Aquaplanet Max 10’6 iSUP Review

As someone who enjoys the calm that comes with stand-up paddleboarding, I had to jump at the chance to test the Aquaplanet Max 10’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. Coming from a brand that’s well-regarded in the paddleboarding community, I was curious to see if it lived up to its reputation.

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First impressions: the Max feels robust — surrounded by dense laminated drop stitch material and reinforced side rails, it gives you confidence in its durability. Setting it up was relatively straightforward, with all accessories included in the kit: an adjustable paddle, a leash, and even a repair kit, which, thankfully, I haven’t needed yet. On the water, the SUP felt sturdy, remained stable even when I tried some yoga poses, and had enough space for my dog to hop on. However, I noticed the grip pad starting to peel at the corners after a few uses, which was a bit disappointing given the board’s otherwise solid construction.

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Despite the sturdy feel and smooth experience on less challenging waters, I’ve got to be critical about the backpack. The bag tore just after a couple of outings, which raises some questions about the longevity of the included accessories. Moreover, while the board itself is excellent, I strongly suggest investing in an electric pump. Trust me; your arms will thank you later, as manually inflating the board can be quite the task.


Bottom Line

The Aquaplanet Max SUP Kit shines in terms of on-water stability and build quality but slightly falters with some of the accessories. If you’re looking for a reliable and enjoyable paddleboarding experience, this could still be a strong contender — just be prepared to potentially replace the carrying bag or invest in an alternative inflation method.

A smooth lake surface and a SUP underfoot could be the peace you’re after.


AQUAPLANET Max 10’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Kit Overview

In my time with the the board, I appreciated its versatility; it’s evident that both newcomers and seasoned paddlers would find solace in its stability. Although it proved itself on rougher waters and even turned into a yoga platform, there were a few disappointments. I noticed the grip pad beginning to peel at the corners after minimal use, which raised questions about the long-term durability of some components.

The included kit is comprehensive with essentials like an adjustable paddle and a dual-action pump for inflation. However, my personal recommendation would be to invest in an electric pump. Inflating the SUP solely with the provided pump can be a taxing endeavor one would rather skip.

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The material feels robust, attributed to the high-density PVC construction, and it carries the promise of being hard-wearing. Yet, the backpack tore disappointingly after just a couple of outings, leaving a bitter taste about the durability of the accessories.

Function-wise, the SUP delivers a commendable experience. It supports a reasonable amount of weight, enabling me to share the float with a pet or a friend occasionally, which does add to the fun.

Overall, while the board itself offers an enjoyable ride, potential buyers should be prepared for accessory wear and some manual labor unless they opt for an alternative inflation method.


Key Features

Having spent some time with the AQUAPLANET Max iSUP, it’s clear that certain features stand out, for better or worse. I’ll run through these, giving an honest take on what they mean for potential paddlers.

Stability for Beginners to Intermediates

From a stability standpoint, the board didn’t disappoint. On several outings, I found it sufficiently buoyant and balanced, whether I was leisurely paddling or attempting some yoga positions. The stability is such that I felt confident enough to bring my dog along without risking a dunk for either of us. This is especially noteworthy for beginners or intermediates who need that extra assurance when they’re getting their bearings.

Premium Construction and Durability

The construction of this iSUP speaks to a significant investment in durability. Its high-density laminated drop-stitch material held strong through my tests, which included more than a few scrapes against rough patches. The double-layered side rails contribute to a reassuring firmness once inflated to the recommended PSI, though it takes some effort to get it there. Longevity seems to be a clear focus with this product.

Complete Accessory Kit

One thing that stands out with the Max iSUP is the accessory kit that comes with it. An adjustable paddle, safety leash, removable fin, and a few other essentials are included. The waterproof dry bag and carry strap are thoughtful extras that add real value. The backpack felt sturdy enough during transport, though I’d stop short of calling it outstanding. The essentials are there, but I could’ve used some improved comfort on the straps after longer treks.

Specification and Performance

I noticed the specifications tout a decent carrying capacity, which my experience backs up. The board handles its claimed maximum weight without becoming submerged or unwieldy. In terms of performance, it’s not the fastest board on the water, but it’s responsive and smooth to maneuver, which I appreciated during a venture into choppier waves. As for the inflation process, reaching the optimal PSI is quite the workout without an electric pump, making the latter a worthy additional investment.

Overall, the AQUAPLANET Max iSUP kit demonstrates a robust set of features that will serve most casual paddlers well, especially those new or returning to the sport.


Pros and Cons


From the get-go, I could tell this stand-up paddleboard kit by Aquaplanet offered quite a few advantages. Its convenience is top-notch, giving me the freedom to carry it to different locations without a hassle, thanks to the backpack. I found the complete set—with its fin, leash, and dry bag—quite impressive. It handles very well in the water, providing a stable platform that’s forgiving, even for beginners. In fact, I’ve taken it out on serene lake waters and it’s performed without a hitch. Durability also appears to be a strong suit; despite regular usage and a couple of incidental scrapes against rocks, the board shows remarkable resistance to wear and tear.

  • Portability – No trouble getting the kit to and from the water.
  • Stability – Good for beginners and the experienced alike.
  • Accessories – Comes with everything needed to get started.
  • Durability – Tough enough to handle the occasional bump or scrape.
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However, my experience wasn’t without its drawbacks. Inflating the board manually is a substantial effort, likely to turn off those who aren’t up for a mini workout before hitting the water—I recommend investing in an electric pump. Moreover, while the overall build feels solid, I did notice early signs of the grip pad peeling at the corners, which is disappointing. The quality of the carrying backpack is another concern, as it started to show wear after a short period. Plus, I reached out to the company about this issue and didn’t receive any response, which left a sour taste regarding customer service.

  • Inflation Difficulty – Preparing the board manually is physically demanding.
  • Grip Pad Durability – Early peeling could be a potential issue.
  • Backpack Quality – Not as resilient as I had hoped, with premature wear.
  • Customer Service – Lack of response to concerns about product issues.

In the end, while you’ll certainly enjoy the Aquaplanet paddleboard for its user-friendly features and sturdiness, be prepared to contend with some minor quality issues and consider that customer service might not be as reliable as expected.



In assessing the feedback from fellow users of the Max, my attention was particularly drawn to its ease of use. Many praise its quick inflation and deflation process; advocates of the product emphasize its durability and stability, aspects I’ve observed myself during multiple paddleboarding excursions. I’ve been able to test its resilience against bumps and scrapes, akin to some users who’ve experienced similar incidents without serious damage to the board.

Notably, pet owners have found it to be canine-friendly, a claim I’ve seen first-hand when my friend’s pup effortlessly hopped on board. However, some minor issues did pop up in reviews, echoing an annoyance I share: the grip pad’s tendency to peel at the corners after substantial use—a noteworthy flaw, albeit not a dealbreaker.

Disappointment lies predominantly in the customer service response, or lack thereof, particularly when it comes to the carrying bag’s durability. After liaising with the makers over a torn backpack with no reply, I’m left echoing another customer’s frustration. Yet, the general consensus amongst reviewers—and in my own stint with the Max—is positive. The board’s portability and robust performance seemingly outweigh the hassle of manual inflation and occasional accessory wear and tear.

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Utility and Versatility

After taking the Max out on various excursions, it’s clear that its design caters to a range of activities, from serene yoga sessions on a calm lake to more adventurous paddling in choppier waters. Its stability is commendable, easily supporting my poses and even the added weight of a canine companion without compromising balance. However, I noticed that while it boasts a resilient build with high-density drop-stitch material, the longevity of such material could be questioned after extended use in harsh conditions.

The kit comes impressively well-equipped, making it quite convenient — I didn’t need to purchase any additional accessories to get started. The adjustable paddle is a plus, allowing for a comfortable paddling position regardless of height. While the inclusion of a repair kit is thoughtful, I’ve found that such kits only offer a temporary fix, and a more permanent solution is needed in case of a serious puncture.

Carrying the board from my car to the water was fairly straightforward with the provided strap. Still, the 11-kilogram weight might be slightly on the heavier side for some, and the backpack, although sturdy, can be cumbersome when fully packed. Inflation doesn’t take too long with the dual-action pump, but prepare for a small workout before hitting the water.

In essence, the Max is a suitable choice for those who value flexibility in their paddleboarding endeavours. It’s not without its drawbacks, particularly if looking at long-term durability, but overall, it stands up to the needs of both beginners and seasoned paddlers.


Final Thoughts

After spending considerable time with the Max, I’ve come to appreciate its versatility and ease of use. It’s not just a board—it’s a package that offers almost everything a paddler could need. In my experience, inflating the board was straightforward, though I’d recommend an electric pump for convenience. The board itself proved to be stable, which was impressive during my lake and river excursions. It’s sturdy enough to handle my canine companion jumping on and off without any signs of wear.

Now, while the included accessories are generally reliable, the backpack’s durability was a letdown, tearing after minimal use. Moreover, their customer service left me hanging when I reached out for support. This isn’t to say the product isn’t good—it is, but the after-purchase support could be better.

For beginners or those looking for an inflatable paddleboard that performs admirably, the Max hits many of the right notes. Just be aware that you might need to look elsewhere for a reliable carrying option and potentially factor in the purchase of an electric pump.

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