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Aquaplanet 10ft Allround iSUP Review

Aquaplanet 10ft Allround iSUP Review

Aquaplanet 10ft Allround iSUP Review

Aquaplanet 10′ Allround Stand Up Paddleboard Review (2022)


Aquaplanet 10ft Allround iSUP Package
Illustration – sizes are not proportionate in the picture

The Aquaplanet 10′ Allround Stand Up Paddle Board is meant to be used on flat waters by smaller paddlers ideally weighing around 180 pounds or less. The board itself is otherwise cheap yet quite decent as it’s responsive and even snappy, if you will, also light and easy to transport.

A SUP board is always an investment and you would want to come back with the feeling of having had the best adventure holiday. This might be just the one for you.

Check the price and what other people think of Aquaplanet 10ft Allround Stand Up Paddleboard here.

Quick Overview For The Hasty

The Aquaplanet 10ft Allround inflatable stand up paddle board measures 10′ x 30″ x 4″ (length x width x thickness) and weighs approximately 22 pounds. It’s an all-around and has a weight capacity of 220 pounds.

Who is this for? The Aquaplanet 10ft Allround Stand Up Paddle Board is ideal for smaller paddlers, people who weigh approximately 180 pounds and below, and that’s due to the design of the board – it’s relatively narrow (30 inches), somewhat short (10ft) and thin (4 inches). A larger paddler may need a little longer and thicker board, and perhaps a wider one, too, such as the one Aquaplanet offers, the Aquaplanet 10’6 MAX iSUP for example.

How is the performance? Performance wise the Aquaplanet 10′ iSUP is definitely maneuverable, will feel responsive once you get used to the possible flex that comes with single-layer PVC construction iSUPs. The more smaller of a paddler you are, the more sturdy and stable it feels.


Who and What is the Aquaplanet 10ft Allround iSUP Designed For?

The Aquaplanet 10ft Allround Stand Up Paddle Board is designed for:

  • Who: ideally suited for people weighing less than 180 pounds.
  • What: flat water conditions like lakes, rivers and calm seas, but also smaller waves.

It is a great choice for beginners and helps you get on the water with ease. The board is rugged, stable and easy to manoeuvre on the water. Might not be suitable for choppy conditions as the ride might become too unstable were you a beginner.

Body weight plays an important role while using the Aquaplanet 10ft Allround Stand Up Paddle Board. If on the higher side, you might feel the pace is a little sluggish while paddling as the board sits deeper in the water the heavier you are (water resistance increases and so the potential speed decreases). Luckily, Aquaplanet has thought of that themselves already – they’ve got something for a little larger paddlers as well, the Aquaplanet 10’6 MAX Stand Up Paddle Board on Amazon (link opens in a new tab)


How Does The Aquaplanet 10′ Allround iSUP Perform?

The performance of the Aquaplanet 10ft Allround Stand Up Paddle Board can be charecterized by:

  • Stability (in the case of a smaller paddler)
  • Maneuverability

Since the Aquaplanet 10′ Allround iSUP comes with a mere thickness of 4 inches, it may dip by a fair amount in the water the heavier you are. The more deeper in the water the board sits the more water resistance there will be. You might not want the board to sit in the water much lower than half of it’s thickness when you stand on it because then it’s easier to handle and enjoy the experience as you glide on the water.

Check with SUP Buying Guide for more insights to get a better picture of what you might be getting into.

On the flip side, the Aquaplanet 10ft Allround iSUP is lightweight, relatively narrow, short, and thin, which means the board is highly maneuverable, snappy and responsive if you will. But that’s the case when you’re a smaller paddler weighing around 180 pounds or less.

How does Aquaplanet 10ft Allround iSUP board perform?

How Have I Conducted This Review?

This review for the AquaPlanet 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is to help you get a clear picture about the product, its features, functionality and usability. After diligently going through countless user experiences online I have summed up my own findings in the form of a review here.

The main idea of this site for me is quite humble – to learn about the world of SUP as I document my findings.


Specifications Of The AquaPlanet 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Weight (lbs)22
Ideal Rider's Weight (lbs)180 pounds or less
Outer Shell1-layer PVC
Inner ConstructionDrop stitch

1 – type:

The AquaPlanet 10′ iSUPis an all round product perfectly suitable to be used in flat waters. Its design and construction might not allow it to withstand unruly waters.

2 – construction:
It is inflatable, perfectly light in weight and quiet easy to carry. The design allows you to quickly inflate the board and maintain good rigidity as well. Board comes with a hand operated pump and can be easily inflated in 10 minutes.

3 – length:
The iSUP is 10 feet long that allows it to glide through the flat waters smoothly.

4 – width:
The widest position on the AquaPlanet 10′ Inflatable SUP is 28 inches which might not be as wide in comparison to other SUP boards. But if performance wise could come at par with many if you the tricks.

5 – thickness:
The thickness of the board is about 4 inches and is mostly because of the air filled inside. Ideally if you are of the leaner built the thickness might not be of greater concern otherwise the board might sit a little lower in water.

6 – weight:
The AquaPlanet 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board approximately weighs 22 pounds. This makes it relatively light weight and easy to carry.

7 – weight capacity:
The AquaPlanet 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is an ideal beginner level kit with a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds approximately. Although there have been no official conformations regarding this from the brand, many of the user reviews online suggest so.

8 – outer shell:
The exterior of the AquaPlanet 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is Super-strong laminated ultralight PVC.

9 – inner construction:
The core has been designed in reinforced drop stitch technology that imparts the required rigidity.

Aquaplanet 10ft Allround iSUP Board Specifications

What Is The AquaPlanet 10′ iSUP Made Of?

The construction and design of the AquaPlanet 10′ iSUP comprises of a single layer PVC material. A single-layer construction is not ideal, but for smaller paddlers casually wanting to enjoy the activity it’s close to ideal. It’s when a larger paddler happens to use this board – the board might not support such weights very well.

You may be wondering: what is this PVC material exactly (link opens in a new tab)?

The iSUP also comes with a double-sided military grade rock proof  rail tape that enhances the longevity of the board in rocky terrains. While the anti flex stability band helps better man the board.

Aquaplanet 10ft Allround iSUP Board Construction Illustration


What Are The Features of AquaPlanet 10ft iSUP?

The AquaPlanet 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is available in a dual tone blue colour with the following features:Aquaplanet 10ft Allround iSUP Board Specifications

  1. bungee storage area
  2. deck pad
  3. carry handle
  4. D-rings (4)
  5. valve
  6. D-ring (1)
  7. fins (3)

1 – bungee storage area:
On the front end near the nose of the board there is a storage area strapped by a bungee net.  The four point mounted area provides the perfect alternative to carry things while on the go. You simply have to slip your essentials underneath and they are secured.

2 – DeeP eva deck:
There is a deck pad present on the middle of the board made from superior quality soft and luxurious EVA foam. This not only provides a comfortable but relatively soft and non slip seat.

3 – carry handle:
There is a handle available on the middle of the board that makes it easy for to carry the board into the water after inflation. It is known to be made up of nylon and gives a good grip to hold the board comfortably.

4 – D-rings: (4)
There are four D rings present on the sides of the deck pad providing enhanced functionality by letting you add a kayak seat. Now you can turn your board into a canoe as well with ease. Apart from these there is also a D ring on the rear side near the valve. The ring has been designed to help you add a coiled safety leash to it. Strapping this safety leash on to the ankle keeps you close to the board. This is very important from the safety point of view. Also when the boat is not in use it can be instrumental in tying it to the dock.

5 – inflation valve:
It is located on the rear end of the AquaPlanet 10′ SUP and is housed in rubber for enhanced durability. The adjustable valve with a spanner included helps in easy inflation and deflation of the board.

6 – Dring: (1)
A D-ring at the rear of the board just behind the valve used for attaching the ankle leash, mainly. It could be used for towing and for other things one can come up with.

7 – fins: (3)
The AquaPlanet 10′ Inflatable SUP comes with a tri-fin setup that provides you the perfect navigation control while paddling. There is a large central fin that is detachable and the other two fins are fixed on the sides making it easier for you to man the board unlike many others with a mono fin set up.


What Else is Included With The AquaPlanet 10ft iSUP Package?

Aquaplanet 10ft Allround iSUP Waterproof Bag

Aquaplanet 10ft Allround iSUP Shoulder Carry StrapThe AquaPlanet 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board comes in a complete package to enhance your adventure experience on the water. Aside from the board itself, the contents of the package include the adjustable 3-piece aluminium floating paddle, heavy duty rucksack, dual-action handpump, coiled leash, also a waterproof bag, shoulder carry strap, and a repair kit.



PaddleAquaplanet 10ft Allround iSUP Paddle
The Aquaplanet 10′ iSUP package includes an adjustable aluminium paddle. It’s adjustable, so family members and friends can try it out without having to bring their own paddle. It also fits in the backpack. You may want to quickly learn more about SUP paddles in general (link opens in a new tab).

Aquaplanet 10ft Allrou iSUP BackpackBackpack
The Aquaplanet 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package also includes a heavy duty carry rucksack. The board along with the paddle and other accessories fit inside the bag just fine. The bag measures roughly 2′6″ x 18″ x 1′ (height x width x depth) or around 800-850mm x 350-450mm x 230-300mm (height x width x depth).

PumpAquaplanet 10ft Allround iSUP Pump
The iSUP kit also includes a hand air pump. It takes approximately 3-7 minutes to inflate the board and can be considered a good warm up before getting on the water. The recommended pressure is around 15, but it can go up to 17 PSI recommended max. The pump comes with a pressure gauge for monitoring the air pressure inside the board as you pump.

Aquaplanet 10ft Allround iSUP LeashAnkle leash
The Aquaplanet 10ft Allround iSUP Package includes a coiled ankle leash. Strap it on to your ankle so that the board does not stray away with flow of the water were you to fall for example.

Repair kit Aquaplanet 10ft Allround iSUP Repair Kit
This inflatable SUP package also has a repair kit that includes PVC patches, adhesive, and a valve wrench. This repair kit ensures that you have help within reach.


So Is The Aquaplanet 10′ iSUP For You?

The Aquaplanet 10ft Allround Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is a perfect choice for beginners of all age groups. ItIs the Aquaplanet 10ft Allround iSUP for you? is an all round paddle board suitable for flat water conditions. The only glitch that the board might have is that how much maximum load it could withstand, but it’s clear that it’s more for smaller paddlers weighing around 180 pounds or less. There is no documented information available regarding the same from the brand though.

If you do happen to get it for yourself, you may want to check out this post on How To Take Care of an iSUP (link opens in a new tab) and to learn why it’s important.

It might not be for you if you were a larger paddler or were simply looking for something with more speed. The Aquaplanet 10ft Allround iSUP is more of a snappy board than it is a speedy one. But AquaPlanet has a fix for the larger paddlers too, they’ve got the Aquaplanet 10’6 MAX SUP Board Package in display.


Where To Buy The AquaPlanet 10ft iSUP Package?

An ideal alternative to buy the AquaPlanet 10ft Allround Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board would be to go to a physical shop. This would allow you to examine the product before buying. Also you can take along an expert to provide you with some valuable tips.

If purchasing from a physical store was not an option, you can look for the SUP board from online stores as well.

Since we’re talking about AquaPlanet here, they mainly operate via Amazon by themselves, so that’s where you’ll most likely find them and their boards, the Aquaplanet 10ft Allround SUP Board Package (for smaller paddlers), but also the Aquaplanet 10’6 MAX iSUP Board Package (for a little larger paddlers).



The AquaPlanet 10ft Allround Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is an all round choice perfectly suited for flat waters like the calm canals, rivers, lakes and seas. It comes in a very convenient and compact packaging that makes it easy to carry around. Assembling the product is also quite simple and can be done in less than ten minutes. This can be a quality buy at an almost matchless price.

Aquaplanet Brand
The brand is known to provide high quality SUP boards at an affordable price.

AquaPlanet 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
This is a perfect inflatable paddle board suitable for sunny day, beginners and families, paddling enthusiasts in general. A superior quality paddle board for the price and ideal for flat water conditions. Can be more efficiently used by paddlers weighing less than 180 pounds.

Included Accessories
The Aquaplanet 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board comes with a list of accessories includes the board, paddle, backpack, pump, repair kit and a coiled leash.

There is no particular warranty information available apart from a mention of a 1-year warranty along with an exceptional customer support.

Where To Buy
It’s simple, buy here: Aquaplanet 10ft Allround here.



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