Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews
Runwave 11′ iSUP Review

Runwave 11′ iSUP Review

Runwave 11 iSUP Board Review

Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review (2023)


Runwave 11' iSUP PackageThe Runwave 11′ iSUP board is an affordable, surprisingly decent quality lightweight inflatable all-around stand up paddleboard that can be used mainly for cruising (recreational paddling), though that doesn’t mean it excludes other SUP activities, and includes a carbon paddle. The maximum weight capacity is up to around 350lbs and is thus suitable for even the bigger paddlers.

Paddleboarding can be surprisingly challenging of a watersport even though it might not look like it from a bystander’s point of view. You’ll easily forget yourself to it when trying to focus on balancing on the board in exhilarating fear of falling off. And the view can be something totally different than what you’re used to. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try.

You can check its price here: Runwave 11′ iSUP package.

A quick overview of the hasty

The Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board measures 11” x 33” x 6” (length x width x thickness) and weighs approximately 25 pounds. It has a maximum weight capacity of 352 pounds, and comes with everything you need to get on the water, including a carbon shaft paddle.

It’s a good mix of stability, maneuverability, and speed as it’s an all-around, perfect for recreational paddling, but can be used for some yoga, fishing, riding small waves, cruising and the like in lakes, seas or rivers. The accessories it comes with include the paddle, fin, pump, storage bag, and an ankle leash. It’s got a fairly typical enforced single layer PVC construction, but it can handle even the bigger paddlers. For more insights, you could check out this SUP Buying Guide article.

At the time of writing, all the elements seems to be covered by a 1-year warranty and the customer support is there to help.


Who And What Is the Runwave 11′ iSUP Board Designed For?

Who: suitable for all skills levels weighing up to 350 lbs.
What: it’s an all-around, mainly for recreational paddling, cruising on calmer waters, but also some yoga, fishing, river riding, surfing smaller waves.

Since the Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board comes with a wide standing base, it is ideal to be used by beginners as well as anyone looking for an all-around on the cheap for cruising. The max weight capacity of 352lbs makes it ideal for even the heavier paddlers. Smaller paddlers can expect more stability given the width and length of the board.

As it’s an all-around, it can be used in various water conditions and SUP activities like yoga, fishing, riding small waves, short-distance touring, but mainly cruising on calmer waters such as lakes, but also seas, rivers and the like. Always adhere to the corresponding waterway rules as SUP board in some cases may classify as a vessel, and don’t forget to check out this article on SUP safety for good measure.

Who And What Is the Runwave 11' iSUP Board Designed For?


How Does the Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Perform?

The Runwave 11′ iSUP Board is mainly:

  • Stable
  • Maneuverable

Although stability and maneuverability may sound contradictory, it’s based on the industry standards, and to me it feels like it’s somehow more maneuverable than its competitors of same board size (11′ x 33″ x 6″) at around this price point while also keeping things nicely stable. Ultimately it’s just a very good mix of the trio: stability, maneuverability and some speed, in that order.

Though of course, the performance heavily depends on your height and weight – a smaller paddler will find this board much more stable, faster, and less maneuverable than a bigger paddler. For more insights to that, again, you can quickly check out this SUP guide article.

How Does the Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Perform?


What Are the Specifications of the Runwave 11′ iSUP Board?

Specifications of the Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board:

  • Type – all-round
  • Color – white + blue + black
  • Construction – inflatable
  • Length – 11 feet
  • Width – 33 inches
  • Thickness – 6 inches
  • Weight – 25 pounds
  • Weight capacity – 352 pounds
  • Materials – PVC, Advanced Drop-Stitch Technology

The Runwave 11′ iSUP board is an all-round, so mainly for recreational paddling, but also for fishing and yoga or the like… sunbathe or play with your friends while you are on it as it can likely accommodate a child or pet alongside with you. This is great to be used on lakes and seas.

Currently this SUP is available in blue with lots of interesting patterns on it. No other color is available (yet).

This is an inflatable SUP which means it’s filled with air and can be inflated and deflated. When it’s deflated, you can roll it up for more convenient storage/transport. The maximum recommended air pressure (PSI) is 15. Note that the manual air pump has a gauge on top that doesn’t show the PSI until you’re at around 7 PSI or more. And you should connect the detachable bigger fin when the board is half-way inflated.

This Runwave iSUP is 11 feet long. The average length of all-round SUPs is between 10 and 12.6 inches. So the Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is not too long, which helps in better maneuverability, but still plenty long to allow for a bigger paddler and a smaller paddler use it.

While the average width of all-round SUPs is between 30 and 34 inches, this SUP is 33 inches wide. So, its wide standing space gives you a great grip and balance while cruising, fishing or even doing yoga. It can still be used for some small wave riding and the like, but there are better options for those specific SUP activities if that’s the only thing you really wanted from it.

The Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is 6 inches thick. So, it lends more stability and durability to the model.

The total weight of this SUP is only 25lbs. That’s comparable to the weight of a schoolkid’s backpack. So, it can be carried by anyone easily, albeit a really petite person might find it inconvenient to carry due to the board’s width when inflated.

Weight Capacity
The maximum weight capacity of the Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is 352lbs. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it can hold a person of that exact weight or more as then the board would sink way more than half-way into the water which would make moving the board more difficult due to the water resistance.

Made using advanced drop-stitch technology, this SUP is constructed using high-quality and high-intensity PVC material.

Runwave 11' iSUP Board Specifications


What Is Runwave Inflatable Paddle Board Made of?

Runwave 11′ iSUP board is made of:

  • enhanced single layer PVC
  • double layers of PVC at the rails

A relatively typical enhanced single layer construction with fancy words added into the mix. The first layer is what you’d expect to find, but the second one I’m not too sure of as it’s called a “PVC adhesive layer” (usually they’re laminated) and I’m not eager to stick a knife in it just yet to make sense of things further, I’ve instead based my findings on research alone thus far. There are 2 typical layers of PVC at the rails though, industry standard for cheaper inflatable SUPs. Note that the PVC adhesive layer is a sort of 3rd layer at the rails adding extra durability to the board. This construction is perfectly fine for an all-around meant for recreational paddling.

Runwave 11' iSUP Construction

The core is made up of drop-stitch material that’s holding the top and bottom half of the PVC layer together. A fairly typical setup nowadays. If you’re able to take care of it properly, it can last you many years.

Overall, fear not, it’s an okay construction for normal use. For more info: construction of inflatable paddle boards (link opens in a new tab).


What Are the Features of the Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board?

The Runwave 11′ iSUP board comes with these features:

  1. Bungee cord storage area
  2. Carry handle
  3. Deck pad
  4. D-rings (4)
  5. Inflation Valve
  6. D-ring (1)
  7. Fins
  8. Bottom front D-ring (1)

1 – tie down bungee cord storage area
Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Features
This is a 4-point bungee storage system that lets you store your paddling shoes and other equipment when paddling. It is located right at the nose of this Runwave 11′ iSUP board.

2 – carry handle
The carry handle is located right in the center of the Runwave 11′ iSUP board. This allows you to carry the board with utmost ease and comfort from one place to another given how lightweight the board is (25lbs), assuming you weren’t so petite that it was instead fairly uncomfortable given its width when inflated (33 inches).

3 – non-slip deck pad
The diamond grooved non-slip EVA foam deck pad is where you can stand on. It’s soft and ensures a good grip and balance even when the board gets wet.

4 – D-rings (4) 
Located at the sides of the board are 2 D-rings on each side (4 in total) which can be used for attaching a kayak seat or storage boxes when heading out to fish. Note that the kayak seat nor the storage box I mentioned are NOT included with the purchase of this package and ought to be bought separately. You can explore the many iSUP accessories from this article.

5 – Double Deck inflation valve 
This is where you can pump air into the board. The max air pressure (PSI) is 15. The manual air pump has a pressure gauge on top for measuring the PSI inside the board when inflating, but do note that the pressure gauge start to register and show the pressure once you’ve reached 7 PSI or higher.

6 – safety D-ring (1)
The safety D Ring is located at the tail portion of the SUP. The main purpose of this ring is to ensure that the safety leash is fastened properly to the board. This D-ring can also be used for attaching an anchor to the board.

7 – fins (1+2)
The Runwave 11′ iSUP comes with 2 fixed side fins and 1 removable center fin. While the 2 smaller side fins are locked into place by default, the 1 bigger center fin is detachable. In order to insert it properly, make sure the board is half-way inflated before doing so. That way the fin won’t be loose or anything. These fins play a huge role when it comes to maneuverability, stability and glide.

8 – bottom front D-ring (1) 
This D-ring is located at the nose of the board at the flipside (bottom) and can mainly be used for towing or attaching an anchor to it.


What Else Is Included in the Runwave 11′ iSUP Board Package?

The Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board package comes with a SUP paddle, pump,  foot leash, floating paddle, pressure pump, fins, repair kit, instruction manual and backpack.

It’s an adjustable 2-piece carbon shaft SUP paddle which is better than an aluminum shaft paddle and it should float. here’s some more info on SUP paddles.

Manual pump
The Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board comes with a high-pressure manual hand pump with a pressure gauge on top. The recommended max PSI is 15, but between 12 and 14 is fine too. The pressure gauge might start to show the PSI only once you reach around 7 PSI or higher, so don’t go crazy thinking it doesn’t work. It can take 10 to 30 minutes to pump up the board. The higher the pressure the harder it becomes to pump, so it can be considered somewhat of a workout…

Storage bag
The Runwave backpack carry storage bag measures 40″x16″x12″ and fits the deflated and rolled up board together with all the accessories in the package.

Ankle leash
This safety leash connects you by your ankle to the paddleboard so that when you happen to fall in the water, the board doesn’t drift away from you and you can get back on quicker. The ankle leash connects to the rear D-ring found on the board.

Repair kit
The repair kit comes in an orange tube-like container which holds a wrench valve and PVC patches to patch up the board when severely damaged. PVC glue has a shelf life and so is usually not included.

Instruction manual
The manual contains detailed step-by-step instructions on inflating, deflating and storing this SUP.

Detachable fin
This SUP comes with 1 bigger removable center fin and 2 fixed side fins to enhance the maneuverability, stability and glide.


So Is the Runwave Inflatable Paddle Board For You?

If you are looking for a lightweight (25lbs) SUP with all the accessories you need to get on the water, the Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board can be a great choice on the cheap making it perfect for recreational paddling. It is designed to provide you with a good mix of stability, maneuverability, and speed, as an all-around should. So, if you are new to the world of paddleboarding, you can test your skills on this board with confidence. Since the board is wide enough, it is also great for experienced paddleboarders who want to try their hands on fishing, surfing and yoga on top of cruising. And since the weight capacity is up to around 350lbs, you’d be fine even if you were a bigger new paddler. Smaller paddlers can simply enjoy more sturdiness and stability with this one.

However, if you are looking for a paddleboard to build up serious speed (racing, long-distance touring) or superb maneuverability (surfing, whitewater), this might not be the right choice for you.


Where To Buy the Runwave 11′ iSUP Package?

Best way to buy stand up paddle boards would be from physical shops. That way you could gain much needed info, advice and tips from the enthusiastic sellers there (assuming they were experts on the field…).

If purchasing from a physical store was not an option, there are still online stores to check out.

Check the price or buy here: Runwave 11′ Inflatable SUP Package.



The Runwave 11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is a decent and cheaper all-around with a weight capacity of 352lbs and a lot of nice features you’d find on the expensive boards as well. It’s suitable for even the heavier paddlers and for ppl of all skill levels looking to do some recreational paddling. There’s also a warranty and support is present.

Included accessories
Runwave 11′ iSUP package includes all the accessories you need to get on the water. That includes the foldable carbon shaft SUP paddle, detachable main fin, manual pump, backpack, and an ankle leash.

It seems Runwave has a 1 year warranty on all the materials as of writing this post. They also seem to actually reply and deal with potential issues, so customer support is present.

Where to Buy
It’s simple, buy here: Runwave 11′ iSUP Package.



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