Bright Blue All Round Touring 11’6 iSUP Review

I recently got on the water with the BRIGHT BLUE All Round Touring Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. Curiosity got the better of me; could an inflatable SUP really deliver a stable and enjoyable experience? The board measures 11’6″ long and 33″ wide, which provided a generous platform for balance and comfort. Setting it up was relatively straightforward—the hand pump got the board to full inflation without too much effort, although a bit of endurance is required to reach the optimal 15 PSI.

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On the downside, the aluminum paddle felt undersized for the SUP’s dimensions, which might be something to consider for taller individuals or those with a broader reach. Sure, the board’s stability was commendable—thanks to the 6-inch thickness and the 33-inch width—but I can’t help but feel that a sturdier and perhaps longer paddle would enhance the overall experience. Furthermore, while the board boasts an impressive build quality, those with sensitivities should be wary, as there have been mentions of allergic reactions to the material on the backpack.


Bottom Line

If you’re contemplating an inflatable SUP, the BRIGHT BLUE All Round Touring model could be a solid choice, given its stability and comprehensive accessory set. While it has its drawbacks, such as the less than ideal paddle, the positives do shine through.

For those willing to overlook a couple of small issues, or invest in a separate paddle, this SUP has the potential to offer many enjoyable hours on the water.


BRIGHT BLUE All Round Touring 11’6″ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Overview

The moment I hit the water with this BRIGHT BLUE 11’6″ paddleboard, I was genuinely impressed by its stability. At 33 inches wide, it offers ample space for footing, which does wonders for balance, especially for someone my size at 230 pounds. It feels similar to a hard board when pumped to its recommended 15 PSI, giving it a rigidity that many inflatable boards lack. However, I noticed that the included aluminum paddle felt mismatched for the board’s size; using a larger paddle could be a better fit for some users.

The board’s construction includes military-grade PVC, giving it a quality feel and the promise of durability. It’s kitted with useful features such as ample D-rings and an anti-slip deck pad. I found the dual-action pump functional, although the pressure gauge only kicks in at 7 PSI, which can be misleading at first. The gauge is not where I see the brand innovate. I also came across complaints regarding the backpack’s material causing allergic reactions; thankfully, I had no such issue.

The board’s portability stands out. Once deflated, it rolls up and fits snugly into the backpack, which is a boon for storability and travel. Still, my critique leans towards the lack of an electric pump adapter. It’s a small but noticeable omission that would enhance convenience.

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Overall, with a solid build and thoughtful design, this board is a worthy purchase for its price point. The minor drawbacks don’t overshadow the overall positive experience. Considering the mostly positive feedback and my experience, it seems like a reliable choice for both beginners and seasoned paddlers.


Key Features

High-Quality Construction

The moment I set my eyes on it, I could tell the craftsmanship was top-notch. Using high-quality drop-stitch technology and military-grade PVC, this SUP rivals hard boards when it comes to rigidity and strength once fully inflated to 15 PSI. It handles weight up to 325 lbs effortlessly. The inclusion of numerous stainless steel D-rings and an EVA anti-slip deck pad enhance its functionality and safety. However, the surrounding PVC patch near the fin box, meant for reinforcement, seems like an afterthought and could have been integrated more seamlessly.

All-in-One Package

This SUP package scores high on providing nearly everything you need to get paddling. From an adjustable aluminum paddle, which feels a bit too lightweight for the board’s size, to a hefty backpack, coil leash, and a simplistic repair kit – the essentials are covered. I appreciate the bungee for securing cargo, though the leash’s quality could have been better considering the price point. It’s worth noting that the paddle floats, which is helpful, but its durability is questionable for long-term use.

Portable and Easy Storage

The magic of this SUP is its convenience. After an enjoyable day on the water, I found deflating and rolling up the board to be straightforward, fitting neatly into the provided backpack. The bag itself is functional but lacks padding, which made my trek back from the lake a tad uncomfortable. Also, I’ve heard of someone having an allergic reaction to the backpack; worth considering if you have sensitive skin or allergies.

Dual Action Hand Pump

The dual-action hand pump that comes with the board is a bit of a mixed bag. It effectively inflates the board, switching from dual to single action when the pressure gets high – a neat feature. However, reaching the desired 15 PSI is a workout in itself, and the pump’s gauge doesn’t start registering until 7 PSI, which had me second-guessing if the pump was working initially. A powered pump adapter inclusion would be a vast improvement.

Getting up close and personal with the Bright Blue SUP, I’ve seen it’s a mixture of worthwhile features laced with slight oversights. The construction is solid, the package comprehensive, but the paddle and pump could definitely see some improvement. Yet, for a day out paddling on calm waters, it has mostly everything a paddler could ask for – minus the frills.


Pros and Cons


Having recently taken the Bright Blue 11’6″ Inflatable SUP out, I’m compelled to share that it indeed lives up to many of its promises. The board’s stability is remarkable, even for someone of my size (I’m a bit on the heavier side). The extra width makes a significant difference in balance, and it feels sturdy underfoot – almost akin to a hardboard when inflated to the max 15 PSI. The comprehensive inclusion of all the necessities – paddle, pump, leash, and backpack – is certainly appreciated. The pump provided is dual-action; it’s effective and gets the board inflated without too much of a hassle.

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However, this is far from a perfect product. Despite the dual-action pump being practical, it can get pretty exhausting as the pressure goes up – a bit of an arm workout before even hitting the water. The paddle, while functional, felt undersized in my hands. If you’re serious about SUP, you might want to invest in a higher-quality paddle for a better experience. A concern for those with sensitivities – the backpack caused me an allergic reaction, raising questions about the materials used. Additionally, while the board is touted for its portability, it’s still a bit of a challenge to get it back into the backpack once it’s been used, especially if you’re doing it alone.

Taking the Bright Blue for a spin was largely enjoyable but not without its minor drawbacks that need consideration.


Ease of Use

My hands-on experience with the Bright Blue 11’6″ paddle board has been generally positive when it relates to its usability. Setting it up for a day on the water was straightforward. The inflatable nature means compact storage and transport, which is a breeze in the provided backpack, although I had a bit of a hiccup with what seemed like an allergic reaction to the material of the backpack. Once I got it to the shore, inflation was a one-person job, and I was impressed by how quickly it took shape—the pump functions adequately, but an electric pump adapter would be a significant improvement.

On the water, the board feels solid and stable, thanks to its width. Being on the larger side myself, I appreciate the extra stability the dimensions provide. I did find, however, that the included paddle didn’t quite match the board’s size, and I opted for a taller paddle from a different set for a better experience. While this is a minor gripe, it’s something to keep in mind, especially if you’re tall or prefer a longer paddle.

Lastly, the durability suggests that the board will last through many seasons, however, I’ve only had it for a limited time, so the long-term resilience is yet to be conclusively tested by me.


Durability and Stability

After spending time on the water with the Bright Blue 11’6″ paddleboard, it has become apparent that the craft’s durability is a significant asset. The military-grade PVC material gives it a rigid feel akin to a traditional hard board when inflated to the recommended 15 PSI. Whether it’s the gentle bob of a calm lake or the chop off a beachside, stability is not easily compromised, and the board handles well under various conditions.

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However, the durability does come with an added weight, and the paddleboard clocks in at a noteworthy 25 pounds. This isn’t a drawback in the water, but it is something to consider for those who plan to trek with it over land to their paddle destinations. The high-quality drop-stitch technology adds to this heft, but it also provides an assurance of longevity, supporting weights up to 325 lbs without faltering.

My time spent with this SUP taught me that despite its strength, routine care is still essential. The anti-slip deck pad and reinforced PVC around the fin box prevent wear, but be mindful of how you store and transport the board to maintain its condition. The all-round touring design managed to live up to my expectations, making it a robust companion for my water adventures.



I’ve recently taken the Bright Blue inflatable SUP out on the water and gathered insights from other users to get a comprehensive understanding of its performance. On the whole, the board has received high praise for its stability and quality, especially given its price point. Many paddlers commend its ease of inflation and the convenience of having all the necessary gear included. I noticed it handled well on flat waters, attributed to its 33″ width that provides extra stability—which is particularly advantageous for larger paddlers.

However, not every aspect is rosy. Some users pointed out the paddle could be improved; it feels a bit undersized for a board of this stature, prompting a switch to alternate paddles for a better experience. There’s also a mention of the lack of a small-pump adapter, which I agree would be a useful addition to the package. On a more concerning note, an allergic reaction to the backpack’s material by a customer raises questions about its chemical makeup.

While the majority of feedback is positive, these critical points of friction could be vital for potential buyers to consider before making a decision. From my time with it, I’d argue that the Bright Blue SUP is indeed a worthy investment for its price, but it’s worth weighing the drawbacks to ensure it aligns with your individual needs and health considerations.


Final Thoughts

Having spent quality time on the BRIGHT BLUE All Round Touring SUP, it’s time to weigh in. It’s an affordable option in the world of paddle boarding, offering strong stability with its width, especially noted for those of us with a larger frame. The ease of inflation and the complete kit it comes equipped with are definite pluses, simplifying the setup process – a win for beginners and casual paddlers alike. However, I do have my gripes. The included paddle felt rather underwhelming for the board’s size, leading me to swap it for a larger one. I also experienced a peculiar allergic reaction probably to the materials used on the backpack, and for anyone prone to allergies, this could be a downside worth considering. A minor nitpick is the absence of an adapter for alternative inflation methods which would have been an improvement. Overall, while the board delivers on the promises it makes, it isn’t without its shortcomings that could sway potential buyers.

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