FEATH-R-LITE Camouflage 10′ iSUP Review

Ever wondered how those lightweight, easy-to-carry paddle boards fare when you’re on the water? I recently tried the FEATH-R-LITE Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, and it did catch my attention. Weighing a mere 16.7 pounds, it’s touted to be ultra-light, but does it truly deliver a solid stand up paddling experience?

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I tested the FEATH-R-LITE’s durability and was quite satisfied with the military-grade PVC material. It’s said to withstand wear and tear, and, on my outing, it felt robust despite its light frame. The board’s dimensions are standard, yet it supports up to 280 pounds, handling my weight comfortably without any compromise in stability.

FEATH-R-LITE Paddle Board

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On the flip side, while the ergonomic handle design promised an easy inflating experience, I found the reality to be less impressive; it was somewhat of a workout to get to the right pressure—a sensitive barometer did help keep things in check, though. The accessory pack is comprehensive, but I did find myself questioning the long-term reliability of the pump after a few uses.

The design is user-friendly with a multifunctional elastic string to secure belongings, and the supplied waterproof phone bag came in handy. However, I was left wondering about the effectiveness of the customer service which, despite promising solutions, is often a hit or miss based on mixed customer sentiments.


Bottom Line

My time with the FEATH-R-LITE SUP Board was generally positive. Its portability and performance on the water align well with the needs of both beginner and intermediate paddle boarders.

However, keep in mind the potential caveats with durability and customer service before you dive in. If you’re feeling adventurous and ready for some water action, this might just be your next purchase.


Overview of the FEATH-R-LITE Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

After testing the FEATH-R-LITE paddle board, I’m compelled to discuss its promise of portability and versatility. The first thing I noticed was its remarkably light weight; at just 16.7 pounds, it’s manageable for solo adventures. The brand touts the board made of military-grade PVC, which suggests durability – an essential trait for paddleboards. However, the ‘military-grade’ label seemed more of a marketing term as the material, while sturdy, was not revolutionary.

Paddling with it, I found the 10-foot length and 30-inch width to be sufficiently stable, yet the board offered less tracking than some higher-end models, likely due to its narrower width. The inclusion of three fins is a sensible design choice, providing fair maneuverability. An ergonomic handle made carrying the inflated board less awkward, which is a minor but appreciated feature.

The SUP comes with all the necessary accessories – fins, paddle, pump, backpack, leash, and a waterproof phone bag. This inclusiveness is convenient, but the pump’s pressure gauge was finicky, making it tough to tell if I’d reached the optimal PSI, a potential setback for beginners.

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The accessory components appear to be moderately well-made, yet I’m hesitant to vouch for their long-term reliability based on initial impressions alone. As for customer service, the company’s promises of prompt issue resolution would be reassuring if you ever encounter problems.

In summary, the FEATH-R-LITE SUP poses as an accessible option for varied skill levels, promising ease and enjoyment on the water. Its performance is admirable for casual use, though its accessories may not satisfy the most rigorous of paddlers.


Key Features

Ultra-Lightweight Design

I recently had the chance to try out the FEATH-R-LITE Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. One of its standout features is its weight—or the lack thereof. At just 16.7 pounds, maneuvering this SUP from my car to the water was a breeze. This kind of portability is a game-changer, particularly for those of us who aren’t interested in hauling around heavy gear. The board feels light even when fully inflated, making handling it on and off the water surprisingly effortless.

Durability and Materials

Despite its feather-light quality, the SUP didn’t compromise on resilience. The board’s construction utilizes military-grade double-wall PVC—a testament to its durability. This material is typically associated with resistance to wear and tear, and I found that it lived up to that reputation, appearing quite robust even when brushing against the occasional riverbank rock. The blue hue remained vibrant, unscathed by the elements. Although I can’t yet speak for its long service life, the initial impressions leave me optimistic about its longevity.

Ease of Transport

Transporting the FEATH-R-LITE SUP was simpler than other models I’ve tested. Its ergonomic handle design wasn’t just a gimmick; it genuinely added ease to the inflation process and made carrying the fully-inflated board more comfortable. The comprehensive package also includes a multipurpose backpack, significantly reducing the effort needed to get this board to the water. Its dimensions, when deflated and packed, accommodated the rest of my gear without a struggle.

Comprehensive Accessory Set

Now, let’s talk accessories. With this board, you get everything you need to hit the water right away—an adjustable paddle, three fins, a pump with a clearly readable barometer, a waterproof phone bag, and a leash, not to mention the aforementioned backpack. The fins provided stability, and the ample space on the deck allowed me to strap down extra equipment securely. While the paddle was sufficiently adjustable for my height, those on the taller or shorter side might find its range limiting. The pump did its job well, although achieving the recommended 12-15psi took some elbow grease.

I found the waterproof phone bag particularly useful as a safeguard for my smartphone. However, I would caution users to test the bag’s seal before trusting it with electronics on the water. The leash’s quality seemed in line with the rest of the accessories, adequate for everyday use. Overall, this SUP kit provided a full suite of accessories that, while they may not wow seasoned paddlers, certainly meet the needs for a day of adventure on the water.


Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Portability – My experience with this inflatable paddle board could be summed up in one word—convenient. Unlike hard boards, it’s a breeze to transport. The ultra-light design meant I hardly broke a sweat carrying it to and from the water.
  • Inclusion of Accessories – It arrived with pretty much everything necessary to get on the water immediately. From the adjustable paddle to the backpack and even a waterproof phone bag, it’s a relief to not have to make separate purchases.
  • Lightweight Yet Sturdy – At 16.7lbs, this board is a featherweight champion. Despite its lightness, it supported my weight effortlessly. I was also impressed with how stable it felt underfoot; the board had minimal flex even when I ventured into choppier conditions.
  • Customer Service – I appreciated knowing that if anything went amiss, their customer service was there. This peace of mind isn’t often guaranteed with every purchase.
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  • Pump Issues – On the downside, the pump’s PSI meter was finicky. It’s tough to guess the right pressure, and over or under-inflation could make a serious dent in your day.
  • Durability Concerns – The lightweight material, while impressive, didn’t instill much confidence regarding longevity. I worry about how it will hold up to repeated use over time, especially since I love to paddle frequently.
  • Unpredictable Performance in Tough Conditions – The board manages well enough in calm water, but its performance in rough water left me a bit hesitant. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone looking to take on more adventurous pursuits.
  • Impractical for Larger Individuals – Though it claims to support 280 pounds, I have my doubts about its capabilities at full capacity. Larger paddlers might find the board less responsive, which could be a deal-breaker for some.


Customer Insights

Having recently taken the FEATH-R-LITE Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for a spin, I’ve gathered insights from various users to give potential buyers a well-rounded picture. While the board boasts a decent 4.3 out of 5 stars, some nuances must be considered.

Many are quick to applaud its lightness and inclusive set of accessories. It comes with essentials such as a paddle, pump, backpack, and a waterproof phone bag, which I found to be extremely handy. However, one user faced a frustrating session with the included pump’s faulty PSI meter. Without a working meter, it’s nearly a guessing game to get the required inflation, leaving you to rely on guesswork or an alternative measuring device.

Construction-wise, the perception is that it’s sturdy and durable. I agree and observed that it gracefully supports additional weight, like a pet companion. However, let’s not gloss over some users reporting longevity concerns, though such cases were scarce and often promptly handled by the responsive seller.

Overall, most feedback suggests that it’s a worthy purchase for the casual paddler. Yet, I encourage caution and recommend keeping a keen eye on the functionality of the accessories. A quality check upon arrival is a must to avoid disappointment at the water’s edge.


Usage Tips for Optimal Experience

After spending time with the FEATH-R-LITE SUP, I’ve discovered a few practices to maximize the enjoyment and longevity of this inflatable paddle board. Firstly, when inflating, aim for the higher end of the recommended 12-15psi to ensure rigidity; a softer board affects stability and performance. However, do watch the pressure gauge to prevent over-inflation, which can damage the board.

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Upon your aquatic escapades, leverage the three-finned setup for improved tracking — indispensable for those like me who appreciate precision in movement. The board handles well on calm waters, but be mindful; it can struggle in choppier conditions, something seasoned paddle boarders might frown upon.

The ultra-light claim is well-founded as it tips the scales at just under 17lbs, easing transport from land to shoreline. Once in the water, the board bears weight well, yet users closer to the 280-pound weight limit might notice a dip in buoyancy.

Lastly, the multifunctional elastic rope system is handy for securing waterproof bags or small coolers; however, avoid overloading. In terms of storage, ensure the board is dry before packing away to fend off mildew. While the customer service promises responsiveness to concerns, the quality of included accessories, like the hand pump, leaves room for improvement. Always have a backup plan – perhaps a manual check to ascertain correct air pressure if your pump’s gauge decides to take a day off, as I experienced during my initial outing.


After-Sale Support

Recently, while testing the FEATH-R-LITE SUP for its robustness on the water, a minor issue cropped up—a defective PSI meter on the pump. I quickly reached out to the seller using the contact information provided. Responsiveness is critical in after-sale support, and in this case, they were prompt in addressing my concerns.

My interaction with the FEATH-R-LITE’s after-sale team was notably positive. They seemed well-informed and ready to assist with any product-related inquiries. This attentive and swift customer service instilled confidence, which is vital, especially considering the investment made on a recreational item like a paddleboard.

It’s not uncommon to hear concerns about after-sale support when it comes to outdoor sports equipment. With FEATH-R-LITE, any initial skepticism about the purchasing decision is alleviated by their commitment to customer satisfaction post-purchase. However, I am keeping an eye on long-term support and the availability of replacement parts, as these will be the true test of the company’s dedication to their customers.


Final Thoughts

After spending ample days with the FEATH-R-LITE Inflatable SUP, I’ve come to form several critical observations. Straight out of the box, the packaging and quality are commendable. Its lightweight design makes it a pleasure to handle, and the inclusive three-fin setup enhances its stability—a factor I found to be an advantage, especially for beginners or when I had my hyperactive nephew aboard.

The included accessories are sufficient to get you on the water with minimal fuss, which I appreciate. However, I’d be remiss not to mention the pump issue that one reviewer cited; a non-functioning PSI meter can turn the inflation process into guesswork, potentially affecting the board’s performance. I did not experience this, but it strikes a chord regarding possible quality inconsistencies.

Despite the quick and enjoyable entry onto the water, I’m cautious to fully endorse this board without reservation. The brand’s customer service was highlighted positively in reviews, which is reassuring, but I’m wary of potential long-term durability given that one seaworthy session isn’t the ultimate test of resilience.

In essence, if you’re after an affordable, no-major-frills entry into paddleboarding, this piece might just fit the bill—keep your expectations in check, and you may find yourself a nifty water companion.

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