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DAMA 9’6 iSUP Review

DAMA 9’6 iSUP Review

DAMA 9’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review (2021)


DAMA 9'6 iSUP Package IllustrationDAMA 9’6 inflatable SUP is a cheap but decent quality all-around board. Its maximum weight capacity is 275 pounds, but with the design of the board I’d say the more realistic maximum paddler weight is around 150 pounds, making it suitable for small or average sized paddlers.

Stand-up paddle boarding is an exciting activity that allows you see the waterways from a new angle. It is interesting and fun; there’s way more enjoyment to it than it meets the eye. Give it a try and experience the exhilarating feeling that comes with paddle boarding.

You can check its price here: DAMA 9’6 iSUP package.

A Quick Overview for the Hasty

The DAMA 9’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board measures 9’6″×30″×6″ (length × width × thickness) and weighs 17 pounds. It has a max weight capacity of 275 pounds and comes with everything you need to get on the water.

DAMA 9’6 Inflatable SUP is an all-around that is suitable for cruising, yoga, fishing, surfing, and recreational paddling in general on calm waters. The accessories it comes with include: adjustable paddle, double action pump, backpack, safety leash, waterproof phone cover, 5L waterproof bag, shoulder strap, repair kit, instructions manual, and finally removable fin.


Who and What Is the DAMA 9’6 Inflatable SUP Board Designed For?

Who: suitable for paddlers weighing up to 275 pounds (ideally up to 150 pounds).
What: all-around (rivers, lakes, seas, etc; challenging yoga, fishing, surfing, recreational paddling, etc).

The DAMA 9’6 inflatable SUP is suitable for smaller or average sized paddlers due to its length (9’6″) and width (30″) ratio (short and relatively narrow). A taller person will require a longer board (e.g. 11′), and a considerably heavier paddler needs a wider board (e.g. 33″). A beginner might find it a little bit difficult to keep one’s balance while out on the water, but with time you’ll get used to it to some extent.

To some extent, it’s good for a little bit of everything as an all-around, but I’d say it’s more surfing-oriented due to how short it is, snappy cruising, recreational paddling in general, some fishing, challenging yoga, riding rivers and waves, plus some more. It performs well on flat waters, but can also handle the little more rough waters to an extent (rivers, seas, etc).

Who and What Is the DAMA 9'6 Inflatable SUP Board Designed For?


How Does the DAMA 9’6 Inflatable SUP Board Perform?

The DAMA 9’6 inflatable SUP board is mainly:

  • Fast
  • Maneuverable

The board is relatively narrow (30″) enabling it to go faster on water than some wider board would. Its tapered nose helps it cut through water more efficiently compared to some wide rounded nose. The length/width ratio of the DAMA 9’6 SUP board makes it maneuverable for smaller and average sized paddlers and very much so for the heavier/taller persons. A short board tends to be maneuverable. Say the board was longer, it would build up more speed, but that comes at the expense of maneuverability. And so you get more maneuverability rather than speed or stability with this one.

The board is not too wide, but its rectangular tail gives it some much needed stability on the water. A paddler weighing more than 150 pounds might find it feel too wobbly for the calmer SUP activities.

How Does the DAMA 9'6 Inflatable SUP Board Perform?


What Are the Specifications of the DAMA 9’6 Inflatable SUP Board?

Specifications of DAMA Inflatable SUP Board:

  • Type – all-around
  • Color – bamboo, wooden grain
  • Construction – inflatable
  • Length – 9’6″
  • Width – 30″
  • Thickness – 6″
  • Weight of the board – 17 pounds
  • Weight capacity – 275 pounds
  • Material – drop-stitch core, a layer of military PVC, and non-slip EVA foam traction pad.

DAMA 9’6 iSUP is an all-around, meaning it is suitable for most areas of SUP activities. It is most suitable for general recreational paddling in calmer waters but can also perform in other areas of SUP.

It comes in 2 color variations: bamboo and wooden grain.

DAMA 9’6 iSUP is inflatable, meaning it is filled with air during utilization. It is a decent quality (strong and won’t pop easily) that is durable and easy to store. The recommended PSI is 12-14, but can be less depending on how sturdy you want the board. It has an Inflation valve at the nose of the board for pumping air into it.

The DAMA 9’6 iSUP is 9 feet 6 inches long. Most iSUPs are between 10 and 12 feet. Its short length makes it more suitable for smaller paddlers. The board is maneuverable for paddlers, but builds up little speed and loses momentum fast on water.

It is 30 inches wide. The width of SUPs determines the board’s stability: wider boards feel more stable.

The board is 6 inches thick. Thicker boards tend to be sturdy and last long.

Weight of the board:
DAMA 9’6 inflatable SUP board weighs 17 pounds (ultra-light). Its weight makes it easy to move around and can be transported from one place to another.

Weight capacity:
The maximum weight capacity for the DAMA 9’6 iSUP board is 275 pounds. However, a more realistic maximum weight for paddlers should be around 150 pounds due to the design (length and width) of the board. The extra weight can be used to carry accessories or whatever you want to bring along.

DAMA 9’6 inflatable SUP board is made of a drop-stitch core material and a single layer of PVC surrounded by final layer of coating on top of which is the EVA foam deck pad. Same deal at the rails, pretty much.

DAMA 9'6 iSUP Board Specifications


What Is DAMA 9’6 Inflatable Paddle Board Made of?

DAMA 9’6 iSUP board is made of:

  • single layer PVC

As was mentioned earlier, the core is made of drop-stitch material surrounded by reinforced fabric material holding the top and bottom half of the single layer PVC together. There’s a single layer of PVC at the rails also. The PVC layer at both the top/bottom and rails has a final layer of coating further protecting the materials from the weather elements (UV rays, temperature, etc – more info on iSUP construction here).

Overall I’d say the quality is decent if not “good”. DAMA seems to be in control of actually manufacturing many of the boards coming from China, so it’s safe to assume they’ve put extra care into their own branded line of iSUPs. Add to that the fact that this board is meant more for the smaller adults and not exactly for the heavy/big paddlers, meaning that the board’s limits are never really pushed too far to begin with and there’s plenty of leeway left. Almost a perfect cheap option for general use (assuming you’re not to heavy/tall etc) and at this rate I’d argue that maybe even usable for some whitewater river riding or the like.


What Are the Features of the DAMA 9’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board?

Features of the DAMA 9’6 iSUP Board:

  1. Sport camera mount
  2. Inflation valve
  3. Bungee storage system
  4. Center carry handle
  5. Deck pad
  6. D-rings (4)
  7. Rear carry handle
  8. Fins (1+2)

1 – sport camera mount DAMA 9'6 iSUP Board Features
It is located at the nose of the board, just behind the inflation valve. It is where you install your sport camera on the SUP board to take pictures or record your activities on the water.

2 – inflation valve
Just like every inflatable stand-up paddle board, the DAMA 9’6 iSUP has an inflation valve that is located at the nose of the board. It is a high pressure valve where you fill the board with air.

3 – 4-point bungee storage system
A bungee storage net which is attached to 4 mounted D-rings is located at the nose of the board. The bungee storage system is used to store equipment and other things underneath it for safekeeping while paddling.

4 – center carry handle
The DAMA 9’6 iSUP board has a carry handle positioned at the center of the board which is mainly used to carry the board when inflated. Sometimes the boards are so wide you might not reach to it and would need to buy a shoulder carry straps that attach to the D-rings at the edges near center, but this one is 30″ wide so you’ll likely reach to the carry handle making the shoulder carry strap accessory redunant.

5 – deck pad
The deck pad on top of the board is made of a soft EVA foam material. It is a non-slip standing platform that enhances grip on water. It has a diamond grooved texture which is comfortable to stand on, even when wet, while paddling.

6 – D-rings (4)
The steel D-rings are positioned at the center of the DAMA 9’6 iSUP board, 2 on each side. You can use them to attach a kayak seat (it is not included in this iSUP package, but can be bought separately), fix a storage box when fishing, or connect your stand-up board to another board when paddling together with a friend or family.

7 – rear carry handle 
While there was one carry handle already at the center of the board, there’s also one at the rear of the board. This one’s probably good for just lifting the board out of the water while standing on a platform of some sort. Usually when you fall in the water you ought to get back up from the side where the center carry handle provides a good grip already making the rear one obsolete. Passengers (companions – other person, pet, etc) tend to sit at the front rather than at the back, so again there’s a bit of a mismatch here. I can’t really think of any other good uses for it.

8 – fins (3)
This iSUP board has 3 fins. Two are fixed smaller side fins and the one in the middle a bigger detachable fin which requires no tool to attach it. They enhance stability and maneuverability on water.


What Else Is Included in the DAMA 9’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package?

The DAMA 9’6 Inflatable SUP Board Package comes with an adjustable paddle, pressure pump, backpack, ankle leash, waterproof phone cover, waterproof bag, shoulder strap, repair kit, instructions manual, and detachable fin.

Adjustable paddle
The package comes with a 3-piece adjustable aluminum paddle. It fits well into the backpack when disassembled into the 3 smaller parts. The paddle is light and floats on water. The interior is filled with foam but has a thermal-sealing external covering to enhance waterproof action.

Pressure pump
The DAMA 9’6 iSUP board package includes a double-action hand pump. It has a pressure gauge on top of it that measures air pressure in the board. It takes about 10 minutes to inflate the board using the pump. The recommended PSI is 12-14 but can be less depending on how sturdy you want your board.

It is a travel backpack that measures 33.1×14.5×10.6 inches. It has straps which enable you carry the package comfortably. The backpack is large enough to fit the whole package including the folded deflated board, and still have extra room for more stuff.

Ankle leash
The ankle leash connects you to the board and is attached to one of the D-rings on the board. It helps you get a hold of the board in situations where you slip or fall off. Might not seem very important, but there are cases where it can save a life. Unless you’re immortal, do take a quick peek: iSUP Safety.

Waterproof phone cover
The DAMA 9’6 iSUP package includes a waterproof phone case that can be kept under the bungee storage system or attached to one of the D-rings on the board. You should test to see if the phone case is truly waterproof before putting all your trust right into it.

Waterproof bag
A 5L waterproof bag comes with the package which allows you keep mobile equipment, food supplements and drinks, or clothes with you without worrying about them getting wet while paddling.

Shoulder strap
This is added to the DAMA 9’6 iSUP package. It is tied to conjoint D-rings on either side of the SUP board. The shoulder strap enables you carry the board comfortably before or after your journey on water. You shouldn’t drag the board on sand or any hard surface to avoid damage.

Repair kit
It comes in an orange tube-like container which holds a valve wrench and PVC patches to patch up the board when damaged. The valve wrench is used to tighten the Inflation valve when it comes loose due to continuous use.

Instructions manual
The instructions manual contains tips that help and guide you through the use of the DAMA 9’6 inflatable SUP board and its package.

Detachable fin
The bigger middle fin which helps with stability and longer glide on water is detachable and comes with other accessories of the DAMA 9’6 iSUP package. It is best to attach it to the board when it’s half-way inflated so that it locks in more tightly and securely. You can remove the fin when in shallow waters to avoid damage.


So Is the DAMA 9’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package for You?

Even though its cheap, the quality is surprisingly decent. It’s a lightweight (17lbs) inflatable stand-up paddle board with all the accessories you need to get on water. It is suitable for smaller or average sized paddlers and also for most SUP activities on calm waters, but mainly river riding and surfing small waves due to its design. It’s very responsive, snappy, one could say, or just maneuverable rather than built for speed or stability alone.

If you’re looking for a speed-oriented (e.g for lowkey racing, touring) or stability-whilst-idle kind of a board (e.g for yoga, fishing), then this might not be the best choice for you.


Where To Buy the DAMA 9’6 iSUP Package?

Best way to buy stand up paddle boards would be from physical shops. That way you could gain much needed info, advice and tips from the enthusiastic sellers there (assuming they were experts on the field…).

If purchasing from a physical store was not an option, there are still online stores to check out.

Check the price or buy here: DAMA 9′6 Inflatable SUP Package.



The DAMA 9’6 iSUP board is a fairly typical very cheap though decent quality all-around meant for average sized or smaller individuals of all skills levels looking for a more snappy of a board rather than super stable or one with long glide. Suitable for surfing small waves, river riding, cruising, and the like, in lakes, rivers or seas. The package includes everything you’d need to get on the water.

Included accessories
DAMA 9’6 iSUP package comes with an adjustable aluminum paddle, pump, backpack, ankle leash, waterproof phone case, drybag, shoulder strap, repair kit, instructions manual, and a detachable fin.

They boast about a 1-year warranty and seem to be forthcoming, and given what I said under the “construction” section, I do have some trust in them carrying through with the promises.

Where to Buy
It’s simple, buy here: DAMA 9’6 iSUP Package.



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