MYBOAT Bass Hunter 11’6 Extra Wide iSUP Review

After taking the MYBOAT Bass Hunter 11’6″ inflatable paddle board out for a test, I’m armed with insights to share with those tossing up whether it’s worth the buy. It’s pitched as a hybrid, touring-style board with apparent superior stability and versatility for different water activities.

I launched the MYBOAT SUP onto a calm lake and was genuinely impressed by how stable it felt underfoot, thanks to its 34” width. The triple-layer, fusion laminated military-grade PVC material held true to its promise of feeling like a hard board. It was simple enough for me to balance and paddle out, which suggests that beginners wouldn’t have much trouble. The storage ability, with dual bungees and numerous D-rings, was more than adequate for my gear, and I could see it being useful for those wanting to fish or bring along extra cargo.

MYBOAT Bass Hunter 11'6" Inflatable Paddle Board

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I did, however, find myself scrutinizing the claim of a 430lb weight limit. While I didn’t approach this limit, I ponder whether fully loading the board would impact its agility or ease of maneuvering. The camera mount is a nice touch, although I’d caution not to expect professional-grade stability for capturing those ‘wonderful moments’. There’s also the question of how well the safety handles might genuinely ensure safety beyond providing physical support.


Bottom Line

If you’re on the fence about the MYBOAT inflatable SUP, it’s one to consider, especially for novices or casual paddlers. Despite some reservations about its full capacity performance, it checks the boxes for stability and ease of use.

However, don’t take it from me alone—weigh the pros and cons for your specific use.


Overview of the MYBOAT Bass Hunter 11’6″×34″×6″ Extra Wide Inflatable Paddle Board

Having recently had the opportunity to take the MYBOAT inflatable paddle board out on the water, I’ve gathered some thoughtful insights to share. This board touts a substantial width which indeed lends to its stability—a boon for novices and those prone to wobbling. It’s also touted for its versatility, allowing for activities like fishing and yoga, which I can confirm given its steady platform and generous deck space.

However, for all its stability, those seeking a nimble, highly responsive board may find it a bit cumbersome. I found the board comfortable to paddle, but it doesn’t slice through the water as efficiently as some sleek touring models. The triple layer PVC does give the board a rigid underfoot feel, reminiscent of a hardboard, yet concerns about longevity linger without extensive, long-term use.

The inclusion of a safety handle and a camera mount featured as thoughtful touches, allowing for a secure grip and the ability to document your adventures, although I’m skeptical of their utility in rougher waters. Additionally, with a considerable weight limit, it caters to a wider audience and promises ample space for gear—which the dual bungees and numerous D-rings proficiently accommodate.

In the package, the accessories like the 5L dry bag and the waterproof phone case are welcomed extras. However, the quality of the included paddle and pump left me somewhat unimpressed; seasoned paddlers will likely seek upgrades. With a competitive stand-up paddleboard market, MYBOAT’s offering does stand out in certain respects but may not surpass others where performance and build quality are paramount.

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Remarkable Stability and Balance

During my time on the water with the MYBOAT inflatable paddle board, what distinctly caught my attention was its ability to provide a steady ride. Measuring at 34 inches in width, this board offers a considerable platform that certainly aids in maintaining balance, which is a boon for paddlers of all skill levels. I found myself appreciating the extra stability, especially when venturing into choppy waters where balance is continuously tested.

The inclusion of three removable fins adds a layer of adaptability to the board, impacting its stability positively. I tested the board with different fin setups and noticed a discernible difference in tracking and stability. The fins kept the board straight on course, which is critical when SUP paddling or surfing.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the board’s stability, while impressive, does come at the expense of speed. The wider profile that bolsters balance also means that the MYBOAT doesn’t slice through water as swiftly as some narrower competitors. For someone looking for a high-intensity workout or racing, this factor might dampen the appeal. However, for casual paddlers, the serene fishers, or SUP yoga enthusiasts, the stability provided by this board will likely be a significant advantage.


Generous Weight Capacity

I recently had the chance to test out the MYBOAT 11’6″ inflatable paddle board, and while there’s a lot to talk about, its weight capacity is a highlight. Constructed from sturdy PVC, it’s no surprise that this board can hold its own against heavier loads. The weight capacity isn’t just a number on a spec sheet; it translates to a feeling of security and stability when I’m out on the water. Whether I’m fishing with gear onboard or sharing the deck with a friend, this board doesn’t falter or sag.

However, a generous weight capacity can be a double-edged sword. More load means less maneuverability, and I could feel the difference when paddling with extra weight. This isn’t unique to MYBOAT, but is a physical reality when it comes to paddling. It’s a trade-off one must consider.

In essence, this SUP board’s capacity to support a substantial amount of weight is commendable, but be aware that with more load, you’ll sacrifice some agility. That’s something any potential buyer should weigh up – pun intended.


Innovative Safety and Convenience Features

Recently, I took the MYBOAT inflatable paddle board out for a spin, and I must say, the safety and convenience features are quite thoughtful, albeit not without their drawbacks. The dual safety handles are a nice touch, especially when the currents get feisty or when I had newbie paddlers trying their hand at balancing. This addition is quite reassuring, and it doubles as a secure point for younger riders or any additional passengers—which are feasible given its generous weight capacity.

The camera mount feature sold me on the idea of capturing my aquatic expeditions, but it’s a double-edged sword—exhilarating when you capture that perfect wave, yet devastating if you’re more focused on filming than actually enjoying the paddleboarding experience.

Storage-wise, the dual bungees and numerous D-rings are the hero of the day, allowing me to easily strap down my gear without fuss. However, I couldn’t help but notice the bungees could use an upgrade in elasticity for those who, like me, prefer to pack a little heavy.

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While the board boasts a wide and stable deck, which is pretty solid for first-timers, the ‘extra stable’ claim is not always true in choppy waters, where it requires a bit more skill to maintain balance. Overall, the MYBOAT does try to strike a balance between safety and convenience, though there’s definitely room for improvement in some areas.


Ample Storage for Adventure Seekers

I’ll be frank: when I first laid eyes on the MYBOAT inflatable paddle board, skepticism washed over me. Would such an ample expanse really translate to practical storage? Surprisingly, it did. Trotting out to the nearest lake with gear in tow, I discovered the dual bungees and 14 D-rings liberally sprinkled across the board’s surface. The design is clever, allowing me to lash down a cooler and a 5L dry bag with no fear of them taking a dive.

However, I have to raise an eyebrow at the notion of packing to the 430lb weight limit. Sure, the board flaunted its girth and seemed to shrug off added weight with ease, but I’d wager that pushing the limits might affect stability and performance. The board held steady with my camping gear aboard, but I’d advise against testing the upper bounds of its promised capacity.

The notion of a paddle board doubling as a fishing vessel piqued my curiosity too. I’d say it’s only partially realized – plenty of room for rods and tackle, but don’t expect the finesse of a dedicated boat. In brief, the MYBOAT stands its ground on storage, but let’s just say I wouldn’t bank on it for an angler’s paradise.


Pros of the MYBOAT Paddle Board

From my experience using this board, I found the MYBOAT’s stability to be a standout feature. Its 34-inch width isn’t just a number; it translates to a tangible sense of balance on the water. Even as someone with only moderate experience, I managed to keep my footing without issue. The SUP also touts a substantial weight capacity, and I can attest that it doesn’t buckle under pressure—handling my gear and me without a hint of strain.

In practical use, the dual bungees and numerous D-rings offered more utility than I initially anticipated. Equipping the board for a leisurely paddle or a more gear-intensive fishing trip was a breeze. The inclusion of safety handles and camera mount are thoughtful, though I viewed these more as nice-to-haves than essentials.

A full kit accompanying the board sweetens the deal, although I’m always wary of ‘complete’ sets as the quality of accessories can vary. Nonetheless, MYBOAT’s paddle and pump prove functional, if not remarkable. Quick to inflate and easy on the eyes, the paddle board served me well during my outings. That said, their after-service promise is something I’ll need to observe over time, as longevity and customer support can make or break such products.


Cons of the MYBOAT Paddle Board

Despite the many features touted by MYBOAT, during my time with the paddle board, a few drawbacks emerged. Initially, I was excited about the stability promised by the extra width, but this feature made the board feel cumbersome when trying to achieve any significant speed. Paddling quickly became a laborious task, especially in comparison to narrower boards I’ve used.

Speaking of setup, while the board is indeed straightforward to inflate, the process can be quite time-consuming and tiring, making me wish for a more efficient hand pump or even an electric one. Additionally, the board’s bulkiness can also pose a challenge for transport and storage if you’re short on space.

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I noticed some reviewers mentioning issues with the board’s durability, specifically that the board didn’t hold air for extended periods. This raised concerns about the long-term dependability of the board, as needing to reinflate frequently during a single outing isn’t ideal.

Furthermore, the included accessories are functional but didn’t strike me as particularly high-quality. The paddle, while robust, lacked a premium feel, and the waterproof bags, a nice touch, seemed to be on the flimsier side, invoking questions about their effectiveness during prolonged use on the water.

Lastly, all these parts contribute to a rather hefty price tag, which one might assume would guarantee flawless performance. However, based on my experience and some of the feedback I’ve seen, the board, despite its strengths, falls short in justifying its cost for the serious paddleboard enthusiast seeking top-tier equipment.


Analyzing Reviews

Having recently taken the MYBOAT paddle board out on various watery adventures, I’ve observed a culmination of buyer experiences that echo my own findings. Many customers praise its stability, often heralding it as a suitable choice for both beginners and seasoned paddleboarders. Its extra width is not just a selling point; it genuinely contributes to a feeling of security as you stand on it, which I can attest to after navigating through choppy waters.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. While most feedback is overwhelmingly positive, I stumbled upon mentions of disappointment, particularly concerning the accessories and the board’s ability to retain air. Durability seems like a major strength of this product, with users taking it through rough terrains, but concerns about deflation, especially from a seemingly new product, raise eyebrows for potential buyers.

The accessories are met with mixed reviews. Some customers appreciate the inclusiveness of the package, while others are less impressed, which suggests that MYBOAT might be skimping on accessory quality. I personally found the paddle and hand pump to be adequate but not exceptional, resonating with some user sentiments that there’s room for improvement.

In sum, while the MYBOAT board stands out in stability and durability, it appears that the brand should take a deeper look at the longevity of their board’s inflation and the quality of accessories provided. It’s a reminder that no product is perfect, and thorough customer feedback is essential for informed purchasing decisions.


Final Thoughts

After spending some quality time with the MYBOAT inflatable paddle board, I’ve gathered enough experience to share a few critical insights. On the plus side, its extra width provides a commendable level of stability, which is particularly beneficial for beginners or those like myself who prefer a more secure feel underfoot. The durability is also impressive; taking it over rocks and through various bodies of water, it’s proven to withstand the elements quite well.

However, all is not smooth sailing—or should I say paddling. While the paddle board touts a variety of attractive features, the functionality of these additions is not without flaws. Some users might find the included accessories underwhelming, especially when these are touted as selling points. My skepticism was particularly piqued by a concern that’s hard to overlook: the board’s air retention. Despite the product’s overall sturdy impression, the fact that it doesn’t hold air overnight is a significant drawback for anyone looking to enjoy a hassle-free paddling experience.

In essence, while the MYBOAT paddle board has merit, I’m compelled to underscore the importance of quality checks and realistic expectations. If solid performance and dependability are top priorities for your paddle boarding ventures, it’s vital to consider the pros and cons I’ve encountered before making this investment.

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