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XQ Max SUP Reviews

XQ Max SUP Reviews

XQ Max SUP Reviews

XQ Max SUP Reviews (2021)

So you’re probably weighing your options here and wondering if maybe the XQ Max iSUPs are of any good. I too have been looking into these inflatable stand up paddle boards produced by the XQ Max brand and this here is what I’ve gathered.

The XQ Max SUP boards are relatively cheap and of average quality all-arounds meant more for smaller paddlers (larger paddler will probably find them to be too wobbly). They seem to have just 2 inflatable boards in total: (1) the XQ Max SUP 305 and (2) the XQ Max SUP 320. Functionality-wise, they do the trick, but quality-wise they’re rather poor by today’s standards. They are not exactly “beginner-friendly” for they are to the narrower side when compared to all-around iSUPs in general.

I’ve also invested my time into researching all the alternative cheaper iSUPs and tried to rank each to the best of my abilities with XQ Max SUP boards in it as well: Best Cheap Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards (2020).


Quick Overview Of The XQ Max SUPs

The XQ Max SUPs are poorly documented. This alone might be a bad sign which goes to show how much the seller cares (or knows) about their own product (if the production was outsourced).

Some of the information was missing, so by taking the information that was provided, I had to derivate the rest based on that in relation to the industry standards. Some variables were too peculiar, so some estimations may not be perfectly accurate. Some of the sources of information were in some cases contradictory to one another, so there’s further doubt in some aspects and my estimations may have become even less accurate because of that [marked with “(?)”].

Overall stats of the XQ Max SUPs (stats range between the 2 SUPs):


  • 3.84″ – 5.9″ (thickness);
  • 27.84″ – 29.9″ (width);
  • 10’ – 10’5″ (length);
  • 16(?) – 32(?) (weight in lbs);
  • 220 – 330 (weight capacity in lbs).
  • 180(?) – 260(?) (optimal paddler weight in lbs)

Thicker boards are stiffer and more stable than thinner boards.
Width dictates how stable the board is side-to-side.

Longer boards allow to build up more speed.
Shorter boards are more maneuverable.


XQ Max SUP Reviews (2018)

I’ve put this piece of content together with the intention of giving you a good overview of the boards so it’s easier to make up one’s mind about them.

Basically, if any one of them resonates with you as you kind of skim through this here, do check out their corresponding review to get a better feeling of the board.


1/2) XQ Max SUP 305 (2018)

The XQ Max SUP 305 measures 10′ x 27.84″ x 3.84″ (length x width x thickness)weighs roughly 16 to 22 pounds and carries a paddler weighing up to 220 pounds (ideally 180 pounds for flatwater activities). Due to its narrowness, I’d say it’s a surf-oriented all-around iSUP, not exactly beginner-friendly. REVIEW: XQ MAX SUP 305; or check its price here.

XQ Max SUP 305 Package
XQ Max SUP reviews – XQ Max SUP 305 package.


2/2) XQ Max SUP 320 (2018)

The XQ Max SUP 320 measures 10′5″ x 29.9″ x 5.9″ (length x width x thickness)weighs roughly 26 to 32 pounds and carries a paddler weighing up to 330 pounds, but for flatwater paddling to be viable, I feel 220 pounds or less would be much better rider’s weight. REVIEW: XQ MAX SUP 320; or check its price here.

XQ Max SUP 320 Package
XQ Max SUP reviews – XQ Max SUP 320 package.



The boards and accessories themselves are rather generic, otherwise they’re simple, practical, and cheap.



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