Tuxedo Sailor Zone 11′ iSUP Review

When it comes to stand-up paddleboarding, not all boards are created equal. On my last outing, I tried the Tuxedo Sailor Zone 11′ Inflatable SUP, and believe me, it promises a lot. Indeed, its construction is robust with military-grade PVC, and I felt it held up well against the roughness of the lake. The board is not just sturdy; it’s surprisingly lightweight, which was a godsend when I was hauling it from the car to the shoreline.

The extra-large dimensions provided a stable and spacious surface to paddle on. With 11 feet in length and 33 inches in width, there was enough room for myself and my gear without feeling cramped. The underwhelming aspect for me, though, was the multi-functional base for cameras. While it sounds good in theory, it’s not as practical if you’re trying to catch some real action shots. Trust me, securing your camera on a wobbly board isn’t ideal.

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Tuxedo Sailor Zone 11' Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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However, it’s not all about size. The SUP’s hull is designed to cut through water offering smooth and fast navigation. Yet, I found that while the SUP handles well in calm waters, it’s a bit more challenging when the water gets choppy. I appreciated the inclusion of a travel backpack and a 10L waterproof bag, making it pretty convenient for any paddler on the go. The seat, though, while a nice touch, was perfunctory at best, not offering the comfort I would have expected for longer excursions.


Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for a new inflatable paddle board, the Tuxedo Sailor kicks up some serious waves. While it’s designed with an impressive array of features, some may not be as beneficial in practice as they appear on paper. Nevertheless, its durability and lightweight profile could make it a worthy companion on your water adventures.

For those on the fence, I say give it a shot. Just remember, like any watercraft, it has its quirks.


Tuxedo Sailor Zone 11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Overview

After multiple sessions out on the water with the Tuxedo Sailor board, I picked up on a few notable aspects. The board’s ultra-lightweight military-grade PVC material is a fine choice—it makes it a breeze to carry to your destination. I appreciate not feeling like I’m lugging around a lead weight to the shore. Trust me, you want this when you’re moving from the car to the water’s edge.

That said, this board’s extra-large size does wonders for stability. When I gave it a go, I sensed the balance it provided, even when I had a furry companion tagging along. However, the bulkier dimension may be a downside for some because it can be unwieldy in tighter spaces or when trying to maneuver quickly.

Moreover, Tuxedo Sailor’s multi-functional base is a smart touch, allowing you to attach a camera to capture your water adventures. But if you’re not keen on filming your every move, this feature might just be a gimmick for you rather than a real selling point.

The boat’s smooth hull did glide through the water with less drag, but don’t expect it to slice through the waves like a racing board. And while the manual states that the accessories are abundant, I found the paddle itself left much to be desired in terms of durability; it felt flimsy and at one point seemed like it might snap under the strain.

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Through my experience, the included seat stood out for its comfort, saving my back on longer excursions. While it’s great to have as part of the package, it makes me wonder about the cost-cutting elsewhere.

In essence, while the Tuxedo Sailor inflatable paddle board rings impressive on paper with its features and accessories, not everything holds up to scrutiny in practice. The material’s durability and the extra bells and whistles are strong spots, yet the paddle’s sturdiness and the board’s heft when maneuvering quickly shadow the good bits. Overall, it’s a reasonable choice if you favor leisurely cruising with a side of creature comforts.


Performance on the Water

After several expeditions with the Tuxedo Sailor Inflatable SUP, my overall impressions are mixed. On the bright side, this SUP is incredibly user-friendly for kids; my 6-year-old niece managed to navigate with remarkable ease. It’s also light, making it easy to carry, a real plus for younger enthusiasts or those with a smaller build.

However, I can’t overlook some glaring issues. Several users, including myself, have encountered problems with the paddle — it broke almost immediately during my trial, which is unacceptable even when acknowledging the reasonable price point. Furthermore, modifying this SUP for river use is subpar due to the non-standard fin box; finding a suitable river fin is a headache.

What struck me was its resilience when loaded with two children; it maintained buoyancy and stability. Its size and build quality suggest it could be ideal for calm, recreational use. Yet the SUP comes with a drawback, as the paddle provided is of low quality and might require an immediate upgrade.

Lastly, I must say it kept up with kayaks without a hitch in terms of speed, testifying to its adequate performance in serene waters. Nevertheless, when efficiency and durability are paramount, this SUP might leave serious paddlers wanting.


Design and Aesthetics

After spending some time with the Tuxedo Sailor SUP, I find its navy blue color scheme rather refreshing; it stands out in the hot summer and offers a bit of style to the typical outdoorsy aesthetics. The board’s streamlined body definitely cuts through water with minimal resistance, contributing to a smooth ride, but I find myself questioning the long-term durability of the so-called “military-grade PVC material.” While it’s marketed as lightweight and easy to carry, there’s a noticeable flex that could signal potential problems after repeated use.

On the plus side, the oversized dimensions of the device indeed offer ample space for activities and balance. But the heft and size can be a double-edged sword; I can appreciate the 33-inch width for stability, but handling and transport to and from the water could be unwieldy for some.

The multi-functional base is a clever touch, with the option to attach a camera a nice nod to modern needs; however, its actual usefulness is highly situational and should not be a primary draw. Similarly, accessories like the 10L waterproof bag are useful, but the claims of an “abundance” of quality in accessories feel overstated when considering the competitive market.

Despite its features, I found myself continuously pulled back to the basics: how does it feel on the water? And while it was generally pleasant, I remain unconvinced that the SUP outperforms others in its category, especially in terms of raw materials and construction.


Extra Large Size and Stability

During my recent outing, I couldn’t help but notice the ample space afforded by this board, measuring 132 inches long and 33 inches wide. This spacious design provided a sturdy and stable experience even as I ventured into choppier waters. The PVC material felt robust and contributed to the board’s rigid structure once fully inflated.

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However, I must mention that the extensive size can pose a challenge when facing strong winds, reducing maneuverability for less experienced paddlers. On the flip side, for activities like yoga or fishing, where stability is paramount, the board excels. The extra space also allows for essential gear to be easily stored without crowding the deck.

While the board is a capable companion for serene tours and can support these activities without faltering, potential buyers should weigh the size with their storage capabilities and transportation means. The board’s considerable dimensions could be a hindrance for those with smaller vehicles or limited storage space at home.


Portability and Storage

I recently had my hands on the Tuxedo Sailor Inflatable SUP and I must say, for an inflatable board, its portability is quite remarkable. Military-grade PVC doesn’t just add to its durability but also lightens the load, which is a noticeable advantage when hauling it from my car to the water’s edge. The 10L waterproof bag is a sensible inclusion; however, I’ve seen bags of similar size offer more compartmentalization which could improve organization of smaller items.

The SUP deflates and rolls up into a size that fits comfortably into the included travel backpack. This makes storage a breeze and allowed me to stash it in my closet without the need for ample space. Yet, while the board delivers on the promise of easy transport, the backpack itself could offer better padding for longer treks. After a couple of miles with the full set on my back, the straps started digging in—something to consider if a substantial walk to your paddling spot is in the cards.

The ease of inflating the board is also noteworthy. The included pump is effective, but be prepared for a workout, as getting to the recommended PSI is no walk in the park. Electric pumps may be a worthwhile consideration for those who prioritize convenience or have a penchant for frequent paddling. Overall, the manufacturer didn’t skimp on the essentials for portability and storage, but I see room for ergonomic improvements in the carrying equipment.



After several excursions with the Tuxedo Sailor SUP, it has become evident that its lightweight military-grade PVC material makes it a breeze to carry. The extra-large dimensions provide ample space, which is excellent for stability when I had my dog on board. Balance is indeed a strong suit; it didn’t wobble unnecessarily as some boards do.

While out on the lake, I affixed my camera to the multi-functional base and captured some crisp shots without worrying about my paddle drifting away, thanks to the convenient paddle buckles. The onboard storage is a boon, as my waterproof bag stayed secured within the elastic cord area.

The streamlined body of the SUP glides through water with minimal drag, and this isn’t just marketing fluff—I felt the speed and the ease of paddling. As for the accessories, the package is comprehensive, from the floating paddle to the fins and even a comfortable portable seat, saving me from those hidden additional costs that usually sting after the initial purchase.

Despite these positives, the paddle could use a sturdier build; I’ve had concerns about its durability after rigorous use. However, it’s hard to ignore the sheer value packed into this board, especially considering the price tag doesn’t induce sticker shock.

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In my experience with the Tuxedo Sailor inflatable SUP, while it has its strong points, I’ve encountered a few drawbacks worth noting. First and foremost, the center fin proved difficult to manage on river excursions; after several attempts, a compatible river fin was elusive, which can be a real nuisance for anyone looking to traverse different types of water bodies.

When it comes to the paddle provided, durability came into question. On my very first outing, the paddle broke—not exactly something you want to happen while you’re out on the water. Although it comes with a double paddle, this issue does cast some doubt about the endurance of the accessories.

Parents should be aware that while the board is an excellent fit for children, the paddle might be a bit oversized for their little ones, which can lead to some frustration.

Lastly, the inflation process, although not excessively long, felt like a race against time with the mosquitoes laying siege—a minor but irritating detail to keep in mind if you plan to set up at dusk. Overall, these aspects beg for consideration before making a purchase decision.


Analyzing Reviews

I’ve spent some considerable time poring over what customers have to say about the Tuxedo Sailor Inflatable SUP. One thing that’s clear is its popularity among kids, with several parents noting its accessibility for young paddlers. One user highlighted the challenge of finding a compatible river fin, suggesting functionality might be limited without additional purchases.

The lightweight nature of the board gets a thumbs up, an essential feature for those looking to carry it to distant shores. However, the durability of the included paddle raises concerns; one broke nearly straight out of the gate. Not an isolated incident, as this echoes across several reviews – a solid reminder to prospective buyers to keep expectations in check on accessories.

Interestingly, accessories like a kayak chair back come as part of the package, adding value and versatility. Yet, amidst this, I noted a veiled admission that the board’s performance hasn’t been tested by some users post-purchase. Promises of fun and easy maneuverability come to light, but these are balanced by gripes about the inadequate quality of some components.

This juxtaposition of excitement and disappointment paints a picture of a product that hits the right notes in concept but has some fine-tuning to do in execution. Buyers should approach with caution, weighing the apparent utility against the potential cost of replacements and upgrades.


Final Thoughts

Having spent quality time with the Tuxedo Sailor Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, I can assert that its overall performance on the water is notably solid and stable. The enthusiasm of paddlers, especially kids, about this SUP is palpable. They relish the ease of handling and the lightweight nature that allows even a child to carry it. The paddle board springs to life with an uproar of activity when on water, making it a hit among the young ones at the beach.

However, it is not without its flaws. The center fin seems to be a sort of Achilles’ heel, presenting compatibility issues with alternative fins for river use. This point can’t be overlooked by avid river paddlers. Moreover, while the accessories are generally appreciated, the paddle quality has raised concerns, with reports of it breaking shortly into the experience. This is a letdown for such a crucial component of the kit.

Overall, while the Tuxedo Sailor SUP shines in its accessibility for children and comes with delightful extras like the kayak chair back, its value is undercut by the paddle’s fragility and fin issues. These points must be weighted carefully against the joy and performance it brings to ensure potential buyers make an informed decision.

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