Uboway Wood 11′ iSUP Review

I recently took the Uboway Wood 11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board out for a spin, and my thoughts on it are mixed. Sure, at 11 feet with the capability to support up to 485lbs, it promises to be a solid fit for various skill levels and activities. The military-grade PVC material keeps it lighter than many other boards I’ve tried, which is a definite plus for portability.

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Uboway Paddle Board

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Its design features like the brushed grooved EVA pad and triple bottom panel fins aren’t just for show. The board’s surface did offer a lot of grips and helped in maintaining stability, which is crucial for any level of paddle boarder, and I felt that steering was more effortless than other models. However, I found the paddle itself to be underwhelming; while adjustable, it didn’t have the same quality feel as the board.


Bottom Line

The Uboway Paddle Board can be a decent choice if you’re looking for something agile and portable. While it excels in stability and ease of use, the paddle might not meet everyone’s expectations. Nevertheless, it’s certainly worth a look.

Your next water excursion might just be a paddle away.


Uboway Inflatable Paddle Boards Overview

Having spent some quality time with the Uboway SUP, I’ve come to appreciate its strengths and acknowledge its weaknesses. Their SUP sports a wood-design finish, standing out visually on the water. Made from military-grade PVC, it’s not just about looks; the board is durable and seems to live up to its claim of supporting up to 485lbs, handling my weight with ease.

The board’s surface is designed to mimic crocodile skin, which isn’t just a cosmetic feature. I found this provided an excellent non-slip grip, crucial when trying to maintain balance, proving particularly helpful for beginners like myself. Impressively, the Uboway stayed rigid and stable even at 15 psi, although I noticed it takes a considerable amount of effort to reach that level of inflation with the included hand pump.

Paddling was a breeze with the adjustable floating paddle, and storage was simple thanks to the spring rope. However, while the paddle adjusts well, it doesn’t feel as durable as I’d prefer for long-term use.

The triple fin setup aids with maneuverability, yet the fixed fins limit the options for customizing the board’s performance. It’s clear to me that while maneuverability is a selling point, there could be more versatility here.

The claim of being a ‘Versatile & Portable SUP Board’ holds water as it deflates and packs away conveniently. Accessories like a cooler bag attachment and repair kits add value, though I haven’t yet needed the latter.

Despite these perks, it’s not without issues. The inflation process is time-consuming, and accessories, while plentiful, are of varied quality. My experience with customer service was positive when I had questions, which gives me confidence in the brand’s support.

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While it’s a stable and aesthetically pleasing option, it might not outshine competitors in performance or quality of accessories. The Uboway is ideal for casual paddlers seeking a blend of stability and style, but seasoned paddlers might find certain features lacking.


Key Features

Ultra-light Military-Grade PVC Material

After my time on the water with this board, I noticed its construction is a standout feature. The military-grade PVC material presents a strong yet ultra-light build. This isn’t just manufacturer jargon; the difference in weight compared to other boards is tangible. With its capacity to support up to 485lbs, it’s clear that the durable design does not compromise on strength. As someone who appreciates the blend of durability and ease of handling, this construction is a clear win.

Stability and Anti-Slip Deck

Stability wise, I found this board exceptionally reassuring underfoot. The brushed grooved EVA pad, mimicking crocodile skin, isn’t merely a stylish flair—it provides a reliable anti-slip surface. This feature proven especially useful when paddling through choppier conditions, where I felt secure and in control, a vital consideration for those new to the sport. However, be aware that no deck can guarantee a slip-free experience, especially in rough waters.

Paddling Maneuverability

The triple bottom panel fins of this SUP board make for a sleek navigation experience. My paddling sessions showed the board responds well to directional changes, which is crucial for both beginners and seasoned paddlers. The board cuts through the water with less drag, but it’s worth noting that the maneuverability may differ based on water conditions and paddler experience.

Adjustable Floating Paddle

The adjustable aluminum paddle is versatile, extending from 63” to 82.6”, catering to various heights and paddling styles. It has a lightweight feel, and thankfully, it floats—dropping it overboard isn’t the end of the world. The integrated spring rope and D-rings for storing the paddle when not in use were a noticeable touch of functionality judged from a day-long excursion viewpoint.

Portability and Versatility

The dual hand pump included for inflation and deflation adds to the portability. Personally, the pump efficiency was adequate, turning the task of setup and packdown relatively straightforward. Traveling with the board rolled up in its carry bag simplifies the entire process of getting from home to water. The board’s versatility shines through; whether used for SUP Yoga, light surfing, or casual paddling, it adapts well, despite some limitations when facing more intensive surf conditions.

In terms of the board’s function and form, I can confirm that it stands up to a variety of uses while remaining sturdy, agile, and convenient. There’s no exaggeration in stating that this board is built for both the casual and the dedicated paddler, though the advanced might find the versatility limiting in more specialized scenarios.

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Pros and Cons


Having spent some time on the water with the Uboway inflatable SUP, here’s what stood out to me. Firstly, its lightweight design doesn’t compromise on durability—thanks to the military-grade PVC material, it’s not only light but can endure the usual wear and tear. It confidently supports my weight (I’m no lightweight) and could easily accommodate heavier individuals or additional gear up to 485lbs.

The board’s stability is impressive, making it a good option for anyone, including beginners. My balance isn’t the best, but the anti-slip deck gave me an extra sense of security. The board floats well and feels rigid, very similar to a hard board when inflated to the recommended PSI. This is key for a good riding experience.

Maneuverability is another advantage. With its triple fin system, the SUP handles turns and straight runs without fuss—even with my lack of expertise, I found it easy to steer and control.

The adjustable paddle—changing lengths to fit my height—floated when I accidentally dropped it, which was a plus. I also found the front storage area, coupled with the D-rings, useful for securing items during longer paddles.

For transport and storage, the board packs down well into the backpack, and the included dual hand pump is efficient for quick inflation and deflation.


Turning a critical eye on the Uboway SUP board, not everything is perfect. First off, while the pump is efficient, inflating the board is still a workout — it’s demanding and time-consuming compared to electric pumps.

I observed that although the board boasts high stability, in choppy conditions, it doesn’t feel quite as solid underfoot compared to some high-end boards I’ve used. The ankle leash, although crucial for safety, seemed a tad flimsy, and I’m concerned about its long-term durability in rough water.

Regarding accessories, while the designs intended for comfort, some elements feel a bit generic and lack a sense of premium quality.

Finally, while the board is functional and looks appealing, it doesn’t quite stand out in a market flooded with similar designs and capabilities. For those seeking something unique or with more specialized features, this might not be the go-to option.



After taking the Uboway inflatable paddle board out a few times, I’ve collected some insights from various users to share. Standing firmly on the board, I noticed it feels quite rigid, which matches others’ experiences of stability even at full inflation. The traction on the stomp pad gave me confidence moving around, echoing sentiments about its solid grip.

Paddling alongside others with more notable brands, this board held its own. One user, with a significant build, preferred the Uboway, highlighting its durability under more rigorous use. That resonated with my observations; the quality certainly didn’t disappoint.

In terms of setting it up, it was straightforward and quick. However, while it does its job adequately on the water, expectations should be tempered—there are trade-offs at a lower price point. It’s not a performance piece, but for leisurely weekend escapades, it has been wonderful. It comfortably supported me and an additional person without any concern for stability.

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To sum it up, the Uboway board seems to tick the right boxes for those wanting a recreational paddle board without breaking the bank. The “sturdy” and “easy to inflate” nature come up repeatedly in reviews, mirroring my own perceptions. However, for avid paddleboarders seeking top-tier performance, this might not be the first choice.


Safety Considerations

In my time with the Uboway SUP, I’ve taken particular note of its safety aspects. The military-grade PVC material speaks to its durability, a critical feature considering the potential for bumps and scrapes. With a generous weight capacity of 485lbs, stability isn’t just a promise—it’s delivered, especially with the high pressure of 15-18 psi that keeps the board firm underfoot.

Despite these robust characteristics, the anti-slip soft deck is what stands out to me; it provides necessary traction, which is a boon for beginners worried about taking a spill into the water. The ankle leash offered peace of mind, as losing your board mid-fall is a concern for any paddler, let alone novices.

Maneuverability is another safety concern, and the triple fin setup here aims to address that. However, I found the fixed side fins a potential limitation for quick turning, with only the central fin being removable. While these features generally contribute to a sense of security and control, I recommend newcomers exercise caution and become familiar with the board’s response in various water conditions. Safety is paramount, and even with high-quality design, skill and experience significantly influence the safe handling of the Uboway SUP.


Final Thoughts

Having personally taken the Uboway inflatable paddle board out for several trips, I can attest to its stability and rigidity, matching the claims of other users. It’s quite remarkable for an inflatable board to feel as solid as it did underfoot, even when fully inflated to the recommended 15 psi. The traction provided by the stomp pad afforded a sense of security, especially helpful for beginners who might be wary of slipping.

It’s not without its drawbacks, though. While it performs adequately on the water, there are occasions where it doesn’t feel as responsive as some higher-priced competitors. This might raise questions for the discerning paddleboard enthusiast about its long-term durability and performance in various conditions.

Fortunately, the ease of assembly and the inclusion of all necessary accessories—like the adjustable paddle, pump, and leash—add value. Plus, the onboard cargo net is a thoughtful addition for those of us who like to bring gear along on our water adventures.

For families or individuals looking to explore paddleboarding without breaking the bank, this board serves as a fair starting point. On the flip side, if you’re in search of top-tier performance, you might want to consider other options. All in, for casual use and leisure, I found the Uboway SUP to be a reliable, if not outstanding, choice.

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