump might be a worthy investment for those considering this set.

Lastly, while the concept of a portable and easily storable paddleboard is fantastic, the process of deflation and packing can be quite time-consuming. The convenience of being able to hike with it is counterbalanced by the chore of ensuring all components are adequately dried and packed to prevent mildew or wear.

For all its ease and functionality, these aspects may give potential paddlers pause, depending on their needs and experience level.



After scouring through the reviews on the Weekender-Tour ISUP Bundle, it’s clear that users have varied experiences. One buyer snagged it at an enticing price point, hinting at its affordability, yet the exact circumstances of such a deal are unknown. As an occasional paddleboarder myself, affordability can be a huge draw, especially for those dipping their toes into the hobby.

However, not all is smooth sailing. A pair of users warned against nearing the weight limit, voicing that stability may become an issue. It resonates with me; the assumption that the board can handle close to maximum capacity without compromising balance seems a bit optimistic. While a product might boast high weight tolerance, the reality in water can differ.

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On the flip side, several users raved about its ease of use—from storage to actual paddling—a sentiment I share. There’s a particular ease in the way this ISUP handles on calm waters, and transporting it doesn’t feel like a workout before the workout. Yet skepticism lingers; will this ease hold up in the face of rougher waters or with wear over time?

In sum, while there are enthusiastic shouts about its practicality, I’d advise potential buyers to approach with a discerning eye, especially if they are on the heavier side or if their budget sees this as a long-term investment.


Storage Considerations

After toting the Weekender-Tour around and putting it through its paces, it’s clear that storage and environmental aspects demand attention. Firstly, the portability of an inflatable paddleboard like this is certainly a plus—I found it quite handy to be able to deflate it and pack it into the carrying case. However, it’s essential to store it in a cool, dry place to prevent any potential damage from heat and moisture. The polyvinyl chloride material, while robust for calm to moderate waters, would likely degrade if left exposed to the elements or stored improperly.

Moreover, I observed that the material, although durable, could be susceptible to punctures if not handled with care—something to bear in mind when you’re around sharp objects or rough surfaces. The compactness of the carrying case is a godsend for apartment dwellers like me, but I’d advise making sure the board is fully dry before packing it away to ward off mold and mildew. With fins and other components that are easy to misplace, meticulous organization during storage is non-negotiable.

All in all, the Weekender-Tour, despite its conveniences, does require thoughtful handling when it comes to environmental factors and storage to ensure its longevity.


Final Thoughts

After spending a considerable amount of time with the Weekender-Tour ISUP Bundle, I’m left with mixed feelings. On one hand, the ease of storage and portability is a win for enthusiasts like me who enjoy spontaneous paddling adventures. The idea of being able to hike to a remote location with the board conveniently on my back and being ready to hit the water after a few minutes of inflation is appealing.

However, the supposed stability of this inflatable board didn’t quite live up to the hype in my experience. While others might find it stable, I noticed a significant wobble when I ventured farther from shore, and it was particularly noticeable in choppier conditions. It’s clear that the weight capacity might be overstated; those closer to the upper limit should consider a larger board to avoid the tippy feeling that can detract from the experience.

Indeed, the quality and aesthetics of the board are commendable, and the price point is attractive, especially if snagged on a discount. But it’s essential to approach this purchase with realistic expectations regarding stability and performance. As a seasoned paddler, I’m always looking for products that deliver their promises, and while the Weekender-Tour ISUP is a decent contender, it may not suit everyone, particularly those on the heavier side or looking for top-tier stability.

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