Bornway 10’6 Green Basic iSUP Review

Recently, I had the chance to paddle out with the Bornway 10’6 Green Basic Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, and it truly caught my attention with both its quality and the few concerns I had, making it a mixed bag of sorts. At first glance, you can tell that the board is designed to endure various water conditions, whether you’re gliding on a calm lake or trying to maintain balance on ocean waves. The military-grade material it’s fashioned from is not just for show; it does help prevent air leaks, a common issue with inflatable boards.

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Bornway 10'6 Green Basic Inflatable Paddle Board

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The no-slip deck of this paddleboard is a standout feature, offering a confidence boost when you’re standing up and paddling through. However, what I found quite disconcerting was the carry bag’s durability — a critical part of the kit for transportation. A few users have reported that the straps gave away after just one use, which raises questions about the quality of the accessories included. Size-wise, the board is a generous 10’6” long and 32″ wide, which should accommodate various skill levels comfortably. The 330 lbs capacity also ensures that most users won’t have to worry about weight limits.

Performance in the water is commendable, with the board feeling stable and maneuverable. The triple-fin system helps with that, improving speed and handling, although I have to point out that there was some feedback about the adjustable paddle. A few tweaks may be required to prevent it from slipping, but nothing that can’t be managed with a little DIY adjustment.


Bottom Line

My experience proves that the Bornway paddleboard can be a delight on the water, with its stability and build quality shining through. However, be prepared for potential hiccups with the included accessories.

For an all-around appealing piece of water sports equipment, this board might fit the bill, with the caveat of keeping an eye on the add-ons’ durability.

Curious to see if this paddleboard meets your standards on the water?


The Brand – Bornway

Having recently taken the Bornway paddleboard out for a spin, I’ve gleaned some insights into the brand and its product. While the military grade material touted by Bornway lends a sense of durability, it’s paramount to note that premium materials don’t always equate to flawless performance. On the waters, the board felt resilient, but I’m always cautious about brands that promise military-grade anything; more often than not, it’s a term thrown around a bit too liberally.

Inflation was indeed quicker than expected with the double action hand pump. Still, keep in mind that “fast” is relative and the ease of packing is a small consolation if the pump ever fails. On functionality, the adjustable paddle, which floats, highlights an understanding of practicality, as losing a paddle to the depths is a common issue. However, the claim of easy adjustment must be critically assessed; I found that I had to tinker with it to prevent slippage.

As for stability, the advertised anti-slip top deck made a noticeable difference. I felt secure standing on it, a boon for both novices and more experienced paddlers. Balance is crucial, and Bornway seems to have that box ticked. However, 330 lbs of capacity might be an overestimate, as with most products — always take maximum capacity claims with a grain of salt.

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Bornway includes a one-year warranty with their complete kit, and while that instills some buyer confidence, only time will tell if their customer service measures up. It’s also worth mentioning that despite the aesthetic appeal and supposed functionality, a few buyers had issues with accessories like the carrying case and retention of the paddle’s length.

This paddle board from Bornway offers a swath of features that seem impressive on paper and mostly hold up in practice — but remember, no product is without potential flaws, and as sleek as the board looks, actual performance trumps aesthetic.


The Bornway 10’6 Green Basic Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Overview

After trying out the Bornway Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, which touts a robust military-grade material build, I found it impressively resistant to leaks, a common problem in lesser quality boards. Exploring various water bodies from calm lakes to moderately choppy seas was seamless with this board. The promise of multifunctionality from fishing to yoga held up in testing, showing versatility. However, while the brand claims ease of inflation with the double action pump, I observed that the process is still a bit demanding physically and can be time-consuming without an electric pump.

The adjustable paddle felt sturdy and is a boon, especially for users of varying heights, although I had to tweak the paddle clamp for a secure lock during use—a minor inconvenience but notable. The triple fin design is intelligent, offering a balance between stability and maneuverability, yet the removable main fin did raise concerns about its long-term durability and the risk of misplacement.

Stability is one area where the product shines, thanks to its dimensions and non-slip top. However, it’s inaccurate to state that balancing is a ‘breeze’ for all skill levels—novices in particular will face a learning curve. As for the accessories, they’re comprehensive, but the quality of the carrying case detracts from the overall value due to durability issues underscored in several reviews. The inclusion of a waterproof bag is a thoughtful touch, yet it doesn’t entirely offset the shortcomings found in other components of the kit.


Key Features

After taking the Bornway Inflatable Paddle Board out for a spin, I’ve honed in on several key features that stand out in both their design and practicality.

Imported Military Grade Material

The board’s build is quite robust, constructed from military-grade material, suggesting it could likely withstand a good deal of wear and tear. From paddling across serene lakes to navigating choppy rivers, the material feels durable enough to handle a range of conditions without a hint of air leakage. However, while doing so ensures longevity, it doesn’t necessarily make it immune to damage.

Double Action Pump for Fast Inflation

Efficiency meets convenience with the included double action pump. This semi-automatic design promises to cut down on the sweat and time typically spent in inflating paddleboards. I found this to be true, as it indeed sped up the setup process. That said, it still requires a fair amount of effort, and if you’re not used to manual pumps, there might be a bit of a learning curve.

Detachable Fin and Adjustable Paddle

Versatility is a significant factor with the Bornway. It features a detachable fin alongside a pair of fixed ones. These prove instrumental in enhancing the board’s tracking in the water. The aluminum alloy paddle’s length adjustment capability, covering a range from 5.3 to 7 feet, allows for personal customization according to height and paddling style. However, the connection points on the paddle could feel more secure, as I noticed a slight wobble during vigorous paddling.

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Anti-Slip Top Deck and Impressive Size

At 10’6” long and 32” wide, the board provides a generous and stable platform for all skill levels. Its anti-slip deck adds a layer of security, particularly for beginners or when trying SUP yoga. Nonetheless, the stability, while ample, doesn’t necessarily equate to maneuverability, and I noticed it was slightly more challenging to turn quickly compared to some other models.

The Bornway Inflatable Paddle Board boasts a thoughtful design that takes into account the varying demands of paddle boarding enthusiasts, yet it’s not without its minor flaws. It remains important to weigh these features against your specific needs to determine if this board is the right choice for you.


Pros and Cons


After several uses, I can confidently say the Bornway Paddle Board boasts some commendable features. Its imported military-grade material gives a sense of durability and resilience against different water conditions, be it the calmness of a lake or the unpredictability of ocean waves. The anti-slip top deck promoted a higher level of confidence and stability while I was standing, which is crucial for both new and experienced users.

The speed of inflation with the double action pump took the hassle away from the set-up process, getting me on the water remarkably quickly. I also found the adjustable paddle to be highly practical—it adjusted seamlessly to my height and made storage easier. The board’s 330 lbs capacity accommodates a wide range of users, making it a versatile choice for different body types.


The Bornway Paddle Board isn’t without its flaws. Although advertised with durable materials, I noticed the backpack quality was subpar. One of the shoulder straps gave out after the first excursion, which raised concerns regarding the longevity of the included accessories. Furthermore, the paddle adjustment mechanism displayed weaknesses—more than once, I stopped to tighten it, which interrupted the flow of my adventures.

Other users have reported mold issues with the backpack, which is disheartening, considering the investment. I had no such encounter, but it does speak to potential quality control problems. Lastly, despite the quick inflation, I found that using the manual pump provided could be demanding for someone not used to physical exertion, potentially requiring investment in an electric pump for convenience.

Overall then, while the Bornway Paddle Board offers generous features and functionality for water enthusiasts, I am wary of accessory durability and potential quality control oversights that could hinder an otherwise pleasant paddleboarding experience.


Analyzing Reviews

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time sifting through the customer feedback on the Bornway paddleboard and it’s clear that it appeals to many for its features and accessories. With a 4.6-star rating from 238 reviews, it seems to have made a splash. I noticed that several users are thrilled with the action camera mount, acknowledging this as a standout feature not commonly found on other boards.

That said, the applause isn’t without its share of boos. One customer’s enthusiasm deflated like a punctured raft upon experiencing the second-rate durability of the carrying case’s straps. The inconvenience of a faulty paddle clamp was also mentioned, although a quick fix saved the day for one paddler.

The chorus of positivity sings praises for its stability and ease of inflation, especially highlighting that for a beginner it was a dream to use. Users have taken this board through the paces in rivers and lakes with no grumbles regarding its performance. However, a jarring note comes from a buyer who received a moldy backpack, disturbing the otherwise harmonious feedback.

In essence, while the Bornway offers a great ride buoyed by practical accessories, it shows signs of compromise in the quality of some supplemental items. My own analysis treads water between recognizing the board’s merits and reinforcing the fact that quality control inconsistencies can mar an otherwise enjoyable experience.

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Camera Mount & Additional Perks

After spending some time with the Bornway paddleboard, one aspect I find puzzling is the absence of a dedicated camera mount. In an era where capturing every moment of adventure is all the rage, this omission is quite noticeable. Most enthusiasts I’ve encountered like to record their escapades, and a mount would have been a valuable addition.

On a brighter note, the board doesn’t skimp on extras. The supplied backpack is robust and makes transporting the deflated board a breeze. Additionally, I appreciate the inclusion of a waterproof bag for valuables and the repair kit— these are thoughtful touches for unpredictable situations. Also, the adjustable paddle adapts well to different users, though I found its buoyancy to be a double-edged sword; it’s great if you drop it, but it feels a bit less substantial than I’d prefer for powerful strokes.

The overall package feels comprehensive, but if you’re an avid videographer hoping to document your water experiences, you’ll need to improvise a solution for your camera. Despite the robust construction and complete kit, Bornway could have elevated the user experience by integrating a mount, yet it’s an oversight that can be worked around with a bit of resourcefulness.


Inflation and Portability

When I took the Bornway paddleboard out for a spin, I was initially concerned about the setup process. Despite my reservations, it turned out to be a non-issue. The included double action pump did require a bit of elbow grease, but I managed to inflate the board to the recommended PSI without much hassle. The EVA material felt sturdy as I pumped, giving me confidence that it wouldn’t buckle under pressure.

As for carrying it around, the board is reassuringly lightweight at 19.8 pounds, which meant transporting it to my local lake was a breeze. The beauty of an inflatable board like this one is that it compacts down well and fits snugly into the provided backpack. However, while the backpack holds everything, it does feel bulky, and the straps aren’t the most comfortable for longer treks.

One downside was that while deflation is generally straightforward, it takes some patience to accomplish fully. I had to ensure that all air was out to get it back into the backpack. Overall, while Bornway’s board offers excellent portability, its inflation and deflation processes might test your patience if you’re in a hurry.


Final Thoughts

After spending some quality time on the water with the Bornway Inflatable Paddle Board, I’ve gathered a fair share of experiences to share. On the bright side, the board’s non-slip deck ensured a stable ride, which was a relief, especially for someone who doesn’t fancy an unplanned dip. I particularly appreciated the added feature of the action camera mount – it’s not something you see on many boards, and it came in handy for capturing those serene water moments.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. The quality of the carrying case left much to be desired–one of the shoulder straps gave way on my very first excursion. While the initial inflation with the included pump was quick, the paddle adjustment was a bother until I got the hang of tightening the clamp myself. It’s these small inconveniences that make you question the durability of the accessories.

On a more positive note, I was content with the variety and usefulness of the supplied accessories, especially the waterproof bag and repair kit. Maneuvering the board was comfortable and easy, both on rivers and lakes, which speaks volumes about its design for beginners and casual paddlers like myself.

In the end, while the Bornway board shines in functionality and extra features, it’s the finer details, pertaining to durability and accessory quality, that warrant a raised eyebrow and a cautious recommendation.

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