Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews
Uboway Two Layer 11′ iSUP Review

Uboway Two Layer 11′ iSUP Review

Uboway Two-Layer 11' iSUP Board Review

Uboway Two Layer 11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review (2022)


Uboway Two Layer 11' iSUP PackageUboway Two Layer 11′ inflatable SUP is somewhat of a decent quality cheaper all-around. It weighs 29 pounds and has a weight capacity of 287 pounds. This board is suitable for lighter and even the taller paddlers due to its design.

More and more people are getting into paddleboarding for its many benefits. In surfing, you don’t have to wait still in one spot waiting for the wave to reach you with the right timing. You can explore the waterways from a totally new angle simply by paddling while standing up. It’s a thrilling experience.

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A Quick Overview for the Hasty

The Uboway Two Layer 11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board measures: 11′ x 32″ x 6″. It has max paddler weight of 290 pounds, weighs 29 pounds and comes with everything you need to get on the water (excluding a life vest).

This SUP is fairly stable. You can develop an appropriate speed while achieving good stability if the stand-up paddleboard is not overloaded. The item is beginner friends, thanks to the all-around design. However, advanced paddlers can use it as well because it can provide an excellent user experience for both new and experienced paddlers, respectively.

The stand-up paddleboard has some really nice and useful features and accessories that provide more convenient and comfortable paddling. It includes items such as a carry bag, hand pump, adjustable paddle, and fin. Some of the attractive features are a bungee storage area, front and middle carry handle, gas valves, and EVA Mat deck.


Who and What Is the Uboway Two Layer 11′ Inflatable Paddle Board Designed for?

who: ideal for lighter paddlers weighing approximately 160-220 pounds.
what: all-around, mainly calmer waters.

The product capacity is somewhere around 290 pounds, so it is great for paddlers with a lower weight. If they meet this requirement, they can even take their belongings on the board with them. That might include clothes and accessories such as hand-pump, paddle, fins, and similar items. This SUP can be used by virtually everyone and young adults are also welcomed to try it and feel the magic of such an interesting adventure.

UBOWAY Two Layer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is mainly designed for recreational paddling, cruising on rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans.

Who and What Is the Uboway Two Layer 11' Inflatable Paddle Board Designed for?

How Does the Uboway Two Layer 11′ Inflatable SUP Board Perform?

You can move the SUP without big issues on the water. It is a user-friendly item, so it is a quite intuitive thing when you paddle in the desired direction. The speed development, on the other hand, might depend on different circumstances. The type of water, your strength, and experience might be decisive here. Calm waters are more friendly for faster and better paddling and if you are strong enough, you may go even farther and faster.

The item is fully maneuverable wherever you operate it. You can change the direction and manipulate the stand-up paddleboard with a paddle, for example. There is also a removable fin that you can use to change or set-up an appropriate direction. A backpack is a part of the package and one of the items on the list of accessories. You can store and carry the SUP inside the bag, and there are two carry handles on the board when the item is fully loaded with air.

UBOWAY Two Layer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is all-around SUP, which is completely stable on the water. It even keeps the stability when the water is not calm at all, however, you have to pay attention to load and maximal capacity. The SUP might have issues with stability if there is too much weight on the board. Also, some truly bad weather conditions can be a real danger even form much bigger boats, so this stand-up paddleboard is also at risk when that happens.

How Does the Uboway Two Layer 11' Inflatable SUP Board Perform?

What Are the Specifications of the Uboway Two Layer 11′ iSUP Board?

Type – all-around
Construction – inflatable
Length – 11′
Width – 32″
Thickness – 6″
Weight – 30 pounds
Weight Capacity – 290 pounds
Materials: military double layer PVC material

The all-around type is suitable for different water conditions including calm and rough water. It is a beginner-friendly stand-up paddleboard which might be an ideal item for older kids. You can also perform various fitness and yoga exercises on the board because the all-around design keeps the stability up to the level.

The inflatable means the SUP is temporarily loaded with air during the utilization. You can drop the air out whenever you want after finishing with paddling. However, it is necessary to be properly loaded while standing on the water because it supports stability and maneuverability. A hand-pump is provided for the purpose, and the air comes in and out through gas valves installed on the board.

The stand-up paddleboard is 11 feet long which puts it in a category of moderate and longer SUPs.

UBOWAY Two Layer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is 32 inches wide, and there is more than enough space on the board for all the necessary activities.

The SUP is 6 inches thick which is a standard measure for the items of this type. It is quite enough to provide stability and safe paddling.

This is a lightweight SUP that weighs approximately 30 pounds. That’s suitable information when it comes to handling on the ground. You can carry it without big problems using one of the grips.

Weight Capacity:
The weight capacity is approximately 290 pounds, which is great for lightweight and moderate paddlers. They can take their belongings with them.

The SUP is made of strong and durable dual layer military grade PVC material that has a decent chance to lasts for years without any issues. Also, there is a no-slipping EVA deck for easy standing. That’s why you can perform different exercises and paddle without worries that you can slip down and fall into the water.

Uboway Two Layer 11' iSUP Board Specs

What Is the UBOWAY Two Layer iSUP made of?

Uboway Two Layer 11′ iSUP board is made of:

  • semi-double layer PVC material

It starts with a drop-stitch core material that is surrounded by a fabric holding the drop-stitches together. Around the first layer of that fabric is a single layer PVC material with an extra 2 layers of PVC tape at the rails connecting the top and bottom half of the single PVC layer around the fabric together and then the second layer of PVC coating on top. It feels like a bit of a marketing trick there rather than an actual double layer construction.

A semi-double layer PVC construction is sufficient for recreational paddling on calmer waters. The extra coating of PVC helps make the board feel more sturdy when it comes to the little heavier paddlers stretching the limits.

Quick read on PVC & Drop-Stitch Material (link opens in a new tab).


What Are the Features of the Uboway Two Layer 11′ Inflatable SUP Board?

Uboway Two Layer 11′ Inflatable SUP board has the following features to it:

  1. carry handleUboway Two Layer 11' iSUP Board Features
  2. bungee storage system
  3. deck pad
  4. carry handle
  5. valve
  6. D-ring
  7. fins


1 – carry handle
A relatively simple carry handle for pulling the board out of the water,etc.

2 – bungee storage system
This feature is very helpful when you carry your belongings together with you. There is no need to leave them in a car or create some unnecessary nuisance with problematic storing because you can leave all the items directly on the board. They will be safe in a fixed position thanks to this bungee storage system.

3 – deck pad
EVA foam deck pad keeps your body stable while standing and paddling on the board. It provides you with the no-slipping feature, and you do not have to worry when small quantities of water fall on the deck.

4 – carry handle
A second carry handle, this time on the center of the board. Useful for when you handle the SUP outside the water. The board is quite long and to the heavy side when it comes to inflatables, but you will have no problem to move it from one place to another thanks to this carry handle.

5 – valve
Gas valves are great when it comes to loading. You can connect your hand pump with them and fill the SUP with air in a quick and convenient way. Gas valves are known as very efficient, so you can use high -pressure pumps as well. They are also useful when you want to pump out the SUP because air goes out through their holes.

6 – D-ring
D-ring is there to help you fix the SUP in the same position on the water. You can tie it with a rope if you have a hard, stable object outside the water to bind another side of the rope.

7 – fins
Uboway Two Layer 11′ iSUP has 3 fins. 1 bigger center fin is detachable, the 2 smaller sidefins are fixed. These fins improve the board’s maneuverability and tracking.


What Else Is Included in the Uboway Two Layer 11′ iSUP Package?

The Uboway Two Layer 11′ iSUP package includes an adjustable 2-piece aluminium EVA-foam filled floating paddle, backpack carry bag, high-pressure handpump, coiled ankle leash, and a repair kit (+ likely a user guide/manual).

You will get a single adjustable 2-piece aluminium floating paddle free of charge within the package when you buy this SUP package. You can set-up an appropriate size of the paddle according to your height. The paddle is comfortable and strong, so you should not have much of any issues during paddling. Check out this post about SUP paddles for more insights for the future upgrade.

A carry bag also comes within the package, and it is a useful item when it comes to storage and transportation. You can roll the SUP up and put it in this bag. Of course, it has to be pumped out before rolling, and that’s it. You can carry it on your back with this bag.

Hand Pump
As already mentioned, the hand pump is also part of accessories, and it is a necessary tool for the preparation. The SUP has to be loaded with air, and you should use this pump to complete the loading in a convenient way. Max recommended air pressure for the board is 15 PSI.

Ankle leash
An elastic rope also comes with this sup, and it is a suitable item when you want to fix the SUP in the same position on the water.

Repair kit
A set of tools contained in this repair kit are there to help you if the SUP gets damaged and you have to repair it in an efficient way. Fortunately, you can do that with this kit.

The beginners with no or little knowledge on this type of paddling get a manual where they can read all the important instructions on this subject. It is an interesting guidebook you have to read if you are new to this sport.


So Is the Uboway Two Layer 11′ iSUP Package for You?

If you are looking for a stable and lightweight stand-up paddleboard with quite big dimensions, this might be a nice solution for you. There are all necessary accessories provided within the package, and you will have not to buy anything separately. Altough the dimensions would have you think it’s meant for even the heavier and larger paddlers, the weight capacity is not that great, so at the end of the day it is more suitable for lighter paddlers.


Where To Buy The Uboway Two Layer 11′ iSUP Package?

Best way to buy stand up paddle boards would be from physical shops. That way you could gain much needed info, advice and tips from the enthusiastic sellers there (assuming they were enthusiastic…).

If purchasing from a physical store was not an option, there are still online stores to check out.

Check the price or buy here: Uboway Two Layer 11′ Inflatable SUP Pacakge.



This SUP is suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced paddlers equaly, even older kids can use it on the water with the success. You will have no problem with stability and the SUP is suitable for all types of water. You get useful features, and the price of the product is also fairly affordable.

Included Accessories
Backpack, hand pump, paddle, elastic rope, fin, repair kit, and instructions.

Where to Buy
It’s simple, buy here: Uboway Two Layer 11′ iSUP Package.



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