BRIGHT BLUE Fusion All Round 11’6 Review

I recently had the chance to take the Bright Blue Enhanced Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board out on the water, and I must say, it’s quite the vessel. At 11’6″ long and 6″ thick, it promises a fusion of portability and performance. Once I inflated it to the recommended 15 PSI, it felt almost as rigid as a hard board. The vibrant red color matched online images, and the whole thing packed neatly into a backpack for transport.

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Bright Blue Paddle Board

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The board boasts a lightweight but sturdy construction. However, the pump’s pressure gauge gave me a bit of trouble by not reading until 7 PSI, leaving me guessing for the initial stages of inflation. Additionally, while the multiple D-rings and bungee cords are handy for strapping gear, I found the aluminum paddle to bend under vigorous paddling – something that definitely shouldn’t happen.


Bottom Line

If you’re willing to overlook some accessories’ quality issues, the Bright Blue Paddle Board offers stability and ease of use that could suit both beginners and seasoned paddlers.

It’s a solid choice, but be ready to possibly upgrade accessories, like the paddle, for the best experience.

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Exploring the BRIGHT BLUE Enhanced Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Having just taken this board out on the lake, the first thing that struck me was its stability. Despite being inflatable, it’s comparable to a hard board when it’s inflated to its max of 15 PSI. The Bright Blue board glides well in calm waters, and its 33-inch width provides ample standing room, which adds to the sense of security. It’s equipped with numerous D-rings and a bungee system, useful for strapping down essentials for a day out on the water.

The board is relatively lightweight, making it a good companion for travel, and rolls up nicely to fit into the included backpack. However, not everything pleased me. The pump’s pressure gauge only kicks in at 7 PSI, and that waiting period for an indicator can be annoying. Plus, I found the aluminum paddle to be a bit on the fragile side, prone to bending with rigorous paddling.

Although I’ve had some great experiences with it, there have been some irksome moments. I encountered a defect with the pump’s PSI meter straight out of the box. The customer service did not seem readily accessible, which could be a stumbling block if issues arise. As critical as I am, though, the overall workmanship of the board holds up—it feels robust and well-constructed.

True to the claims, it’s pretty easy to manage once deflated, making the post-paddle pack-up rather convenient. For the leisurely paddler who’s considering the Bright Blue, it’s a solid choice, but those looking to push their gear hard might find the accessories a bit lacking.

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Unique Features of the Board

Ultra Light Construction

After taking this SUP out, I immediately noticed how its ultra light construction sets it apart. At a mere 24 pounds, lifting and handling it was a breeze – a noticeable improvement over heavier models I’ve tried. While some lightweight boards sacrifice rigidity, this one does not; once inflated to its maximum 15 PSI, it feels nearly as solid as a non-inflatable counterpart. However, the lightweight nature does not come without drawbacks. I found that it can be a bit more susceptible to being pushed around by stronger winds than heavier boards.

High-Quality Drop-Stitch Technology

The SUP’s drop-stitch technology is no marketing gimmick; it’s the real deal. This technology creates a core that links the top and bottom layers with thousands of threads, resulting in a significantly more rigid board when inflated. The advertised military-grade PVC material adds to this rigidity, and with a weight limit of up to 325 lbs, most paddlers, including myself, can stand confidently, knowing it won’t buckle under pressure. Despite these qualities, I must admit, you can tell the difference in the feel compared to a hard board, especially when maneuvering through choppy water.

Portable and Easy for Travel

Portability is another highlight. I packed it into its carry bag with relative ease, straps and all. The backpack is robust, making it simple for me to transport it from my home to the water. The ease of deflating the board and rolling it up is noteworthy; it’s compact enough to fit into the trunk of my car or could be taken on a plane without much fuss. The perk of travel-friendliness is slightly marred by the slight cumbersomeness when packing all the gear neatly inside the provided bag; a bit more space or more strategic compartments would make this easier.


On-Water Performance

Recently, I had the chance to take the Bright Blue Enhanced Inflatable SUP for a spin, and it was quite the experience out on the water. Let’s talk about how it holds up in terms of stability and versatility across various water environments.

Stability and Rigidity

The first thing I noticed was the stability. It’s clear that with its 6-inch thickness, it’s built to provide a firm stand. When I tested its rigidity, there weren’t any noticeable flexes or bends, which instilled confidence, especially when paddling away from the shore. However, I did experience an issue with the paddle. While out on the lake, the paddle began to bend unnervingly during vigorous strokes, which was quite unexpected. It seems that the aluminum could be a tad more robust.

Another point is the pressure gauge on the pump, which failed to function straight out of the box. This made the initial setup a bit of guesswork regarding the correct PSI. Despite the pump hiccup, once inflated, the board performed admirably, handling my weight plus some gear without any dips or sags.

Suitability for Different Water Environments

The SUP’s performance varied across different water conditions. On a calm bay, its large size contributed to an effortless glide, taking on slight ripples with ease. But moving to choppier conditions, the board’s nose tendency to pop up became noticeable. It wasn’t a dealbreaker, but it required a bit of adjustment in balance and paddle technique.

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Paddling through small waves was intriguing. The board managed to cut through with minimal impact on my stability, which speaks volumes about its design. On a windy day with choppier water, performance was satisfactory, though I won’t say it rivaled hard boards in those conditions.

In summary, the Bright Blue Enhanced Inflatable SUP delivers a solid on-water experience with a few caveats. If you’re looking for a board that offers stability and enjoys predominantly calm waters, this could be a contender. It’s just a shame that some of the accessories didn’t match the board’s overall quality.



Having spent some time with the Bright Blue Stand Up Paddle Board, its sturdiness is quite impressive for an inflatable. Fully inflated, it nearly matches the rigidity of a solid board, handling a weight up to 325 lbs without any compromise in buoyancy or performance. The construction feels durable, thanks to the high-grade PVC and drop-stitch technology, which is reassuring when you’re out on the water.

What stands out to me is the ultra-light design—it makes a significant difference in carrying the board to and from the water. It’s equipped with multiple D-rings and a bungee system which is perfect for stashing gear during longer paddles. The anti-slip deck pad is a godsend, offering grip and comfort, crucial for those longer expeditions or choppy conditions.

I appreciate the travel backpack which, despite holding the board and all its accessories, doesn’t become cumbersome. It’s portable enough for easy storage or for adventure travels with friends or family. Lastly, the dual-action pump efficiently gets the board to the desired psi, though it’s worth noting that the integrated gauge only activates after reaching 7 psi. The one-year manufacturer warranty brings that extra peace of mind, adding to the overall value of the paddle board.



After a few outings, I’ve noticed a couple of drawbacks about the BRIGHT BLUE Stand Up Paddle Board that you might want to consider. For starters, the PSI pressure gauge on the pump failed right out of the box, which left me guessing about the correct inflation level. I also experienced an issue with the paddle—it bent during use, which suggests its construction might not withstand vigorous paddling.

Additionally, while the board itself handles well, the hose on the pump has a tendency to come unscrewed; a minor frustration but noteworthy if you’re looking for seamless setup. I’ve connected with others who’ve had paddle retention problems, a fault that can lead to a bit of inconvenience if you end up with a malfunctioning one. The fin attachment can be a bit tricky too—it takes some getting used to, and I’d prefer a simpler setup.

Lastly, while customer service from Bright Blue is quite responsive, their system lacks a direct way to engage, which might be a dealbreaker for some, especially if customer support is important to you.



Inflating the BRIGHT BLUE SUP was a breeze, and I found myself on the water in no time. However, after scanning through what other paddlers had to say, it’s clear that the experiences are mixed. On the bright side, many users commend its stability and find it comparable to solid boards, confirming my observation of its firmness on the water. Also, the speed of delivery seems to impress, aligning with the rapid arrival of my own package.

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However, it’s not all smooth sailing. Some customers faced issues with paddle durability and the functionality of the pressure gauge. A worrying point for me is the inconsistency in customer service experiences. While some issues were swiftly addressed by Bright Blue, others were left unresolved, notably the lack of support when accessories malfunctioned. As a reviewer, I appreciate the craft that goes into this product, but I believe the manufacturer could further polish their after-sales support. Being on the water with this board feels great, but the mixed feedback on accessory quality and customer service is a tide worth noting before purchase.

Manufacturer’s Warranty and Support

From my experience using the Bright Blue SUP, I can attest to the importance of after-purchase support. The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty, which covers any defects in workmanship or materials. It’s reassuring to know that the company stands behind their inflatable paddleboard, acknowledging its integrity as a watercraft built to endure.

However, I must point out that the warranty does not extend to the paddle and other accessories that come with the board. This is a crucial detail I wasn’t aware of until I dug deeper. Should you encounter any issues with the non-board components, they won’t be covered, which could be a downside considering the investment made on the entire package.

It’s a relief that the board itself, with its robust drop-stitch construction and military-grade PVC material, is less likely to require the warranty’s use. Remember, though, that the assurance for the board caps at a year, which seems like a basic industry standard rather than a generous offering. Any problems arising beyond this period will be out of pocket.


  • 1-year warranty covering the SUP board
  • High-quality construction that underlines the warranty offer


  • Accessories such as the paddle aren’t covered
  • Warranty period limited to a year, which is quite standard


Final Thoughts

Having spent some quality time with the Bright Blue Paddle Board, I feel equipped to share my final thoughts. The board is undeniably stable, whether used on serene lakes or more turbulent waters, and its rigidity is comparable to that of solid boards. It’s satisfyingly wide, which is a boon for larger individuals or if you fancy carrying gear or passengers.

However, I encountered issues almost immediately. The included psi pressure gauge failed straight out of the box, and I unfortunately bent the included paddle with what I considered normal force. While these issues are concerning, Bright Blue’s customer service deserves praise for their promptness in resolving matters, albeit they could improve their support channels for a smoother experience.

The board ships quickly and the overall workmanship is impressive for the price. Just be prepared to possibly invest in a more durable pump and paddle, depending on your usage. Despite these setbacks, the board performs admirably in various conditions, making it a viable option for enthusiasts not deterred by potential accessories’ quality concerns.

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