DAMA Fresh Life 11′ iSUP Review

I just wrapped up testing the DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, and I’ve got a thing or two to say about it. At 11 feet long and 33 inches wide, its size promises stability – and in my time with it, it delivered. The board comes across as durable and has a load of accessories that could make any paddleboard enthusiast nod in appreciation.

Sport camera enthusiasts might find the camera mount a smart addition, although, to my eye, it feels a bit like a gimmick. The paddle is buoyant, which is a thoughtful design choice. The accompanying waterproof bags are a nice touch for stowing away snacks or a phone. Despite the inclusion of so many accessories, I keep wondering if they justify the board’s price point.

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DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Check its price

The inflation process is straightforward, although I question the “5 minutes” claim. It’s more realistic to prepare for a 10 to 15-minute setup. The extra D-rings are handy – they offer additional utility for those who might want to tether their board or secure extra gear. However, I have doubts about the long-term resilience of these fittings under constant use.


Bottom Line

The DAMA board is a solid package for someone looking to start paddle boarding with all the gear delivered in one go. Yet, I suggest weighing your options if cost versus utility is a significant factor for you. It’s a quality board, but scrutinize if you need all the extras.


Overview of the DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

After recently taking the DAMA inflatable SUP out for a spin, I’m keen to share my thoughts. Firstly, the board offers an impressive level of stability and durability that speaks volumes of its construction—military-grade PVC material is no joke in terms of sturdiness. However, this rigidity doesn’t compromise the weight; at 22 pounds, it’s manageable to transport.

As for the amenities, the sport camera mount is a thoughtful touch. I found this feature quite useful to capture the moments on the water without fumbling with my phone. That said, the steel D-rings, although functional for towing or securing the board, seemed like overkill for a casual paddler like me.

The full array of accessories, including a floating paddle—a godsend for those like me who tend to drop things— and waterproof bags, amplifies the paddle board’s utility without a doubt. The hand pump is pretty standard, albeit getting up to the right psi can be a workout in itself.

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While they tout the board for yoga and even fishing, be warned, it requires a masterful balance to switch between such activities seamlessly. And for the skeptics, the 1-year warranty might put to rest some of the durability qualms. As for the claim of fitting three people, sure, if they’re pint-sized and have the coordination of circus performers.

Although I’ve only had a handful of outings with this board, it’s quite clear that while the DAMA inflatable SUP aims to please with its extras and solid build, some features might feel like a novelty unless you’re making the most of every gizmo and gadget. For those considering this as their water companion, weigh your needs against the frills because the board itself—sans embellishments—is a fine piece of equipment for the price.


Key Features

Having recently taken the DAMA Inflatable Paddle Board out for a spin, I’ve found that its key features stand out in both positive and negative lights. Below, I’ve unpacked my real-world experience with these aspects.

Blog Helper Sport Camera Mount

I found the sport camera mount to be a genuinely neat addition. However, while recording hands-free is convenient, the placement could be improved. If you’re planning to capture your water escapades, make sure to secure your camera properly to avoid damage during the more intense activities.

Extra Steel D Rings for Convenience

The addition of extra steel D rings is quite resourceful. They made carrying the board easier and attaching it to my friend’s board was a breeze, which was particularly handy when we wanted to stay close during a gentle drift. Though they add to the board’s utility, they can feel a bit cumbersome if you’re looking for a more streamlined paddle board.

Military PVC & Floating Paddle

I’m impressed by the board’s durable construction – it feels robust due to the Military Ultra Light PVC material. It gives the impression of longevity and resilience. The floating paddle, which is lighter than I expected, is a nice touch, ensuring it won’t be lost to the depths if accidentally dropped. However, optimizing the grip on the paddle could enhance comfort during longer outings.

Comprehensive Accessory Bundle

The accessory bundle that comes with the board admittedly adds substantial value. Everything from the waterproof bags to the adjustable paddle is there to get you started. I was pleased with the convenience all these accessories provided, though the pump could be engineered for more efficient inflation. The transparent cell phone bag, while a thoughtful inclusion, was a bit tricky to use without risking water damage to my phone.

In the end, while the DAMA inflatable paddle board shows promise and provides an expansive set of utilities, there are details that can be fine-tuned for a more seamless experience.


Pros of the DAMA Paddle Board

Having spent a fair amount of time on the water, I’ve become quite discerning about the paddle boards I use. The DAMA is far from disappointing. Its stability is remarkable, which is paramount when you’re aiming for a worry-free paddle session. There’s a sense of security even when I bring along extra gear or a furry friend.

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The board’s construction merits praise too; it’s made of military-grade PVC that withstands regular use without showing signs of wear. That toughness doesn’t compromise the weight either—it’s quite manageable.

Convenience is clearly thought through with this board. The inflation and deflation process is swift and straightforward, saving valuable time and energy. Adding practicality are the additional D rings and camera mount, features that are handy for those looking to document their aquatic exploits without fumbling with equipment.

The floating paddle that accompanies the board is a thoughtful inclusion. Losing a paddle to the depths can put a serious damper on the day, but that’s not a concern here.

Lastly, accessories like the waterproof bags and the sizable backpack add immense value, ensuring essentials stay dry and transportation of the board is hassle-free. While these are significant positives, keep in mind that even the most well-crafted boards have their limitations in different water conditions.


Cons of the DAMA Paddle Board

Having spent quite a bit of time with the DAMA paddle board on several outings, there are a few drawbacks that should be taken into account. Firstly, while the board comes with a plethora of accessories, the initial setup can be somewhat tedious. Inflating the board to the recommended 15 psi isn’t a quick task, even with the included hand pump, and it took me close to 20 minutes. Connecting the electric pump to the air valve also requires some practice, which can be a little frustrating initially.

Even though the board boasts stability, I’ve noticed it takes some getting used to. I’d advise beginners to be prepared for a learning curve when it comes to balance, which can be particularly tricky when carrying additional passengers or cargo.

While the added camera mount is a neat touch for recording adventures, it feels like a bit of a novelty that not every paddler will use, and for me, didn’t add much to the overall experience. Finally, despite the claim of durability, I remain cautious about the board standing the test of time and heavy use. I’ve observed some wear which makes me question its long-term resilience.


Rigorous Analysis of Customer Reviews

After having the DAMA Paddle Board out on the water multiple times, I’ve matched my experiences against the sea of customer opinions available. Overall, the board garners a solid 4.5-star average from an impressive 1464 raters, which tells you it’s more than just a flash in the pan.

Scanning through the feedback, several users express satisfaction with the board’s exceptional stability and added accessories like waterproof bags and a repair kit. For someone partial to paddling with peace of mind, these bonuses are more than just niceties—they’re essentials.

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However, not all users share an unblemished sense of glee. A few point out the necessity of mastering the technique to effectively connect the air valve when inflating the paddle board, something I found to be a minor hurdle initially, but easy with a bit of practice.

Some reviewers are yet to test their boards on the water, reserving a slice of skepticism until they do—a stance I found prudent when I was first looking to make a purchase. As for design appeal, the paddleboard is complimented on its aesthetics, which is no surprise, as its sleek look stood out to me from day one.

The consensus suggests that the DAMA Paddle Board is a commendable buy, especially considering value for money, although the testing of time and elements is the ultimate determiner of its worthiness.


Usage Tips for Optimal Experience

After recently taking the DAMA paddle board out for a spin, I noticed a few things that can make or break the experience. First and foremost, inflating it to the correct pressure is crucial. It says 10 minutes, but take your time to get to that 15 psi mark for optimal firmness and stability; rushing could leave you with a subpar experience.

The added D-rings are handy for tethering boards together or securing gear, but they’re not just for decoration. Make sure to utilize these for a worry-free journey on the water.

As for the camera mount, it’s a unique feature but attaching your camera securely is key to avoid it ending up at the bottom of the lake. Double-check that bracket!

The floating paddle is great—no panic when it slips away—but remember, it’s only helpful if you adjust it to the right height for your paddling stance. Too short or too long, and you’ll be inefficient and tire easily.

Finally, the extra gear is a nice touch, and the waterproof bags do add value. However, make sure that they are sealed properly before hitting the waves; there’s nothing worse than soggy sandwiches or a dead phone.

In my experience, these small details have a big impact on your enjoyment and the lifespan of the board. So, pay attention to them.


Final Thoughts

After putting the DAMA Inflatable SUP to the test, I’ve come to appreciate its offerings – with a grain of salt. This board impresses with its stability and comprehensive accessory kit. You won’t be left wanting for add-ons considering it includes a camera seat, dry bags, and more. Inflation is straightforward, though reaching the recommended PSI demands some effort.

Yet, it’s not without hiccups. First-timers handling high-pressure pumps should be ready for a learning curve. As for the build, while it claims to cater to three people, evaluate your needs realistically; overloading might impact performance.

Overall, this SUP holds value for its price point and makes a solid choice, particularly for those starting out. However, I recommend approaching with a moderate level of expectations and considering how much use you’ll wring from the extras.

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