FLYPARK Thrive 11′ Thrive iSUP Review

Just when I thought I had seen it all in the world of paddleboarding, the Flypark Thrive 11′ inflatable SUP entered my radar. Its wider 34-inch base promised enhanced stability, which intrigued me as I’ve had my share of wobbly experiences on narrower models. Packing up to 420 lbs, it’s hefty. I recently took it out for a day on the lake, and let’s just say, my skepticism was met with some surprises.

The construction quality struck as durable, with military-grade PVC that reached a rigid firmness when inflated—no flimsiness noticed here. Touting a plethora of D-Rings and storage options, the Flypark made me think of a Swiss Army knife-like functionality on water. Maneuverability was also quite decent, thanks to the three fins that apparently could be removed—although I didn’t find a need to. However, the vibrant ‘thrive-green’ color and the touted 19lbs weight seemed overstated; it felt heavier when transporting from my car to the waterline.

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Flypark Thrive 11' Green inflatable paddle board

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The construction quality struck as durable, with military-grade PVC that reached a rigid firmness when inflated—no flimsiness noticed here. Touting a plethora of D-Rings and storage options, the Flypark made me think of a Swiss Army knife-like functionality on water. Maneuverability was also quite decent, thanks to the three fins that apparently could be removed—although I didn’t find a need to. However, the vibrant ‘thrive-green’ color and the touted 19lbs weight seemed overstated; it felt heavier when transporting from my car to the waterline.

Bottom Line

Despite some bold claims, the Flypark paddleboard is solid. It’s catered to those who prefer steadiness over speed and seek a board that can handle more than just a solo ride.

For anyone who’s serious about getting the most out of their paddleboarding adventures, this could be a compelling pick.

Feeling intrigued by this robust companion for your water escapades? Take a look for yourself and make your own call.


In-Depth Look at the Flypark Thrive 11’x34”x6” Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

During my latest water escapade, I took the Flypark paddle board for a spin, and it’s fair to say it’s both a beauty and a beast. The extra width does provide that added layer of stability, beneficial for beginners like myself, and I was quite impressed with how secure I felt during use. That said, it’s not just for newbies; I saw plenty of potential for all skill levels to enjoy this board.

Allegedly, the board can handle up to 420 lbs, which, in theory, suggests that bringing along a friend or a pet wouldn’t be an issue. However, always take such claims with a grain of salt. Testing this might prove differently, but I haven’t had the chance to reach this limit personally. The 15 D-rings scattered around do offer a multitude of attachment options, making it a multi-purpose board.

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The build quality is hailed as military-grade and, while I can’t verify the exact materials, I can confirm it feels tough and resilient. Yet, for something that touts a durable design, seeing it remain unscathed after prolonged use would be the real testament to its construction. The paddle board does roll up quite easily, and at 19 lbs, it’s manageable even when you’re hauling it solo thanks to the shoulder strap, though I can’t say it’s the lightest I’ve encountered.

Despite feeling sturdy underfoot, be mindful of the 1 removable fin. It’s a nice touch for handling but can also be a weak point if not secured correctly—quirks like this need testing over time to ensure durability.

My skepticism remains with the “inflation in under 10 minutes” claim—it sounds optimistic, especially for those not used to the physicality of using a manual pump. Plus, while accessories like the dry bag and repair kit add value, their long-term robustness is yet to be proven on my adventures.

In the end, the Flypark seems to tick many boxes but whether it’s the paragon of inflatable paddle boards requires more than a single outing to judge.


Key Features

Extra-Wide Design for Enhanced Stability and Balance

I recently tried out the Flypark SUP, and the first thing I noticed was the extra-wide surface, which clocks in 2 inches wider than the standard 32-inch boards. This 11’x34” dimension seems to be a game-changer for stability. Whether I was practicing yoga or simply cruising with my canine companion, the board provided an impressive level of balance that would likely put beginners at ease. The 420 lbs weight capacity is nothing to scoff at either, meaning it can handle multiple passengers without feeling unsteady, a feature I found particularly reassuring.

Durable and Fashionable Construction

Upon inspection, the SUP’s flashy and modern aesthetic stood out, matching the energy of the waterfront scene. Despite its striking looks, the board didn’t sacrifice functionality; the front and rear handles made transportation a breeze – a much-appreciated design when dealing with a waterlogged SUP. While some may see the design as purely cosmetic, I discerned a blend of durability with style, marked by an anti-slip shoulder strap and easily detachable fins, advocating for a longer lifespan and an easier setup before hitting the water.

Superior Grip and Comfort with Non-Slip EVA Deck Pad

The comfort level while standing, kneeling, or sitting was high with the non-slip EVA deck pad. This paddling experience was enhanced by the pad’s deeply grooved bars and crocodile pattern, which noticeably increased my grip underfoot. The deck pad not only added comfort but also funneled out water effectively, contributing to the stable experience. While I can’t testify to the long-term wear and tear just yet, the initial quality suggested it could withstand quite a bit of action without peeling or wearing down.

High Portability and Easy Maneuverability

Perhaps the most surprising aspect was the board’s lightweight design; at 19 pounds, it was relatively easy for me to carry it solo, fold it, and get moving. I appreciated that this didn’t translate into a reduction in maneuverability. The two-action pump was efficient, allowing me to inflate the SUP within 10 minutes. With the board’s 1 removable fin in place, steering felt intuitive and responsive. On water, the SUP cut through with little resistance, enabling smooth transitions from calm waters to a slight chop with minimal effort on my part.

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The Flypark SUP’s intended design to cater to a range of activities from yoga to traveling is evident in each feature, yet one should carefully consider these observations for their own needs before making a purchase. It’s a well-rounded SUP, but the experience will vary depending on individual expectations and usage scenarios.



After spending some time with the Flypark Paddle Board, I’ve noted that its extra width genuinely enhances stability. At 34 inches wide, I could balance with ease, making it a good fit for beginners or those looking to share the board with a partner or pet. The board’s durability is impressive due to the military-grade PVC material, which seemed to endure my usage without any signs of wear.

The comfort factor isn’t overlooked either—the non-slip EVA deck pad made it comfortable to stand for extended periods. Maneuverability on the water was a breeze with the removable fin, and the anti-slip shoulder strap provided a convenient way to carry the board to the beach. Weighing just 19 pounds, it wasn’t cumbersome to transport or store.

While the 15 D-rings and 2 bungee systems offer plenty of options for securing gear, I did wonder if they might be overkill for casual users. I appreciated the 8 accessories kit that came with it, though the necessity of each piece could be subjective.

Despite my skepticism on some features, it’s undeniably a comprehensive package that caters well to various skill levels and activities like yoga and fishing. The 4.9-star rating might seem high, but based on my experience, it’s a fair assessment of the board’s performance and ease of use.



Despite the high praise for the Flypark inflatable paddle board’s stability and build quality, I’ve noticed a few drawbacks that deserve attention. While the included pump is designed to be a 2-action type, I found inflating the board to be quite the workout, leaving me wishing I had an electric pump on hand. The board’s portability is somewhat of a double-edged sword; its size and the included strap do help, but the board feels a bit heavier than anticipated, which might be challenging for those planning long treks to their paddle destination.

It’s clear that the extra width, which provides fantastic stability, does make the board a bit cumbersome in tighter spaces or navigating through busier waters. And although the option to have three fins offers great customization for tracking, the process of attaching and detaching them can be finicky—no pun intended.

For newcomers, the Flypark board boasts an eye-catching design and seems to offer a lot of bang for the buck, but those with more experience might find the nuances of this board’s size and weight a bit constricting as their skills progress.

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Insightful Analysis on User Reviews

Having paddled quite a few times, I can attest that stability is a high point for the Flypark SUP. Recent feedback echoes this sentiment, with users praising its solid performance over multiple outings. Customers report the 15 D-Rings and ample storage space as particularly beneficial for longer trips. The wide build is a boon for balance, supporting not just individuals but also pets and a second person without hassle.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. The board’s size, while advantageous for stability, does add to its weight, causing some concern among users about manageability when carrying it any significant distance, despite the included shoulder strap. The vibrant colors receive love, but beauty is only skin deep—and what buyers need is lasting durability.

There’s an overwhelming positive response to the 1 removable fin and the 2-action pump, which makes inflation a less demanding task. Nevertheless, I’ve noted some hints of apprehension regarding the longevity of these accessories.

In essence, the consensus is that the Flypark manages to stand out in terms of functionality and aesthetics, yet a few buyers hesitate when it comes to its portability and the eventual wear and tear of accessories. Engaging with this SUP has shown that the underlying quality appears solid, but I remain cautiously optimistic about its long-term resilience.


Final Thoughts

After spending considerable time with the Flypark SUP, it’s clear that it sets a robust standard for stability and comfort. I particularly appreciated the extra-wide design and the 15 D-rings that offer ample attachment points and storage options – a boon when I was out on the water with gear or a furry companion. However, the weight of the board, while contributing to its steadiness, may be a downside for anyone seeking a lightweight option for lengthy treks to the shoreline.

The 116L backpack included was a touch of convenience, simplifying the transport and storage process considerably. Yet, as someone with an eye for longevity, I can’t help but be skeptical about the durability of such accessories in the long run. The board flaunts a thriving 4.9-star rating, which isn’t to be overlooked, but I always question how these ratings will hold up over time as the board contends with the relentless wear of outdoor elements.

The one removable fin offer much-needed maneuverability, and despite the “easy to inflate and deflate” claims, I found these operations decidedly moderate in effort – it’s not the breezy task I anticipated. Aesthetically, the array of colors like the lively ‘bloom pink’ received ample praise from fellow paddlers and are sure to turn heads.

In all, the Flypark SUP is a solid pick for beginners or those looking to include a companion on their water escapades. While the sheer size and the bold colors are remarkable, potential buyers should weigh these benefits against the practical challenges presented by its bulkiness and the mystery of long-term reliability.

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