Aquaplanet Pace 10’6 iSUP Review

I recently had the opportunity to test the Aquaplanet Pace – a paddle board that caters to both beginners and experienced SUP enthusiasts. Out on the water, the sleek design and pointed shape of this board made it quite the performer. It gracefully cuts through the waves and the board’s thickness offers much-appreciated stability. However, while the board itself is solid and clearly made to last, my experience with the included accessories was a bit of a mixed bag.

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My first impressions were influenced by a carrying bag that didn’t quite live up to the robustness of the board. Although the seller did replace it swiftly when I flagged the issue – kudos for their responsiveness – it’s something worth noting. The dual action pump is a bonus, easing the set-up process, but like many SUP kits, it could be a little tiring towards the end of the inflation process. On the water, the board is both strong and maneuverable, though less stable than wider models, which could challenge novices. A point for caution is the positioning of the carry handle, which seems slightly off-balance, making for an awkward trek from car to coastline.


Bottom Line

In short, while the Aquaplanet Pace is a joy to ride and certainly looks the part with its vibrant blue and red design, it doesn’t escape the pitfalls of imperfect accessories. However, it stands out as a solid entry-level board that won’t disappoint on performance, provided you’re willing to overlook, or potentially replace, some components of the kit.

If you’re looking to start paddleboarding or upgrade from a basic board without breaking the bank, this might just be the one for you.


Overview of the AQUAPLANET Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Kit – Pace

Having recently taken the Pace out on the water, I appreciate its design aimed at both beginners and intermediate paddlers. Its military-grade outer shell and robust dropstitch pattern lend confidence in its durability, and with double-layer rails, it feels solid underfoot. However, some may find the board less stable due to its narrow width compared to other models, particularly when handling choppier waters.

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The pointed nose does allow the board to slice through waves with a surprising level of agility for an inflatable SUP. I felt quite buoyant on the 6-inch thick board, which is reassuring when you’re venturing further out.

The all-inclusive kit is convenient; you have everything required to get started—pump, paddle, leash, and more—saving the hassle of separate purchases. Yet, I can’t help but note that while the accessories serve their purpose, they don’t exude high quality. The backpack, in particular, seems to lack in durability, and while the seller remedied this issue quickly, it’s something to consider.

If you’re looking for an affordable entry-level board, the Pace does tick many boxes. It performs well in various conditions, though, as a more experienced paddler, I would’ve preferred a bit more stability for those less predictable days on the water.


Important Features

Streamlined Design for Stability and Speed

After spending some time with this board, I quickly appreciated its streamlined design. The pointed shape isn’t just for looks; it genuinely slices through the water, making for an agile paddleboarding experience. This is something you feel right away, especially when you’re trying to gain speed or facing a bit of choppy water. The 6-inch thickness also contributes significantly to stability, which is a key confidence booster, especially if you’re like me and not a SUP expert.

Durability with Military-Grade Materials

As I handled the board, the robustness was evident. The military-grade reinforced outer shell along with the high-density core drop stitch give this board a solid feel. I didn’t go easy on it either; I took it over some pretty rough patches and was pleased to see it come out unscathed. The durability is reassuring, knowing that I don’t have to be exceedingly cautious with every little bump and scrape.

Complete SUP Kit with Accessories

What I found convenient was the complete kit that comes with the board. The adjustable paddle is a given, but the inclusion of a removable fin, reliable ankle leash, and the practical waterproof dry bag were welcome additions. Not to mention the carry strap and the sturdy backpack that makes transportation manageable. The dual action air inflator pump is a nice touch, which is far more effective than the basic pumps you often get.

Optimized for Versatile Paddling Experience

The versatility of the board is one of its standout points. Whether you’re sticking to calm lakes or venturing out into more challenging seas, the Pace SUP holds its own. The recommended max paddler weight is quite generous, and I found the board maintains buoyancy and performance under varying weights, as I tested it with several of my friends of differing sizes.

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Overall, while the Aquaplanet inflatable SUP kit strikes a good balance between speed and stability, it is its durability and thoughtfully assembled kit that make it a reliable choice for a day out on the water. It’s not without its quirks, but overall, it’s a solid performer for both beginners and more seasoned paddlers.


Pros and Cons


After spending some quality time with the AQUAPLANET inflatable SUP, I’ve come to appreciate its many strengths. First off, I can’t help but praise its stability and buoyancy, thanks to its 6-inch thickness—great for someone looking for a reliable floatation experience. The pointed design gives it an edge, literally, allowing me to slice through waves confidently.

Using it across various water conditions has been a breeze. It proves versatile for beginners and those with more paddleboarding experience. I found the inclusion of all necessary accessories, such as the paddle, pump, and repair kit, quite handy. They’ve thoughtfully included a waterproof dry bag, which saved my snacks and phone more than once.

The build quality is impressive too; the military-grade materials convey a sense of durability that’s comforting when you’re a good distance away from the shore. The kit’s backpack, well, it’s sturdy enough but I’ll get to that later.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the advantages:

  • Stability – Robust and buoyant, maintaining balance is more straightforward.
  • Design – A sleek shape that allows for good water cut-through.
  • Versatility – Functions well in various water scenarios, from lakes to the sea.
  • Accessories – A comprehensive set that covers most paddle boarding necessities.
  • Build Quality – Tough, military-grade materials contributing to longevity.


Still, it’s not all smooth sailing. While the SUP itself is narrow, facilitating speed, it sacrifices a bit of stability, which can be an issue for newcomers or in choppy conditions. Speaking of accessories, they do the job, but don’t expect top-of-the-line quality; the performance is average at best.

The backpack, although resilient, initially gave me a slight qualm before it was replaced thanks to responsive customer service. Toting the board, even with the carry strap, can be awkward, since the handle isn’t perfectly balanced—expect some muscle work.

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Here are a few cons:

  • Stability – Ideal for speed, yet not the most beginner-friendly balance-wise.
  • Accessory Quality – Adequate but might not satisfy those seeking premium quality.
  • Carrying – The off-center handle can make transport from car to coastline a mini workout.


Analyzing Customer Reviews

Upon trying the AQUAPLANET Pace board, I noticed why it garners such mixed reactions. Many customers praise its strength and stability, a sentiment I echo after navigating through both calm and choppy lake waters. The board feels robust underfoot, reinforcing a sense of security, especially for beginners venturing into SUP for the first time.

However, I can’t overlook the recurring gripes about the accessories. While the pump, leash, and paddle perform their functions, expecting top-of-the-line quality would leave you wanting. Like other reviewers, I found the carry bag subpar. It’s a common letdown, but credit to Aquaplanet for their swift response in providing a replacement when contacted.

The concern about the off-centered carry handle, which I initially dismissed, proved valid. It made transportation awkward, a small detail with a noticeable impact on the overall experience.

Despite these setbacks, the Pace board shines where it matters most: on the water. It boasts a striking design and performs admirably across various conditions—something I can vouch for after several outings. As for value, it sits comfortably in the ‘sensible’ bracket, justifying its price tag without overreaching, suitable for newcomers and those occasionally paddling.


Final Thoughts

After spending quality time with the Aquaplanet Inflatable SUP, I have a solid grasp of its strengths and weaknesses. The board presents a good balance between speed and stability, even if it sacrifices a bit of the latter due to its narrower build. On the water, it’s impressive with a strong aesthetic and an admirable showing across different conditions.

However, it’s important to approach this kit with measured expectations. While the accessories cover the essentials, they do not exude high-end quality; it’s congruent with the board’s price point. The carrying bag, although replaced swiftly by the seller after issues, is a testament to this.

For those diving into the world of stand-up paddleboarding without breaking the bank, this kit serves as a practical starting line. But for enthusiasts seeking top-tier gear, perhaps this isn’t the ultimate destination. Despite the minor inconveniences, I do appreciate what the Aquaplanet offers for new paddlers—it’s a serviceable introduction to the sport.

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