Fbsport Dragon 10’6 iSUP Review

When it comes to stand-up paddleboarding, the overall experience can make or break your time on the water. I recently tested out the FBSPORT Dragon 10’6 Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board in the captivating flower blue color, and I have quite a bit to share about its performance.

First off, the board’s stability is commendable; at 10’6″ long and a sizeable width, it offers a nice platform for both beginners and seasoned paddlers. I found the military grade PVC material provided a sturdy feel underfoot. However, while it’s described as lightweight, the board felt a touch heavier than expected during transport to the water.

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FBSPORT Paddle Board

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One major advantage is the versatility—it’s clear this board is designed to handle various water conditions. Although, those looking for high-speed paddling might find the board lacking in overall agility due to the shape and size. The accessory set is certainly complete; the paddle, pump, and carry bag encapsulate everything you need to get started.


Bottom Line

The FBSPORT paddle board shines in stability and construction but falls a tad short in maneuverability and lightweight claims. If you’re searching for a reliable, family-friendly board that’s easy to set up and pack away, this might be the board for your aquatic adventures.


FBSPORT Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Overview

I recently hit the waters with the FBSPORT Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board and here’s what I found. The board’s size is indeed a positive for stability and balance; however, don’t be deceived by the ‘lightweight’ claim. It’s manageable but requires effort to transport it to the water’s edge after inflation.

Speaking of inflation, that’s another story. Despite the reassurances, bringing this board to full firmness is no small feat. The gauge doesn’t register until at least 3 PSI, leaving first-timers second-guessing their pumping skills. I found myself quite the workout before even getting on the board.

Once on the water, the board performed well. Its stability is commendable for both yoga aficionados and enthusiastic paddlers like me. The triple fin configuration does improve maneuverability, which was particularly noticeable when trying to navigate through tighter waterways.

Yet, as much as the board glides smoothly, the non-removable fins do not play well with rocky or shallow riverbeds. As for the material, military grade seems to be a bit overhyped. While it didn’t succumb to any punctures during my trials, one wonders about its long-term durability with frequent use.

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Additionally, the package comes with all the necessary accessories, including a paddle, leash, pump, and carry bag, making it a complete set for new paddlers. The flower blue design is visually appealing but doesn’t necessarily stand out from other similar designs on the market.

When reflecting on the overall experience, the FBSPORT Paddle Board is capable, but the ‘premium’ part falls short when considering the effort to get it water-ready and concerns about long-term durability. It’s more of a solid choice for casual paddlers rather than enthusiastic or professional users.


Key Benefits and Advantages

Wide and Lightweight SUP Design

Having spent some time balancing and paddling on the FBSPORT SUP, I noticed that its wide design significantly enhances stability. At 31 inches wide, it provides ample space for standing with confidence, a key benefit for beginners or those practicing yoga. It’s also striking that despite its size, the SUP is quite lightweight. This feature simplifies transportation to and from the water, making it a convenient choice for solo outings.

Premium Material Construction

I must commend the durability of the material used in the FBSPORT SUP. The military-grade PVC gives a sense of security and promises longevity. While out on the water, the “brushed padded water ski” material, as described, adds comfort underfoot which is particularly appreciated during longer sessions. The thick material does not compromise on portability, as the paddle board can still be easily packed into a compact form.

Superior Maneuverability

The FBSPORT SUP’s maneuverability is quite notable. The inclusion of triple bottom panel fins, with a large removable central fin and two smaller fixed side fins, offers improved steering and speed. This setup allows for better tracking in various water conditions. From my experience, this design feature is conducive for users at all levels, aiding in managing the board without expending excessive energy.

Versatility on the Water

The versatility of this SUP is something I appreciated; it performs well across different bodies of water—be it calm lakes, flowing rivers, or moderately wavy seas. Whether I was fishing, attempting to catch a wave, or indulging in a serene yoga session at dawn, the board held up to its promises. The versatility is further enhanced by its all-inclusive accessory pack, making this SUP adaptable to a variety of activities right out of the box.

In the end, after having tested the FBSPORT SUP, it’s clear that its wide and lightweight design offer a solid platform for a variety of activities. Its premium material construction does not disappoint, ensuring a durable yet comfortable experience. Maneuverability is deftly handled, thanks to well-thought-out fin placement. Lastly, the flexibility provided by this paddle board makes it well-suited for many water-based hobbies and thus an attractive option for enthusiasts of all stripes. However, it’s not without its drawbacks, such as the manual pump which can be quite laborious to use, often taking significant effort to reach the appropriate PSI for optimal firmness.

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Pros and Cons


After taking the FBSPORT Paddle Board out on the water, I can say there are several clear advantages to this model. Its wide and lightweight design is a boon for stability and balance – a feature I appreciated while trying out some yoga poses on the lake. The military-grade construction adds a sense of durability that gives me confidence this board can handle a good deal of wear and tear. Maneuvering was straightforward, thanks to the triple bottom panel fins, which I noticed made steering significantly easier, especially in gentle currents. For me, one of the highlights is the portability; the board is not only easy to inflate but deflates quickly and fits snugly into the provided carrying bag.

  • Wide design enhances stability
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable construction material
  • Great maneuverability
  • Versatile for various water conditions
  • Complete set of quality accessories


Despite its many positive aspects, there are some drawbacks to the FBSPORT Paddle Board. One of the main issues I found was with the pump’s PSI gauge; it was confusing at first and made me question its accuracy since it only shows PSI after reaching 3PSI. Inflating the board can be quite a workout in itself, potentially taking away from the day’s enjoyment if you’re not prepared for it. Furthermore, while the board’s carrying bag is spacious, heavier than I expected when packed, which could be tricky for longer walks to your paddling spot.

  • Pump’s PSI gauge difficult to read
  • Inflating manually is labor-intensive
  • The packed board can be quite heavy to carry



Recently, I took the FBSPORT Inflatable Paddle Board out for a spin, and I must say it lives up to its claims for the most part. The material feels durable, and the wide stance provides a good amount of stability—even for me, and I’m fairly new to paddle boarding. When it comes to inflation, the board requires a bit of effort. The included pump works eventually, but the PSI gauge can be a tad unresponsive until about 3PSI, which had me doubting it at first.

On the water, the non-slip deck was a boon. The paddleboard remained stable and gave me the confidence to maneuver without constantly fearing a slip. While the brand boasts of its stability, and rightly so, I noticed that it does take longer to inflate compared to some others I’ve tried, which might deter those seeking quick setup.

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The carry bag is spacious, and I found some extra room after packing the essentials—nice touch for those long days out on the water. The accessory lineup is solid; however, longtime paddle boarders might eventually seek upgrades. Overall, this board doesn’t disappoint, though the pump issue might frustrate some users right off the bat.



After spending some time with the FBSPORT Paddle Board, it’s clear that it has garnered a lot of love for its stability and ease of use, particularly among beginners like myself. The wide stance and non-slip deck offered a sense of security, even when I ventured out a little further than usual. Many users noted the surprising rigidity once the board was inflated; it rivals that of a hard board.

However, I found that the included pump’s gauge was less intuitive, only showing pressure after reaching 3 PSI, which was initially confusing. Other paddlers expressed similar frustrations, with some finding the inflation process lengthy but worth the effort. Despite this, once out on the water, the board performed admirably and the carry bag had ample space for gear, a nice touch for convenience lovers.

Though I’ve only been on it for a few sessions, I wonder about the long-term durability – a sentiment echoed in a few reviews. Regardless, the general consensus deems it a sound investment for both seasoned paddlers and those new to the sport. The mention of “Best Bang for the buck” suggests a good price-to-value ratio, yet these glowing endorsements come from a community that, much like myself, seems to prioritize practicality over perfection.


Final Thoughts

In my time with the FBSPORT paddleboard, I’ve found a lot to like but also a few things that could be better. On the water, it’s remarkably stable, belying its inflatable nature, providing a sturdy platform for both yoga and paddleboarding. The width is generous, offering good balance, and I’ve noticed that once you get the hang of inflating it to the right pressure, it feels almost as solid as non-inflatable boards.

However, the initial inflation can be a bit of a workout—the gauge doesn’t show pressure until 3PSI, which can be confusing for beginners. Additionally, despite the straightforward setup, shipping and packaging seemed to take a bit longer than expected, which can be a small hiccup if you’re gearing up for an immediate adventure.

The paddleboard comes with all necessary accessories and a spacious carry bag. While the bag comfortably fits the deflated board and gear, I found a bit of extra room for personal belongings, adding to the convenience factor. In summary, it’s a decent entry-level board that’s great for those starting out or looking for stability, though not without some minor complexities.

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