Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews
Stand Up Paddle Board Stickers (2019)

Stand Up Paddle Board Stickers (2019)

Freaking Awesome And Useful SUP Stickers


It’s done. Amassed here are the greatest freaking SUP (stand up paddle board) stickers in the universe. Okay, perhaps the universe is an overstatement, but they’re freaking awesome still and they give a little personality to things.

Check them out, see which one speaks to you and get creative too.

Customize your otherwise bland objects. Be it SUP boards themselves (an issue may arise when you start to roll the board though), paddles, backpacks, laptops, cell phones, fridges, car bumper or windows, coolers, boxes, books, etc… They fit almost everywhere. They are removable, waterproof and extremely awesome! You can slap them even onto other people, but they might not last too long that way.

Be a sticker hooligan!

Did you know? There’s a National Stickers Day and it’s observed anually on 13th of January. You can find out more about that here.


Stand Up Paddle Board Stickers

1) SUP Baby On BoardStand Up Paddle Board Sticker SUP Baby On Board

This one is amusing yet useful. It gets the message across while using a strikingly simple and interesting double-meaning. This is mainly to be used on a car window at the back, but of course it can be used elsewhere as there are no limits to creativity.


2) Stand Up Paddle Boarding SUP BRAH? For Stand Up Paddle BoarderStand Up Paddle Board Sticker SUP BRAH

I like this one for one simple reason: it gives off a good vibe. It’s almost as if it’s calling me to the beach on a beautiful sunny day.


3) ALOHA – Life Is Better At The BeachStand Up Paddle Board Sticker Life Is Better At The Beach

To continue with a good vibe, here’s a sticker with a mellow message. It consists of some of the main elements associated to the beach – paddling or just having a good time at the beach under the sunset and palm trees.


4) SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Gear Stand Up Paddle Board Gift SUP Surf Tee Paddle BoardingStand Up Paddle Board Sticker Sunset Paddler

That’s a long title for a simple and yet another awesome looking sticker…


5) Penguin Floating on a SUP BoardStand Up Paddle Board Sticker SUP Penguin

A little something for the little ones to better associate themselves with the sport. Playful and captivating image of a penguin giving paddle boarding a try.


6) Paddle InStand Up Paddle Board Sticker Paddle In

Another awesome SUP sticker. It depicts a paddler riding a wave.


7) SUP Yoga Pose Stand Up Paddle BoardingStand Up Paddle Board Sticker SUP Yoga




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