HOEXISUP 10’6 Red iSUP Review

When I first laid eyes on the HOEXISUP 10’6 (red) Inflatable SUP, I was intrigued. Promising ease-of-use for both beginners and experienced individuals, this board boldly claims it can accommodate anyone, pets included. At 10’6″ in length and 32″ in width, the extra width is supposed to offer superior balance.

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HOEXISUP 10'6 Red Inflatable SUP

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Crafted from military-grade material and an anti-slip EVA deck pad, it seems sturdy enough at first glance. The 20-pound weight is notably lighter than others I’ve encountered, which could be a deciding factor for those who prioritize portability. The package includes a whole set of accessories, but the manual inflation process raises an eyebrow – are they trying to sell me on a workout before I hit the water?

Connectivity isn’t an issue here, boasting an airline-standard valve and a detachable fin for varied use. But then I wondered about the quality of the hand pump, as several reviewers mentioned issues with the PSI gauge. With a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, it’s plenty for solo or tandem expeditions.


Bottom Line

The HOEXISUP Inflatable SUP touts an all-inclusive package for a day out on the water. Yet, even with its convenient design and generous weight limit, I’m left considering the longevity of the included pump and the true rigidity of the board once inflated.

Does the HOEXISUP paddle board stand up to its impressive feature list? It’s a question worth pondering. If you’re willing to test the waters with this SUP, move forward with a discerning eye and perhaps your own electric pump ready.


HOEXISUP 10’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Overview

I recently had the chance to take the HOEXISUP inflatable paddle board out on the water. As an avid paddler, I always look for stability and ease of use. This board boasts a wide and stable design, which is particularly forgiving for those new to the sport. When inflated, it feels sturdy underfoot and its 32” width does aid in balance, making it a decent option for beginners or those wanting to bring along a pet or child.

The material used is said to be military grade, and the non-slip EVA deck pad is a noticeable feature for safety and comfort on longer paddles. I can paddle at ease, knowing the board will handle my weight and movements without issue.

In terms of portability, the board is on the lighter side at 20 pounds. I can verify that inflation and deflation are fairly expedient – roughly 5-10 minutes – which is quite convenient. The inclusion of a full accessories set, including an adjustable paddle, hand pump, and sup backpack, does add value. However, I would be remiss not to mention that some users may find the pump gauge to be finicky, which aligns with my experience of it not showing the PSI as it should.

Customer service seems to be proactive with a 1-year warranty and a track record of responsiveness. Still, I’ve noted reports of some packs missing parts or having a faulty valve, yet the quick response from their team seems to mitigate these hiccups.

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While the board is undeniably user-friendly, it’s important to remain cautious about durability when it comes to inflatable boards in this lower price segment. The extras like the camera mount are handy, though, and I can’t deny that for casual recreational use, this HOEXISUP board holds its own.


Key Features

Wide Stable Design

From my experience out on the water, stability is a crucial aspect for both new and seasoned paddlers. With its 10’6″ long and 32″ wide dimensions, this board offers plenty of foot space, giving me a confident stance while paddling. The 350lbs weight capacity is also impressive, supporting a wide range of users and even allowing for a pet companion or gear. However, while the board is easy to balance on, advanced users may find it lacks the agility for more dynamic maneuvers.

Military Grade High Quality Material

The military grade material of this paddle board gives it a robust feel, and during my time with it, I’ve come to appreciate this durability. Its soft anti-slip EVA deck pad greatly reduces the chance of accidental slips, and I found it comfortable underfoot during extended sessions. While the rugged material promises longevity, it’s noteworthy that some users have reported issues with the valve, which suggests some inconsistency in manufacturing quality.

Ultra Light Weight Portable SUP

Portability is a huge plus for this SUP, as it weighs a mere 20 pounds, which is significantly lighter than some other options on the market. I found that it takes about 5-10 minutes to inflate or deflate, which is quite fast. However, users should be prepared for a workout with the hand pump, as the gauge can be finicky and an electric pump may be an advisable additional purchase.

Full Accessories Package

The accessory package accompanying this SUP is comprehensive. An adjustable paddle, hand pump with a PSI gauge, removable fin, safety leash, and repair kit cover most of the essentials. The large backpack is convenient for transporting the board, and the overall set feels geared toward getting users quickly onto the water. However, based on customer feedback, the quality of the accessories, particularly the manual pump and occasionally missing items, leaves room for improvement.

And so, while the paddle board hits many high notes with its stability, material quality, and lightweight design, there are some hiccups with the accessory components and potential quality control issues. It represents a mixed bag for the discerning paddler.



Having just come back from a weekend adventure with the HOEXISUP Inflatable Paddle Board, I’ve gathered some candid insights to share. At first glance, the vibrant red design and the promise of stability for beginners and experts alike seemed quite appealing. Upon hitting the water, the board did offer a wide and stable deck, which is a significant plus for first-timers or when paddling through choppy waters.

However, inflating the board was quite the workout—it took around 600 hand pumps! The need for an electric pump became instantly clear, which isn’t included. It’s advertised as having everything you need out of the box, but this might be a bit of an overstatement.

A notable feature was the dual-use paddle, switching between a paddleboard and kayak mode, increasing versatility. Also, the camera mount at the front is a thoughtful touch for those wanting to document their journey. Yet, the supplied pump’s faulty PSI gauge frustrated me since it left me guessing if I had reached the optimal pressure for rigidity.

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My excitement dwindled when I discovered that some buyers received their boards with bent fins or were missing parts entirely. That’s not something you’d expect, considering the quality one hopes for when investing in a paddle board. I didn’t experience any leaks or damage myself, but it’s concerning to hear others have.

Overall, the HOEXISUP Paddle Board shines in its stability and some innovative features but falls short on essential accessories’ quality. It’s a solid option if you’re seeking a recreational paddleboard, but be prepared to invest in a few more accessories to complete the experience.


Pros and Cons


My recent experience with the HOEXISUP Paddle Board left a distinct impression. On the positive side, I must acknowledge the apparent stability and balance the board provides, thanks to its wide design. Even as a beginner, I found my footing with relative ease, which also made it a hit with my pet who could join in without causing any imbalance.

The military-grade material of the board did feel robust under my feet, which added to my confidence while paddling. The soft, anti-slip EVA deck pad notably improved my grip and ultimately, my safety as I navigated the waters for extended periods with comfort.

A notable highlight was the board’s lightweight nature. It’s remarkably easy to carry, and the fact that it inflates and deflates within a mere 5 to 10 minutes is impressive. The full set of accessories, which includes an adjustable paddle, pump, fin, safety leash, and repair kit, comes in a handy backpack. This complement of essentials allowed me to hit the water almost immediately upon arrival.


However, not all components meet expectations. The included hand pump’s gauge didn’t show any PSI readings, which cast some doubt on whether I achieved the correct pressure. This could potentially pose a risk to the board’s performance or my safety.

While the customer service’s responsive nature is commendable after I raised my issues, it was an inconvenience to face problems such as a faulty valve straight out of the box. Moreover, discovering my package missing several critical items further compounded my frustration.

I noticed upon my first use that some components were showing early signs of wear. The sightings of bubbles and air leaks near the fins could indicate a potential defect or perhaps a quality control oversight. Another slight concern was the bent fins, which I saw right after unpacking, questioning the durability over time.

That’s to say, while the HOEXISUP Paddle Board excels in stability and convenience, it falls short in reliability with its accessories, leaving a trace of skepticism about its consistency in quality. My advice to potential buyers is to weigh these factors carefully against your expectations and necessity for a hassle-free paddleboarding experience.


Analyzing Reviews

Recently, I took the HOEXISUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board out for a spin. Having seen its 4.3 stars across 262 ratings, I was curious about real-world performance. Firstly, the wide stable design definitely stands out. Stability seems to cater well to both beginners and someone who fancies themselves as an expert. Though, hands down, the board’s non-slip comfort deck proved essential for those unexpected wobbles.

Many customers, myself included, enjoy the complete package, noting the inclusion of a dual-use paddle and a camera mount, underscoring the thoughtfulness behind the product. However, it’s not without its faults. I experienced, and others also noted, issues with some accessories, like the fin’s proneness to bending and a gauge that fails to show the correct PSI. One user pointed out the challenge of deciding who gets to use the board next due to its popularity among all age groups, from 6 to 70.

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What caught my attention is the responsiveness of HOEXISUP’s customer service. When a customer reported a faulty valve, the team didn’t hesitate to send a replacement. On the flip side, there was a mention of a board starting to deteriorate after just one day and another customer receiving a product with missing items. These instances are concerning, highlighting a potential inconsistency in quality checks.

While the board itself felt sturdy on water and generally lived up to its promise, the accessory quality and potential durability issues hold me back from full endorsement. It seems the HOEXISUP paddle board could be a hit or miss, and I’d advise potential buyers to weigh the glowing experiences against the risks of defects before making a decision.


Quality and Durability

Having recently taken the HOEXISUP inflatable paddle board out for a spin, I can speak to its performance. The board’s wide design provides a stable experience, which is promising for beginners and experts alike. The non-slip comfort deck lives up to expectations, ensuring a secure stance while paddling. However, the durability of the product comes into question, as my board showed wear after a few uses. While the included accessories, such as the dual-use paddle and camera mount, are thoughtful and convenient, my interaction with the pump was not as smooth due to a faulty PSI gauge.

Although the company does provide a repair kit, the fact that I was considering repairs so soon was disappointing. The quality control seems inconsistent, as evidenced by reports of bent fins and air leaks from other users. On the bright side, customer service appears proactive, as they reached out regarding my valve issue and were willing to replace the faulty product. This gives me some confidence in the brand’s commitment to its customers. Yet, while the board holds promise for fun on the water, consumer feedback indicates that not everyone’s experience aligns with the product’s hopeful presentation.


Final Thoughts

After spending some quality time with the HOEXISUP inflatable paddle board on several different bodies of water, I’ve formed a nuanced opinion about its performance and value. The stability and non-slip deck make it a solid choice for both beginners and seasoned paddlers, which is quite an achievement for an inflatable model. I appreciate the comprehensive accessory kit, including a versatile dual-use paddle and a fairly robust backpack.

However, there’s no sugarcoating the drawbacks—a few users online mentioned faulty valves and pumps, and I can resonate with their frustration when equipment doesn’t function as expected. Although customer service seems responsive in addressing these issues, it’s disconcerting that these problems arise in the first place. Another gripe is the bent fins and the problematic inflation gauge, which can detract from the overall experience.

While the HOEXISUP board has the potential to deliver hours of fun, my skepticism arises from the durability concerns shared by myself and others. That said, I find this paddle board to be a decent option for casual users, especially considering the price point. Just be prepared for a possible hiccup or two along the way.

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