NiceWave Ink 10’6 iSUP Review

After recently taking the NiceWave Ink 10’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for a spin, I have quite a bit to say about it. Designed for all levels of expertise, from novice paddlers to more experienced enthusiasts, the NiceWave’s 10’6″ version touts versatility and accessibility. In my hands-on experience, this paddleboard boasted impressive stability and buoyancy—attributes I attribute to its generous dimensions.

Weighing in at a mere 20 pounds when deflated, it’s a breeze to transport, be it a jaunt to a nearby lake or a road trip to a more far-flung coastal retreat. The portability is a major plus, fitting neatly into the trunk of my car without a struggle. Inflation was straightforward; a matter of 5-8 minutes with the dual-action pump, which, for the record, is a welcome workout before hitting the water. The full kit is a boon—everything from a waterproof phone bag to the camera mount (a fun touch for capturing those paddleboarding moments), and the added security of a safety leash.

On the water, the board felt solid underfoot, its military-grade PVC material projecting a sense of durability. However, while the promise of an easy assembly experience held true, some of the included accessories fell shy of expectation. The backpack could stand to be roomier, a sentiment echoed by others who found the storage solution a tight squeeze. NiceWave pledges to supply a bigger backpack upon request, but this feels like an extra step that could be avoided with a better original design.

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NiceWave Ink 10'6 Inflatable SUP

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On the water, the board felt solid underfoot, its military-grade PVC material projecting a sense of durability. However, while the promise of an easy assembly experience held true, some of the included accessories fell shy of expectation. The backpack could stand to be roomier, a sentiment echoed by others who found the storage solution a tight squeeze. NiceWave pledges to supply a bigger backpack upon request, but this feels like an extra step that could be avoided with a better original design.


Bottom Line

If you’re considering taking to the water with an inflatable paddleboard, the NiceWave merits attention. While its build quality and on-water performance are solid, be prepared for possible hiccups with the accessories. It’s not without its flaws, and considering the competition, I might hesitate before calling this the definitive choice for everyone.

However, should you find the NiceWave’s all-inclusive package and the ease of storage and transportation appealing, then this SUP does offer a good blend of features. If intrigued, scrutinize further details and see if it aligns with your paddling ambitions.


NiceWave Ink 10’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards Overview

After taking this SUP out, I was struck by its stability and ease of inflation – characteristics not to be underrated in the world of paddleboarding. With a width of 33 inches, it offers a decent amount of deck space, which I found especially reassuring during leisure paddles and even the odd attempt at SUP yoga. The board’s touted military-grade material holds up to its name, supporting up to 400 lbs without flinching, which suggests durability.

However, I couldn’t help but be critical of the included accessories. The company promises a 1-year warranty which is standard, but the quality of the paddle and the backpack could be improved—both felt basic given the board’s price point. The fin, intended to augment stability, feels somewhat flimsy and appears to be a common pitfall in similar products.

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Despite these drawbacks, the board’s lightweight and portability are noteworthy. Weighing in at just 20 pounds and collapsing neatly, storage and transportation are hassle-free, fitting easily into the trunk of a car. The dual-action pump is efficient, taking me between 5 to 8 minutes to inflate the board thoroughly.

While I can’t comment on the added value of the camera mount, some users might find this a delightful touch to document their adventures. And though the small bag might be a niggle for some, the brand is offering a larger replacement upon request. The NiceWave does cater to a wide audience with its all-around use design, but I feel that it could shore up its paddle and backpack to truly justify its cost.


Key Features

Lately, I’ve come across the NiceWave 10’6″ stand-up paddleboard, and it caught my attention with a few standout aspects. I’ll walk you through what makes it shine and where it could use some tweaking.

All-Around Use

From a paddleboard, versatility is a key selling point. The NiceWave offers a commendable balance that caters to a wide range of activities including leisure paddling, yoga, and even light surfing. Its ability to support up to 400 lbs underscores its utility for heavier riders or those looking to bring gear along for a day trip. However, it’s worth noting that it may not excel in any single domain as a specialized board would.


For newcomers to paddleboarding, stability is critical, and the NiceWave does a decent job at this. The board’s dimensions provide a stable platform, although I did feel that it could improve on agility. Seasoned paddlers might find the turning radius a bit sluggish compared to sleeker models. I recommend it for beginners to intermediates who prioritize a larger deck pad and a feel-safe experience over nimbleness.

Ultra-Light & Portable

The standout feature for me is its portability. Weighing just 20 pounds when deflated, it’s a dream to transport. I could easily stash it in my car’s trunk without any hassle. Folding up to a compact size also means I have more space for other gear, which is always a plus. Although, keep an eye out for punctures – its ultra-light nature means it might not be as tough against sharp objects.

Easy Assembly & Durable

Here’s where I give NiceWave a thumbs up: setting up this paddleboard is a quick affair, clocking in at roughly 5-8 minutes. It’s a task even a novice can handle with ease, thanks to the dual-action pump. In terms of durability, it’s fashioned from military-grade PVC, designed to withstand bumps and knocks, which gives me confidence in its lifespan.

Overall, the NiceWave paddleboard is a fair choice if you’re dipping your toes in paddleboarding or seeking an all-rounder for occasional use. While it won’t dazzle in any specific style of paddling, it’s a solid, journey-friendly option. My real-world experience raises a few eyebrows on its agility and toughness, but it remains a respectable contender among its peers.


Stand-Out Extras

Having recently had the chance to take the NiceWave inflatable paddle board out on the water, I found the extra features quite interesting. The standout for me was the camera mount, a nifty addition for adventurers who want to record their experiences without the fear of dropping their cameras into the water. While the board boasts an array of accessories, I was especially curious about the claim of an easily obtainable larger backpack upon request – a service gesture that could be quite beneficial if the standard pack feels too snug for the gear and board.

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Despite the brand’s promise of a board suitable for various activities like fishing, yoga, and racing, I noticed that its size may offer a limited experience for advanced activities. Although it’s impressively light and portable, the ease of assembly claimed by NiceWave, suggesting a 5-8 minutes setup time, seemed a tad optimistic; realistic expectations are key here.

It’s undeniable that the board’s capacity to support up to 400 lbs is impressive, and the inclusion of a 1-year warranty does provide a sense of security about the product’s durability. However, buyers should remain critical of the plethora of accessories like the dual-action pump, removable fins, and aluminum floating kayak paddle. It’s essential to assess whether these accessories truly enhance the paddling experience or are just added frills. The included 5L dry bag and waterproof phone bag are certainly practical, but their quality in real-world scenarios remains to be rigorously tested.


Pros and Cons


After spending some time with the NiceWave inflatable paddle board, it’s clear that its design caters to a variety of activities on the water, such as leisure paddling and yoga. The claims of high-quality military-grade material seem to hold up, as it supports up to 400 lbs with ease, a feature that inspires confidence for larger individuals or those wanting to bring gear on board.

I found it genuinely easy to assemble; the inflation process took no longer than 5-8 minutes with the provided dual-action pump. Once inflated, the board is surprisingly rigid and durable, not bending to the whim of every wave. The ultra-light nature is a standout, weighing merely 20lb when deflated, it was a breeze to transport to and from the water.

The accessories included are quite thorough, especially appreciating the removable fins and 1-year warranty. As an added bonus, there’s a camera mount, which is great for capturing those serene moments on the lake.


Despite the praise, a few points poked holes in the otherwise seamless experience. The paddle board’s backpack, while mentioned as replaceable with a larger one if needed, is quite snug. Packing everything back into it was a bit of a puzzle, especially when damp and more bulky.

While touted for all-around use, the fin, which is critical for stability, felt a bit flimsy. Extra care was needed during attachment and during use, which caused me some concern about its long-term durability. Additionally, while the inclusion of numerous accessories is generally positive, the quality of the paddle could be enhanced; a sturdier build would improve the paddling experience.

Lastly, while I didn’t encounter any issues with inflation, some users may find the array of inclusive extras like the dry bag, waterproof phone bag, and other bits and bobs superfluous. The board itself would benefit from refined essentials rather than an excess of add-ons. The focus should be on board quality and core accessories rather than additional features that only add to the bulk without significantly enhancing the paddling experience.


Analyzing Reviews

After spending some time with the NiceWave 10’6″ inflatable SUP, I’ve meticulously combed through the collective wisdom from 38 customers who’ve taken the plunge. They’ve collectively awarded it a 4.5-star rating, signaling a high tide of satisfaction, but it’s not without a ripple of discontent.

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The consensus heralds the SUP’s ease of setup and stability on the water. My own experience mirrors these sentiments—the SUP was a breeze to inflate, and I felt quite secure standing on it, thanks to the robust build and the fin, which, despite feeling a bit flimsy, did its job maintaining direction. The comprehensive kit, including a pump and backpack, enhances the appeal, especially considering everything fits within the bag.

It’s not all smooth sailing, though. Some paddlers mentioned that while the board is indeed well-made, the included accessories like the paddle could use an upgrade. The camera mount and some of the extras seem to be unnecessary frills that don’t compensate for the relatively snug fit everything has in the carrying bag, noted especially when compared to a similarly priced competitor. My viewpoint aligns: for an item that sits at a higher price point, I expected groundbreaking features or superior quality in every component.

In essence, the NiceWave SUP holds its ground amongst enthusiasts and novices alike—I’d say it’s solid, if not revolutionary.


Warranty and Brand Assurance

When I took the NiceWave paddleboard out for a spin, the one thing I didn’t worry about was its durability. The brand claims they craft their boards with the highest quality military grade material. Should anything go wrong, NiceWave has your back with a 1-year warranty, which is a standard offer among SUP manufacturers.

Though the paddleboard felt incredibly sturdy on the water, I can’t help but wonder about the fin’s resilience—it seemed a bit delicate, mirroring qualms I’ve had with other brands. The dual-action pump, safety leash, and kayak paddle all seemed up to par, yet the backpack included was a squeeze fit for the SUP and accessories; apparently, they offer a larger backpack upon request, which is a small consolation for those struggling with the logistics of lugging around their gear.

NiceWave touts a comprehensive package, but the proof of product longevity and customer support really can only be measured over time and use. While the board itself impressed me, I will keep a careful eye on the wear and tear, especially that fin. The array of accessories was generous, but quality over quantity should be a priority, especially for paddlers looking beyond the honeymoon phase of their purchase.


Final Thoughts

After spending considerable time with the NiceWave SUP, I’ve come to appreciate its straightforward set-up and overall sturdiness. I especially enjoyed the ease of inflating the board and was pleased with the included pump and backpack, which are quite handy for transport. The board’s surface offers good stability and the fin contributes to a steady paddling experience. It feels durable, promising longevity even with regular use.

However, the fin’s construction does feel a bit less robust than I’d prefer, reminding users to handle with care. While the idea of a camera mount is innovative, it might not be a necessary addition for every user, possibly overcomplicating what should be a simple package. Moreover, the accessories like the paddle and the carry bag could be of a higher quality, reflecting the board’s price point better. The package fits everything but just barely, creating a tight squeeze when packing up which can be frustrating.

In truth, my first foray into the SUP world with this product hints at above-average workmanship but also indicates room for improvement, especially considering its cost compared to similar models. Despite these setbacks, for an inflatable paddle board, it delivers a respectable performance for both beginners and casual enthusiasts.

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