Aquaplanet Allround Ten 10′ iSUP Review

I recently had the chance to test out the Aquaplanet Allround Ten 10′ iSUP, and I’ve got to say, it’s got its highs and lows. Touted as a board fit for everyone from kids to adults under 190 lbs, it certainly looks promising for a family outing or a lone aquatic adventure across various water bodies.

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Sturdiness is clearly a priority with this board; constructed with high-density laminated drop stitch material, it feels robust and ready for repeated trips. The kit is quite comprehensive, too, offering everything from an adjustable paddle and ankle safety leash to a dry bag and a repair kit. Although the dual action air pump is a useful addition, inflation is still a decent workout in itself.

Aquaplanet Allround Ten 10' iSUP

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When it comes to size, the 10 ft length and 30-inch width of this board should be adequate for stability, yet I found it tricky to maintain balance occasionally, especially in choppier conditions. The folks at AQUAPLANET promise expertise and customer service, which I hope is as solid as the year-long warranty they claim to back their boards with.


Bottom Line

The AQUAPLANET All Round Ten stands as a middle-of-the-road option for recreational paddling. Despite some minor gripes, it’s a complete package that can withstand the rigors of regular use. My honest take? If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly, average SUP without the frills, this might fit the bill.

For those wavering on the decision, the All Round Ten is at least worth a closer look.


Overview of the AQUAPLANET Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Kit

Having recently tested the AQUAPLANET inflatable SUP, I found it to be a versatile option suitable for a range of paddlers, from kids to adults under 190 lbs. The durability is notable, thanks to the high-density laminated drop-stitch material and double-layered side rails, allowing for high-pressure inflation and added stiffness.

The kit is comprehensive, including an adjustable paddle, safety leash, fin, and even a waterproof dry bag, among other necessities like a repair kit, carrying backpack, and a pretty robust dual-action pump. The 10-foot length provides ample space, and the 30-inch width contributes to the stability, which is especially valuable for beginners.

However, some users might find the 15-17 psi inflation recommendation a bit demanding with the included pump as it requires considerable effort as you approach the higher pressures. While the board has a solid feel in the water and decent maneuverability, the included accessories like the paddle and pump may feel basic to more experienced paddlers.

Despite a few hiccups with the valve connection and a case of a ripped bag, their prompt customer service seems to make up for these minor issues. Overall, the lightweight design and the ease of transport make it a practical choice, but it’s worth noting that maximum performance is best achieved when respected within the weight limits.

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Key Features

Having had the chance to take the Aquaplanet All Round Ten for a spin, I’ve gathered some insights on its standout features. Here’s how it stacks up from my direct experience.

Versatile SUP Design

The All Round Ten truly lives up to its name in versatility. Aimed to serve kids, teens, and adults weighing up to 190 lbs, the board feels stable whether I’m on a calm lake or coastal waters. It offers a reassuring balance between maneuverability and stability, which is essential when switching among different water conditions.

Durability and Material Quality

When it comes to durability, the board doesn’t disappoint. Constructed from high-density laminated drop stitch material, and with double-layered side rails, I found it to be robust and rigid once inflated. Inflating this SUP to the recommended 15-17psi, it handled my excursions with no signs of wear or deformation.

Comprehensive Accessory Kit

The included accessory kit is a big plus. With an adjustable paddle, ankle leash, and a removable fin, I felt fully equipped. The waterproof dry bag and SUP carry strap are thoughtful additions for convenience, and the dual-action pump efficiently got me on the water with minimal fuss. The repair kit and sturdy backpack—while I haven’t had to use the former—give me peace of mind for longer trips.

Board Dimensions and User Fit

Measuring 10 feet long, 30 inches wide, and 5 inches thick, the board supports up to a maximum of around 190 lbs for optimal performance, although the total payload can go up to 120kg. Personally, inflating it to the suggested psi level gave me a firm and responsive platform, making for an enjoyable paddle session with good tracking.

Overall, the All Round Ten by Aquaplanet strikes a balance between versatility, durability, and thoughtful inclusions in its kit. However, users should be aware that reaching higher PSI levels can be physically demanding with the included pump, and despite its robust materials, careful handling is always recommended to maintain its lifespan. Overall, from a critical standpoint, the board offers a solid experience for both beginner and seasoned paddlers looking for an inflatable SUP.


Pros of the AQUAPLANET Inflatable SUP

I recently hit the water with the Allround Ten and found quite a few things to commend. The board’s versatility is a significant highlight—it handled well on different water bodies, which is great for those of us who like to explore lakes, rivers, and even calm seas. Its build quality impressed me; constructed with high-density laminated drop stitch material and double-layered side rails, the Allround Ten feels sturdy and reliable.

What’s more, the kit is quite comprehensive. It comes with everything needed to start paddling right away: an adjustable paddle, an ankle leash for safety, and even a dry bag for keeping your belongings safe from water. Toting the board around was not a hassle thanks to the included carry strap and backpack, and the dual-action pump got the board ready to go surprisingly quickly.

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As for performance, at 30 inches wide, the board offered a stable ride and it was responsive enough to keep things interesting on the water. Those new to paddleboarding, as well as more experienced paddlers weighing up to 190 lbs, would find the Allround Ten accommodating. It’s encouraging to see a product backed by a full-year warranty, showing the company’s confidence in their board’s durability. Having used it and felt its solidity on the water, I’d say the confidence isn’t misplaced.


Cons of the AQUAPLANET Inflatable SUP

I noticed a few downsides after spending some time with this SUP. In my experience, as you approach 10 PSI, inflation becomes physically demanding. It’s fine at first but getting it to full stiffness is a workout in itself. The kit’s pump did break on another user, which is concerning for longevity. Additionally, the backpack quality could be better; mine started to show wear pretty quickly, and another user reported a rip right off the bat. While customer service seems responsive, these are issues you wouldn’t want to deal with frequently.

One more point to consider is the paddle and pump; they do the job, but they’re pretty basic. If you’re used to high-end gear, this might feel like a step down. Moreover, while the board is light and easy to manage on water, there were occasional stability issues for users over the recommended weight limit. This board isn’t the best choice for heavier paddlers, as I found it does impact balance and overall performance.


Review Analysis

After recently trying out the AQUAPLANET All Round Ten SUP Kit, I sifted through customer reviews to see if others’ experiences echoed my own. On the whole, people are quite satisfied, with the board boasting a solid 4.4-star rating from nearly 700 ratings. Users frequently commend its overall stability and the comprehensive kit that covers almost all paddling needs straight out of the box. However, there are some common threads in the feedback regarding durability concerns, particularly with the air pump and the carry bag being prone to issues.

For instance, one user mentioned a loose connector on the pump’s hose which seems to align with my challenge of pumping the board as it approached 10PSI – it’s not the most robust. I admired its light weight and easy maneuverability, which many reviewers agree with, but it’s clear that some aspects like the valve and pump connection need improvement. The customer service appears responsive, helping resolve issues when they arise, but it’s worth noting that for heavier users above 80 kg, performance might differ. I’m keeping an eye on how my bag holds up, too, considering a user reported theirs ripped early on.

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Overall, it’s a hit for casual use and beginners, but the attention to detail on the accessories could enhance the experience for longstanding owners.


Support and Warranty

I recently had a chance to hit the water with the AQUAPLANET All Round Ten and I must say, the level of support provided by the brand is noteworthy. Upon purchasing, I learned that their team of SUP experts is always available to assist customers, which gave me confidence in the company’s commitment to their user base.

When it came to the warranty, I was impressed to discover the All Round Ten is covered by a full year warranty. This seems to reflect the manufacturer’s trust in the product’s durability, especially given its construction with high density laminated drop stitch material and reinforced side rails designed for high pressure inflation.

However, while the durable build suggests a product that can withstand regular use, as a critic, I feel it’s important to note that this warranty period may not be as extensive as some longer offerings on the market. This is a consideration for those planning to invest a significant amount of time into their paddleboarding adventures.

From a my pov, it’s reassuring to see the inclusions of a repair kit in the package, which is a practical addition for any unforeseen issues. This has saved me a couple of times from minor scrapes that could have otherwise taken my paddleboard out of action while waiting for professional repairs.


Final Thoughts

After spending a fair amount of time with the Aquaplanet inflatable paddle board, I’ve formed a solid opinion on its real-world performance. Firstly, I can affirm it’s a comprehensive kit that gets you up and paddling without the need for additional purchases. Unpacking the set, I appreciated the attention to detail—such as the inclusion of a repair kit, dry bag, and the all-important carry strap that makes transportation on foot a breeze.

On the water, the board felt stable and maneuverable, making it a suitable choice for both beginners and seasoned paddlers. The lightweight design is a boon; however, inflating the board to the optimal pressure did become a challenge as I approached 10 PSI, testing my patience and strength. It’s a minor gripe, but worth pointing out for those who might find this task daunting.

Customer service seems responsive based on my interaction regarding the pump issue. They were quick to offer solutions, which speaks well for their after-sales support. It’s also noteworthy that the paddle and pump are quite basic—functional but perhaps not suited for the demands of more serious or frequent users.

Overall then, while the board checks many boxes for casual use and comes with useful extras, the durability of the accessories and the effort required to fully inflate the board might detract from the experience for some. Therefore, while I’d recommend the Aquaplanet paddle board for its convenience and stability, these points are worth considering before making a purchase.

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  1. I’m somewhat small, so this board has been perfect for me. And bloody hell, I didn’t think it would be this good when I bought it. It deserves a little more praise.


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