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FunWater 10′ iSUP Review

FunWater 10′ iSUP Review

FunWater Rainbow Snake 10' iSUP Review

FunWater 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review (2021)


FunWater 10' Rainbow Snake iSUP Package IllustrationFunWater Rainbow Snake 10′ inflatable SUP is a cheap, basic quality, all-around board good for recreational paddling on calmer waters. The maximum reported weight capacity is 350 pounds (330, depending on where you get your info), but I’d say more realistic max paddler weight is around 240, unless you’re very, very short because then you can weigh more for this board no problem. It’s got active support and a warranty which is a pretty big deal at such a price point.

Standing up on a paddle board opens up a sort of new point of view from atop the water beneath you and it can be, surprisingly, quite a thrilling experience when you add to that the feeling from running the risk of falling into it. Give it a try, you’ll probably love it as well.

You can check its price here: FunWater 10′ iSUP package.

A Quick Overview for the Hasty

The FunWater 10′ iSUP board measures10’×31″×6″ (length × width × thickness) and weighs 17.6 pounds. It has a max weight capacity of 330 pounds and comes with everything you need to get in the water.

As an all-around, it’s suitable mainly for recreational paddling, or cruising, on calmer waters. Can be used for other SUP activities in various other water conditions, but to some extent only. The accessory items include: a paddle, pump, backpack, kayak seat, ankle leash, waterproof phone case, repair kit, instructions manual, and finally 3 removable fins.


Who and What Is the FunWater 10′ iSUP Board Designed For?

  • Who: average sized paddler weighing up to 240 pounds (max weight capacity is 330 pounds)
  • What: all-around (mainly for calm, but also some rough waters; recreational paddling, cruising, fishing, etc)

Even with its reported maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds, the FunWater 10′ inflatable SUP is better suited for paddlers weighing less than 240 pounds because any more and you’d likely find the board a little too unstable for calmer SUP activities due to its length-width ratio (10 feet long and 31 inches wide). All that makes it better suited for average sized paddlers weighing up to around 240 pounds tops. Oh, and basically for all skill levels when it comes to its intended use…

Note that, in relation to average height/weight of a person, the taller you are the longer of a board you need, also the heavier the wider, and if you were both heavy and tall, you’d need one that was both longer and wider than this one. For some reference: typical board length-width ratio of an all-around for petite individuals is 10′ x 30″. You can get more insights on that stuff from here.

As it’s a cheaper all-around, the quality of the board is mediocre and thus the board is better suited for calmer rather than the rough waters, and with that also for calmer SUP activities like cruising and the like, but it doesn’t exclude anything. It’s an all-around after all, same thing with any other SUP out there pretty much.

Who and What Is the FunWater 10' iSUP Board Designed For?


How Does the FunWater 10′ Inflatable Paddle Board Perform?

The FunWater 10’ iSUP is mainly:

  • Speedy
  • Maneuverable, snappy

I’d say it’s a speed-oriented all-around in the case of smaller than average sized paddlers specifically. Otherwise it’s more maneuverable rather. Its pointy nose helps the board cut through water more efficiently, including through some chop. The squared off tail gives the board some extra stability, but not enough to make it feel stable for larger than average sized paddlers.

The length/width ratio of the FunWater 10′ iSUP board makes it maneuverable especially for larger than average sized paddlers as the board isn’t exactly long to begin with.

How Does the FunWater 10' Inflatable Paddle Board Perform?


What Are the Specifications of the FunWater 10′ iSUP Board?

Specifications of the FunWater 10′ Inflatable SUP Board:

  • Type – Speed-oriented all-around
  • Color – 3 color variations (blue + white, orange + white)
  • Construction – Inflatable
  • Length – 10′
  • Width – 31″
  • Thickness – 6″
  • Weight of the board – 17.6 pounds
  • Weight capacity – 330 pounds
  • Material – drop-stitch core, PVC outer layer, non-slip EVA foam deck pad.

FunWater 10′ iSUP is more of a speed-oriented all-around board. It is most suitable for cruising on calm waters which can also perform in most other SUP activities as it is an all-around.

It has 3 color variations: blue + white, and 2 are a mix of orange + white.

FunWater 10′ iSUP is inflatable, meaning it is filled with air. Contrary to what you’d expect, this actually makes the board durable, versatile, and easy to store. There’s an inflation valve at the rear end of the board that enables you to pump air into the board. The recommended maximum PSI is 15, but 12-14 is fine too depending on how sturdy you want your board to be.

It is 10 feet long. Most all-around iSUP are just about this length which makes it better suited for average sized paddlers. Larger paddlers should go for longer/wider boards. The length of a board also determines how much speed it can acquire when in use.

It is 31 inches wide. Wider boards ensure more stability but at an expense of losing momentum fast on water. The board might feel wobbly for larger paddlers due to its width alongside the length.

It is 6 inches thick. Inflatables are mostly this thick. The thicker the board, the more stable and sturdy it tends to be.

Weight of the board:
FunWater 10′ iSUP is  ultra-light weighing just 17.6 pounds. This makes it easy to carry about without breaking a sweat. Only a few inflatables are this light. Super light inflatables might not be very good in strong winds where if you didn’t have the ankle leash and dropped off the board might not outswim the board floating away from you. Make sure to at least quickly skim through this: SUP Safety.

Weight Capacity:
The reported maximum weight capacity for this iSUP is 330 pounds. However, it’s more suitable for paddlers weighing up to around 240 pounds or less due to its design (larger/heavier paddler might find it too unstable).

The FunWater 10′ iSUP core is made of a drop-stitch material with a single layer of PVC material around it with double layer PVC at rails connecting the top and bottom half of the aforementioned single PVC layer. And then of course on the very top you’ll find the non-slip and soft EVA foam traction pad to stand on when paddling.

FunWater 10' iSUP Board Specifications


What Is FunWater 10’ Inflatable Paddle Board Made of?

FunWater 10’ iSUP board is likely made of:

  • single layer PVC

For the inner core it has your typical drop stitch material, but it’s held together by what they call Double Wall Fabric (DWF, or Drop Stitch Fabric), sometimes referred to as the base cloth, essentially, around which is the actual PVC layer. There’s also a layer of PVC at the rails holding the top and bottom half of the overall PVC layer together further.

Ultimately then, it’s a very typical cheaper construction, but it’s fine for general recreational paddling (as in, not ideal for the more extreme SUP activities, whitewater river riding and the like).

Here’s some more info on the construction of inflatable paddle boards (link opens in a new tab).


What are the Features of the FunWater 10′ iSUP Board

Features of the FunWater 10′ iSUP Board:

  1. Bungee storage system
  2. Carry handle
  3. Deck pad
  4. D-rings (2)
  5. Inflation Valve
  6. D-ring (1)
  7. Fins (3)

1 – 4-point bungee storage systemFunWater 10' Rainbow Snake iSUP Board Features
A bungee storage system is located at the nose of the board. It is made of a cord mounted on 4-point rings. It allows you to store or keep equipment and extra stuff underneath there while out and about on the water.

2 – Carry handle
A carry handle is positioned at the center of the board which is for carrying the board when inflated. As an ultra-light board, it makes it extremely easy of a task. It is advisable to avoid dragging the iSUP on any hard or rough surface as that can cause damages to it over time.

3 – Deck pad
The deck pad is made from a soft EVA foam material with a diamond grooved texture that covers almost the whole board. It is a non-slip soft standing platform that enables you to stand comfortably while paddling.

4 – D-rings (2)
There are 2 stainless D-rings, each one on the edge of the board near the bungee storage system. Normally there are 4 such D-rings for various attachments, but this one seems to be niched down to hold only the very simple kayak seat provided with the package.

5 – Inflation valve
The FunWater 10′ iSUP has a valve at the rear of the board. It is a high pressure inflation valve. It is used to fill pump into the board. A valve wrench, included in the repair kit that comes with the package, is used to tighten the valve seal when loose.

6 – D-ring (1)
A single D-ring is positioned near the inflation valve at the rear end of the board. This D-ring is used to attach the ankle leash to the board. It can also be used for anchoring and towing the board.

7 – Fins (3)
All 3 of the FunWater 10′ iSUP fins are detachable. The fins aid maneuverability and glide of the board.


What Else is Included in the FunWater 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package?

The FunWater 10′ inflatable SUP package includes: adjustable paddle, high pressure pump, backpack, kayak seat, ankle leash, waterproof phone case, repair kit, instructions manual, and finally removable fins.

Adjustable Paddle
An aluminum paddle is included in the FunWater 10′ iSUP package. It is a 3-piece adjustable paddle which means it can be broken into 3 pieces for easy storage, fits into the provided backpack together with the rest of the package’s contents. Although it’s said to float, these cheap aluminum paddles tend to sink after a while regardless. More info on SUP paddles here.

High Pressure Pump
In the iSUP package is a high pressure dual-action pump with a pressure gauge at the top to help you measure the PSI. The recommended max PSI for the board is 15, but for general use 12-14 PSI is fine too. The gauge start registering the air pressure once you’ve reached 7 PSI. The accessory items of the FunWater 10′ iSUP package are relatively cheap, so make sure to handle the pump with care when using it.

The package includes a travel backpack that can store everything that comes with the package including the paddle board when deflated. It has straps which enable you to carry it comfortably. The backpack with the entire package in it still has extra room for some other things you want to carry. And again, as it’s not of super high quality, rough handling doesn’t fare well for this item either.

Kayak Seat
It can be attached to the 2 D-rings found on each side of the board below the bungee storage system. This seat allows you to sit on the board rather than standing. It might not be suitable for tall people because it doesn’t support the back all too well.

Ankle Leash
The ankle leash connects you to the board and is attached to the D-ring at the rear of the board. In situations where you fall off especially on rough waters or high winds, the ankle leash helps you get hold of the board with relative easy in comparison to where it’d just drift away at full speed.

Waterproof Phone case
The FunWater 10′ iSUP package has a waterproof phone case which can be attached to one of the D-rings or kept under the bungee storage area. You should test to see if the phone case is truly waterproof before going on water.

Repair Kit
It comes in an orange tube-like container and holds the wrench valve and PVC patches to patch up the board when damaged. The wrench valve is to tighten the inflation valve from time to time because the seal may become loose due to continuous use over time. So in the light of that, try not to freak out when air starts leaking – it might just be a little loose valve you can tighten with the tool and all is fine again.

Instruction manual
It contains helpful tips that guide user on how to use the FunWater 10′ inflatable SUP Board.

Removable fins
3 removable fins (1 big middle fin and 2 small sidefins) are Included in the FunWater 10′ inflatable SUP package. The fins are to be attached when the board is halfway inflated to enable them lock in more tightly. The fins help with stability and gliding the board in a straight line.


So Is the FunWater 10′ iSUP for You?

The FunWater 10′ inflatable SUP package comes with cheap accessory items but the overall quality is not all bad. The board is a speed-oriented all-around and also light weight. It is suitable for average sized paddlers and also SUP activities on calm waters.

The board is not ideal for paddlers weighing over 240 pounds except for when you’re okay with the board being a little* shaky. It speed oriented, but at the same time maneuverable. If you’re looking for stability while no in constant motion, the board might not be what you want.


Where To Buy the FunWater 10′ iSUP Package?

Best way to buy stand up paddle boards would be from physical shops. That way you could gain much needed info, advice and tips from the enthusiastic sellers there (assuming they were enthusiastic…).

If purchasing from a physical store was not an option, there are still online stores to check out.

Check the price or buy here: FunWater 10’ Inflatable SUP Package.



The FunWater 10’ iSUP is a decent cheap option for average sized paddlers weighing up to 240 pounds. An all-around to be used for calmer recreational paddling. In the case of smaller than average sized paddlers, I’d consider it speed-oriented all-around, for average or larger, a typical all-around.

Included accessories
The FunWater 10’ iSUP comes with all the accessories you need to get on the water: a 3-piece adjustable aluminum paddle, double-action pump, backpack, kayak seat, coiled ankle leash, waterproof phone case, repair kit, and instructions manual (+ the 3 detachable fins).

Surprisingly, there is support and a warranty present. This is a pretty serious plus at this price point, I must admit.

Where to Buy
It’s simple, buy here: FunWater 10’ iSUP Package.



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