DAMA Nature Wood 10’6 iSUP Review

When it comes to inflatable stand-up paddleboards (iSUPs), there’s no shortage of options. But the DAMA iSUP aims to set itself apart with features that cater to the adventure-laden and digitally savvy crowd. I recently had the chance to test it out on a tranquil lake, putting it through its paces to see if it lives up to the hype.

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What caught my attention first were the unique additions like the Sport camera mount. Sure, you can capture some picturesque moments, but is it just a gimmick, or does it add real value? Beyond that, the extra steel D-rings seem promising for added functionality, whether for towing or securing your gear. During my session, the board was stable and buoyant, thanks to the touted drop stitch material. The full accessory kit, including a height-adjustable paddle, dual hand pumps, and waterproof bags, all suggest that DAMA wants to offer more than just the board itself. Yet, when it comes to on-water experience, do these bells and whistles enhance or merely overcomplicate?


Bottom Line

For those on the hunt for a multifunctional iSUP that promises convenience and a few high-tech perks, the DAMA may catch your eye. The construction seems solid, and capacity-wise, it holds up well. Yet, I’m left questioning whether these features justify choosing the DAMA over simpler, perhaps more refined options. If you’re convinced that an iSUP decked out with camera mounts and additional D-rings is your pick for aquatic adventures, then by all means, take a closer look at this DAMA board and decide for yourself.


Overview of the DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Recently, I took the DAMA Inflatable SUP for a spin and found some notable aspects to discuss. First off, the convenience of having a camera mount is a clever touch for documenting outings, although it feels somewhat gimmicky. The idea is neat, but in practical use, I worry about the safety of my equipment when I’m more focused on not taking a dunk.

Inflation and deflation were relatively straightforward, though I wouldn’t call it quick; you’ll need a bit of elbow grease and patience. The added steel D-rings are a boon for carrying and tying down accessories, which I appreciated. However, I have my doubts about how long the rings will hold up under constant exposure to the elements and strain from cargo.

The PVC material feels sturdy, and the ‘wood’ design is aesthetically pleasing, trying to give it a more authentic look, yet I wasn’t entirely sold on the ‘natural’ appearance. They boast versatility for activities like yoga, fishing, and surfing, and while it holds up fine, I found that it excels at nothing in particular; it’s a jack-of-all-trades but master of none.

The accessory package is generous, and I liked the waterproof bag—useful for stashing away a snack or phone during an excursion. The idea that it could double as a life jacket, however, is a stretch I wouldn’t bet my safety on. The SUP carrier and phone bag are practical touches, aligning with the board’s intention for adventure, although they feel a bit on the cheaper side of the quality spectrum.

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While DAMA promises customer satisfaction, only time will test the durability and longevity of this board. It’s a solid choice for casual paddlers looking to enjoy a day out on the water, but for enthusiasts seeking peak performance or speciality uses, I’d keep looking.



Having recently spent some time with the DAMA inflatable paddle board, I’ve come to appreciate its practical yet innovative aspects alongside a few shortcomings. One aspect I can’t overlook is the sport camera mount – it’s a gem for documenting outings without fumbling with a camera or risking dropping one’s phone in the water. While this inclusion seems thoughtful, I wonder if the lure of becoming an “online celebrity” might distract from the serenity that water sports are known for.

The convenience provided by the extra steel D-rings cannot be understated; they enable easy carrying and the unusual option to tether boards together. However, is this feature something I’d regularly use, or just a nice-to-have that adds more clutter? Moreover, the claim of a 10-minute inflation time has me skeptical. The reality is that it often takes longer and requires considerable effort, part and parcel of an inflatable’s trade-off for portability.

Material quality is a shining aspect, with the board’s supposed high-intensity PVC prompt to evoke confidence and the drop stitch material feels robust, supporting a decent weight capacity which adds versatility for activities like yoga and surfing. Yet, the actual durability over time remains to be tested; such claims are often over-optimistic.

A complete set of accessories is a boon, coming with all one might need for a day on the water, though again, I question the longevity and actual necessity of each item included. For instance, a waterproof phone bag is a thoughtful addition but may not suit all phone sizes or cases.

Lastly, the manufacturer’s customer-oriented approach appears to be commendable, offering a “Customer as God Service” philosophy. While I haven’t needed to test this claim, the one-year warranty does lend some peace of mind. Overall, while the DAMA paddle board brands itself as jack-of-all-trades, prospective buyers should weigh the practical utility of its features against their unique needs and circumstances.


Pros of the DAMA Paddle Board

After taking the DAMA board for a spin, I can share some of its strengths, although with an observant eye. Conveniently, it takes about 10 minutes to inflate and even less to deflate, a plus for those eager to get on the water without much fuss. The added Sport camera bracket is a modern touch, allowing you to capture your moments on the water hands-free; admittedly, it’s a feature that feels current and thoughtful.

I was able to carry the board with relative ease thanks to the extra steel D rings, and connecting to another board was straightforward, bringing a social aspect to the experience. Though the paddle board claims a high weight capacity, suitable for activities like Yoga and Fishing, I stuck to standard paddling to assess its stability and buoyancy.

The full set of accessories is generous, ensuring you have everything you need to start your water adventure. However, I couldn’t help but notice that it appeals more to novices than to seasoned paddle boarders due to the inclusivity of the accessories, hinting that you might outgrow these as you progress.

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Paddling out, the board felt stable beneath me, supporting the claim of a solid construction suitable for various activities and different water conditions. Yet, the ‘perfect’ drop stitch technique advertised makes me wonder about its long-term durability and performance under constant use.

The commitment to customer service and the warranty is a smart move for DAMA, giving some peace of mind when considering this purchase. However, only time will tell if their customer service holds up to the ‘Customer as God’ promise.


Cons of the DAMA Paddle Board

After spending ample time with the DAMA board on the water, I’ve picked up on a few shortcomings that could be deal-breakers for some. While the board strikes an attractive profile with its nature wood aesthetic, the white underside has a cheapening effect, detracting from what is otherwise a premium look.

I appreciate the complete set of accessories, but the dual hand pumps left me wanting more efficiency—a single high-pressure pump would make inflation less time-consuming and physically demanding. While on that note, the advertised inflation time is optimistic; in reality, it requires a good deal of effort and patience to get the board firm enough for optimal performance.

The camera mount, pitched as a unique addition for capturing your water adventures, suggests utility but feels gimmicky in practice. Sure, it may appeal to those eager to document their experiences, but for the average user, it’s merely an afterthought.

The multiple D-rings, although intended for utility and convenience, can feel excessive at times, and for users not looking to tether multiple items, they serve little purpose. The storage options, as generous as they are, come across as over-engineered for casual users who simply want a paddleboard for leisurely activities.

Lastly, despite the claims of high manoeuvrability and versatility, the DAMA board isn’t as nimble as some of its counterparts. This is especially evident when trying to navigate through choppy waters or attempting sharper turns.

Objectively speaking, it’s clear that the DAMA board aims to offer versatility and extra features, yet not all these additions translate to tangible benefits for the user, which leads one to question the balance between functionality and flair.



Having recently had the chance to take the DAMA paddle board out for a spin, I found myself understand why it garners such attention. The praise heaped on its aesthetic appeal is justified; the board really is a sight to behold when out on the water. That said, I noticed a handful of customers found the white underside a bit cheap-looking, which didn’t entirely escape my notice either.

The full package is undeniably generous, comprising all the necessary accessories for a day out paddling, including an appreciated waterproof bag. But don’t be fooled into thinking accessories equate to substance. While I found the board sturdy when inflated, the inflation process was lengthier than I would have liked. Plus, those with limited storage might find the board’s size a challenge despite being inflatable.

In terms of stability, the DAMA doesn’t disappoint. Newcomers to paddle boarding, I believe, would appreciate the confidence it provides, even if the seasoned paddler might find it lacking in responsive agility. Over the year I’ve owned it, I’ve been pleased with its durability, although others have suggested long-term use sees no significant wear, which offers a reassuring nod towards its build quality.

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For families or those intending to bring pets along, this board has proven roomy and resilient. Yet, I can’t shake the skepticism about how two adults could comfortably fit and paddle without compromising stability, despite claims to the contrary.

In a nutshell, while the DAMA offers a reasonable quality to price ratio and ensures a pleasant journey for the amateur paddler, it’s hardly the paragon of value or performance. It’s a savvy choice for the casual user, but those seeking a high-end experience may need to look elsewhere.


Unboxing Experience

When the DAMA paddle board package landed on my doorstep, the first thing I noticed was the sheer size of the box. It was a behemoth, but surprisingly manageable to move, given the compactness and clever design of the packaging. Inside, each accessory was neatly compartmentalized, which gave me the impression of careful thought given to the user’s unboxing experience.

As I unpacked, I was greeted by the paddle board neatly folded atop a bundle of accessories. The waterproof bag, floating paddle, and hand pump were all enclosed within the same box, each with its own space so that nothing felt crammed or at risk of being damaged. However, my excitement waned a bit as the hand pump appeared less robust than I’d hoped. Durability is key, and I’ll be keeping a close eye on it during use.

The paddle board itself was pristine, no scuffs or marks, and unfurled with minimal effort, which speaks volumes about the material’s quality. Still, I was skeptical about the claim of inflation taking only 10 minutes – a challenge I am eager to test. On a positive note, the addition of a camera mount is innovative; it’s a feature for those looking to capture their adventures without fumbling with a camera.

In essence, DAMA has presented a practical and visually satisfying unboxing experience, radiating promise for the product’s functionality. I reserve my judgement though until I see how each component withstands actual water conditions.


Concluding Thoughts on the DAMA Paddle Board

After extensive use, I find that the DAMA Paddle Board strikes a balance between functionality and convenience. The built-in camera mount is a novelty, particularly for those who like to document their adventures. However, one wonders about the long-term durability of such features, given the demands of regular exposure to the elements.

The extra D-rings are a welcome addition for versatility, yet their actual necessity is debatable unless you’re keen on attaching additional gear or connecting with other paddleboards. I appreciate DAMA’s attention to storage and portability—features like the waterproof bag and carrier do ease the process of getting from the car to the water.

With a material that boasts high quality, I haven’t noticed any air leaks or significant wear, which is reassuring, but this is something only time will truly reveal, especially with the claim of using “the toughest drop stitch materials.” As for stability and buoyancy, the board performs well, supporting a good amount of weight without compromising maneuverability.

Customer service is touted as a priority for DAMA, and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty is evidence of their commitment, but I haven’t had to test this promise yet. The board’s design is eye-catching, but some might find the underside lacking in visual appeal, potentially reducing the perceived value.

Ultimately, the DAMA is an acceptable choice for those venturing into paddleboarding, providing the essentials without much fuss. However, seasoned enthusiasts might find the perceived benefits might not justify the cost, especially when considering the long-term reliability of such multifaceted accessories. My experiences have been largely positive, but I remain cautious and will be monitoring the board’s performance over time.

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