DAMA Nature 9’6 iSUP Review

I recently had the chance to take the DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board out for a spin, and I’ve got some thoughts to share. While the board boasts a camera mount for those looking to capture their water escapades and extra D-rings for convenience, I was intrigued to see how these features would hold up in actual use.

On the water, the board felt sturdy and balanced thanks to its military-grade PVC construction. The included floating paddle, a significant plus, didn’t disappoint as it truly does stay afloat. I was equally impressed with the complete accessory package, which even throws in a waterproof bag for those essentials you can’t leave behind.

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DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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While most features delivered, I did find the camera mount somewhat unnecessary if you’re not into recording every moment. The board’s aesthetic is pleasing with its nature wood look, but don’t be fooled by appearances—practicality is where I put most of my focus. Easy to inflate and get going, this board can support a variety of activities from yoga to a simple paddle with your furry friend or child.


Bottom Line

The DAMA offers a reliable balance between functionality and fun, perfect for paddlers not looking to splurge excessively yet expect a quality experience. Although I wouldn’t vouch for it over some higher-end models just yet, especially for the more avid enthusiasts, it’s an excellent option for casual or beginner paddlers.

It’s a solid, versatile board that’ll hold up for the average user.


Overview of the DAMA 9’6″ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

In my latest water excursion, I took the DAMA 9’6″ SUP out for a spin. My first impression was its striking appearance, boasting a nature-wood design that stands out on the water. Yet, aesthetics aside, I was keen to focus on performance and functionality.

Despite its allure, I noted some practical drawbacks. For starters, the “easy” inflation claim fell short; it required a fair bit of effort and time to reach the desired rigidity. While the board promises durability with its military-grade PVC, I worried about the long-term resilience given the strain while inflating.

Convenience comes with the added camera mount, an innovative touch for those wanting to capture their paddling adventures. The steel D-rings are useful, offering the ability to tether to other boards or carry with ease—though I can’t help but think this could be improved for a more streamlined setup.

Its lightweight and floating paddle are a big plus, contributing to an overall satisfactory paddling experience. The board feels stable underfoot, which is reassuring, especially when taking it out on choppier days.

I appreciate the full accessory kit, including a waterproof bag and transparent cell phone holder, ideal for paddlers looking to bring along essentials without the fear of water damage. However, its comprehensive accessory offering doesn’t mask the fact that this board requires substantial effort to prepare and pack away.

With a respectable weight limit, the board performs reliably across various activities, whether it’s yoga, a leisurely paddle, or a more rigorous session on the water. Despite its versatile use, I am cautious about dubbing it the best choice for every water enthusiast due to the inflation and deflation challenges.

In summary, the DAMA 9’6″ SUP is a sight to behold with helpful features for capturing memories and carrying gear, yet it might not be the dream board for those seeking a quick and easy setup and pack-down. Its performance is steady, but the physical demands during preparation could be a dealbreaker for some.

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Key Features

As an avid paddleboarder, I’ve had ample opportunity to test out various boards on the water, and the DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board stands out in several respects. Below, I’ll go through some of the noteworthy features that caught my attention, both positively and less so.

Blog Helper Sport Camera Mount

The inclusion of a sport camera mount on the paddle board is a smart touch, catering to anyone looking to document their experiences on the water. While using my camera, I found that placing it on the mount provided a stable platform to capture steady footage. However, I did notice the mount might limit some camera movements and angles, which could be a drawback for more advanced videographers seeking dynamic shots.

Extra Steel D Rings for Convenience

The extra steel D rings are positioned around the board for various uses—including securing gear or tethering to other boards, which is handy when paddling in groups. My experience using these rings was largely positive; their strong build gave me confidence that whatever I attached would remain secure. One thing I’d note is that the board may become cluttered if you decide to use all the rings simultaneously, potentially impacting your balance and movement.

Military PVC & Floating Paddle

Crafted from military-grade PVC, the board feels durable and rigid once inflated, simulating the feel of a solid board quite effectively. The paddle, which is designed to float, thankfully lived up to its promise—dropping it into the water only to see it bobbing on the surface was reassuring. The weight of the paddle is lighter than most, but I found that the ergonomic design might not cater to all paddlers, especially those accustomed to heavier or differently shaped paddles.

Complete Accessory Bundle

The board comes with an extensive accessory bundle that includes all the essentials any paddleboarder would need to get started. From the adjustable paddle and hand pump to the waterproof bag for personal items, it’s clear that the kit is designed for convenience. The waterproof cell phone bag was a nice touch, although it lacked responsiveness when trying to use the phone through the plastic. The backpack provided is large and comfortable, but I noticed that fitting all the accessories back into the bag after use was a bit of a puzzle.

Engaging with these features has shown me that the DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board aims to provide a comprehensive and convenient experience for its users, although some features might have room for improvement.


Versatility and Applications

From a practical standpoint, I’ve found that the DAMA inflatable paddle board offers a unique balance of functionality and convenience. Its design caters not just to paddle boarding enthusiasts but also to those who enjoy activities like yoga, fishing, or simply cruising with a companion—be it a child or a pet. With the ability to connect multiple boards, a feature I particularly appreciate, it becomes an ideal choice for group outings.

However, it’s necessary to mention that the board’s promise of dual-functionality in both fresh and salt water requires careful maintenance, especially in salt water, to avoid potential long-term degradation. The inclusion of a waterproof bag is a thoughtful touch, perfect for stowing away snacks or valuables. Yet, while the board is touted for its stability and strength, users should be mindful that its load-bearing capacity tops out at 275 lbs, which can limit its use for larger individuals or heavily loaded adventures.

The sports camera mount is a feature I see as a plus for those keen on documenting their escapades without the hassle of juggling a camera. Although, to be candid, attaching expensive equipment to a paddle board does carry an inherent risk, you can take comfort in the board’s overall sturdiness.

In my use, the floating paddle indeed lived up to its claims—it’s lightweight and manageable, adding to the board’s practicality. The hand pump is functional, yet inflation can be a mini workout in itself, a point to consider if you’re looking for a quick start to your water activities.

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The full accessories pack, complete with a repair kit, ensures you’re not left wanting for essentials, but I advise familiarizing yourself with paddle board repair basics should an unexpected puncture occur—glue, notably, is not included and would need to be sourced separately.



Having recently taken the DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board out for a spin, a few standout features really caught my attention. Though this isn’t my first paddle board, the experience with this one has been noteworthy, especially considering its robust construction and portability.

Durable Construction

The board’s military-grade PVC material impresses me greatly. I’ve found that this construction contributes to its rigidity and durability, reassuring me that it’ll endure many water adventures. The anti-slip deck is a significant advantage for stability and safety while on the water. From my hands-on experience, this robust build doesn’t compromise on the board’s performance.

Easy to Transport & Store

What’s genuinely convenient about this paddle board is how it caters to an active lifestyle without the hassle of a hardboard. The inflation process is straightforward, taking about 10 minutes, and deflating the board is equally quick. Even when I’m solo, I manage to pack it up without any trouble thanks to the smart D-ring placement and the included carrier bag, which is large enough to stuff the board and all of its accessories into. Storage is a breeze as it fits snugly in the trunk of my car or a closet at home.

While I appreciate the sturdy build and the thought that went into the transport and storage features, it’s essential to mention that the board, when fully equipped, isn’t the lightest. However, the shoulder strap does offset this, making carrying the board to the water’s edge more manageable for individuals of any stature.

For enthusiasts looking for a reliable, all-in-one package and who don’t mind a bit of a workout when carrying their gear, the DAMA paddle board might just be what you’re after.



As much as I enjoyed gliding across the water on my DAMA paddleboard, I did notice a couple of aspects that might require your attention before making a purchase.

Limited Weight Capacity

The board, while boasting a sturdy design, has a weight limit that may not be suitable for larger individuals or those planning to bring along heavy gear. In my use, I found that approaching the weight capacity can sometimes affect the stability and performance. On occasions where I had extra cargo, like a cooler or fishing equipment, the balance and buoyancy of the board were noticeably impacted, which could limit the enjoyment for some users who need a higher weight capacity.

Manual Inflation

Inflating the board manually can be quite a workout. I learned this the hard way, pumping diligently before each session. The hand pump does the job, but it requires a good deal of effort and time to get the board to the recommended PSI. It was especially tiring after a long paddle session, knowing I would have to exert myself inflating or deflating the board. I would suggest considering an electric pump to save time and energy for those planning frequent or back-to-back outings.

In summation, although the paddleboard has some noteworthy features, the weight capacity could be a dealbreaker for heavyset adventurers or those wishing to load up on gear. Moreover, the manual inflation process might test your patience and physical stamina, which is worth thinking about when planning for peaceful and leisurely water escapades.


Customer Reviews and Testimonials

In my experience, the DAMA board strikes a solid balance in the inflatable SUP market. After scanning through countless reviews, the sentiment echoes my view—it’s a well-rounded board at a sensible price point. Many users, and I find ourselves appreciating the stability and ease of use, especially when introducing friends or family members to paddleboarding. The board’s sturdy construction holds up even when I’ve loaded it with gear for a day out on the water.

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However, not all that glitters is gold. While the majority of users praise its durability, a few users have raised concerns over the board’s longevity after extended use. As for those beautiful wood designs, they are undoubtedly a high point for aesthetics but beware of scratches over time.

Accessories are a huge plus, with most reviewers lauding the complete kit for its convenience and value-added. The ease of inflating and setting up the board is a consistent highlight, and so is the portability.

I admit, when a product garners attention for its looks, I’m skeptical about performance. But here, the DAMA board manages to blend form with function in a way that garners respect, if not outright admiration, from a critical eye like mine. The general consensus—from first-time paddlers to seasoned boarders—is a thumbs up, albeit with a sprinkle of caution to watch for wear over time.


Product Warranty and Support

Having spent some time with this DAMA paddle board, I appreciate the peace of mind that comes with robust support and a reliable warranty. While exploring the SUP’s capabilities, I learned that the brand offers a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is a decent duration for such equipment. However, the absence of glue in the repair kit caught my eye – a minor hiccup that could turn into a hassle if you’re not prepared with your own adhesive.

When it comes to getting support, my interactions have been straightforward. The company positions itself as putting the customer first, likening them to “god”, which to me, although reassuring, adds a bit of fluff to the overall support experience. Sure, it’s important to know that they back their high-quality claims, but what matters more is responsive customer service when issues do arise.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of the floating paddle and the sturdiness of the PVC material are as much about upkeep as they are about initial quality. Therefore, understanding and utilizing the warranty can make or break the long-term enjoyment of the board. In summary, the support structure seems solid, but ensuring that you will never need it is an aspect worth considering before purchase.


Final Thoughts

After thoroughly testing the DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, I can share some candid thoughts. The board boasts an impressive stability and ease of inflation, making it suitable for both new and experienced paddleboarders. The accessory set, including a camera seat and waterproof bag, add value, though in my experience, these accessories aren’t unique to the DAMA brand but are rather standard across similar products on the market.

The board’s design is eye-catching, and it performs well on the water, providing a smooth ride. I appreciated the convenience of the included carrying bag, yet I did notice the board takes some effort to pack away neatly. Despite the board’s ease of use, I was let down by the white underside, which cheapens its overall look.

Sturdiness is another high point for the DAMA. It handled my weight and movement with confidence, and I felt secure at all times. However, the price point might be a hiccup for some. While not exorbitant, you are paying for the design and the brand as much as the board itself. Lastly, over a year of use, durability seems promising, as I’ve observed no signs of degradation.

In the end, this is a solid board that balances aesthetic appeal with functionality. While it may not stand out as the best in class, its performance is reliable, and the board should meet the needs of most casual enthusiasts.

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