XQ Max Inflatable SUP Model 320 Review

In the world of water sports, having the right gear can make or break your experience. This is particularly true for paddleboarding, a sport that hinges on the quality of its primary piece of equipment: the paddleboard itself. I took the XQMAX Inflatable Paddle Board out for a spin and it’s a game-changer for casual paddlers and holiday goers looking to enjoy a day on the water.

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Despite its ease of transport and quick setup—attributes often favored by novice paddlers—the XQMAX doesn’t compromise on durability. Constructed from heavy-duty PVC, it’s built to withstand the inevitable knocks and bumps of use. The complete kit is also comprehensive, including everything you need to start paddling without any additional purchases.

XQMAX 320 Stand Up Paddle Board

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However, there are a couple of downsides to this paddleboard. For one, the weight limit of 100kg may not be suitable for everyone, potentially limiting its versatility. Furthermore, while the set does come with a repair kit—an invaluable addition for inflatable products—I found the materials somewhat lacking robustness compared to some of the higher-end models I’ve used in the past, raising questions about its long-term resilience.


Bottom Line

All in all, the XQMAX Stand Up Paddle Board Set combines portability and ease of use admirably. If you’re looking for a no-fuss paddle board that you can sling into your car and have inflated in minutes, this model will more than meet your needs.

Its construction is solid for most scenarios, although serious paddle boarders might seek out more rugged options. Bearing in mind its affordability and the complete package it offers, the XQMAX is an attractive option for infrequent use or beginners.

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XQMAX Stand Up Paddle Board Full Kit Overview

As an avid paddle boarder, I’ve found that versatility and durability are key, and the XQMAX Stand Up Paddle Board ticks most of these boxes. During my time with it, the heavy-duty PVC construction delivered on its promise of toughness, handling both calm and slightly rougher waters with ease. The board feels stable underfoot, noted when I took it out on the lake, which is a big plus for those at any skill level.

However, the whole ‘in minutes’ inflation claim is a bit optimistic. While the included pump does its job, it takes some elbow grease and time to reach the optimal 15psi. Once there, the board performs admirably—the included aluminium paddle, while adjustable, could offer a better grip, but it’s not a deal-breaker. Its buoyancy and stability didn’t disappoint, even when I got close to the 100kg weight limit.

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Transporting the deflated board in the backpack carry bag is a breeze, and its weight of 8.85kg is reasonable for short distances. After numerous inflations and deflations, the zippers and bag material are holding up, though I do wonder about their longevity.

The XQMAX kit is complete with all you need to get started—paddle, pump, leash and a repair kit for the just-in-case moments. So, if you’re after a solid all-rounder with no exceptional frills but delivers a stable paddling experience, this could be a worthy pick barring a couple of improvements that could be made to the paddle and pump.


Key Features

After recently taking the XQMAX inflatable paddle board out for a spin, I’m ready to dish out the details on its features. Shifting away from pure promotional talk, we’ll dive into what sets this board apart, where it excels, and honestly, where it might just fall flat.

Inflatable and Easy Transport

The convenience of inflation and portability is significant with this board. I could inflate it to full capacity in just under 10 minutes without breaking a sweat. Once deflated, fitting it back into the backpack was a breeze, making the transport aspect as smooth as gliding on calm water. However, I did find the carrying bag to be a tad on the flimsy side, hinting it might not withstand the test of a heavy-duty traveler.

Heavy-Duty PVC Construction

Durability isn’t in question with the XQMAX. It’s crafted from sturdy PVC material that gave me confidence about its longevity, even after multiple uses. On the flip side, this robust construction does add to the bulk when carrying around deflated. Be prepared for that extra heft, especially if you’re traveling a good distance on foot to your paddling destination.

Stable and Suitable for All Skill Levels

The board boasts stability, which I can attest to, and it should serve well for paddlers across various skill levels. I found it remained steady even when I tested my balance with a few quick turns. Beginners should find it reassuring, but if you’re an expert looking for high performance, you might be underwhelmed. It’s competent, but it doesn’t quite offer the agility that seasoned surfers may crave.

Complete Paddle Board Kit

Everything promised in the kit was there: a paddle, pump, ankle leash, skeg, and repair kit. The adjustable aluminum paddle was lightweight and user-friendly, though I have my doubts about its durability in the long term. The hand pump was efficient and the pressure gauge accurate, which is more than I can say for some of the other kits I’ve encountered. The skeg snapped on without a fuss enhancing the board’s tracking in water. The included repair kit reassures that small punctures won’t ruin your day, but I’m hoping I won’t have to put it to the test any time soon.


Pros and Cons

Having recently had the opportunity to take the XQMAX Paddle Board set out on the water, it’s time to weigh the good against the not-so-good. Here’s what stood out to me:

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  • Quick Inflation – The board was ready to hit the water in no time, which is a plus when you’re eager to start paddling.
  • Portability – It packs down into a neat backpack carry bag, making transportation from the car to the lakeside a breeze.
  • Durability – Made from heavy duty PVC, the board felt robust and gave me confidence it wouldn’t easily succumb to wear and tear.
  • Complete Set – I appreciated that it came with all the necessary accessories, including a paddle, pump, leash, skeg, and even a repair kit, thus removing the need for any additional purchases.


  • Stability for Beginners – It may present a challenge for those new to paddle boarding; it requires a bit of practice to master the balance.
  • Carrying Capacity – Users closer to the maximum load limit of 150 kg might find the experience less than ideal, as stability and performance can decrease.
  • Paddle Quality – While the aluminium paddle is serviceable, seasoned paddlers might find it lacking compared to higher-end models.

In summary, the XQMAX Paddle Board offers a great all-around experience for both leisure and exercise, assuming one is comfortable with the learning curve associated with inflatable boards.


On-Water Performance

Recently, I had the chance to test the XQMAX SUP Board out on the water and was generally pleased with its performance. Upon inflating the board to the recommended 15psi, I noticed it offered decent stability, which is essential for anyone new to the sport or for those looking to enjoy a leisurely paddle. Maneuvering the board was straightforward, thanks to its lightweight design and responsive handling. However, I found that while the board performs admirably in calm waters, it does tend to struggle slightly in choppier conditions, which is something potential buyers should consider.

The heavy-duty PVC material gives off a sense of durability, yet retains a light feeling that doesn’t weigh down the experience. Although the weight limit is mentioned to be around 100kg, I felt a bit of flex when nearing this threshold, suggesting that lighter individuals might have a better experience in terms of board rigidity.

One notable feature is the convenience of the kit; packing up was a breeze, and the backpack carry bag comfortably fit everything needed for a day out on the water. The aluminum paddle is adjustable but gave off a slightly flimsy feel when fully extended. Overall, striking a balance between portability and performance, this board is a solid contender, particularly for calm-water expeditions and beginners looking to dip their toes into paddleboarding without a steep learning curve.


Ease of Use

Exploring the waters just got less cumbersome with XQMAX’s SUP kit. On my trial, inflation was straightforward, yet it demands some elbow grease. The paddle adjusts with ease, but be prepared; it may take a few tries to find the sweet spot for your height. The board itself is steady underfoot, instilling confidence even for paddlers new to the sport. Its stability is notable, though seasoned enthusiasts might crave more agility. Initially, the fin installation seems fiddly, but you catch on quickly. Transporting the deflated set is a breeze, courtesy of the included carry bag, making it ideal for those with limited storage. However, when ready for action, the manual pump will test your patience. My advice: consider an electric pump for quicker setup. Despite these quirks, the first plunge with this SUP kit largely impresses, striking a fine balance between convenience and functionality.

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I’ve recently taken the XQMAX inflatable paddle board out on the water and have spent some time sifting through what other users are saying about their experiences. Overall, the board has a solid rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, showing that most customers are satisfied with their purchase. The total number of ratings isn’t overwhelmingly high, at just 26, which tells me the product hasn’t been widely reviewed yet.

Most users appreciate the complete kit that comes with the board, highlighting the convenience of having everything they need to get started with paddleboarding. The portability due to its inflatable nature is a big win for users with limited storage space and those who like to travel with their gear. However, a few people have mentioned that the board can be a bit challenging to balance on for beginners, which is a common trait among narrower boards.

While there haven’t been an extensive number of reviews to form a strong consensus, it’s clear that this paddle board from XQmax caters well to casual paddlers looking for a no-frills experience on the water. The feedback points towards a decent product, but I’d recommend potential buyers to consider their skill level and what they’re looking for in a paddle board before making the decision.


Final Thoughts

After some quality time with the XQMAX Stand Up Paddle Board, I’ve formed quite a clear picture of its performance. On one hand, with a respectable 4.2-star average from 26 ratings, it’s evident that users generally hold this product in high regard. As I inflated the board and took to the water, the stability and sturdy build were immediately apparent. This isn’t some flimsy, fly-by-night purchase; it’s something that suggests both resilience and quality.

However, no product is without its flaws. While navigating through calm waters, the experience was everything I hoped for, but as conditions became a tad choppier, I noticed that the paddle felt a bit unwieldy. This might not be a deal-breaker for novices or those sticking to serene lakes, but it’s something to bear in mind if you’re yearning for more adventurous paddling.

Overall, it’s a solid choice for someone breaking into paddleboarding without wanting to make a vast investment. Yet, seasoned paddlers might find themselves craving something with a bit more finesse, especially when tackling more challenging environments.

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  1. I bought one and I can say it’s worth the price. Mine didn’t come with any defects so I’m happy with it. Though, yes, the ankle leash wasn’t anything to write home about, but it’s not like I’m using one anyway.


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