Fbsport Lightning 11′ iSUP Review

After a thorough search for a versatile stand-up paddleboard, I stumbled upon the FBSPORT Lightning 11′ Inflatable SUP, and I must admit, it caught my attention with its eye-catching mint green color. What particularly intrigued me was its claim of a military-grade material construction, which is a bold assertion for an inflatable product.

I put the FBSPORT SUP through its paces, testing the promise of stability with its 11 feet length and 33 inches of deck width. Indeed, it felt sturdy beneath my feet, almost making me forget it was air-filling my stance. The non-slip deck was a thoughtful addition, minimizing those clumsy, unwanted slips into the water.

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While its lightweight nature was a boon for transportation to and from the water, the true test was in maneuverability. The SUP includes a set of three fins, with the central one being removable. This setup was supposed to enhance steering and overall control. As an experienced paddler, I found that the board handled well, but beginners might require a bit of practice to fully capitalize on this feature.

Another factor worth scrutinizing is the setup process. Inflatable SUPs are notorious for taking some elbow grease to reach the right PSI, and this was no exception. Despite the supposed ease of use, I suggest setting aside ample time and energy to inflate this board, especially since the pump’s gauge can be a tad uncooperative until it hits a certain threshold.


Bottom Line

With the FBSPORT Premium Inflatable SUP, you’re not just buying a paddleboard; you’re investing in a sturdy, versatile companion for your water adventures. Its thoughtful design and comprehensive accessory set—it comes with everything from a carry bag to a safety leash—make it a product worth considering.

That said, I remain skeptical about its long-term durability, especially under rigorous use. It’s a solid enough board for casual paddlers and perhaps even SUP yogis, but hardcore enthusiasts might want to weigh other options.

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FBSPORT Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Overview

Having recently tried out the FBSPORT inflatable paddle board, I want to share my frank thoughts. On the positive side, the board’s size offers generous stability and balance for both beginners and seasoned paddlers alike. Its military-grade material claims a lightweight yet resilient build. It’s true that once fully pumped, it feels sturdy beneath the feet, similar to a solid board.

However, I found the claim of easy inflation to be somewhat misleading. It took significant effort to inflate, and the included pump’s gauge was hard to read, causing some initial confusion. Maneuvering the board is reasonably straightforward—the triple fin setup aids in smooth steering, although I have experienced sleeker rides on other models.

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The versatility for different waters is a plus for adventurers who like to explore varying conditions. Yet, I couldn’t help but feel that it’s a jack-of-all-trades, master of none scenario. The color and overall design are aesthetically pleasing, and it conveniently packs away into the provided carry bag, which is an advantage for transport and storage.

The accessory package is comprehensive, with everything needed to get going. Still, it raises the question: are quantity and quality mutually inclusive? For those looking for an all-in-one package, it certainly ticks the boxes, but I’d caution against expecting top-tier performance.

In essence, if you need a functional board with a solid accessory offering, this could be a viable option. Nevertheless, for those seeking peak performance and the highest durability, I suggest looking at the market’s more specialized boards.


Key Features

Wide and Lightweight Design

The board boasts a generous width that provides a stable platform for paddlers of all skill levels. I appreciated the balance and support when I popped up to standing. Although it’s substantial in size, this SUP is surprisingly lightweight. However, this does mean that it can be a bit more susceptible to being pushed around by strong winds due to its light nature.

Premium Material

Here lies a mix of durability with lightweight convenience. The military-grade PVC material is honestly tough, and I found it hardy against scrapes and bumps which are inevitable during use. Yet, I must admit I had my reservations about how a material can claim to be ‘military-grade’ when it’s applied to a consumer product. That being said, the board withstood my rigorous use without showing any signs of wear.

Superior Maneuverability

I found the paddleboard’s responsiveness above average, all thanks to its triple fin design. The large central fin is detachable, providing flexibility for different water conditions, while the smaller side fins are permanent. Steering requires minimal effort, making it a decent choice for any recreational paddler. Beginners, take note here: while it’s manageable, don’t expect the sharp precision of a hardboard.

Versatile Portable Use

FBSPORT’s SUP rolls up nicely and fits into the included carrying bag, which I found quite comfortable to transport. The versatility of this board is evident as it adapts well to various water bodies – from calm lakes to the light surf. However, because of its buoyant nature, added water resistance or strong currents can make it more challenging to handle. As for portability, the supposedly quick setup didn’t feel all that swift, particularly due to the manual inflation which can be quite the workout before hitting the water.

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Product Specifications

After spending some time with the FBSPORT paddle board on the water, I noticed a few things worth mentioning about its design. The dimensions are fairly generous at over 10 feet in length and just under 3 feet in width, which provides a stable base. This is crucial for activities like yoga, where balance is everything. However, the width can feel a bit restrictive when you’re trying to catch waves—it’s a compromise between stability and maneuverability.

The material, PVC, is sturdy and seems to hold up well against general wear and tear. Paddling out, the mint green color stood out. It’s aesthetically pleasing but has no bearing on performance. FBSPORT is the name behind the product, and while the brand typically delivers reliable gear, this board doesn’t push the envelope in innovation or features.

I do appreciate the complete package, which simplifies things for beginners, but the included accessories did not amaze me compared to other kits on the market. I’m yet to be convinced this board is the best value for savvy paddlers who seek top-tier performance.


Pros and Cons

When it comes to stand-up paddleboards, the experience can be as fluid as the water they’re ridden on. After taking the FBSPORT Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board out for a spin, there are definitely noteworthy aspects, as well as a few drawbacks worth mentioning.


  • Stability and Balance – The board’s 11′ length and 33” width do provide a stable and balanced experience, especially for beginners, which is essential for building confidence on the water.
  • Material Quality – Constructed of military-grade material, it doesn’t just boast durability but also delivers it. Even though it’s inflatable, it feels far from flimsy and supports up to 350 lbs with ease.
  • Maneuverability With a removable large fin and two fixed smaller ones, steering is surprisingly manageable. This feature helped me navigate through calm waters and track straight without extra effort.
  • Versatility Its portable design is a real game-changer. Easily packed into the carrying bag, it saves space and hassle, transitioning from backpack to water in no time. It’s suitable for a range of activities, not limited to just paddling.
  • Accessories The complete set – board, paddle, leash, pump, and carry bag – ensures you have all you need. It allows anyone to get going without the need for additional purchases.


  • Inflation Challenge The initial setup can be a challenge. The pump’s gauge was confusing at first; it didn’t register until reaching 3 PSI. It tested my patience and made me question its functionality before realizing it was a user error.
  • Packaging and Shipping – While secure, the delivery took two days to ship after ordering, not quite the promptness I’d anticipate. Packaging, although secure, was not notably eco-friendly.
  • Pump Accuracy Although the pump is functional, determining the correct pressure can be tricky. It’s hard to guess when it’s fully inflated without a reliable gauge reading, which can lead to uncertainty about the board’s firmness.
  • Inflatable paddle boards promise the world, but sometimes they underdeliver. The FBSPORT board navigates some of these issues well but isn’t without its faults. It’s a solid piece of equipment if prepared for the setup and if accuracy in inflation isn’t a deal-breaker.
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Review Analysis

After spending some quality time with the FBSPORT paddle board, I’ve perused through a plethora of customer reviews to get a broader sentiment. With a commendable 4.6 average rating from over 3400 buyers, the general consensus mirrors my impression of its stable and solid build, especially once fully inflated. However, inflation can be a bit deceptive, as some users, including myself, initially misjudged the pump’s efficiency; the PSI gauge remains dormant until surpassing the 3 PSI mark.

The board’s length is another lauded feature, providing ample space for a relaxing lay-down, which aligns with my own experience of serene comfort during use. Storage and portability seem to satisfy, given the spacious carry bag that managed to fit all my gear—though it’s worth mentioning the physical exertion required to inflate the board manually, echoed by several users as a particularly strenuous task.

Yet, the durability remains under scrutiny. Although my time with the board didn’t expose any glaring flaws, some customers have raised mild concerns regarding the long-term resilience of the inflatable design, particularly with the pump’s PSI gauge issue casting a shadow on the integrity of included accessories. It remains to be seen how it withstands repeated use across seasons.


Final Thoughts

After spending some time with the FBSPORT paddleboard, it’s clear that the product strikes a balance between fun and function. The mint green board stands out on the water and the wide stance affords considerable stability, which was a pleasant surprise. However, while inflating the board is straightforward enough, I found the pump’s PSI gauge a bit finicky—it doesn’t register until 3PSI, leading to some confusion at first.

I appreciate the effort behind the design, especially in terms of surf control and the non-slip deck. For beginners, this board is quite forgiving and makes for an enjoyable venture onto the water. That being said, filling it to the proper pressure takes effort, and this could be off-putting for some.

In terms of build, the durability is notable, and I didn’t once fear it would give beneath me. But beyond the product itself, I can’t ignore the storage benefits—an inflatable board that can be rolled back into its carry bag is incredibly convenient.

The critiques I have are minor when weighed against the joy and freedom this board provides. I can’t say it’s flawless, but for those willing to overlook a few quirks in favor of a solid, all-around paddleboarding experience, this product doesn’t disappoint.

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