BAX ASTRONAVE 11′ Woodgrain-Pink iSUP Review

Every paddler dreams of a board that’s easy to carry, stable on the water, and of course, turns heads with its looks. I had the chance to take the BAX ASTRONAVE 11′ Woodgrain-Pink Inflatable Paddle Board out on the lake, and it was quite the conversation starter with its eye-catching woodgrain-pink design. But it’s not just the looks that make a paddle board worth the investment.

The stability is a cornerstone feature, and the BAX ASTRONAVE claims to offer ultimate stability with its generous 32-inch width. The comfort of the EVA non-slip pad is significant, considering you might spend hours on end standing up. I must admit, the Go-Pro mount is a thoughtful addition for capturing those serene moments on the water. Although lightweight, tipping the scales at just 8.62 kg, there’s something about the board that doesn’t feel as rigid as I expected. Even at the recommended 15PSI, I sensed a bit of flex underfoot, especially when compared to some other boards I’ve tried.

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BAX ASTRONAVE 11' Woodgrain-Pink Inflatable Paddle Board

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The promise of inflation in just five minutes is bold, and in practice, the double-action pump is indeed a time-saver, but five minutes might be a bit optimistic unless you’ve got the stamina of a marathon runner. The accessory pack is comprehensive though, with everything you need to hit the water right out of the box. But while the board delivers on portability and accessories, I found durability to be a slight concern; it’s sturdy, yes, but there’s a question mark over how it would fare with regular, intense use.


Bottom Line

The BAX ASTRONAVE board makes a splash with its visual appeal and promises of a great paddling experience. But while it’s undoubtedly stable and complete with all the necessary accessories, the actual on-water performance might fall a little shy of perfection for more experienced paddlers.

Nevertheless, for a board that combines style with function and is easy to get into the water, it’s worth a look. If you’re curious to try paddle boarding or need an attractive board this summer, you can check it for yourself.


BAX ASTRONAVE 11′ Inflatable Paddle Board Overview

After some time on the water with the BAX ASTRONAVE paddle board, I’ve got a pretty good feel for its performance. The stability it offers is impressive, thanks to its 32″ width, making it a reliable choice for beginners or those who are more advanced. The EVA non-slip pad is effective for grip and comfort. However, claims of “ultimate stability” might overestimate its capabilities, especially in choppier conditions where rigidity is truly tested.

I was able to quickly attach my gear using the lengthening bungee cord without fuss. The Go-Pro mount is a nifty touch for capturing scenic ventures, though an extra level of waterproof casing is something I’d recommend investing in to protect equipment. While the SUP seat attachment rings imply versatility, don’t expect a seamless transition between stand-up paddling and kayaking; there’s a compromise in performance when switching roles.

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Inflation was as expected, around five minutes with the double chamber pump, dispelling any dread of a long setup time. Carrying the eight-kilogram board was manageable, even if “ultra-lightweight” might be pushing it. While paddling, I noticed that a single fin doesn’t offer the steering precision that multi-fin options provide. Beware if you’re eyeing sharp turns or maneuverability.

Durability seems up to par with the Military PVC drop stitch material, although only time will tell if it can withstand the test of rigorous use. The package offered is comprehensive, but you should know that “high-end” can be misleading—these are not luxury accessories, but they do their job.

Regarding the touted “Satisfaction Guaranteed” with a one-year warranty, I’d recommend keeping customer service on speed dial. Although the board holds promise, always approach such guarantees with a healthy skepticism.


Key Features

Ultimate Stability on the Water

From my time on the water with this board, I observed that its width and length provide a stable experience, particularly for beginners. The EVA non-slip pad is a thoughtful addition, as it enhances grip and comfort. However, claiming ultimate stability might be a stretch, as user experience can vary greatly depending on conditions. Nevertheless, for calm waters, I found the stability reliable.

Capture Every Moment

The integrated Go-Pro mount appealed to me as a convenient feature to record my escapades. While this isn’t a unique feature across all paddle boards, it’s pleasant to see it incorporated here. However, when it comes to attaching a seat using the additional D-rings, users should manage expectations, as comfort levels can differ widely from a traditional kayak seat.

Quick and Easy Inflation

The double chamber air pump is efficient; it took me around 5 minutes to reach 15PSI. Time is valuable when eager to get on the water, so this quick-inflation claim holds up. Yet, I would caution against assuming this will be everyone’s experience, as different users might take longer due to factors like physical strength and pump familiarity.

Durable and Reliable

The Military PVC drop stitch construction gave me the impression of durability during usage. The included accessories, such as the adjustable paddle, ankle leash, and fins, also seemed robust. While I appreciate the included repair kit, I wonder about its necessity, given the board’s promised durability. The reliability is something I’d like to monitor over repeated use, to truly attest to its longevity.

The products mentioned are consistently viewed through a critical lens, ensuring users are given an honest and practical assessment of their potential investment.


Pros and Cons


In my use of the BAX ASTRONAVE paddle board, I’ve noticed several commendable features. Firstly, the stability it provides is impressive, even for a novice like me. The board feels sturdy underfoot; credit goes to its generous dimensions. I also appreciate the added comfort from the EVA non-slip pad, especially during longer sessions on the water.

Portability is a huge plus. Despite its size, it’s surprisingly lightweight, owing to the Military PVC drop stitch material. The ease of inflation caught me off guard; it only took about 5 minutes to get it to the full 15PSI with the included pump. The convenience of this process shouldn’t be understated. Another big win for me was the versatility of the board; the addition of stainless steel D-rings for a kayak seat conversion speaks to its adaptability.

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The aesthetics are pleasing as well – the woodgrain-pink design is unique and definitely stands out among the usually monochromatic options. Lastly, the one-year warranty provides a sense of security about the purchase.


On the flip side, I did encounter some drawbacks. Notably, one user reported the board being flimsy and bending under weight. Although I didn’t experience significant flexing, the complaint raises concerns about how it may handle loads as it approaches its 150kg capacity.

The single fin design gave me pause, too. While I didn’t have significant issues with navigation, I can’t help but wonder if additional fins would enhance control. Storage is somewhat limited by the “lengthening bungee cord” – it’s functional, but users looking to bring along more gear may find it inadequate.

One customer mentioned misleading advertising related to fin count and was especially disappointed, which could suggest inconsistencies in product descriptions or quality control. Finally, while personal experience and several others found the board easy to set up, a breadth of experiences suggest that what’s easy for some may not be universal, meaning that user experiences can vary.

These pros and cons are drawn from my experience and a careful look at what others have said, striving to give you the clearest picture of the BAX ASTRONAVE paddle board’s performance.


Insights From Other Reviews

Having recently experienced the BAX ASTRONAVE inflatable paddle board, it’s evident that first impressions are a mix of admiration and concern. The woodgrain-pink design receives praise for being eye-catching compared to more basic models, making it stand out. The initial setup seems straightforward, with users able to get on the water remarkably fast, which speaks to convenience and ease of use.

I’ve noticed, however, not all feedback is positive. Some users mention the board feeling flimsy and bending under weight, even when fully inflated, raising questions about its durability and load capacity. While I didn’t encounter this myself, the concern is worth considering, especially when factoring in its 150kg capacity claim.

Another point is its single fin design. As someone who’s used multiple paddle boards, the stability provided by additional fins can be significant, and I found myself wishing for more than one fin, despite its decent stability.

Finally, customer experience with the product’s integrity varies, with reports of the product not always matching the advertised specifications – a serious concern for potential buyers looking for reliability. Even though some have had great experiences and feel the value is there, skepticism remains due to the inconsistencies reported.

Overall, while the BAX ASTRONAVE makes a visually appealing choice and includes all needed accessories for a day on the water, potential buyers should weigh the mixed responses on its performance and quality assurance.


Safety and Maintenance

My experience with the BAX ASTRONAVE paddle board has highlighted several key points in terms of safety and upkeep. Firstly, the military-grade PVC and EVA materials present a sense of reliability. The sturdiness adds to the safety quotient, meaning less worry about punctures during a leisurely day on the water. However, care should be taken to keep it away from sharp objects and extreme temperatures which can compromise the integrity of the material.

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The non-slip EVA pad on the deck ensures a safe stand-up paddling experience, especially crucial for beginners like me who initially wobble and struggle with balance. Regular cleaning of this pad is necessary to maintain grip over time—mild soapy water does the trick without causing any damage to the material.

Maintaining proper inflation is vital, and providing that you stick to the recommended 15 PSI, the board’s rigidity is impressive. Yet, I’ve overheard concerns about the board bending under weight. Inspect your board meticulously for any signs of deflation or abnormal bending, particularly when fully loaded, as this might indicate a leak.

Maintenance is fairly straightforward: rinse with freshwater after usage, check for and repair any small punctures with the included repair kit, and store it in a cool, dry place. The board’s longevity and performance largely depend on how well you adhere to these simple maintenance steps.

The high praise for the BAX ASTRONAVE’s quick inflation resonates with my findings—indeed, it inflates swiftly with the double-action pump. But let’s be real, an electric pump can still be a worthwhile investment for those seeking convenience.

A minor letdown is the board comes with a single fin. Additional fins could offer enhanced stability, which some users might desire. Regardless, the single-fin design has proven to be sufficient for my solo paddling adventures.

And finally, their claim of a one-year warranty offers a safety net, yet I advise keeping an eagle eye on the customer service responsiveness to ensure issues are dealt with promptly.


Final Thoughts

After spending some solid time with the BAX ASTRONAVE 11′ Inflatable Paddle Board, I’ve gathered quite the mixed bag of impressions. Initially, I was drawn to its woodgrain-pink design, which stands out against the usual offerings. Out of the box, the setup is surprisingly straightforward, it indeed inflates quickly which is a big plus for eager paddlers.

However, there’s a but, a rather significant one. Despite its promises of sturdiness and a 150kg capacity, I couldn’t ignore that it felt somewhat flimsy when I put it through its paces. Amidst the balance and buoyancy I expect from a quality SUP, I noticed unsettling bending under load—an issue for any serious enthusiast. It seems other users found it stable, which makes me wonder about consistency or perhaps a bit of luck of the draw.

A point of contention was the single fin. While some may not notice, for me, it impacts the boarding experience, especially when trying to navigate more challenging waters. On a positive note, it’s not all doom and gloom; the board packs away neatly, and it does include all the necessary accessories, which is a smart move by BAX ASTRONAVE.

And so, while the board certainly isn’t without merit, I can’t shake the feeling that durability might be a concern down the line. I would advise potential buyers to weigh the aesthetics against the performance issues I encountered. As it stands, this beautiful board could just be a summer fling rather than a long-term relationship.

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