FunWater New Tiki 10’6 iSUP Review

With the market teeming with options, finding a stand-up paddleboard that balances performance, durability, and portability can be a daunting endeavor. I recently took the FunWater New Tiki 10’6 Inflatable SUP out for a spin, and it’s been quite the talking point among my paddleboarding circle. It touts a lightweight design, coming in at just under 18lbs, and boasts a robust construction that’s promised to endure the wear and tear of both novice and experienced users alike.

This SUP is clad in military-grade PVC, which is a shoutout to its resilience. In practice, its stability on the water was noticeable, effortlessly carrying my weight along with some gear attached to the deck’s elastic string. Although the ergonomic handle and sensitive barometer are designed for ease, they’re standard features I’ve seen on many boards, so it’s more of a norm than a novelty. Portability is a huge selling point: the shoulder strap is a boon. The entire kit fits snugly into the included backpack, and setting it up with the manual pump is relatively painless.

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FunWater Inflatable SUP

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However, the market isn’t a stranger to these features, and what really counts is whether this board can distinguish itself from the swell of alternatives. The package comes with all the trimmings – fins, pump, waterproof phone bag – yet, the quality of accessories such as the adjustable paddle begs for scrutiny. It works, sure, but how it fares over time and whether it can withstand the rigors of regular use is something only time will tell. The customer service’s promises of warranties and hassle-free returns offer some solace, though.


Bottom Line

The FunWater Inflatable SUP positions itself as a versatile choice for paddlers of all levels. It’s not without its critiques – longevity of the accessories is a concern, and it faces stiff competition. Nevertheless, its lightness paired with the ease of transport provides a very tangible advantage.

Curious paddlers may find that the FunWater Inflatable SUP meets their needs adequately. However, prudence pays – pore over the specs, compare, and consider how this SUP fits into your individual paddling profile before making a decision. If it checks your boxes, take a closer look.


Overview of the FunWater Inflatable Ultra-Light SUP

After several jaunts across lakes and rivers, my impression of the FunWater Inflatable SUP is one of cautious approval. It’s notably lighter than many rivals, yet the promise of “military-grade” durability gives me pause—lightweight materials often trade off resilience.

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In use, the SUP feels buoyant and sturdy underfoot, supporting up to 330 pounds confidently—a claim I tested with my gear-laden paddles. Inflation is swift, attending to impatience well, though the hand pump will give your arms a workout before hitting the water.

The design appeals with its convenience. The ergonomic handle and shoulder strap are thoughtful touches, easing transport once inflated. However, I was disenchanted by the “sensitive barometer”; pressure readings can be inconsistent, making it tricky to hit that perfect rigidity.

The full ‘all-in-one’ package is a treat—no immediate extra purchases needed, even a waterproof phone bag is included. Nonetheless, my skepticism leans in with the accessories; they function, but their longevity is a whisper not a roar.

For the casual paddler or someone new to SUP, this board offers a solid starting block—just balance expectations with the reality that extreme performance isn’t part of the bargain. And while customer service boasts a comforting safety net with warranties, I have yet to put that to the test.


Key Features

In scrutinizing the FunWater SUP, I’ve taken a deep dive into what sets this board apart and where it falls short. Let’s take a detailed look at the core features and determine the real value they bring to paddling enthusiasts.

Innovative Military Grade Material

The SUP boasts a construction of military-grade PVC, a commendable choice for durability. Weighing a mere 17.6 pounds, this board strikes a balance between resilience and portability. The lightweight frame doesn’t sacrifice toughness; it’s well-suited for frequent use. While stacking it against the competition, I appreciated its resistance to wear and a longer expected lifespan, a reassuring factor for serious paddlers considering its price point.

Ergonomic Design & Ease of Inflation

FunWater’s ergonomic handle has undeniably streamlined the inflation process. My experience was that it required less effort to achieve the optimal 12-15 PSI—a clear advantage. The sensitive barometer, handy for monitoring the pressure, is a small but crucial touch. One drawback, though, is the manual pumping; convenient at first, it can be taxing over time. An electric pump might be a worthy acquisition in the long run.

All-Inclusive Package Contents

The all-in-one package is impressive; it includes an adjustable paddle, removable fins, a pump, and even a waterproof phone bag among other essentials. For me, this eliminated the need for additional purchases. The removable fins allow for easy customization of the board’s performance, catering to varied skill levels. While everything necessary is provided, the quality of some accessories—like the shoulder strap—could be improved for increased comfort during transportation.

Assuring Customer Service & Warranty

A standout feature has been the attentive customer service combined with a three-year warranty for the board and a one-year warranty for accessories. My interactions have been positive, with prompt responses and clarified doubts, signaling good customer support. This warranty period places the FunWater SUP above many alternatives, suggesting a strong commitment to user satisfaction.

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My time with the FunWater SUP was illuminating. Its selling points, like the robust construction and comprehensive package, do not overshadow its aspects that warrant skepticism, such as accessory quality and manual inflation. Engage with this board if you value a lightweight design and all-in-one convenience but be prepared for some shortcomings that might require a separate investment.


Pros and Cons

After spending a considerable amount of time with the FunWater SUP, I’ve gathered quite the list of positives and negatives worth mentioning. Although delightful at first glance, I’ve dissected the experience to give you a deeper understanding of what you might be investing in.


  • Lightweight Design: At just 17.6 lbs, this board is a breeze to transport, especially when you’re solo.
  • Durability: The military-grade PVC material does not just speak to the quality but delivers on it, standing up to frequent use remarkably well.
  • Stability and Comfort: The deck pad and design provide a stable platform with excellent grip and comfort for long periods on the water.
  • Complete Package: It indeed comes with everything you’d need to get started – paddle, pump, backpack, leash, and even a waterproof bag for your phone.


  • Inflation Time: Despite the claims, the manual pump can be cumbersome and time-consuming to reach the ideal pressure.
  • Adjustable Paddle: While it serves its purpose, the adjustable paddle might not hold up against intense use. The build feels a bit underwhelming.
  • Customer Service: The promise of stellar customer service and warranty does not always hold up. It’s not unheard of to have warranty claims or questions lost in a sea of customer service backlogs.
  • Packaging Issues: A handful of times, the package arrives with missing parts, which is less than ideal for eager paddlers ready to dive in.

I must mention that while the FunWater SUP offers a good balance between price and performance, there are some hidden nuances that may not surface unless you’ve paddled a short mile in these fins. It’s not just about the technical specs; it’s about how the product lives up to real-world use, and in that regard, this board navigates the waters fine but with some caution.


How It Feels

Having taken the SUP out for a spin more than just a few times, I’ve got a handle on how it performs. It’s true, it’s convenient in terms of portability and weight—carrying it around is no issue, even for someone of my stature. The inflation process is quicker than expected and doesn’t leave me gasping for air, but I can’t ignore the fact that the pump could be more durable; a malfunction here could leave you stranded.

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On the water, the board feels stable underfoot and the deck pad is commendably grippy. I’m not a heavyweight, yet it supports me effortlessly and tracks straight without a hitch. The included adjustable paddle does its job, although it lacks the finesse of higher-end models. I’ve seen it put through its paces in different water conditions, and it’s held up—impressive for something so light.

Still, the accessories—while generous in number—betray the overall budget-conscious approach of the package. You get what you pay for, which in this case is a solid, no-frills paddleboarding experience but not one without its limitations.



Having personally experienced the FunWater Inflatable SUP, it’s evident why this product garners attention. Among the plethora of reviews analyzed, durability and ease of setup often receive praise. Paddling out, the SUP feels stable and comfortable, thanks to its non-slip deck pad and solid construction. The included waterproof bag, a thoughtful touch, ensures essentials stay dry during excursions.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. The included hand pump’s longevity is a concern, with one user reporting theirs gave out after a few summers of usage. Though adequate for casual paddling, the adjustable paddle is basic and might not satisfy more demanding users. Its tracking ability gets mixed reactions; while satisfactory for my own use, others may have higher expectations for performance.

Overall, the board’s portability strikes a chord, fitting neatly into a travel backpack. It’s lightweight enough for my five-year-old to manage, yet reputed to inflate quickly—an advantage for spontaneous trips. The three-year warranty instills confidence, though the reality of post-purchase customer service comes untested in my experience. Sturdy yet transportable, this SUP suits novices and hobbyists alike, but serious paddlers might seek enhancements.


Final Thoughts

In retrospect, having spent considerable time with the FunWater SUP, I’ve noted a mix of highs and lows. On the plus side, it’s remarkably light and portable, making it a breeze to transport to the nearest body of water. The ease of setup is impressive; inflating it takes less than 15 minutes, a feat considering its substantial size.

That said, while the SUP boasts stability and a comfortable deck pad, I’m wary of the included accessories. The paddle is just ‘sufficient,’ which begs the question of its long-term durability and performance for more experienced users. Furthermore, a broken pump reported by a fellow water enthusiast after several years raises concerns over the quality of these accessories.

I appreciate the addition of a phone waterproof bag and admire the brand’s confidence reflected in the three-year warranty. However, I can’t help but remain slightly dubious—after all, warranties are only as valuable as the company’s willingness to honor them without fuss.

In the crowded market of inflatable SUPs, the FunWater is a competent contender but scrutinize the included components; they might just be its Achilles’ heel.

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