Highpi Havana Wildlife 10’6 iSUP Review

When it comes to enjoying the water, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) has surged in popularity, and I recently had the chance to test out the Highpi Inflatable SUP, specifically the “Pink Hearts” model. The overall feel is one of a well-thought product, especially with its vibrant design and the promise of good stability, aimed at a broad range of skill levels. The board boasts a construction that is both robust and lightweight, which is often a delicate balance to strike.

Out on the water, the board’s maneuverability was indeed impressive. The triple-fin setup helped with steering and tracking, quite similar to a hardboard experience. Stability wasn’t an issue, thanks to the board’s width, and the EVA deck pad provided adequate grip. The board’s portability deserves praise, as it easily deflated, rolled up, and fit into the provided backpack. As expected from any inflatable SUP, the ease of storage and transportation made it an attractive choice for someone like myself who has limited storage space.

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Highpi Inflatable SUP Pink Hearts

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Despite these positives, there were a few areas where I found room for improvement. The included pump did the job but took some elbow grease to reach the ideal PSI, which might be challenging for someone not used to inflating SUPs. Additionally, while the board felt durable, longevity is always a concern with inflatable products, and only time will tell how it stands up to repeated use.


Bottom Line

If the Highpi Inflatable “Pink Hearts” SUP has caught your eye, it’s for good reason. This board delivers an accessible, fun, and solid paddleboarding experience, tailored for a range of activities from yoga to light surfing. While the pumping process might give you a mini-workout before hitting the water, the board’s performance once you’re out there could be worth the effort.

For those considering this SUP, it’s an investment that seems to perform as promised.


Highpi Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Overview

I recently had a chance to try out the Highpi Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with the pink hearts design. Right off the bat, I noticed the color and design were eye-catching – definitely aiming to charm those with a penchant for aesthetics on the water. The relatively generous dimensions of the board lend themselves well to stability, which I found beneficial as someone who appreciates balance over precarious agility.

It claims ruggedness thanks to military-grade material, but as we know, real-world durability can vary, so I’d be curious to see how it withstands the test of time and use. The anti-slip deck pad seemed cushy for the feet and secure under wet conditions, which is a legitimate plus for extended paddling sessions.

Despite its light weight, this board has a notable lift and buoyancy when out on the water, effectively supporting up to 300lbs, challenging some hard boards I’ve paddled on. The set-up time is quick, which didn’t cut into my water time, and the portability is convenient.

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However, it doesn’t escape the common drawbacks of inflatable boards, like being more susceptible to wind drift and less speedy compared to rigid boards. The accompanying accessories, from the collapsible paddle to the safety leash and dry bag, tick off the essentials, yet the load-out is somewhat pedestrian in this increasingly competitive market.

The warranty does ease some concern for commitment-wary buyers, yet I’ve learned that customer service can be as variable as water currents. Let’s just say, despite its appealing features, I’ll keep my skeptical eye on the Highpi to see if it truly holds water.


Key Features

Having recently had the chance to take the Highpi Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board out for a spin, I was struck by a few key features that stood out, both positively and negatively.

Effortless Maneuverability

I couldn’t ignore the surprising ease with which I carved through the water. The SUP possesses a well-thought-out triple fin setup, which seemed to aid in keeping a straight tracking line – essential for beginners and certainly welcomed by the seasoned paddler. While the board boasts a width of 31 inches, I did find that those users looking for more of a challenge or wishing to tackle rougher waters might find its surface area a tad too forgiving, potentially detracting from the thrill of a tighter maneuver.

Durable Military Grade Material

Durability is one of the paddle board’s strong suits. Made of military-grade material, it demonstrated significant resistance to the usual wear and tear. Out on the water, the board felt rigid, much like a traditional non-inflatable board. However, I must point out that despite the material’s robust nature, any inflatable SUP is nevertheless subject to the risk of puncture. Routine care and cautious handling away from sharp objects are still imperative.

Versatile and Portable SUP Experience

I was skeptical about the claim of the SUP being 20% lighter than its competitors, but lifting it proved the board’s lightweight structure. The portability factor is undeniable – it’s simple to inflate and deflate, and transporting it to and from the water is a breeze, especially with the included backpack. My only critique here is the length of time it takes to inflate manually, which might be a bit grueling for someone looking for a quick start.

Comprehensive Accessory Set

The accompanying accessory set is quite comprehensive; with everything from an adjustable alloy paddle to a waterproof dry bag, the Highpi SUP seemingly puts a check in all the boxes. Nevertheless, while the inclusivity of the kit adds value, I found the paddle to be adequate but not particularly exceptional in terms of its ergonomic design. Additionally, I advise future users to take care when securing items in the provided dry bag – it’s not submersible and best for keeping splashes at bay.

Overall, from my experience, this Highpi SUP makes for a solid purchase for leisure, offering commendable durability and ease of use, though enthusiasts seeking excellence in every detail might spot some areas that could be refined.


Benefits of the Highpi Paddle Board

In the vast sea of paddle boarding options, I recently tried out the Highpi. This board displays impressive maneuverability, thanks especially to its extra width and triple-fin design, which aids both in stability for beginners and in creating a smooth steering experience for the more experienced. I noticed the 6-inch thickness provides a decent amount of rigidity, giving the sensation of a traditional surfboard.

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The material deserves a mention—it’s apparently military-grade, and the sturdiness was noticeable as it resisted dings and scratches during my test runs. However, while the claim of being incredibly durable seems plausible, only time will tell if it can handle prolonged use without losing integrity.

Something else that caught my attention was the anti-slip deck pad. While staying upright was relatively easy due to the board’s design, the pad added to the sense of security and comfort during longer paddling sessions.

As for portability, the board deflates and packs away quite well. The weight—or rather, the lack of it—really stands out. At 18.5 pounds, carrying the board from the car to the shoreline was a breeze. I could pack it down quickly after use, which is a significant plus for those with minimal storage space.

The inclusion of a full accessory kit is a generous touch. The adjustable alloy paddle felt solid and the fact that it’s designed to float is a reassurance if you happen to drop it. Plus, the waterproof dry bag is a practical accessory that secured my belongings nicely, although heavier items did shift the board’s center of gravity a bit.

The board’s all-water compatibility is a lofty claim. I’ve only had the pleasure of using it in calm lake waters thus far, and it’s performed admirably. The real test, however, would be its performance in saltwater and how it holds up against currents and waves.

As a skeptical observer, the 1-year warranty and customer service claim is all well and good on paper, yet one must always question the ease of recourse should issues arise. With a high rating and a substantial number of reviews, the board seems to stand up to scrutiny, yet I’d maintain a cautious optimism on long-term satisfaction.



After getting my hands on the Highpi Inflatable Paddle Board and giving it a thorough test on the water, there are a few positive observations to share. Firstly, the board feels impressively stable underfoot, a must for beginners or those who are less confident. It’s not just the size that aids balance, but the triple bottom balance SUP fins also contribute to its commendable steadiness and maneuverability.

The material’s durability is something you notice immediately, giving you the confidence of a premium feel without the fear of damage after rigorous use. Moreover, its military-grade construction underpins a rigidity that rivals hard boards once inflated, dismissing any concerns of it being a flimsy inflatable.

Another highlight lies in the portability. Easily deflated and stored in the provided backpack, transporting the board is uncomplicated and surprisingly lightweight, an advantage for those with limited storage space or strength. The complete accessory set, including a floating paddle, adjustable for various heights, ensures you’re ready to hit the water without additional purchases.

My time with this paddle board has been largely positive, with its performance in different bodies of water, be it serene lakes or saltwater environments, showing versatility. All these factors, paired with the company’s responsive customer service and warranty, position this paddle board as a strong contender in its category.

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After taking the Highpi SUP out several times, I’ve encountered a few drawbacks. Firstly, while the board is stunning and performs well in the water, durability raises some questions. A hole developing along the seam after minimal use is particularly troubling. This makes me question the long-term resilience of the board against regular wear and tear.

The included backpack leaves a lot to be desired; it’s unwieldy and doesn’t do justice to the board’s portability. The carrying experience is awkward, with the pack hanging too low and feeling flimsy – certainly an area that Highpi could improve upon.

The pump’s PSI gauge gave me a brief scare, appearing broken at first glance. Although this turned out to be a false alarm, the initial doubt was unsettling, hinting at potential quality control issues.

Overall, while there’s a lot to love about this stylish SUP, these concerns do cast a shadow on the paddling experience, especially for those of us looking for a truly reliable and durable option.



I recently spent considerable time on the water with the Highpi SUP, and I’ve delved into the feedback from other users as well. While the majority praise its stability and ease of use, concerns about durability surfaced after a hole was found on the seam in one case. The inclusive accessories are a hit, especially the pump that’s efficient though some pointed out the awkward bag design.

Whilst the SUP boasts a solid 4.6-star rating from 1690 ratings, indicating a strong customer satisfaction, I noticed that the PSI gauge caused a bit of confusion with a few users questioning its reliability. Several customers have emphasized how the Highpi makes for a visually appealing board that performs well on the water, and it seems to be a joy to use for both novices and seasoned paddlers alike.

It is striking, however, that even amidst their contentment, some users were critical about the paddle board. These users reported that despite a seamless experience at first, they encountered issues quite soon which raises some questions about the product’s long-term reliability. As an objective observer and user, I appreciate the Highpi’s merits but also realize the importance of keeping a keen eye on potential trouble spots over time.


Final Thoughts

After spending some quality time with Highpi’s Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, I’ve gained a solid understanding of its strengths and weaknesses. While the overall rating is quite high, and many users praise its stability and ease of use, my experience was mixed. The board’s portability is undeniably convenient—it fits in the trunk with room to spare—and inflating it isn’t a hassle, contrary to what you might expect.

However, the durability raises some questions. A few outings should not result in punctures or tears; yet, I’ve come across reports of such damage occurring much too soon. The included accessories work well enough, but I found the carrying bag to be a letdown—awkward and lacking in durability.

In terms of performance on the water, the SUP holds its own, but there’s no overlooking the poor construction of some units. Skeptical as I am, I think potential buyers should weigh the attractive price against the risk of damage. This SUP stands out for occasional leisure use, but for frequent adventurers or long-term expectations, keep looking.

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