Airgymfactory 10′ iSUP Review

Recently, I took to the water with the Airgymfactory Inflatable SUP, which caters to a range of abilities, whether it’s surfing, yoga, or fishing that piques your interest. Its vibrant pink color isn’t just for show; it’s a solid choice for enthusiasts looking for both style and substance.

The SUP’s non-slip deck proves essential for maintaining stability while I paddle – a feature that helps novices and experienced users alike. With the full kit including a paddle, leash, hand pump, and even a backpack, there’s a commendable effort to ensure you have everything you need to get started.

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Pink Airgymfactory Inflatable SUP

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However, I can’t overlook some aspects that could be improved. While the board provides a good balance of rigidity and buoyancy, pumping it up is a workout in itself. More so, if you’re paddling against the current, you might desire a more rigid board.


Bottom Line

If you are planning to purchase an inflatable stand-up paddleboard that’s versatile and visually appealing, the Airgymfactory Inflatable SUP is a choice worthy of consideration.

From my experience, the included accessories are practical for starters, and the overall package seems to offer good value.


Airgymfactory Inflatable SUP Overview

Having had the chance to get out on the water with the inflatable SUP by Airgymfactory, I found its stability impressive considering its light build. At 10’6″ long and 32″ wide, the board felt steady underfoot – a confidence booster for any skill level. While not the fastest on the water, the triple fin design did help with better control and maneuverability.

The SUP boasts versatility. It’s equipped with D-rings that hint at kayak conversion potential, something I see as a plus for users wanting more from their investment. The non-slip deck is a thoughtful feature; after all, a slip can mean the difference between a fun day and an injury.

The complete set of accessories – including a paddle, leash, pump, and carry bag – added convenience to the experience. I didn’t have to scramble to find extras, which is a bonus for newbies or those looking to have everything ready to go.

However, I must note while the pump is efficient, getting to the higher pressure levels was a workout in itself. Paddling enthusiasts looking for a heavy-duty, performance-oriented board might find the Airgymfactory SUP falls short. It’s a mid-range board catering to casual or novice users, and for that audience, it ticks most of the boxes for a decent day out on the water.


Key Features

As someone who appreciates the balance between functionality and design in watersports equipment, I had the opportunity to put the Airgymfactory Inflatable SUP to test. Here, I’ll walk through the features that make this board stand out, and a few areas where I believe there’s room for improvement.

Multifunctional Design

The SUP’s versatility catches your attention straight away. I found the 10’6″ length and 32″ wide deck ideal for various activities, providing solid stability and safety, supporting up to 400 lbs comfortably. The presence of 4 D-rings is a thoughtful addition for those who might want to attach a kayak seat, transforming the SUP into a sit-down kayak. This dual functionality is particularly useful for those looking to transition between paddling styles.

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Lightweight and Durable Construction

One of the SUP’s biggest selling points is its weight—or lack thereof. At about half the weight of a traditional hardboard, and being fabricated from fusion material and drop stitch glass fiber, it’s easy to handle. Managing to take it out on the water without assistance was a breeze. Despite its lightweight nature, it didn’t compromise on rigidity or strength, even under increased pressure, a feature I tested vigorously through a series of rigorous paddles.

Complete Accessories Set

The included accessories — a paddle, ankle cuff safety leash, pump, and carrying bag — added significant value. It was nice to see that I didn’t have to make additional purchases to get started. However, I found that filling the SUP to the required pressure with the hand pump involved a bit of a workout, which might be challenging for some users. The carrying bag is of professional quality, but I believe an area of improvement could be a more ergonomic design for the straps.

Non-Slip Soft Top Deck

The top deck has a non-slip, brushed thickening surface which adds to the confidence while using the board. Whether I was performing Yoga, fishing, or simply paddling, the grip was consistent and reliable. Less experienced paddlers will particularly appreciate this feature as it reduces the slip risk, making falls and injuries less likely.

Superior Maneuverability

Finally, the triple bottom panel fins are engineered to optimize control and ease of steering, which I found to be true even in choppy conditions. The board’s responsiveness to direction changes was impressive for an inflatable model. This superior maneuverability was equally effective for both tight turns and long, straight tracking, demonstrating its well-rounded performance in diverse conditions.

In summary, the Airgymfactory Inflatable SUP offers a solid experience for users of all skill levels, with a focus on versatility and convenience. While it excels in many areas such as lightweight design and ease of control, there are minor improvements to be made, specifically in the ergonomics of the carry bag and ease of inflation. Overall, this SUP holds its own against the competition and is worth considering for both newcomers and seasoned paddlers.


Pros and Cons


After taking the Airgymfactory Inflatable SUP out for a spin, I can vouch for its stability and suitability for various skill levels. The generous dimensions offer a sturdy and balanced experience, terrific for newcomers or even experienced paddlers looking to enjoy a relaxed outing. Its load capacity is impressive, accommodating up to 400 lbs without any issues, lending both confidence and safety to the user.

The flexibility of this board is evident. With 4 D-rings, it transitions from SUP to a sit-on kayak, giving a range of options for water adventures. Not to mention, the 30” deck width does wonders for balance, especially noticeable when I was attempting yoga poses on the board.

Packing this SUP for transport was quite easy thanks to its lightweight design. The dual-layer fusion material indeed seems durable, and though I am always careful, I think it would fare well against abrasions or accidental drops.

The extra accessories – a user-friendly pump, a leash, and a comfortable backpack – ensure that from unboxing to water, you’re well-equipped without needing to hunt down essentials. The non-slip deck also lent peace of mind; even when my feet were wet, I felt securely planted with minimal slippage.

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While the Airgymfactory SUP claims superior maneuverability, I found the triple fin setup adequate but not exceptionally responsive. Beginners may not notice, but anyone with SUP experience might crave a bit more agility, especially in choppier conditions.

Although the provided hand pump is straightforward to operate, those last few PSIs can be a workout in themselves to achieve. It’s a minor gripe, but an electric pump would be a smart investment for frequent users.

Lastly, there’s a slight learning curve when packing everything back into the backpack. While the bag fits all the accessories, it requires a particular technique to get it all snugly put away. First-time packers may find this frustrating.

In sum, the Airgymfactory SUP shows promise as a versatile, beginner-friendly board that doesn’t cut corners on quality. However, seasoned paddlers might find some limitations in performance and convenience, which may give them pause.


Product Specifications

Having recently taken the Airgymfactory Inflatable SUP out on the water, I’ve formed a quite clear picture of its capabilities. At 126 inches long and 32 inches wide, it’s a sizable board that provides ample stability for various activities like SUP paddling, surfing, and even yoga. It’s designed for paddlers of all skill levels, which I found to be true during my usage; the non-slip deck added an element of safety that was much appreciated.

It comes in a vibrant pink color that stands out on the water, but I noticed that the material—while sturdy—could be prone to scratches, affecting its aesthetic appeal over time. The package itself is relatively heavy, with the weight just under 13.5 kilograms, so be prepared for a bit of a workout transporting it to your launch spot.

The complete set includes not just the board but also a paddle, leash, hand pump, and backpack. Each accessory is functional and decent in quality. I did find myself wishing the pump was more efficient, as it took a considerable amount of time and effort to fully inflate the board.

The product’s best sellers rank and customer ratings suggest that it’s not among the top contenders in the market, but it’s not to be dismissed outright. It’s a mid-range board reflected in both its build and performance. It may not have the advanced features sought by seasoned enthusiasts, but for casual users and beginners, it fulfills its purpose adequately.



In my hands-on experience with the Airgymfactory Inflatable SUP, I noticed it striking a commendable balance between affordability and functionality. At first glance, I joined many customers feeling a twinge of skepticism due to its competitive pricing. However, this paddleboard has garnered an impressive consensus, evident in the average 4.7-star rating across 89 reviews.

Fellow paddlers commend its lightweight design, which facilitates easy transportation to aquatic adventures. Not just a breeze to carry, it inflates without much fuss, despite the final pounds of air requiring a bit more elbow grease. Notably, the SUP’s quality doesn’t disappoint; its durable materials ensure a sturdy paddle amidst gentle waves and stronger currents alike.

I’m not alone in appreciating the responsive customer service, which, according to users, shines through when resolving any issues—a critical factor in the purchasing process. The all-inclusive kit is a hit among users, eliminating the headache of additional purchases.

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A few points of critique murmured among the positive feedback pertain to the hand pump; while initially efficient, it presents a challenge nearing full inflation. Lastly, experienced paddlers might find the SUP’s performance adequate but not exceptional when compared to higher-end models. Overall, the value proposition shines, but it’s clear that this board caters more comfortably to casual or beginner paddlers rather than the pros.


Safety and Stability

In my time on the water, the sense of security a SUP provides is crucial, particularly when you’re navigating choppier waters or attempting a bit more challenging yoga poses. With the Airgymfactory Inflatable SUP, I was particularly impressed by its wide and sturdy design. Stability isn’t an issue thanks to the 32″ width of the board, and I’ve found myself standing confidently, without that wobbly uncertainty that comes with narrower models.

However, as someone with an eye for safety, I believe the non-slip soft top is a game-changer. It gave me the extra grip needed, reducing slips and falls. But I did notice that if the board isn’t inflated to the recommended PSI, which can be a bit of a workout with the hand pump, stability can slightly diminish.

I appreciated the design incorporates features like D-rings and a triple bottom panel fins system that do more than add to the aesthetic but genuinely enhance the board’s maneuverability. This enhancement didn’t just boost my confidence while paddling; it made handling and changing directions less of a struggle—a win for beginners and experienced paddlers alike.

One minor issue is that reaching the last few pounds of pressure with the hand pump is challenging. It’s a small compromise for the added durability and buoyancy, but something to be mindful of. Overall, the board’s ability to support up to 400 lbs speaks volumes about its stability, making it a solid choice for various activities from fishing to yoga or just cruising around.


Final Thoughts

After spending considerable time with the Airgymfactory Inflatable SUP, I’ve formed a well-rounded view of its performance and value. The lightweight design is a clear advantage, making transport to and from the water a breeze. In terms of construction, the triple-layer material does lend a sense of durability that’s reassuring when venturing into various water conditions.

In use, the SUP feels stable, suiting a range of activities from yoga to leisurely paddling. However, expect a bit of a workout when inflating the board; the last few pumps require some effort, but the high-quality hand pump included does help alleviate this somewhat.

On the downside, if you’re looking for elite performance, this might not be the top contender—there are trade-offs with any product in this price range. That said, the overall package from Airgymfactory, considering the full suite of accessories and the board’s aesthetics, presents good value, especially for beginners or casual enthusiasts.

As a reviewer, I appreciate the brand’s attentiveness to customer service as reflected in follow-ups on customer concerns. What’s important to note is the impressive rating, which corroborates the experiences expressed by many users, myself included.

This SUP checks many boxes for those entering the paddleboarding world, yet it doesn’t quite push the limit for advanced users seeking peak performance. I can confirm that it performs as advertised and aligns with the majority of customer feedback, but ultimately, whether it’s the right choice for you will depend on your individual needs and expectations.

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