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Pathfinder SUP Review

Pathfinder SUP Review

Pathfinder Review

Pathfinder Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review (2021)


Pathfinder iSUP is a cheaper lightweight beginner-friendly smaller all-around inflatable stand up paddle board that’s easy to handle and is better suited for the lighter paddlers.

Stand up paddling can be an enjoyable experience. That is if you got the right board that fits you and your needs. Is Pathfinder iSUP package the answer here?

Check its price and delivery conditions here: Pathfinder iSUP package.

As the pathfinder is an older iSUP from Vilano, you might want to check out their newest ones here: Best Cheap iSUPs in 2021.

Quick Overview For The Hasty

The Pathfinder 9’9 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board measures: 9’9” x 30″ x 5″ (length x width x thickness). It has a max paddler weight reported to be 240 pounds, weighs approximately 24 pounds and comes with everything you need to get on the water (excluding a leash and a life vest).

Pathfinder is a healthy mix of length and width and thickness for smaller/lighter paddlers. It’s maneuverable, feels snappy due to the design. As it’s an all-around, it’s suitable for all water conditions. It’s more for short distance paddling rather than for longer ones.

The accessory items, apart from the backpack carry bag, are not of very high quality, that’s for certain. The paddle may not be even fully suitable for a wholesome stand up paddling experience (has a very small angle to it and is relatively short on top of it), the pump is a single action one and may thus prove to be a little problematic for some.

Now, whether a cheaper iSUP is worth it or not is for you to decide. I would likely look for a SUP paddle separately with buying a new more expensive board in the future in mind if the sport turned out to be to your liking.


Who And What Is The Patfinder iSUP Designed For

  • Who: beginner smaller paddlers weighing up to 240 (ideally up to 180) pounds.
  • What: all-around (suitable for shorter distances rather than for longer ones)

Judging by it’s measurements, Pathfinder is ideally for lighter paddlers, but can carry up to 240 pounds of weight. Too tall/big, you may find the board a little too unstable for your liking. The overall quality of the package leads me to believe it’s targeted at beginners mainly.

All-around, the Pathfinder iSUP is suitable for all water conditions to some degree. It’s snappy and maneuverable, so perhaps calmer rivers would be ideal for it. It doesn’t shy away from some ocean riding and is most suitable for the general recreational paddling. It’s better suited for shorter distances and less for long-distance riding.

Check with SUP Buying Guide for more opportunities.

Who And What Is The Pathfinder iSUP Board Designed For?

How Does The Pathfinder iSUP Board Perform

Pathfinder is mainly:

  • maneuvrable

Pathfinder is relatively short, narrow and lightweight, it’s somewhere in the middle when it comes to thickness. Those attributes together with a narrow tail allow Pathfinder iSUP board to maneuver with relative ease even in the case of a smaller paddler.

It also means the board feels snappy, meaning it’s not too hard to paddle and move around. Granted, it won’t have those long glides a touring board has, rather short snappy bursts with each paddle stroke.

Pathfinder is relatively stable in the case of a smaller paddler. It is likely that as a total beginner, it takes some practice, but in the grand scheme of things stability shouldn’t be an issue.

Handles well.

How Does The Pathfinder iSUP Board Perform?

How Have I Conducted The Review

Having looked into what this board is about along with my own due diligence and experience in the field of stand up paddle boarding, I’ve mashed together my findings and wrote them down in an orderly manner into this review of the Pathfinder iSUP board package.


Specifications Of The Pathfinder iSUP Board

Specifications of the Pathfinder:

  • Type – all round
  • Construction – Inflatable
  • Length – 9’9”
  • Width – 30”
  • Thickness – 5”
  • Weight – approx. 24 pounds
  • Max Paddler’s Weight – 240 pounds
  • Ideal Paddler’s Weight – 180 pounds
  • Outer Shell – PVC
  • Construction: Drop stitch

Pathfinder is an all-around type of inflatable stand up paddle board. By essense, all-around should be suitable for all water conditions. Pathfinder in particular is more suitable for shorter distances rather than longer distances.

It’s inflatable, filled with air. There’s drop-stitch construction inside, so it’s not just air doing the work. The PVC layer around that is what holds the air inside. The maximum and recommended air pressure for Pathfinder iSUP board is 12-15 PSI.

Pathfinder is 9’9” long. It’s a little shorter than your typical all-around.

30” wide at its widest point.

Pathfinder is 5 inches thick. Thicker boards feel more rigid and in some cases more stable. Inflatables usually wary from 4 to 6 inches in thickness.

The board weighs roughly 24 pounds. It’s still considered to be lightweight.

Weight capacity:
Maximum paddler weight for Pathfinder is reported to be around 240 pounds, but due to the measurements of the board, I’d say around 180 pounds would be the ideal weight of the paddler. Though it doesn’t exclude anyone.

Pathfinder iSUP Board

What Is The Pathfinder iSUP Board Made Of

Pathfinder iSUP board is made of:

  • single layer PVC material

It has a drop stitch core and a pvc layer around that with a foam deck pad on top. Fairly simple construction, the industry standard for cheaper iSUPs in general.

There’s not much else to it, really. To get a better picture what PVC and drop stitch material is, quickly take a look at this post giving an overview of what the PVC material is.


What Are The Features Of The Pathfinder iSUP Board

Features of Pathfinder iSUP board:Pathfinder iSUP Board Features

  1. bungee storage area
  2. carry handle
  3. deck pad
  4. valve
  5. D-ring (1)
  6. D-ring (1)
  7. fin (1)

1 – bungee storage area
Pahtfinder iSUP board has what’s called a bungee storage area at the nose of the board. It’s made up of a elastic cord that’s attached to mount 4 mount points and allows you to store items under it. Be it your paddle, a waterproof bag or what have you, this is where to store them for the ride.

2 – carry handle
Located at the middle of the board you’ll find a carry handle. It’s there because it’s advisable not to drag an inflatable SUP board even on sand as it may over time simply tear it enough that it simply won’t handle the pressure anymore and breaks. The package may include a detachable carrying strap that makes it even easier to carry with you when inflated.

3 – deck pad
EVA foam grooved deck pad on top of the board for better grip while standing on the Pathfinder iSUP board.

4 – valve
Located at the rear of the board just before the D-ring is a valve of average quality. This is where you inflate the board with air. The package includes a valve wrech – you may want to tighten the valve from time to time with the included wrench as it may come a little loose over  time.

5 – D-ring (1)
A single D-ring close to the valve. This is usually for the ankle leash, but the Pathfinder package doesn’t include an ankle leash. If you wanted one, you ought to buy it separately from somewhere.

6 – D-ring (1)
Another D-ring located at the bottom side of the board close to the fin.

7 – fin (1)
The Pathfinder iSUP package includes a detatchable bigger middle fin for the board.


What Else Is Included In The Pathfinder iSUP Package?

Pathfinder iSUP Board PaddleApart from the inflatable stand up paddle board itself, the pathfinder iSUP package includes a backpack, an aluminium paddle, handpump, likely a shoulder strap and a repair kit of sorts. It doesn’t include an ankle leash nor a life jacket.

BackpackPathfinder iSUP Backpack
Included with the Pathfinder iSUP package is a backpack that measures 35″ x 21″ x 8″ (height x width x depth). It fits everything that’s included in the package (board, paddle, pump, etc) and some more.

An adjustable (approx 64.25″ – 85.5″) aluminium paddle that fits in the backpack for transporting, doesn’t float on water for too long, and is of relatively low quality by sheer looks. SUP paddles are a little different from your average boat paddles – Here’s an overview of SUP paddles. They are longer than your regular paddle and have certain unique attributes to them.

PumpPathfinder iSUP Handpump
A single-action handpump with a pressure gauge on top of it. It’s a relatively regular one I’d say. Reccommended and max reported PSI for this Pathfinder iSUP board is 12-15 PSI.

Repair Kit
It is likely that the package includes a repair kit (industry standard is to include a valve wrench for sealing the valve more tightly every now and then, and a glue along with PVC patches for quick repairs).


So Is The Pathfinder iSUP Board Package For You?

If you were looking for a snappy maneuverable lightweight inflatable SUP board package on the cheap and were lighter in weight (around or less than 200 pounds), Pathfinder might be an option for you.

The package includes everything you need to get on the water (apart from an ankle leash and a life vest).

It might NOT be for you if… you were a little heavier/taller of a paddler and were looking for an all-around inflatable SUP board geared more towards touring and longer distance paddling.


Where To Buy Pathfinder iSUP Package?

Best way to buy stand up paddle boards would be from physical shops. That way you could gain much needed info, advice and tips from the enthusiastic sellers there (assuming they were enthusiastic…).

If purchasing from a physical store was not an option, there are still online stores to check out.

One such would be from here: Pathfinder iSUP board package.



Pathfinder is inflatable, lightweight, affordable, relatively beginner friendly (in the case of a smaller paddler) all-around that’s snappy and maneuverable and better suited for shorter distances rather than for longer ones.

Included Accessories
Pathfinder iSUP package includes the board, an adjustable aluminium paddle, single-action handpump, backpack, 1 detachable center fin, and a repair kit. There’s no ankle leash nor a life jacket.

There is a mention of a 1 year limited warranty that covers possible defects in manufacturing. You can find out more about the warranty here.

Where To Buy
The Pathfinder iSUP board package is available on Amazon.



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