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Red Paddle Co 10′8″ Ride MSL Review (2019)

Red Paddle Co 10′8″ Ride MSL Review (2019)

Red Paddle Co 10′8″ Ride MSL Review

Red Paddle Co Ride 10’8 Review (2019)

Red Paddle Co 10′8″ Ride MSL Package

Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride MSL is a premium quality wide (34 inches) and stable all-around inflatable stand up paddle board suitable for even larger paddlers weighing less than 265 pounds. It has a 2-year warranty (+1 year) and also customer support. However, the package doesn’t have a paddle nor a leash.

Something for a bit larger paddlers in Red Paddle Co’s all-around iSUP lineup, this review is about the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride MSL iSUP.

Quick Overview For The Hasty

The Red Paddle Ride 10-feet-8-inch MSL iSUP measures 10′8″ x 34″ x 4.72″ (length x width x thickness), weighs 22 pounds (lbs) and is meant for paddlers around 265 pounds (lbs) or less.

Who is this for? The Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride is for anybody weighing less than 265 pounds looking for a wider Red Paddle Co’s iSUP with more stability for cruising through calmer waters. Due to it’s design (minus the width, 34 inches), I can see it usable in riding waves with deceitful feeling of surf (not really for surfing – it’s way too wide and a little too long for surfing).

How’s the performance? Maneuverable and relatively stable with decent speed for such a wide iSUP, but poor tracking (small fins) – it’s something like a cruiser.


Who And What Is The Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride iSUP Designed For?

The Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride iSUP is for:

  • who: paddlers weighing around 265 pounds or less;
  • what: all-around (less for surf/race and more for flatwater paddling; cruising, yoga, fishing, calmer river riding).

The Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride seems to be perfect for cruising for it is verstile and should be able to handle most of the unexpected shifts in the water condition along the way to decent enough degree.

Not really (as in: not dedicated) for touring (doesn’t track well enough) nor surfing/whitewater (too wide and a little too long), let alone racing (yeah…). It’s more for flatwater activities like cruising, fishing, doing yoga, etc. However, that doesn’t mean it excludes anything – it’s an all-around, still.

Definition for CRUISING: sail about in an area without a precise destination, especially for pleasure.

Who and what is Red Paddle Co 10'8 Ride MSL iSUP board designed for?
Who and what is Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride MSL iSUP board designed for?

How Does The Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride iSUP Perform?

Things that stand out about the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride MSL iSUP when it comes to performance:

  • relatively stable
  • maneuverable

It’s width (34 inches at the widest point) and wide rounded nose (with a little rocker) together with the length contribute to the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride being stable, BUT depending on where you stand (at the back), it can feel wobbly, too, and not just for larger paddlers because the tail is rounded (the rounded tail makes turning easier and smoother compared to pointed or squash tail, hence the potential to wobble more).

The rounded tail together with the iSUP being relatively thin and with small fins make the board maneuverable even though the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride itself is quite wide.

The small fins, though, will leave the board not track well compared to a removable larger fin which most other brands have. Add to that the wide rounded nose (doesn’t cut through water efficiently compared to pointed or rounded point nose) and the iSUP’s length (the longer the board, the more speed it can build up), you won’t be able to build up to the speed potential without switching the side you paddle from every other stroke (doesn’t track well)

With all that said, it’s more of a maneuverable wide cruiser.

It has the potential for speed, but it’s bottlenecked by the rounded wide nose, overall width of the board and small fins. It’s an all-around iSUP, after all, and for what it is, it is actually decent if not good.

How does Red Paddle Co 10'8 Ride iSUP board perform?
How does Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride iSUP board perform?

How Have I Conducted This Review?

Interested in learning about what makes one board better than another, I’ve dwelled into figuring things out for myself. This board, the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride, seems so very controversial to me. It’s being praised left and right, but when an actual user gives its feedback, things are a little off from the initial impression and much to what I feared just by looking at the design.

I believe it’s to do with the price/expectation relation which leads some of the customers to have to too high expectations. (this iSUP costs quite a lot, has to be said)

And well, after figuring stuff out, I’ve collected my findings and put them together in this piece of content which I call the review of the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride (an honest review… Do I have to point stuff like that out?).


Specs Of The Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride iSUP When Inflated

Tail WidthN/A (rounded tail)
Weight (lbs)22
Weight Capacity (lbs)265
Volume (liters)296

1 – type
Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride is an ALL-AROUND iSUP board. Better suited for larger paddlers or for cruising/flatwater SUP activities, rather than surfing/whitewater (a bit too long and wide for that) or racing (too wide).

2 – construction
Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride is an INFLATABLE iSUP. Basically, it’s built using MSL fusion technology, consisting basically of 2 PVC layers. The furst layer is fused with the stitch-core fabric and the second layer is laminated on top which too is fused a little with the stitch-core (more info about their double-layer construction | more info about what a PVC is). Rigid and durable.

3 – lenght
Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride is 10 feet and 8 inches in length. Generally, all-around iSUPs range from are 10 to 12 feet in length.

4 – width
This iSUP is 34 inches wide at its widest point. Width dictates how stable the board is side-to-side. In that regard, the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride is quite stable.

5 – thickness
It’s 4.72 inches thick. Inflatable boards are usually 4 to 6 inches thick. Thicker SUP feels stiffer and more stable than thinner SUP, but thinner boards are easier to maneuver.

6 – tail width
N/A. The tail is rounded and relatively wide considering the overall width of this Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride iSUP board. Compared to a squash tail or a pointed tail, a rounded tail makes turns smoother and a little easier to pull off. But such a tail may make even this otherwise stable iSUP feel a bit wobbly when paddling.

7 – weight
The Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride weighs around 22 pounds. Considering how big the board is, it’s not just lightweight but lighter when compared to other brands’ boards this size. If you deflated this iSUP, rolled up and put it in the Red Paddle Co’s backpack carry bag with everything else you needed as well, the bag would weigh around 31 lbs, probably more, measuring 38″ x 14″ x 12″ (hight x width x depth) – more about the backpack somewhere below.

8 – weight capacity
N/A. Red Paddle Co gives it a recommended rider weight limit of 265 lbs. However, if the weight on the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride was around 653 lbs, the iSUP would then be under water due to too much weight.

9 – volume
This iSUP’s volume is stated to be 296 liters (L). Usually the ideal rider weight for an all-around is, in kilograms (kg), half of the overall volume, so 296/2=148 kilograms (309 lbs), but the Red Paddle Co suggests even a lower rider weight, 120 kilograms (or 256 lbs). If the volume was 2x your body weight in kilograms (2.2 pounds = 1 kilogram), the iSUP would be half under water and half above the water, but the suggested rider weight would make the volume 2.5x one’s body weight (296/120=approx. 2.5), which would make a little more than half of the board to be above the water and a little less than half of the board to be under water. If you weighed too close to 653 lbs however (296 in kilograms; 1 kilogram = 1 liter, 1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds), you’d force the iSUP under water with such weight.

Red Paddle Co 10'8 Ride MSL iSUP Board Specifications
Specifications of the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride MSL iSUP board.



What is This Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride MSL iSUP Board Made Of?

Overall, this iSUP is made of:

  • dual-layer drop stitch material (patented MSL Fusion technology by Red Paddle Co)

Seems to me all of the Red Paddle Co’s all-around iSUPs are made basically the same, with a double layer drop stitch material where the first PVC layer is fused with the drop-stitch core fabric and the second layer laminated on top. Like that, the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride iSUP is rigid and durable while allowing for the board to be built thinner and lighter.

What is PVC? PVC material (link opens in a new tab).

Red Paddle Co MSL Fusion Technology
Illustration. The fabric is fused with PVC, and another layer of PVC is laminated on top.

What Are The Features Of The Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride iSUP Board?

The Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride, almost like all of the all-around ones, come in one Red Paddle Co’s color code (overall white, blue deck pad, red logo, red fins).

Red Paddle Co 10'8 Ride MSL iSUP Features
Features of the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride MSL iSUP board: starting from the top, a D-ring with a mount system at the nose of the SUP, quite a ways below is a bungee cord storage area attached to the 6-Rings. There’s a carry handle in the middle of the board along with deck pad stamped with RED logo all over and a diamond grooved deck pad closer to the rear of the board. At the very rear of this iSUP, there is a high pressure inflation valve and a grab handle with a D-ring on the right side of the grab handle for a leash.

Here are the features of this iSUP board:

  1. D-ring (1) with RAM mount system
  2. Nose D-rings (6) with cargo storage bungee
  3. Carry handle
  4. Deck pad
  5. Inflation valve
  6. Rear grab handle
  7. D-ring (1) for ankle leash
  8. Fins (3)

1 – D-ring (1)
This D-ring, meant for towing or attaching an anchor to it, is at the nose of the board. It’s attached to a mounting system that works with RAM Mount and Railblaza mounting accessories and solutions (phone case holder, fishing rod holder, GPS holder, etc).

2 – D-rings (6) + bungee net
A bungee net storage area, also located closer to the nose, which is attached to 6 D-rings. This bungee cord storage cargo area can be used to slip the paddle under for storing when doing yoga for example, or for attaching other specialized accessories to them D-rings.

3 – Carry handle
As with every iSUP I’ve seen so far, the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride has a carry handle somewhat in the middle of the board, too. It’s for carrying the iSUP around when inflated. It’s best not to drag an iSUP against the ground, not even on sand, to be honest (it will likely not damage the board right away, but it can have some negative effects that show only after some time).

4 – deck pad
If it’s anything like Red Paddle Co’s other all-around iSUPs, the upper part of the deck pad is stamped with Red Paddle Co’s logo all over and the lower side of the deck pad covered with diamond grooves that are designed so you can feel where you feet are situation on it in relation to the middle. And of course, the deck pad provides excellent grip.

5 – Inflation valve
Almost a standard in 2018, the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride comes integrated with a high pressure inflation valve situated at the rear of the board right after the deck pad. This is where you inflate the board with a fitting pump.

6 – rear grab handle
Finally, at the very rear of the board, there’s a grab handle for pulling the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride iSUP board out of the water. If I didn’t know any better, I’d sometimes drag the board on the ground from it, BUT do NOT drag your board on the ground like that, not even on the sand. It might be durable, surviving a 22-ton digger riding over it, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t survive without damages. Smaller negative effects add up over time, reducing its durability in the long run.

7 – D-ring (1)
This last D-ring is hard to spot on the picture, but that’s because it’s sort of integrated into the side (right side, if you looked from rear to nose) of the grab handle. It’s generally for the leash, but maybe you’re creative enough to find other uses for it.

8 – tri-fin setup
If you’ve read all the way up until now, these are the 3 small Red Paddle Co’s red fins I’ve talked about here and there, located at the bottom of the board. They’re glued onto the board rather than built into it, but that’s not something to worry about coming off easily – they’re reported to last even longer than the board itself.


What Else Is Included With The Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride MSL iSUP Package?

NOTE: the package does NOT come with a leash, paddle, nor a PFD.

But the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride MSL iSUP package does come with (including the board itself):

  • backpack/wheeled carry bag
  • pump
  • repair kit
  • (waterproof phone case, manual, wrapping strap for holding deflated and rolled up board together)

Red Paddle Co’s backpack has shoulder straps, which by the way can be tucked in to the side of the bag so it remains hidden and the straps themselves are adjustable, mainly for carrying the bag on your back like a backpack. When taking a look at the bottom of the bag, it’s got 2 wheels there, basically like a traveling bag, except for the extendable rod for grab handle the Red Paddle Co’s backpack has relatively a simple heavy duty grab handle on top instead, but also on the sides.

The bag is reported to have enough room in it to fit basically everything you need, such as the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride iSUP itself whe deflated and rolled up, the Titan Pump, repair kit and other accessory items, but also, if you had one, a 3-piece paddle, a wetsuit, leash, change of clothes, perhaps, and some more.

The size and weight of the Red Paddle Co’s backpack:

  • Dimensions: 38″ x 14″ x 12″ (tall x width x depth);
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs.

Titan Pump
They call it the Titan Pump. It’s got two chambes, one of which is smaller (for higher pressure) and the other one bigger chamber (for lower pressure).

As you start pumping, the air pressure inside the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride iSUP will be low, but will gradually increase the more air is inside. There’s an integrated pressure gauge on top of the pump to check the air pressure inside the iSUP.

The way it works is your start off by using both chambers to pump air into the iSUP until it becomes too hard to pump. Then you simply close the bigger chamber from going into the iSUP and finish pumping with only the smaller chamber (which was meant for higher pressure) till you hit the optimal air pressure in the iSUP.

Optimal air pressure is 16-22 PSI, max 25 PSI.

Pumping your Red Paddle Co 10’8 like that can take you as little as 3 minutes (or longer if you took your time).

Repair kitRed Paddle Co 10'8 Ride MSL iSUP Repair Kit
The Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride MSL iSUP package comes with the Red Paddle Co’s repair kit. It’s an orange cylinder plastic container which contains PVC patches, adhesive (glue) for the patches, and a wrench valve to have the ability to completely remove the valve in case of potential problems.


So Is Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride MSL Inflatable SUP For You?

Is Red Paddle Co 10'8 For You?
Illustration – the board does NOT have eyes on it.

OVERVIEW: this inflatable all-around SUP is wide (34 inches), lightweight (22 pounds), meant for larger paddlers weighing around 265 pounds or less, or for anybody looking for a stable yet maneuverable board for mainly flatwater activities (cruising, fishing, yoga, riding waves, not surfing them; calmer rivers, lakes, some ocean). A board that has room on it and can carry extra cargo. It’s also rigid and durable – built to last.

If that resonates with you, the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride MSL iSUP might very well be for you.


Why it might not be for you:
Although it’s an all-around, it’s more geared towards flatwater cruising or other suitable SUP activities (calmer river riding, fishing, yoga, some ocean, just riding waves, too, etc). It’s too wide and long for full-on surfing/whitewater, too wide for racing. You may be able to build up decent speed, but you’ll struggle keeping it straight as it doesn’t track all that well (small fixed fins, width, rounded nose not cutting through water effectively), hence it’s better for cruising. Comes at a hefty price and doesn’t include a paddle, leash (nor a PFD).

So if you’re NOT looking to just cruise and do other related SUP activities mentioned thus far, then maybe the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride MSL iSUP might not be for you. And if that was the case, but you’d still want a Red Paddle Co SUP, then quickly check out this Red Paddle Co all-around SUP review post (link opens in a new tab).


Where To Buy Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride iSUP Package?

Common knowledge is that it’s best to first try out the board you’re thinking of buying. You can do that by visiting your nearest local SUP shop and either renting or perhaps getting one for just testing a little bit, along with suggestions from the shop keeper who probably knows these things well (unless they’re just sales people doing it for the money). But if that’s not an option for you, this Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride MSL iSUP and its accessories which are included in the package can be bought online as well.

You have quite a few options for buying the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride MSL package online:



The Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride MSL iSUP is pricey, the package doesn’t include a leash nor a paddle which can cost quite a bit extra to the already hefty price (unless you already had them).

But if we forgot about the price and the essential items that one would have to acquire separately at extra cost, the Red Paddle 10’8 Ride is a relatively stable yet maneuverable wide (34 inches) iSUP for cruising in flatwater conditions for larger paddler weighing up to 265 lbs or anybody else looking this kind of an experience.

I have to emphasize on what it means to “cruise.” Its definition: sail about in an area without a precise destination, especially for pleasure.

But why cruise and other related SUP activities and not, for example, surfing, racing or long distance touring? But because, first off, it’s an all-around, but also because it’s too wide and a bit too long for surfing properly, you can still ride waves though, not for racing nor long-distance touring because it’s too wide and doesn’t track well (small fixed fins, rounded nose which doesn’t cut through water + the width of the board, all of which are a bottleneck to speed).

So, again, CRUISING – if that’s your jam, the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride MSL is a solid high quality all-around iSUP.

Red Paddle Co Brand
The company behind this Red Paddle Co 10’6 Ride MSL iSUP seem to be producing iSUPs only and have been around since forever (2008), so they’ve got long experience in making good quality iSUPs.

Red Paddle Co 10’8 iSUP Board
The Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride MSL iSUP seems to be geared more towards flatwater cruising, but it can certainly handle chop and other water conditions also, just won’t excel at them. It’s an all-around, after all.

Also, making use of Red Paddle Co’s patented construction technology (MSL Fusion), they’ve managed to create a thinner board (4.72 inches thick) that’s as durable and rigid (if not more) as a typical 6-inch iSUP with a few more PVC layers, but that’s also something which brings the price so high.

Its weight capacity is probably somewhere around 653 pounds (or more) and is ideal for riders weighing less than 265 lbs.

Built to last.

Included Accessories
Included with this Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride iSUP are quality Red Paddle Co’s backpack, dual-chamber Titan Pump, repair kit, a manual, waterproof phone case, and a wrapping strap to tighten the board once it’s deflated and rolled up.

2 Year Warranty
It has a 1-year warranty, but that can be extended to a 2-year warranty if you registered the Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride with them. They seem to very confident in their iSUPs, so they might take time responding to you if you happened to have issues with it (defects or something like that).

Where To Buy
It’s simple, buy here: Red Paddle Co 10’8 Ride MSL package.



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