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XQ Max 10’6 iSUP Review

XQ Max 10’6 iSUP Review

XQ Max 10'6 iSUP Review

XQ Max 10’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review (2021)


XQ Max 10'6 iSUP PackageXQ Max 10’6 iSUP is a relatively cheap/budget speed-oriented all-around inflatable paddle board that has gone through a refresh in design going into 2021. It’s meant for average sized or smaller paddlers weighing up to 220 pounds due to its dimensions of 10’6″ x 30″ x 6″ (length x width x thickness). It’s otherwise a typical (average) quality vanilla inflatable paddle board suitable for casual, primarily flatwater paddling.

Paddle boarding, at least to me, is a surprisingly exhilarating activity even though it certainly doesn’t look like that from a bystander’s point of view. You’d think this board might be a little too narrow, but I’d say it only really adds extra adrenaline to the experience. But if you know yourself and “balancing” is your main villain then you’re probably better off with something wider indeed.

You can check its price here: XQ Max 10’6 iSUP package here.


Quick Overview For The Hasty

The XQ Max 10’6 iSUP measures 10′6″ x 30″ x 6″ (length x width x thickness) and weighs 26 pounds. The max paddler weight for it is 220 pounds and comes with everything you need to get on the water.

I’d call it a speed-oriented all-around due to its length-width ratio (more narrow than wide) and thus is suitable for average sized paddlers who don’t mind a bit of challenge in the form of balancing this craft, and that even on flat waters where I’d say it’s primarily meant to be used on. For more insights, you may want to skim through this SUP buying guide real quick.

On a side note, I personally wouldn’t use it for whitewater river riding or other more demanding water conditions. Just saying… So check with this article on SUP safety.


Who and What Is the XQ Max 10’6 iSUP Board Designed For?

Who: suitable for paddlers weighing up to 220 pounds.
What: speed-oriented all-around (rivers, lakes, seas, etc; challenging yoga, fishing, light surfing, recreational paddling, etc).

The XQ Max 10’6 Inflatable SUP is suitable for average or smaller sized paddlers weighing up to 220 pounds. Note that the board can handle more weight (up to 330 lbs), but I believe the 220 lbs is the optimal upper limit given the length-width ratio (more narrow than wide).

As I call it a speed-oriented all-around, meaning it can build up decent speeds whilst not being super stable by default, I’d say it’s meant more for flatwater conditions, be it on lakes, rivers or seas. You could potentially practice yoga on it, even fishing, but those more niche activities I find a little too challenging on this one, though very light surfing is an option. Overall I’d say it’s best for recreational uses on calmer waters.


Who and What Is the XQ Max 10'6 iSUP Board Designed For?


How Does the XQ Max 10’6 Inflatable SUP Board Perform?

The XQ Max 10’6 iSUP board is mainly:

  • Fast
  • Maneuverable

As has been mentioned many times over, the board is more narrow than it is wide, meaning it’s going for speed more than stability. We’re not, of course, talking about racing speeds, rather, and again, the aforementioned speed-oriented all-around speeds, cruising speed. Longer boards typically allow for more speed.

While it’s not exactly stable, it is relatively maneuverable. You can’t compare it with a dedicated surfing board’s agility, but it’s definitely more so than your typical stable all-around. Shorter boards tend to be more maneuverable.

How Does the XQ Max 10'6 Inflatable SUP Board Perform?


What Are the Specifications of the XQ Max 10’6 Inflatable SUP Board?

Specifications of XQ Max 10’6 Inflatable SUP board:

  • Type – speed-oriented all-around
  • Color – black, white, yellow / light blue
  • Construction – inflatable
  • Length – 10’6″
  • Width – 30″
  • Thickness – 6″
  • Weight of the board – 26 pounds
  • Max paddler weight – 220 pounds
  • Material – drop-stitch core, PVC layer, and non-slip EVA foam traction pad.

XQ Max 10’6 iSUP is a speed-oriented all-around, suitable primarily for recreational paddling on flat waters or calmer waters in general. It’s too narrow for yoga or fishing, too long for full-on surfing, but not long enough for racing.

It comes in 2 color variations: yellow or light blue coupled with black & white.

XQ Max 10’6 iSUP is inflatable. In other words, it’s filled with air. The recommended max PSI is 15, but between 12 and 14 is fine too. The inflation valve is located at the rear of the board and filling it up with air using the handpump that’s included with the package will take 10 to 15 minutes of non-stop pumping (the pump has a pressure gauge on top that usually starts to show the PSI at around 7).

The XQ Max 10’6 iSUP is 10 feet and 6 inches long (10’6″ or 10.5′). Most all-around iSUPs are between 10 and 12 feet long. It might not seem long, but given how narrow the board is, the length-width ratio is leaning more towards length and thus allows to build up decent enough speed when it comes to all-arounds. Longer boards tend to build up more speed.

It is 30 inches wide. The width of SUPs determines the board’s stability: wider boards feel more stable.

The board is 6 inches thick. Thicker boards tend to feel more sturdy. Though the ideal width of an inflatable would be 4 inches… Build quality and materials hold most iSUP back and so they’re almost always built 6 inches thick.

Weight of the board:
XQ Max 10’6 iSUP board weighs 26 pounds (relatively light). Some iSUPs can weigh as low as 17 lbs, most however around 30. However, at least in my opinion, 26 pounds is still fairly lightweight, all things considered.

Weight capacity:
The max paddler weight for optimal performance is 220 pounds. The board can hold more weight (up to 330 lbs), but at that point it starts to sit too deep in the water and wouldn’t perform as well as it otherwise would. That aside, the design of the board would simply make it a fairly challenging unstable ride for any1 weighing more than around 220 pounds anyway (though it would certainly be a good workout, albeit frustrating, I’d imagine).

XQ Max 10’6 inflatable SUP board is made of a drop-stitch core material with fabric and a single layer of PVC surrounded by final layer of coating on top along with the EVA foam deck pad.

XQ Max 10'6 iSUP Board Specifications


What Is XQ Max 10’6 Inflatable Paddle Board Made of?

XQ Max 10’6 iSUP board is made of:

  • probably single layer PVC

I can’t claim this for certain, but given how similar iSUPs are mass constructed usually in China nowadays I feel fairly certain assuming XQ Max 10’6 is thus built similarly as well. That is: core made of drop stitch material wherein the threads are held together by a layer of fabric which is surrounded by the layer of PVC at top and bottom half of the board. At the rails there’s likely a heat welded seam coupled with another layer of tape of PVC to further enforce the connection at the rails of the top and bottom half of the overall PVC layer. This would be a very typical construction most cheaper iSUPs are built like.

It’s not the best quality construction, but it’s perfectly fine for recreational use on calmer waters. Problems are likely to arise when taking this construction into whitewater or the like. Here’s an overview of iSUP construction.


What Are the Features of the XQ Max 10’6 Inflatable SUP Board?

Features of the XQ Max 10’6 iSUP board:

  1. Bungee storage system
  2. Center carry handle
  3. Deck pad
  4. D-rings (2)
  5. Rear D-ring (1)
  6. Inflation Valve
  7. Fins (3)

1 – 4-point bungee storage systemXQ Max 10'6 iSUP Board Features
Bungee storage system consisting of 4 D-rings located at the nose of the board. Here you can store items under the bungee cord. 2 of the D-rings holding the bungee cord also act as attachment points for a hybrid kayak seat which you would have to buy separately as the seat itself is not included in the package of XQ Max 10’6 iSUP.

2 – center carry handle
XQ Max 10’6 iSUP board, like almost every other board, has a carry handle located at the center of the board. It’s used to carry the board when it’s inflated. Since the board is narrow, there shouldn’t be much of any problems for any1 to carry the board using the carry handle under their shoulder. However, if the carry handle doesn’t work for you, for whatever reason, you may need to invest in a SUP shoulder strap.

3 – deck pad
The deck pad on top is where you stand. It’s made of anti-slip and soft EVA foam material.

4 – D-rings (2)
The 2 D-ring located at the sides on the deck are primarily meant for the hybrid kayak seat (not included in the package, need to buy separately).

5 – inflation valve
Located at the rear of the board is an inflation valve. This is where you pump air into the board using the hand pump. The recommended max PSI is 15, so staying between 12 to 14 PSI is optimal. The pump has a gauge on top which they usually start to show PSI once you’ve reached around 7 PSI. The valve itself looks to be a universal one called Halkey Roberts, but I may be wrong on this one.

6 – rear D-ring (1)
Final D-ring at the rear of the board behind the inflation valve is generally used to attach an ankle leash. Other uses include, for example, attaching an anchor or a towing rope. And in case you’re right now undermining the importance of the ankle leash, thinking you can swim and so you don’t need one, you might want to reconsider. Not only would using one show a good example to the young ones, it could save you when something unexpected happens. Unless you’re immortal, do check with this article on SUP safety real quick.

7 – fins (3)
XQ Max 10’6 iSUP has 3 fins: 2 fixed smaller sidefins and 1 detachable bigger center fin. They help with stability and maneuverability.


What Else Is Included in the XQ Max 10’6 iSUP Board Package?

The XQ Max 10’6 Inflatable SUP Board Package comes with an adjustable aluminium paddle, manual pump with pressure gauge, backpack, ankle leash, repair kit, and detachable fin.

Adjustable paddle
The package includes an adjustable (67″ – 83″) 3-piece aluminium paddle. The paddle along with all the other accessories fit into the SUP backpack that’s also included in the package. However, I’d say their quality is not super high. Fairly typical for cheaper iSUP packages. Even though they all claim their paddle floats, I’d be wary. It’s highly likely that the paddle only floats for a little while before sinking, so try to learn to not let go of the paddle when falling. You can learn more about SUP paddles here.

The XQ Max 10’6 iSUP package includes a simple single-action single chamber manual hand pump with a pressure gauge on top of it. The pressure gauge tends to start showing PSI once you’ve reached around 7. The recommended max PSI is 15, so you should stay somewhere around 12 and 14. For casual paddling that’d be rigid enough.

A backpack, as was mentioned, is also included with the package. Everything in the package fits inside of it (including the board itself when deflated and rolled up) and with everything in there it would all weigh roughly 33 pounds. The backpack features a carry handle and shoulder straps for easier transport. Note however that the quality of these accessories is mediocre, so handle with extra care. Don’t be alarmed though, it’s fairly common quality for accessories in this price bracket.

Ankle leash
Ankle leash connects you to the board. The ankle leash itself connects, usually, to the single D-ring at the rear of the board just behind the inflation valve. Now you might be wondering again, why bother when you can swim. There are cases of all kinds, accidents happen, and I’d argue that you’re not that special either. Say you were in the open water pretty far away from the shore and the wind picked up because you didn’t check the weather thinking it seemed sunny and calm – since the board is filled with air and is lightweight, it can drift away from you faster than you can swim. There are many factors involved that can work against you. So unless you’re immortal, do take a quick peek: SUP Safety.

Repair kit
In an orange tube-like container are valve wrench (to tighten the valve as it tends to come loose over time), and PVC patches for patching up holes when the board gets damaged.

Detachable fin
The bigger middle fin helps with stability and tracking. Make sure it’s installed properly or else it might simply drop out along the way. You can remove it in shallow waters. Usually it’s best to attach the fin to the board when it’s half-way inflated so that it locks in better.


So Is the XQ Max 10’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package for You?

XQ Max 10’6 iSUP a typical  average quality budget option that serves the purpose just fine (casual recreational paddling on calmer waters). As long as you don’t weigh much more than 220 pounds and prefer speed/maneuverability over stability whilst not minding the little bit of challenge that poses then I can’t stop you from buying it.

However, if you were looking for a true all-around paddle board to try a bit of everything, perhaps even the more extreme SUP activities like surfing and whitewater river riding then I personally wouldn’t go for this one. I’d say yoga and fishing are also kind of out of the question unless you wanted the added challenge when it comes to stability issues for those activities. Or if you were looking for a stable board to cruise around in in general then, too, I might want to look around more.


Where To Buy the XQ Max 10’6 iSUP Package?

Best way to buy stand up paddle boards would be from physical shops. That way you could gain much needed info, advice and tips from the enthusiastic sellers there (assuming they were experts on the field…).

If purchasing from a physical store was not an option, there are still online stores to check out.

Check the price or buy here: XQ Max 10’6 Inflatable SUP Package.



XQ Max 10’6 iSUP package comes with everything you need to get on the water. It’s fairly cheap and also fairly typical/average when it comes to its quality. Design wise it’s more narrow than wide which means more for speed/maneuverability than stability. The max paddler weight for optimal use is 220 pounds, though I’m sure it can handle even more weight, though it was hard to pinpoint the exact number, probably 330 pounds of max weight capacity. All that is to say it’s not very stable of an all-around inflatable paddle board and if you didn’t mind the learning curve then it might be just for you.

Included accessories
XQ Max 10’6 iSUP package comes with an adjustable aluminum paddle, manual pump, backpack, ankle leash, repair kit, and a detachable fin.

Seems to only come with the most basic seller platform warranty and upon asking for help will probably get a reply something along the lines of “use the repair kit”.

Where to Buy
It’s simple, buy here: XQ Max 10’6 iSUP Package.



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