Roc Scout 10′ iSUP Review

I recently took the Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board out for a spin, and I must say, the board’s stability and wide design caught my attention. Navigating through calm and slightly choppy waters, the non-slip deck proved to be a secure platform for both myself and when my friend — a beginner — gave it a try. The 10-foot long board felt sturdy underfoot, and even with our combined weight, it was nowhere near the 350lbs weight limit.

The paddle board’s build material, touted as being 50% stronger than that of competitors, did indeed feel robust. However, I believe that the real-world durability of such a material can only be assessed over time and with exposure to various water conditions. The comprehensive accessory pack that comes with the board, from paddles to pump, appeared adequate, although some of the accessories didn’t strike me as ‘premium’ as the brand suggests.

For those interested in exploring more affordable yet dependable options, check out our list of the best budget-friendly inflatable paddle boards. This list is especially useful for beginners or anyone looking to get the most value for their investment. Roc usually ends up at the top in those in my book.

Roc Scount 10' Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package

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Bottom Line

The Roc Paddle Board has its perks: size, weight capacity, and overall a good option for both newbies and seasoned paddlers.

Notwithstanding its robust feel, the longevity and actual superiority of materials remain to be seen.

For those looking to join the SUP community or add another board to their collection, this one might be worth considering, but keep in mind that ‘premium’ is a stretch when it comes to accessories.


Overview of Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

In my experience with the Roc inflatable paddle board, what stands out immediately is its robust build. Touted as being 50% stronger than its competitors, I found the board to feel sturdier than many I’ve tried. Despite my initial skepticism, the claim of an industry-leading 350lbs weight limit seems plausible; it didn’t buckle or flex under heavier loads.

The design caters well to a range of skill levels. I appreciated the extra width, which grants steadiness that both beginners will find forgiving and experienced paddlers will enjoy for its versatility. Stability is further ensured by the non-slip comfort deck, which prevented accidental slips during my use.

Accessories with the board are above average; however, it’s worth noting that the premium tag could set high expectations. While the materials feel superior, the pump connection did require a bit of effort to master, but subsequent setups were hassle-free.

Customer service is highly regarded, evident in the overwhelming positive feedback, which aligns with my interaction. Roc highlights their commitment with a significant 2-year warranty, distinguishing itself as a reliable choice.

Yet, not all that glitters is gold. Some may find the setup time—around 15 minutes—to be a bit lengthy. Although the board boasts easy inflation, patience is a virtue here. Moreover, the backpack may come across as cumbersome, and the bright colors might not be to everyone’s taste.

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While Roc positions itself confidently at the top, diving into reviews reveals the expected mix of praise sprinkled with the occasional critique. After all, no product is perfect, but Roc’s paddle board holds its own as a strong contender in the market.


Key Features

Robust Material Construction

After personally handling and testing this SUP, I can vouch for the durability of its materials. It’s been crafted from a high-grade Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) that truly feels 50% stronger than many other boards I’ve come across. The quality is evident from the first touch; this isn’t a board that’ll succumb to wear and tear easily.

Weight Limit & Stability

I was quite impressed by the 350lbs weight capacity, which is a testament to the strength and stability of the board. It’s clearly built to accommodate a range of users and activities without compromising safety. The stability is a highlight, providing confidence even when paddling through choppier waters.

Wide Design for All Skill Levels

The wide design is a dream for paddlers regardless of their experience level. I found the 33-inch width not only adds to the stability but also allows for a more forgiving learning curve for beginners. For seasoned paddlers like myself, it offers a comfortable stance for longer jaunts.

Complete Premium Accessory Pack

The accessory pack is comprehensive and a step above standard offerings. In my use, everything from the pump to the paddle and the carrying case felt premium. There’s also a delightful inclusion of a dry bag, which came in handy during my outings. Each component complements the board and enhances the overall paddling experience.


Pros and Cons


After taking the Roc inflatable stand-up paddleboard for a spin, I noticed some standout advantages. For one, the construction feels robust, apparently 50% stronger than some alternatives in the market. This sturdiness translates to a solid feeling underfoot, a confidence boost for beginners and a benefit for the more experienced users. The board features a commendable 350lbs weight capacity, which is reassuring as it can support heavier riders or those who want to carry gear.

The design includes an extra-wide shape, which contributes to stability and is a clear advantage when I’m aiming to maintain balance on choppier waters. Plus, the included premium accessories, like the paddle, pump, and bag, save me from making additional purchases. Practicality-wise, setting up the board is a breeze—it’s just a matter of minutes before I’m on the water. Lastly, having a company that’s USA-owned with a strong customer service background and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty provides peace of mind.


On the flip side, there are some elements to consider as potential drawbacks. While inflating is a quick process, it might take up to 15 minutes which can be a slight inconvenience if you’re eager to get going. Also, snapping the pump hose in place requires some finesse and might pose a challenge for newcomers.

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Although it’s touted for all skill levels, there’s a learning curve, and beginners might find the board challenging at first—stability doesn’t equate to a glide similar to hard boards. In addition, despite the quality and completeness of accessories, some might prefer higher-end paddles or pumps for an even better experience.

Lastly, while portability is a perk, the packed size can still be bulky for those with limited storage space or a smaller car. And although the board boasts bright, beautiful colors, it’s worth acknowledging that aesthetics are subjective and might not appeal to every paddler.


Usage Experience

My recent excursions with the Roc Inflatable SUP have brought to light a few observations worth sharing. The touted quick setup holds true; inflating the board rarely takes over 15 minutes, despite initial difficulties attaching the pump hose. Once familiar, the process is a breeze. On water, the stability and responsive handling impressed me most, suitable for beginners but certainly enjoyable for the seasoned paddler as well.

Included accessories—a standout feature—enhance the overall value. The backpack, paddle, and dry bag carry a sense of quality that sometimes exceeds that of competitors’ offerings. It’s appreciable when a bundled item isn’t a mere afterthought.

However, balancing praise with critique, I’ve noticed the vibrant colors and aesthetics may oversell the deck’s resistance to wear. While durable overall, the board’s surface is not impervious to scratches or marks, as some weekend escapades have shown.

While I can vouch for the Roc’s buoyancy and comfort, affirming longevity after more rigorous seasons will be the real testament. Regardless, the ease of use and the fact that it often feels like a product pegged at a higher price point cannot be overstated.


Customer Reviews

After having some quality time with the Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, I’ve taken a step back to see what other paddlers have experienced. It’s been vastly positive with an impressive average rating of 4.8 out of over 11,000 ratings. Fellow users have praised its ease of setup—most are out on the water in about fifteen minutes.

Users like me who are new to paddle boarding have found it welcoming for beginners. The stability and wide design make learning less daunting. Yet, some did mention a learning curve with the pump hose connection, although it’s a minor hiccup rather than a deal-breaker. Transitioning from kayaking or canoeing, others have remarked on the balance required for SUP, a skill quickly honed on this board.

The quality is a recurring accolade, with users feeling they’ve gotten great value for a product that competes with higher-end models. Despite being an inflatable model, I can vouch for the durability echoed in the community feedback—it holds up against varied water conditions.

The board comes with all the needed accessories, including a convenient backpack-style bag, which many, including myself, have found useful for storage and transport. The colors are bright and attractive, and the materials appear high-grade. A few practical paddlers made their decisions after extensive research, finding the Roc board to be a standout in the market.

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However, I’ve noticed it’s not just about the product. The brand’s customer service seems to have made considerable impressions, with reviewers feeling supported. On the flip side, some people reported longer inflation times than advertised, and there’s a general consensus that having an electric pump would be handy.

Overall, this paddle board seems to hit the sweet spot for both novices and veterans. The consensus tells me you possibly can’t go too wrong with this choice, especially with the solid build and thoughtful design.


Warranty and Support

After spending some quality time with the Roc Inflatable Paddle Board, I’ve got a firm grasp on what to expect when it comes down to warranty and the support they offer. Roc confidently backs their paddle boards with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is industry leading and gives a sense of assurance when making the investment. What I appreciate is the sense that they stand by the robustness of their product, especially considering the board is marketed as being 50% stronger than competitor boards.

However, good support goes beyond just warranty length. Their customer service is US-based, which tends to make communication smoother when you need assistance. I haven’t needed to cash in on that warranty myself, but from various feedback I’ve sifted through online, the company seems to be responsive and helpful in addressing and resolving any issues customers encounter. While it’s great to see that most comments are positive about the after-purchase experience, be aware that dealing with warranty claims can be a hassle, and there is no guarantee of a frictionless process.

Overall then, the warranty and customer support appear to be solid and reliable, reflecting the company’s confidence in their product. It does bring comfort knowing that if something goes awry with your board, there’s a support team ready to help and a warranty to back you up.


Final Thoughts

Having spent a considerable amount of time on the water with Roc’s SUP, I’ve grown to appreciate its wide, stable design. It’s particularly noticeable for beginners that the non-slip deck adds a level of comfort otherwise missed on some other boards. Pumping it up ready for action is a small workout in itself, but it’s straightforward and gets you onto the water in 15 minutes or so.

That being said, the pump connection can be finicky at times, and I’ve had moments of frustration trying to secure the hose properly. Once inflated, the board handles well and feels robust underfoot. However, the overall quality seems to be reflected in the price and while it holds up, it doesn’t feel premium.

Now, if you’re diving into the world of paddleboarding without expectations of professional-grade equipment, this board hits the mark for casual use. For those looking to make a long-term investment in the sport, you might find yourselves yearning for something a bit more impressive. It’s a solid choice for occasional fun, but serious enthusiasts may want to consider options that boast higher-end performance and durability.

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