Murtisol Pro 10.5′ iSUP Review

In my quest for the perfect paddleboard, I recently got my hands on the Murtisol Inflatable Paddle Board. Just got back from testing it out on the lake, and I must say, its sturdiness caught me off guard. Even with a slight chop on the water, the board barely flinched under my weight, which put my initial worries about its balance and buoyancy to rest.

What sets this board apart is the ultra-thick PVC construction and a top deck that boasts premium anti-slip design. Though they claim it can hold up to 350 lbs, I can’t vouch for that, but it sure felt secure under my feet. The paddle, adjustable and light, did its job without much fuss, although I’ve handled more ergonomic ones in the past. I was skeptical about the backpack, but it turned out to be quite the keeper; it stored all the accessories without a hitch.

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Murtisol Inflatable Paddle Board

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Yet, it’s not all sunshine for the Murtisol. The dual-chamber pump, though efficient in theory, will give you a bit of a workout before reaching the desired PSI. And while the ankle strap and three fins are decent additions, they didn’t particularly stand out against competitors.


Bottom Line

While the Murtisol Paddle Board may not redefine the industry, it certainly offers enough to justify giving it a shot. If you want a board that feels steady underfoot and comes with a commendable accessory set, this could do the trick.

However, let’s not pretend it’s without its shortcomings. The inflation process could be smoother, and the paddle could get a design update.


Overview of the Murtisol Paddle Board

I recently got my hands on the Murtisol inflatable paddle board and tested it out on the water. At first glance, the board boasts a sleek lake blue color and feels sturdy due to its PVC construction. The package claims an ultra-thick design aimed at supporting up to 350 lbs, and I found it sufficiently rigid during my paddling session, showing no signs of bending or buckling.

While the board felt stable underfoot, thanks to the anti-slip top deck, the promised perfect backpack didn’t live up to my expectations; although functional, I’d appreciate more comfort and better compartmentalization for long-distance treks. However, the dual-chamber pump definitely stood out—it inflated the board much quicker than other pumps I’ve used, making the setup less of a hassle.

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The company provides a 2-year warranty, which gives some peace of mind, but only time will tell how well this board holds up with regular use. Overall, the Murtisol paddle board offers a decent value for its price, but I would hesitate to call it the best option out there without a more comprehensive overview of its long-term performance.


Key Features

After spending some time with the Murtisol paddle board, I’ve got a few key insights to share. From its inflation efficiency to the details of its accessories, there are several aspects worth noting.

Fast Inflation Technology

I was genuinely impressed with the inflation system of this board. The dual-chamber, triple-action pump is a significant time-saver – getting the board from flat to fully inflated wasn’t the usual chore. Instead, reaching the recommended 12 Psi happened in no time, reducing the setup period before getting on the water.

Premium Backpack

The storage solution provided with the board is top-notch. Most SUP backpacks are an afterthought, but not this one. It’s spacious, accommodating the board and all accessories without any hassle. Comfort in carrying it is decent; however, I found the shoulder straps could use a bit more padding for longer treks.

Anti-Slip Top Deck & Ultra-Thick

Now let’s talk about the top deck. Safety is paramount, and the anti-slip surface on this board is truly commendable. It provides a stable platform, crucial for both beginners and those tackling choppier conditions. The luxurious PVC deck pad does improve grip, although it can feel a bit rigid underfoot at times. Durability is a strong point here, with the board’s ultra-thick design promising longevity and a hefty weight capacity of up to 350 lbs.

Complete Accessory Package

Out of the box, the board comes with a well-rounded set of accessories. The ankle strap, fins, and adjustable paddle are all fairly standard in quality – reliable but nothing extraordinary. The patch kit is a practical addition, although I hope you never need it. The quick inflation and deflation valve is a thoughtful touch, cutting down the time spent on the shore. However, beginners may want more guidance on using these accessories effectively.

Overall, the Murtisol board brings a lot to the table with features usually seen on more expensive models. That said, I can’t help but feel there’s a slight gap between the promise of premium accessories and the actual quality of some of these extras.

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Pros and Cons


After spending some quality time with the Murtisol Inflatable Paddle Board, I’ve experienced firsthand what makes it stand out. One quality I can’t help but appreciate is how quickly the board inflates, thanks to its advanced pump technology. It’s a relief not to spend ages prepping to get on the water.

The included backpack is a true gem. It’s one of those things you don’t realize you need until you have it. Transporting the board is a breeze, and the comfort it provides is top-notch compared to other brands I’ve tried.

Safety features on this board are commendable, notably the anti-slip deck. My footing felt secure even when the board was slick with water, which is a massive plus for novices and seasoned paddlers alike.

Additionally, the weight capacity is impressive. I didn’t have to worry about overloading the board, which speaks volumes about its robust construction, making it a stable choice for larger paddlers.


However, not every aspect of the Murtisol board left me totally satisfied. Despite the stand-out features, I did notice that the ultra-thick design, while supportive, added bulk. This made the board less agile in the water than some sleeker designs.

Another point of contention is the paddle. While functional, the lightweight feel gives me pause, raising questions about its long-term durability in demanding conditions or after extensive use.

Lastly, the plethora of included accessories can be both a blessing and a curse. Newcomers might feel overwhelmed by the choices and could benefit from a more simplified setup experience.

From my perspective, the Murtisol Inflatable Paddle Board is a mixed bag. The pros make it a competitive option, but the cons leave room for possible improvements.


Building the Excitement

Recently, I took the Murtisol paddle board out for a spin, and I must say, the experience was a mix of highs and lows. On the bright side, inflating this board was a breeze thanks to the dual chamber pump. It’s genuinely noticeable how much quicker I got it ready compared to other boards I’ve used. Once on the water, the stability and buoyancy of this board were commendable. With a robust anti-slip top deck, I felt secure and comfortable throughout my paddling session. The ultra-thick material also reassured me that durability wasn’t an afterthought.

However, not everything knocked my socks off. While the included backpack claims to be top-notch, I found it a tad clunky and less comfortable than my personal expectations. Likewise, while the board supports up to 350lbs, I did notice some flex under my weight, which wasn’t entirely confidence-inspiring. For those considering this purchase, weigh the pros and cons. You’re getting a full kit that delivers on most promises, yet there might be slight misses depending on your individual needs and preferences.

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Customer Testimonials

Having had the chance to try out the Murtisol Inflatable Paddle Board, I’ve browsed through numerous online reviews to see if my experiences align with others. The consensus? Owners are rather pleased with the value proposition. Many highlight the efficiency of the included dual-chamber pump, which simplifies the setup by making inflation quicker than with standard pumps. I found this to be true in my trials—the board reached full firmness without leaving me exhausted.

Additionally, the 10L waterproof bag that accompanies the board is a hit among users for its functionality. I tested its waterproof claims during an outing and can confirm your essentials do stay dry. Seasoned and novice paddlers alike seem to agree on the board’s excellent buoyancy and stability. I felt secure on its wider deck, which supports weight comfortably, allowing for smooth sailing across the water.

Some reviewers voiced their satisfaction with the lightweight paddle and the convenience of the multifunction bag. Again, my use mirrors this feedback, the paddle was indeed light and the bag handy for transport. However, I must point out—while the board is solid when inflated to the recommended pressure, some may find it a tad less rigid compared to non-inflatable options. Overall, this board makes for a compelling choice, providing most of what you need to get started, despite its few, not overly concerning, drawbacks.


Final Thoughts

Having taken the Murtisol paddleboard out numerous times, I’ve gotten quite familiar with its performance and quirks. It stands out notably for the efficient dual-chamber, triple-action pump included in the package, which significantly cuts down inflation time. The backpack, too, impressively juggles convenience and durability. On the water, stability is one of its strongest attributes, accommodating a range of weights without compromising buoyancy or maneuverability.

However, it’s not without flaws. The paddle, while light, doesn’t have the same robust feel as some high-end models, though it functions well enough for casual use. Aesthetically, the design is fairly standard, so don’t expect to turn heads based on looks alone.

Overall, at this price point, what Murtisol offers here is substantial value, especially for those newer to the sport or anyone seeking an all-inclusive set to start paddling without fuss. After all, a stable and reliable board is what makes the amateur and the enthusiast’s experiences alike more enjoyable on the water.

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