EVAJOY EJ-HF024 10’10 iSUP Review

As someone who’s spent ample time on various bodies of water, I know that not all paddleboards are created equal. I recently had the chance to try out the EVAJOY Paddle Board, an inflatable SUP that’s been catching some waves in the paddling community.

Measuring a good 10’10” in length and 32″ in width, the board promises stability, which, from my experience, is crucial for both beginners and seasoned paddlers alike. Its construction speaks to durability, and the included accessories like the main fin, hand pump, and waterproof bag make it seem like a comprehensive package for anyone keen on stand-up paddling.

EVAJOY EJ-HF024 10'10 Inflatable Paddle Board

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Yet, while the board claims it can support up to 330 pounds, I’m always a bit wary of such promises with inflatable options. Sure, the non-slip grip surface did add an element of confidence to my stance, and the portability factor was impressive—you can roll it up and chuck it into the backpack without breaking a sweat. However, I can’t help but feel skeptical about the hand pump; such tools often seem to fail just when you need them most.


Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for an entry-level paddle board, the EVAJOY might just be up your alley.

With its user-friendly design and assortment of handy extras, it’s positioned to offer a solid paddling experience for newcomers.

Still unsure? Take a closer look and decide for yourself if it’s the companion for your next aquatic adventure.


Evajoy Paddle Board Overview

After spending time on the water with the Evajoy paddle board, it’s clear it aims to make a splash in the SUP community. Out on the lake, its stability stands out. Though designed to be user-friendly, it doesn’t shy away from performance. The width offers a confident platform that should reassure newcomers, yet this doesn’t translate to an overly cumbersome experience.

Its lightweight nature is surprisingly deceptive, mocking the sturdy appearance one expects from a rigid board. Dragging it to the shoreline was less of a workout than I had anticipated, a plus for those not looking to exhaust themselves before hitting the water.

However, the accessories included leave a bit to be desired. The pump, meant to be a facilitator to your aquatic escapade, fell short of expectations. The performance of the board wasn’t enough to overshadow the annoyance of a defective pump during my outing.

And while its construction holds merit for its price point, I noted cautionary tales of similar models—accessories tend to be the weak link. While the board itself might offer consistent companionship on your watery wanderings, keep in mind you may need to budget for supplementary equipment.

In the realm of inflatable SUPs, Evajoy presents an interesting proposition. It’s accessible, seemingly durable, and undoubtedly buoyant in both water and spirit. However, prospective buyers should be wary and weigh the cost of potential accessory replacements against the board’s initial affordability.

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Key Features

Having recently taken the Evajoy paddle board out for a spin, I’m ready to weigh in on its key features. Armed with firsthand experience and an eye for detail, let’s delve into what sets this board apart and where it sticks to the middle of the road.

Top Lightweight and Durable Material

It’s apparent that the Evajoy is built with durability in mind, considering the high-density water drop stitch material and PVC outer skin. With my own hands, I found it surprisingly lightweight for such a seemingly rugged construction. The board confidently holds up against typical use, though it claims to support up to 330 pounds—a figure I can’t authenticate on my own. While sturdy, a discerning user might expect even more robustness given the premium material mentioned.

Ultra-stable Board For All Skill Levels

Stability is a critical feature for any paddleboard, and Evajoy claims to cater to all skill levels. Indeed, at 10’10” long and 32” wide, the board offers a solid foundation for paddlers. The detachable fins intrigued me as they promised improved balance and coordination. On the water, they did provide a notable steady ride. Despite its “competition-level” description, one wonders if a board this accommodating for beginners might lack advanced features for seasoned paddlers.

Great Entry Board

Evajoy positions itself as a fantastic entry-level option—and it largely delivers. The non-slip grip surface is a thoughtful addition that definitely helped me maintain my footing. However, calling every rider a ‘hero’ at the helm comes off as a bit overzealous. Safety-wise, it’s competent, but I wouldn’t go as far as to crown every user; caution and skill are still prerequisites for any paddleboarding venture.

Take Evajoy On A Trip

Portability can make or break an inflatable stand-up paddleboard (SUP). The Evajoy is designed to deflate and roll up easily, sliding into a provided backpack that I found reasonably comfortable to carry. The promise of “conquering the ocean” might be a stretch, but it’s indeed travel-friendly, allowing for explorations far beyond your local marina. However, while the hand pump suggests “faster inflation with minimal effort,” my real-world experience begs to differ. Expect to break a sweat getting this board water-ready.

In sum, the Evajoy SUP doesn’t redefine the inflatable paddleboard market, but it does strike a balance between affordability and functionality. It’s a solid option for newcomers, though it may leave adventurous spirits and experienced paddlers desiring more.


Design and Usability

My hands-on time with the Evajoy paddle board revealed some insight into its design and usability. At first glance, the board strikes an appealing balance between aesthetics and functionality. Its red hue gives it a sleek look, and its dimensions suggest a stable ride. Despite the brand touting its suitability for all skill levels, I found the stability to be adequate for beginners, but experienced paddlers may desire more responsiveness.

I noted the board’s material—high-density water drop stitch with a PVC covering—appeared durable, and it proved to be lightweight when I carried it to the water. The non-slip grip surface is a thoughtful feature, providing necessary traction, though it’s a common standard in most SUPs and not an innovative addition.

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Portability is one of its strengths, with the entire kit packing down into a provided backpack. However, inflating the board with the dual-chamber hand pump required considerable effort. The promise of minimal effort seems overstated, and I can’t help but feel a more efficient pump could enhance the overall experience.

The included detachable fin did aid in tracking, yet the mechanism didn’t impress me as particularly robust, leading me to question its long-term durability. When considering taking this board on a trip, be aware that while the backpack and lightweight design are an advantage, the required effort to inflate might be off-putting.

Though Evajoy presents this paddle board as a gift-worthy package, complete with a serviceable warranty, the pragmatist in me remains cautious. The accessory kit is comprehensive, but as I maneuvered in the water, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there are more refined options available that strike a better balance between ease of use and performance.


Pros and Cons


After spending some time with the EVAJOY Paddle Board, I appreciate its lightweight yet durable construction. Made from high-density water drop stitch material and PVC, it’s no wonder the board feels tough and able to support weights of up to 330 pounds without feeling flimsy.

The 10’10” length and 32″ width offer more than sufficient stability, and the added detachable fins aid in balance, which I found particularly helpful as a beginner. I wasn’t constantly worried about tipping over, and the non-slip grip surface granted an extra sense of security.

One noteworthy aspect is the complete package that comes with the EVAJOY Paddle Board. The dual-chamber hand pump made inflation less of an ordeal than I anticipated. The portability factor rings true as well — it’s compact enough when deflated and fits into the backpack provided, making it hassle-free to get to my paddling destination.


On to the drawbacks of the EVAJOY Paddle Board, and I must say, not all that glitters is gold. Despite being fabulously buoyant and maneuverable, the package is let down by the included pump, which seems to suffer from durability issues. During my outing, a leak in the pump’s hose appeared out of the blue, cutting the inflation process short.

Another gripe I have is with the paddle itself — lost to the water during an unintentional dismount because it simply wasn’t buoyant enough. For the price, I wouldn’t expect to be fishing for my paddle at any stage.

While the board itself seems to hold up to scrutiny, the pumping troubles can be a significant inconvenience when you’re gearing up for what should be a relaxing day on the water. I would advise potential buyers to anticipate the possible need for a separate, more robust pump to avoid similar predicaments. Overall, the board stands up well enough, but the accessories could use a bit of an upgrade to match the reliability of the board itself.

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Having recently taken the EVAJOY paddle board for a spin, I must say it’s quite a sturdy piece for its price point. The board’s buoyancy and stability impressed me, considering its lightweight build. It’s no trouble to carry, thanks to the thoughtful inclusion of a backpack. This gear suits both the rookie and the adept, offering a good balance for beginners and enough substance to keep the experienced engaged.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. The hand pump’s durability is questionable—a leaky hose on first use is a letdown. And beware the paddle; it may not survive a dip in the deep. Some users might find the pump cap’s flimsiness a serious flaw, bringing into question the long-term reliability of the accessories.

For those on a budget, the board matches up decently with pricier alternatives, but I’d advise keeping expectations in check regarding the add-ons. As a whole, the EVAJOY board allows for enjoyable quality paddling, but it’s the ancillary components that leave me cautious—I’d think twice before giving the accessories unequivocal praise.


After-Sales Support and Warranty

From my experience, the support you receive after purchasing a product is telling of the company’s confidence in its offerings. For the Evajoy Paddle Board, users can expect a standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is quite common for inflatable SUPs in the market. What stands out is the included repair kit, implying a nod to the realities of wear and tear.

However, the excitement of such inclusions is tempered by the lack of clarity on the process to claim the warranty. I couldn’t find specifics on how seamless or convoluted the process is, which raises a brow. In an ideal world, there would be round-the-clock support or at least a dedicated portal for after-sales inquiries.

While Evajoy’s gesture of a warranty is reassuring on paper, there’s a noticeable gap in user reviews reflecting real-life experiences with their customer service post-purchase. This makes me question how they handle scenarios when things go south. A warranty is only as good as the company’s responsiveness and willingness to support its customers efficiently when they need it the most.


Final Thoughts

Having spent some quality time with the EVAJOY Paddle Board, I’ve come to grasp its real-world strengths and limitations. Its solid construction belies the price tag and offers commendable stability, enough for a beginner or someone of slight build to feel confident. The board’s buoyancy and agility in the water impressed me, although the paddle’s unfortunate tendency to sink did raise an eyebrow. The inclusion of a carrying backpack reflects the brand’s understanding of portability, which I found rather convenient.

However, the pump’s durability is a sore point. Encountering a leakage in the hose right off the bat is unacceptable, and hearing others struggle with the pump’s cap bursting off mid-use highlights a consistent weakness. While it’s admirable that the board is positioned as an affordable entry-level option, the accessories should not detract from the overall experience. In summary, the EVAJOY Paddle Board strikes a fair balance between cost and performance, but potential buyers should be wary of the subpar pump and prepare for the possibility of investing in a replacement.

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