FunWater Discovery 11′ iSUP Review

When stepping onto the FunWater Discovery 11′ Inflatable SUP, I was initially skeptical. Could an inflatable board, which prides itself on being ultra-light, truly deliver a stable and enjoyable experience on the water? The company claims their board is a fit for any skill level, thanks to its new military-grade PVC material that’s touted as being 35% lighter than the norm.

During my time with the board, I tested it in a calm lake setting. I have to say, the traction of the non-slip EVA deck pad was commendable. It gave me a reassuring grip, even with wet feet. Transporting the SUP was a breeze as well; the board, paddle, pump, and accessories all packed neatly into the provided backpack. Let’s just say you won’t be straining your back getting to and from the water’s edge.

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However, I can’t overlook some downsides. The board is flexible, more so than I’d prefer for my paddleboarding adventures. It’s something to consider if you plan on challenging yourself with rougher waters or require a more solid platform beneath your feet. While the multifunctional base could be a noteworthy addition for some, I found it gimmicky and of little value for an experienced paddleboarder focused on the sport rather than capturing it on camera.


Bottom Line

It’s clear the FunWater Inflatable SUP has its pros and cons. For new paddlers or those looking for extreme portability, this board might just meet your needs.

But if you’re aiming to push your paddleboarding limits, you may want to seek out options offering more rigidity.

Curious to give it a try?


Exploring the FunWater Inflatable SUP

After taking this board to the water on multiple occasions, the lightweight nature of the SUP has been a standout. It’s surprisingly mobile, and I didn’t feel weighed down when transporting it. However, the hand pump is a bit of a workout to use, and reaching the optimal inflation is time-consuming. On the water, stability and traction from the non-slip deck pad are commendable, giving riders a sense of security and comfort – a crucial feature for enthusiasts at all skill levels.

Despite its ease of use, I’ve noticed the paddle could benefit from a sturdier construction, as it feels somewhat flimsy during powerful strokes. The multifunctional base, albeit innovative with its capacity to mount accessories, seems more of a novelty than a necessity. When fully kitted out, stability isn’t compromised, which is a testament to the thoughtful design – although I’m skeptical of how often I’d use the camera mount.

The three-year warranty on the board is reassuring, reflecting a commitment to durability. This, together with the thoughtful details like the paddle hanger and inclusion of a waterproof phone bag, shows that FunWater has prioritized customer convenience. On the flip side, the long-term resilience of the included accessories has yet to be proven.

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Overall, the board performs well for its purpose but doesn’t escape the pitfalls of the usual wear over time, particularly with its accessories. Its material quality is solid, yet not beyond what you’d expect from a board at this price point.


Key Features

Having had the chance to take the FunWater inflatable SUP out on the water, I’ve closely observed the various aspects that make it stand out as well as where it may fall short for some users.

New Ultra-Light Military-Grade PVC Material

I noticed immediately how the SUP feels lighter than others I’ve tried, which is attributed to its military-grade PVC material. This isn’t just marketing fluff; the board is indeed light, which I can attest to after hauling it around. Although it’s lightweight, my experience led me to question its durability compared to traditional heavier materials. For calm lakes or rivers, this material seems sufficient, but I remain cautious about its long-term resilience in rougher waters.

Unique Non-Slip EVA Deck Pad

The comfort of the EVA deck pad is impressive. It provides a secure grip that I found reassuring, especially when maneuvering through choppy conditions. While the traction it offers is beneficial, users looking for a plush surface may find it too firm for longer paddle sessions. Nevertheless, the deck pad holds its own against slips, a fact that newer paddlers will appreciate.

Portability and Accessory Integration

The SUP boasts impressive portability due to its lightweight design. It includes features like a paddle hanger and a multifunctional base, ideal for those who enjoy accessorizing their experience, like mounting a camera to record their adventures. However, despite these clever additions, I couldn’t shake off a sense of fragility in some of the fittings. The idea is great, but the execution may leave hardcore enthusiasts yearning for more robust integration options.

Comprehensive Package Contents

Opening the package, you’ll find almost everything needed to get on the water quickly. The adjustable paddle, pump, travel backpack, and other accessories reflect consideration for the user’s convenience. I do appreciate the completeness of the package, and while each component serves its purpose, I would not peg these as the highest quality. Budget-conscious buyers will be content, but the more discerning may be inclined to upgrade certain parts over time. The addition of a waterproof phone bag is thoughtful, though it’s a common feature among similar packages.

In sum, the FunWater SUP is a balanced offering for those seeking lightness and convenience. However, one must weigh these benefits against potential concerns of material resilience and the long-term endurance of its accessory fittings.


Performance and Ease of Use

After spending considerable time with the FunWater inflatable SUP, I’ve managed to gather some candid thoughts about its performance and user-friendliness. Initially, I was wary of its stability, given its boastful claim of accommodating all skill levels. However, the non-slip EVA deck pad provided more grip than expected, assuaging my fears of accidental slips; it truly is comfortable underfoot. The removable center fin, while seemingly a minor detail, contributes noticeably to the board’s directional stability. It’s no overstatement to say kids, teens, and even adults can handle this board with ease.

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The lightweight nature of this SUP is praiseworthy. At only 17.6lbs, it’s significantly lighter than many on the market, a godsend when trekking to those out-of-the-way water spots. But this portability didn’t compromise the board’s durability—a concern that I initially harbored. The military-grade PVC material seems robust, dispelling my skepticism.

That said, I’d be remiss not to mention the inflation process. Touted to be quick, it’s still a workout, and the pump could stand to be more robust. The so-called “lightweight” paddle left me a bit underwhelmed in terms of quality. Yet, the inclusion of a waterproof bag and the integrated camera base are thoughtful touches, showing an understanding of what an average user might appreciate.

In essence, the FunWater SUP marries convenience with reliable performance. Still, don’t be fooled by its simplicity—it’s not flawless. The accessories hint at limitation, a scope for improvement to match the board’s admirable functionality on the water.


Pros and Cons

Having spent a good amount of time with the FunWater Inflatable SUP, I’ve had the opportunity to scrutinize its strengths and weaknesses meticulously. Here’s a balanced take on what this board has to offer and where it falls short.


  • Weight: The board is impressively light, thanks to the military-grade PVC material. At a mere 17.6 pounds, carrying it is a breeze, which is a huge plus for me because my storage space is a good distance from the water.
  • Stability and Comfort: The non-slip EVA deck pad is a thoughtful touch, providing both traction and comfort underfoot. I noticed that even after extended periods, my feet were quite comfortable, adding to the overall stability and making it highly user-friendly.
  • Portability: The multifunctional base, paddle hanger, and travel backpack add to the portability. I don’t need to be a genius to figure how to stash my gear, and the set-up is quick—definitely user-friendly.
  • Complete Package: It’s refreshing that the package includes all necessary accessories. I didn’t have to make any additional purchases, which is a relief when you’re keen on jumping into the water straight out of the box.
  • Customer Service: The 3-year warranty for the board and 1-year warranty for accessories give peace of mind. They aren’t just making a quick sale; there’s evident confidence in their product’s longevity.


  • Pump Durability: After a few uses, the hand pump started showing signs of wear. And I’ve read about pumps breaking in other reviews too. This can be frustrating and might lead to additional, unexpected costs.
  • Adjustable Paddle: While the adjustable floating paddle is sufficient, it could feel a bit flimsy. I sometimes fear it might not endure the rigorous use during strong currents or windy conditions.
  • Learning Curve: Newcomers to the world of SUP might find the initial set-up a bit daunting. It takes a few tries to get the fins secured properly and the paddle adjusted to the right length for optimal comfort and efficiency.
  • Inflation Time: While the board inflates fairly quickly, I found that getting it to the proper inflation level with the manual pump can be tiring, especially when I’m eager to get on the water.
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In conclusion, the FunWater SUP is a solid contender within its category. It offers portability, ease of use, and comfort but isn’t without its minor pitfalls which are important to consider before one makes an investment.


Analyzing Other Reviews

After spending considerable time with this FunWater SUP, I’ve sifted through a mountain of user feedback. Overall, paddlers are singing praises about its portability and ease of use—my sentiments echo theirs. The 17.6-pound weight makes it a breeze to transport to my local lake.

However, not all that glitters is gold. I can’t help but raise an eyebrow at a few reports of durability concerns—a pump failure here, a wear and tear issue there. These scattered stories add a dash of caution to the picture.

On the plus side, it’s refreshing to see that even smaller users find the board manageable and satisfyingly stable, a claim I can corroborate. It’s true, this board glides well on water and hasn’t given me trouble when getting it to full inflation, contrary to some wary voices expecting a Herculean effort.

But let’s not gloss over the occasional gripes about the included accessories. Some users, myself included, question the longevity of the components. Nevertheless, the waterproof bag is a neat touch—gimmicky to the skeptical eye but functional in practice.

Taking this all into account, my advice leans towards cautious optimism with this SUP. Treat it well, and it seems to promise many serene days on the water, but be alert to the potential need for accessory replacements down the road.


Final Thoughts

After several outings with the FunWater SUP, I’ve come to appreciate its practicality and design, but there are certainly areas where it falls short. On the positive side, the board is impressively lightweight and the convenience of the travel backpack with all necessary accessories is undeniable. It inflates quicker than expected, sparing me the dread of lengthy preparations.

However, my experiences raise a few red flags. While the board provides stability and the deck pad ensures comfort, the pump’s durability is questionable after seeing reports of breakdowns. The adjustable paddle is functional, yet it doesn’t compare to higher-end paddles in performance. The waterproof phone bag, albeit a nice touch, should not overshadow the need for better quality in main components.

Overall, this SUP is sufficient for a casual paddler. It’s intriguing to see how it holds up against frequent use, especially given the limited lifespan of certain accessories. Buyers seeking longevity and superior performance might consider looking at alternative options.

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