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Aqua Spirit 10′ iSUP Review

Aqua Spirit 10′ iSUP Review

Aqua Spirit 10' iSUP Review

Aqua Spirit 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review (2022)


Aqua Spirit 10' iSUP PackageAqua Spirit 10’ inflatable SUP is a decent quality cheap race/touring oriented all-around weighing just 14.6 pounds. The max weight capacity is 286 lbs (ideally for up to 180- to 220-pound paddlers). The board itself is of decent quality relative to the price, but the accessory items are your standard basic lower quality items in this package bringing down the overall cost.

A paddleboard gives you more freedom and control on the water when compared to some other water crafts, so it’s actually way more enjoyable than it may seem from a bystander’s point of view. It’s an exhilarating experience. ^^

Check its price and delivery conditions here: Aqua Spirit 10′ iSUP package (link opens in a new tab).

A Quick Overview for the Hasty

Aqua Spirit 10′ iSUP measures: 10’ x 30″ x 6″ (length x width x thickness). The max weight capacity is 286 pounds (better suited for up to 180- to 220-pound paddlers though), the board itself weighs 14.6 pounds, and the package comes with everything and more you need to get on the water.

The Aqua Spirit 10ft iSUP board has a fairly bold construction design compared to your typical more oval all-around inflatable paddle boards on the market. Such a design makes it a race/touring oriented all-around hybrid. Aesthetically it looks fairly simple to me, pleasing, not bad, though granted, this is a subjective matter.

Given its length/width ratio, it’s still plenty maneuverable and stable for an average sized paddler while mainly being built for speed. In its core, it’s still an all-around after all.

The max weight capacity might be 286 pounds, but it’s better suited for somebody weighing up to 220 pounds or so, ideally 180 lbs even. The extra weight is more for additional equipment and/or passengers at lower levels (pets, kids, etc).

Whether such a cheap iSUP was worth it, apart from the accessory items, the Aqua Spirit 10′ iSUP board itself is of a little more than average quality, decent.


Who and What Is the Aqua Spirit 10ft Inflatable SUP Board Designed for?

Who: anyone, mainly beginners, weighing up to 220 pounds (max weight capacity 286 lbs)
What: race/touring oriented all-around (lakes, rivers, seas, etc; recreational paddling, riding small waves, etc).

Who is this for? Given its length (10′) and width (30″), a very tall person should opt for a longer (e.g 11′) and a heavier paddler a wider board (e.g 32″) than this Aqua Spirit 10′ iSUP is. So basically, this board is better suited for paddlers weighing up to 220 pounds looking for a speed-oriented all-around for cheap.

What is this for? As the Aqua Spirit 10ft iSUP mainly an all-around, but speed oriented, it’s suitable for all SUP activities to some extent, still, be it in lakes, rivers, or seas. Mainly cruising, tiny distance touring, recreational paddling in general, cruising, fishing, riding small waves, etc.

To get a better picture of it all, take a quick look at this SUP Buying Guide (link opens in a new tab).

Who and What Is the Aqua Spirit 10ft Inflatable SUP Board Designed for?


How Does Aqua Spirit 10′ Inflatable Paddleboard Perform?

Aqua Spirit 10’ iSUP is mainly:

  • fast
  • maneuverable

As was established earlier, the design of this Aqua Spirit 10ft iSUP is not that of a typical all-around. This all-around is designed more for speed rather than just stability. While narrow nose allows it to cut through water more efficiently, the rectangular tail adds enough stability to the mix. Since it’s not too long, it’s still fairly maneuverable, too. Granted, it’s still an all-around, simply just more speed oriented.

Unless you’re immortal, you may want to give this a quick read: SUP Safety.

How Does Aqua Spirit 10′ Inflatable Paddleboard Perform?


What Are the Specifications of Aqua Spirit 10’ iSUP Board?

Type – speed oriented all-round
Construction – Inflatable
Length – 10’
Width – 30″
Thickness – 6″
Weight – 14.6 pounds
Weight Capacity – 286 pounds (ideal for less than 220*-pound paddlers)
Material – double layer PVC

Aqua Spirit 10′ iSUP is an speed oriented all-around. This means it’s essentially a jack of all trades, master of none, while built more with speed in mind rather than a true all-around. Better suited for short distance touring, but mainly still recreational paddling with a little boost in speed compared to a typical true all-around.

This paddle board is inflatable. That means it’s filled with air. The recommended max PSI is 15 – it might feel like 12 or 13 is already plenty sturdy, but you really want to get it to 15 PSI in order to get the most out of it. Inflatables are actually way stronger than you’d think. The inflation valve is located at the rear of the board and if a manually pumping it up is not your think, there always option to buy an electric pump separately.

Aqua Spirit 10ft iSUP is 10 feet long. A longer board can build up more speed, so this board is better suited for average sized or shorter paddlers as for them it’s proportionally long enough. Taller individuals would need a longer board, say 11′, to get the same effect. There was info on this in the SUP buying guide article I linked to earlier.

It’s 30 inches wide. Wider boards are more stable, but more width can also create more water resistance, slowing the board down. 30 inch width, when it comes to stability, should feel plenty stable for average or smaller paddlers.  Once you’ve practiced a bit, it will feel stable, but at the beginning might take some getting used to.

For inflatables, the thinner the board the better, as long as it supports the weight. Most inflatables are 6 inches thick, and so is this one. Thicker boards tend to feel more sturdy and stable, allowing for more weight capacity.

Aqua Spirit 10′ iSUP is super lightweight, being around 14.6 pounds. Lighter inflatables are more susceptible to winds, something to consider.

Weight Capacity:
The max weight capacity is 286 pounds. Although the max is that, I’d suggest it more for up to 220-pound paddlers with the extra weight being more for equipment and the like. With too much weight, the board would sit too deep in the water and the water resistance would be higher. However, that doesn’t really matter in surf where the momentum alone makes the board come out of the water more… But that’s a different topic, also explained in the SUP buying guide by the  way.

The core is a drop-stitch material held together by a layer of fabric which is surrounded by 2 layers of PVC with an extra layer of fabric around that with EVA foam deck pad at the sitting at the top of it all. The rails also have a double layer PVC material. A solid quality construction for such a cheap board package.

Aqua Spirit 10' iSUP Board Specifications


What Is Aqua Spirit 10’ Inflatable Paddle Board Made of?

Aqua Spirit 10’ iSUP board is made of:

  • double layer PVC (double layer PVC at rails, too)

The core material is made up of threaded drop-stitch material held together by base cloth material and surrounded by 2 layers of PVC material. Around that is another layer of fabric, and lastly non-slip EVA foam deck pad at the very top for you to stand on.

When it comes to the rails, that too has a double layer PVC material holding the top and bottom half of the double layer construction together. Usually the rails are the weakest point of an inflatable paddle board, and so far everything sounds very solid for such a price point.

Aqua Spirit 10' Construction Illustration

Compared to a single layer construction, what Aqua Spirit 10ft iSUP is rocking is fairly reliable, better than most even, given its price.

You can learn more about the construction of inflatable paddle boards here (link opens in a new tab).


What Are the Features of the Aqua Spirit 10′ iSUP Board?

Aqua Spirit 10′ Inflatable stand up paddle board has fairly standard features to it:

  1. Bungee storage areaAqua Spirit 10' iSUP Board Features
  2. Carry handle
  3. Deck pad
  4. D-rings (4)
  5. Inflation valve
  6. D-ring (1)
  7. Fins (3)

1 – 4-point bungee storage system
Located at the nose of the board is a 4-point mounted bungee cord making up a storage area where you can store equipment and the like when out paddling.

2 – center carry handle
In the middle of the board is a carry handle for carrying the board around when its inflated. Given how lightweight this board is, it should be no problem at all. It’s generally not a good idea to drag an inflatable sup on the ground, even on sand, no matter how high quality it is.

3 – EVA foam deck pad
Non-slip EVA foam deck pad for you to stand on then out on the water. It’s grooved and fairly soft.

4 – D-rings (4)
Kind of in the middle are 4 D-rings situated on the edges of the board. These D-rings can be used for additional accessory items like a container to store fish in and site on while fishing, or to store beverages, kayak seat, etc, but these you ought to buy separately.

5 – high pressure inflation valve
Located the the rear of the board is a high pressure inflation valve. This is where you inflated the board with air. The recommended PSI is 15. At that point the board feels very rigid. If it leaks air on first try, try not to panic, and see if a valve wrench came with the package. You can tighten the valve with the wrench as sometimes the valve can come a little loose over a long period of time as it’s being transported and whatnot.

6 – D-ring (1)
A single D-ring at the rear of the board behind the inflation valve. This is mostly used for attaching the leash to the board.

7 – fins (3)
Aqua Spirit 10ft iSUP has 3 fins. 1 bigger fin in the middle is detachable and the 2 smaller side fins are fixed. These improve tracking of the board.


What Else Is Included in the Aqua Marina 10′ Inflatable SUP Package?

The Aqua Marina 10′ iSUP package includes everything you’d need to get on the water and a little more. That is: paddle, manual pump, backpack carry bag, coiled ankle leash, wet suit change mat, waterproof phone case, but also likely a repair kit, the board itself and the fin of course.

A fairly typical simple 3-piece adjustable aluminium paddle that floats for a little bit before it most likely fills with water and then sinks to the bottom. Aluminium is not the best materials for a SUP paddle, but it’s decent enough for recreational paddling. You can learn more about SUP paddles here (link opens in a new tab).

Aqua Spirit 10ft iSUP comes with a single action manual pump. It’s got a pressure gauge on top which might only start to show the pressure at around 7 PSI. The recommended max PSI for the board is 15. It’s going to be quite a workout with a single action pump though, so you may want to invest in a better pump or an electric one. With electric one, use the manual pump until it gets hard to pump and finish off with the electric one, otherwise it will take a long time for the electric one to pump it up from a completely deflated state.

A typical lower quality backpack is included with the package. It can fit the entire package.

Coiled leash
Aqua Spirit 10′ iSUP package include a coiled ankle leash to connect you with the board. You might not think much of the leash, but it can save your life in certain circumstances, but it can also take it away in certain other circumstances. Please just glance over this SUP safety article (link opens in a new tab).

Wet suit change mat & waterproof phone case
2 additional accessory items, the changing mat and a waterproof phone case, are also included in the package. They’re just nice additions.

Repair kit
It is not stated, but it’s highly likely that a repair kit is included with the package. It comes in an orange cylinder container and includes PVC patches for repairing “accidents”, but also a valve wrench. With the latter, you can tighten the inflation valve on the paddle board from time to time as these valves tend to come a little loose over a very long period of time depending how the board’s been handled in storage, etc.


So Is Aqua Spirit 10’ Inflatable SUP Board Package for You?

It is a cheap iSUP package, I’ll give it that. The quality of the board itself is decent, but the accessory items are really your typical lower quality items just making the package look wholesome, though still usable of course.

If you didn’t weight much more than 220 pounds and were looking for a speed oriented all-around inflatable paddle board, Aqua Spirit 10ft iSUP can be a good entry level option. It’s not a bad board package, but it’s not exactly great either. There might be better options out there in the same price range: “Best Cheap iSUPs”.


Where To Buy Aqua Spirit 10’ iSUP Package?

Best way to buy stand up paddle boards would be from physical shops. That way you could gain much needed info, advice and tips from the enthusiastic sellers there (assuming they were enthusiastic…).

If purchasing from a physical store was not an option, there are still online stores to check out.

Check the price or buy here: Aqua Spirit 10′ Inflatable SUP Package.



Aqua Spirit has put more effort into making the board itself fairly decent both in quality and design. However, the accessory items are of fairly low quality in comparison and might lead you to think that the board, too, is similar in that sense, but it’s not.

As long as your weight too much over 220 pounds, were looking for a speed oriented cheap all-around iSUP package, and didn’t mind the lower quality accessories, this can be a decent entry level option.

There might be better options though, check with the best cheap iSUPs for this year.

Included Accessories
Aqua Spirit 10′ iSUP board package includes a 3-piece adjustable aluminium paddle, backpack carry bag, single action pump, coiled leash, wet suit change mat, waterproof phone case, 1 bigger removable fin, and likely a repair kit.

Where to Buy
It’s simple, buy here: Aqua Spirit 10′ iSUP Package.



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