Aqua Plus 10’6 iSUP Review

As someone who enjoys paddleboarding, I was keen to test the Aqua Plus Inflatable SUP. I was pleasantly surprised by its portability; when deflated, it’s the size of a large backpack, yet when inflated, it’s a full-size 10’6″ board that is both wide and stable. The military-grade PVC material gave me confidence that it would endure the scuffs and bumps that come with regular use.

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The Aqua Plus SUP felt similar to a hard board once inflated to the proper PSI. While the deck’s diamond groove traction offered good grip, it was slightly less cushy than I would’ve liked for longer sessions. The board’s bungee system was handy for securing my gear, though the placement could have been optimized to allow more space for movement. The single removable fin presented a compromise between stability and maneuverability, which I found to be a double-edged sword—great for calm conditions but a bit lacking when tracking in choppier waters.

Bottom Line

For those new to the sport or casual paddleboarders, the Aqua Plus offers a balance of stability and convenience at an accessible price point.

It’s a practical option for families or individuals who prioritize ease of transport and storage.


Aqua Plus 6 Inches Thick Inflatable SUP Overview

After taking the Aqua Plus inflatable SUP to the water, I noticed several qualities worth mentioning. Though the marketing emphasizes its portability, and rightly so—deflating to a mere foot in diameter and weighing only 20lbs—it’s the on-water experience that truly defines its value. I found it to be stable and versatile for different skill levels, supporting up to 330lbs with ease which makes it a reliable choice for a diverse range of paddlers.

It claims a rigid design that closely mimics a hard board, thanks to its military-grade PVC. While it does feel sturdy underfoot, I couldn’t help but recall that feeling isn’t as firm as the traditional non-inflatable boards which might be a consideration for the purists.

The deck offers a good amount of traction and the handy D-rings and bungee cords are convenient for securing gear. However, despite these practicalities, the accessories like the aluminum paddle, while fully adjustable, didn’t quite offer the same quality experience as some higher-end paddles in terms of comfort and stroke efficiency.

Included in the package is a backpack and shoulder strap which do make transportation easier. The double action pump is effective, though reaching the correct inflation does require a fair amount of elbow grease and the transition to single action seems a tad cumbersome when you’re eager to get going.

Overall, this Aqua Plus inflatable SUP has its high points for casual paddlers looking for a convenient, easy-to-transport board, but for those who are serious about their performance on the water, there might be a few compromises to consider.

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Key Features

Investing in a paddleboard is no small consideration, so I’ve spent considerable time putting the Aqua Plus 6″ Thick Inflatable SUP through its paces. Below, I’ll detail the key features that stood out during my usage, both positive and counterpoints to consider, for a truly balanced view.

Ultra Portable

The Aqua Plus SUP offers impressive portability. I had no trouble deflating it down to a compact size of just 1 foot in diameter and 37 inches in length. Weighing in at 20lbs, I found it easy to carry around, and it fit snugly into its included travel backpack. However, if you’re petite or not used to leveraging weight on your shoulders, transporting this over longer distances might not be as effortless.

Rigid Design

Upon inflation, I noticed that the board felt almost as sturdy as a hard board. The military-grade PVC Drop Stitch Fabric construction was palpable, providing substantial rigidity. It handled my weight well, supporting up to 330lbs, which caters to a variety of users. Though it’s strong, I experienced a bit of flex in choppy waters, which could challenge beginners or detract from an otherwise solid performance.

Deck Features

The 5mm thick diamond groove traction on the deck ensured I had a secure grip while paddling, which is particularly appreciated during longer sessions or wet conditions. Also, with 11 stainless steel D-Rings along with a bungee cord system on the front deck, securing my gear was a breeze. While ample, I found the storage system could be overwhelmed if you’re planning on bringing along more extensive gear.

Complete Package

Aqua Plus didn’t skimp on accessories. The fully adjustable aluminum paddle, shoulder strap, coil leash, waterproof bag, and an easy-to-use double-action pump are all included. The paddle adjustment from 65-82 inches is versatile for users of different heights. The dual-phase pump innovation is handy; it made inflating the SUP notably easier until higher pressures were needed. Yet, reaching the desired PSI required some elbow grease, which might be a negative for some.

Considering my experience, these are the attributes that I found framed the real-world performance of the Aqua Plus Inflatable SUP. Potential buyers should weigh these experiences against their personal needs and capabilities.

Pros and Cons


Through numerous outings with this inflatable SUP, its durability has been notable—it’s taken some scrapes without showing damage, which speaks to the quality of the construction. Its portability is a standout: deflated, it takes up minimal space and it’s quite convenient when traveling to lakes or rivers.

Another upside is the stability. Whether I’m on calm waters or facing mild chop, the board offers a sturdy platform for paddling sessions. For a beginner or an intermediate user, the stability is reassuring, especially when getting the hang of balancing.

The complete package is also beneficial—coming with an adjustable paddle, travel backpack, shoulder strap, a coil leash, and more. I found it’s often ready for an excursion straight out of the box without needing to purchase additional accessories.

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However, the SUP isn’t without its flaws. The single fin design, compared to other models with three fins, can affect its tracking in water; I often had to correct my course more than I’d like. Also, the white color of the deck pad shows dirt easily, meaning frequent cleaning is necessary to keep it looking sharp.

Inflation can be a workout on its own: even though it’s relatively quick, it’s still a job to get it to full rigidity, and achieving high PSI with the hand pump is a challenge. More so, at around 15psi, some bending is still noticeable, especially when compared to hard boards or more premium inflatable models.

Lastly, after constant use, I observed some issues with the shape of the board. While not significant, there was a minor tilt at the head on one of the boards, which, although it didn’t drastically affect performance, may speak to some inconsistencies in manufacturing.

Assessing the Build Quality

In my hands-on experience with the Aqua Plus Inflatable SUP, the first thing I noticed was its robustness. Despite its light weight of 9 kilograms, the material feels resilient, reassuring me of its durability for regular SUP paddling. The craftsmanship appears meticulous. The seams are well-bonded, and I’ve observed no flaws in the lamination process that could raise any red flags regarding longevity.

However, after a couple of outings, I spotted a slight bend in the board even when inflated to the recommended 15psi. While the board remains functional, this bend could affect performance and suggests that the rigidity might not be comparable to more expensive models, which can be a bit disappointing. On the positive side, the paddle board’s surface displays a decent quality texture, improving grip and contributing to a better paddling session.

There’s a substantial difference between this model and higher-end boards. If you’re on a budget, the Aqua Plus does provide good value, but for ardent paddlers aiming for peak performance and impeccable durability, investing a bit more in a premium SUP might be the wiser choice.

Analyzing the Stability and Performance

Upon taking the Aqua Plus inflatable SUP to the water, I observed its stability firsthand. It feels robust and maintains its form, providing a solid platform for both beginners and seasoned paddlers. From my experience, the board’s width plays a significant role in its stability, a feature that I found particularly beneficial when navigating through choppier waters.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. The single fin configuration, while satisfactory for mild conditions, does not match the performance of boards with triple-fin setups concerning maneuverability. While paddling, I noticed that maintaining a straight course required more effort and slight body adjustments, hinting at a compromise in the board’s tracking ability.

Durability-wise, the construction quality is commendable and resembles that of pricier options in the market. After several excursions, I detected no apparent wear or signs of damage, and it withstood the occasional scrape against submerged obstacles well.

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One minor issue I encountered was with the pump. While the board does inflate relatively quickly, the hand pump will test your endurance. I recommend pacing yourself to retain energy for the paddling ahead.

Lastly, concerning performance, let’s be clear: this is not equivalent to high-end SUPs that professionals might opt for. But for leisurely lake or river paddles, the board holds up and offers what one would expect for its price point.

Customer Reviews

After spending some time on the lake with the Aqua Plus inflatable SUP, I’ve been digging through customer feedback to see if others’ experiences align with mine. Boasting a solid 4.5-star rating from over 6,000 reviews, the general consensus suggests a strong appreciation for the board’s quality. Riders find the SUP’s construction comparable to higher-end models, which immediately put me at ease.

On the water, this board’s stability is something several customers highlight, including myself; it holds steady even for someone new to paddleboarding. Some users have noted the board can bend slightly, even when fully inflated, and its tracking requires extra effort to maintain a straight path. I had a similar issue where I needed to adjust my stance and paddling technique more than expected.

Durability also seems to be a point of satisfaction, with one reviewer mentioning nearly two years of consistent use before needing a replacement. However, the SUP isn’t without faults. A minor quibble about imbalance due to a slightly tilted head was pointed out, though it’s largely dismissed as not a deal-breaker.

The consensus is clear: the Aqua Plus SUP offers good value for its price point with the necessary accessories included. Yet, for demanding or professional users, it might fall short of the performance mark set by pricier options. The carry strap and the appealing design are nice touches, but they don’t overshadow the board’s limitations, like the single-fin setup that some may find insufficient. I agree that—while this board serves well for casual and leisurely paddling—it might not meet the mark for more serious enthusiasts.


Having put the Aqua Plus inflatable SUP through its paces, I can confidently say that it’s a solid choice for both novices and seasoned paddlers. The rugged construction meets expectations of durability and stability on the water, without any signs of premature wear even after multiple uses. I found the single-fin design adequate, though it doesn’t quite match up to multi-fin setups when it comes to tracking precision.

My board’s inflation process was straightforward, and the board felt firm at the recommended PSI. Yet, in comparison to pricier models, it does show some flex when fully inflated. A small issue I noticed was a slight tilt in the shape of one of the boards, although it didn’t significantly impair use. The shoulder strap is a thoughtful addition, enhancing portability, though the white color may be prone to showing dirt.

In the end, while the Aqua Plus SUP doesn’t rival high-end boards in performance or features, its affordability and included accessories make it a worthwhile investment for casual or frequent use.

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