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iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP Review

iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP Review

iRocker ALL-AROUND 11' iSUP Review

iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ Review (2020)


iRocker All-Around 11’ iSUP PackageFor starters, iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ is highly verstile high quality all-around even larger paddlers can make good use of. And if that wasn’t good enough, it’s relatively affordable, a good bang for the buck. (Updated for 2020)

In this iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ inflatable stand up paddle board review, I’ll be taking a closer look as to what this board is all about.

Check its price and delivery conditions here: iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP package.

2022 version: iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP package.

Quick Overview For The Hasty

Who is this for? Rider(s) up to 435 lbs who are into trying a little bit of everything to a moderate degree, be it gliding through the water with moderate speed, some river or ocean riding, fishing, even yoga.

How’s the performance? The iRocker 11′ ALL-AROUND is stable, but may prove a little challenging for larger beginner paddlers, nothing a little getting used to doesn’t fix. It also feels moderately fast on the water. More geared towards flatwater / calm  open ocean and surprisingly stable even in choppy conditions.


Who And What Is iRocker ALL-AROUND 11 iSUP Designed For?

In summary, iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ is designed for:

  • who: beginner riders up to 435 lbs;
  • what: all-around (less for surfing, more for flat or choppy waters; otherwise fishing, yoga, river riding, etc).

Being 32 inches wide, 11 feet long, 6 inches thick with a squash tail and 3 fins below, the iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP is relatively stable, good for beginners, larger paddlers or experienced paddlers alike who are into a little bit of everything, such as river riding, some ocean, some surfing, flatwater riding and that even in the more choppy waters. this iRocker iSUP kind of provides a good starting point for beginners and a challenge for the experienced riders were they to try some new SUP activity. It’s called an ALL-AROUND, after all.

However, as an all-around board, naturally, it’s not for performance based SUP types like racing or full-out surfing.

Who And What Is iRocker ALL-AROUND 11 iSUP Designed For?

How Does iRocker ALL-AROUND 11 Perform?

Generally speaking, iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ inflatable SUP has got:

  • stability
  • moderate speed

The width, thickness and length of iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP make it a rather stable one, allows for more weight capacity and moderate speed. It’s not meant for surfing, rather for flatwater conditions, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for riding smaller waves.

You may want to check with SUP Buying Guide to get a good overview of what you’re getting into.

Sidenote: when building up speed at a certain rate, exceeding the rate will seemingly throw the forward thrust off the course a bit, but fixes itself to some degree.

How Does iRocker ALL-AROUND 11 Perform?

Specs Of iRocker ALL-AROUND 11 When Inflated

[table id=2 /]

1 – type
iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ inflatable SUP is supposed to be, as the name implies, an all-around board. That means it can be used in many disciplines decently enough to have a fun time. It’s something like a jack of all trades, master of none. However, due to it’s bigger size and volume, this iRocker board is less suited for surfing, though it doesn’t exclude anything, and geared more towards flatwater and river riding, handling choppy conditions pretty well.

2 – construction
It’s INFLATABLE, but that doesn’t mean it’s like a balloon that pops the moment you accidentally hit a sharp rock. It’s actually super durable with heat-welded seams and a six-inch quad-layer drop stitch military-grade core. It won’t crack nor scratch the way a solid board sees nightmares about. This iRocker iSUP board can be deflated and packed in a bag that comes with buying the board, so it’s good for traveling or reaching locations you otherwise wouldn’t get to.

3 – lenght
iRocker ALL-AROUND iSUP is 11 feet in length. That lands the board in the middle of the typical all-around boards that range from 10 to 12 feet in length. Compared to a shorter board, longer boards typically have more speed (that’s why racing and touring boards are pretty long usually).

4 – width
Its width, 32 inches at its widest point, lands the board in the middle of its kind again. Typically, all-around boards range from 30 to 34 inches in width at their widest point. Width dictates how stable the board is side-to-side.

5 – thickness
iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP is 6 inches thick. Typically, inflatable boards range from 4 to 6 inches of thickness, our board is not in the middle any more in that regard. Thicker boards feel stiffer and more stable than thinner boards.

6 – tail width
16 inches, that’s the tail width of this iRocker board. This means the shape of the tail, squash’i tail (almost like a square tail with rounded corners), helps bring more stability to the board.

7 – weight
iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP weighs 27 pounds. If you stuffed it in the bag that’s fully loaded with other accessories as well, the backpack would then weigh 41 pounds (more about the backpack in a corresponding section somewhere below).

8 – weight capacity
When it comes to weight capacity, it’s 435 pounds. This means the iRocker ALL-AROUND 11 iSUP is a good fit for larger paddlers. It’s also a good family board for it can carry more than 1 person, kids or pets for example, or extra luggage, camping equipment for example.

9 – volume
When paddling away, we need to look at the volume of the board, which is 246 liters (L). It’s a reference point for determining optimal performance, which for all-around boards is at around 2x your weight (in kilograms), but it can be up to 3x your body weight and you’ll still be fine, perhaps even better off if you had an anti-talent (no offence) for stability and were totally new to SUP world. So if you weighed 270,6 pounds: 270,6 / 2.2 = 123 (kg), the optimal volume would be 123 (kg) x 2 = 246 (L) and, oh, look, it’s this iSUP board’s volume.

When deflated
iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP is 35 inches wide and 13 inches in diameter when deflated.

Specs Of iRocker ALL-AROUND 11'

What is iRocker ALL-AROUND 11 iSUP Board Made Of?

In short:

  • quad (4) layer military grade drop stitch material (PVC)

iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP is made of quad (4) layer military grade drop stitch material, which means that this board is tough. No dent, ding, or drop will damage this board. And judging from user experiences, I can’t downplay that – in case of problems, the support has been quick to respond.

What is PVC? PVC material (link opens in a new tab).

The people at iRocker have been perfecting their craft for years now, making adjustments and upgrades to their boards. They have polished this board, the iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP, to high standards, each time paying close attention to user feedback only to create better and better versions of their boards.


What Are The Features Of iRocker ALL-AROUND 11 iSUP Board?

The iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ comes in 4 different colors. Apart from that, here’s a summary of the features:

  1. 6 D-rings for cargo storage bungee or other stuffWhat Are The Features Of iRocker ALL-AROUND 11 iSUP Board?
  2.  Action mount
  3. Safety handles
  4. 8 D-rings for optional kayak seat / shoulder straps
  5. Carry handle
  6. Crocodile textured diamond groove deck pad
  7. Inflation valve
  8. 1 D-ring for ankle leash.
  9. 3 fins

1 – front D-rings (6) and bungee net
The 6 D-rings at the front can be used for many things. You can snuk a paddle under the bungee net, attach a bag to the D-rings for extra storage, attach the safety handles for kids, and more.

2 – action mount
Next to the D-ring holding the bungee cord, there’s an action mount feature for attaching a Go Pro camera and the like.

3 – safety handles (2)
The integrated safety handles can be used by passenger(s).

4 – middle D-rings (8)
The 4 D-rings (8 in total) in the middle can be used to attach a kayak or a storage box you can sit on when fishing, for example, or shoulder straps to make carrying the board easier when inflated.

5 – carry handle (fixed)
The carry handle in the middle is something almost any board has, here’s to show it’s there. It’s made of materials that don’t tear your hand when carrying the board.

6 – deck pad (fixed)
The crocodile textured diamond groove deck pad is soft, allowing for a comfortable ride, but is mainly there to keep you on your feet while out on the water. Doesn’t get too hot in the sun.

7 – inflation valve
At the back, the iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP has a high pressure inflation valve. This is where you can inflate the board with a hand pump or electric pump, but I’d take the hand pump as it’s easy to pump it full and electric one is an overkill. A full inflate is reported to take 5-10 minutes for air pressure of 15 PSI, which is the optimal air pressure (the pressure is indicated on the pump that comes with purchasing the board).

8 – tail D-ring (1) for leash
The D-ring at the very end sitting on the tail is to connect your ankle leash.

9 – fins (3)
iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP has 2 permanently fixed sidefins and 1 no tools required flip lock centerfin that’s bigger than the 2 sidefins.



What Else Is Included With iRocker 11′ All-Around Inflatable SUP Board?

When buying iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP package, you’ll get the iRocker ALL-AROUND 11-feet board with one of the 4 colors of your choosing, of course, but included with the board are the iRocker:

  • paddle,
  • leash,
  • backpack carry bag,
  • pump,

Additionally, offered separately for extra cost are the iRocker:

  • kayak seat,
  • kayak paddle blade attachment.

Let’s break it down, starting with the accessories included with the purchase and ending with non-essentials not included with the purchase, acquired separately from the main package.


PaddleiRocker All-Around 11' iSUP Paddle
The iRocker paddle floats, has a convenient rubber grip, its color matches with the color you chose your board to be, is adjustable from 72 to 86 inches and can be broken down to 3 pieces for conveniently storing in the backpack. There’s only one more thing to note: it’s made of fiberglass, it’s lightweight and inexpensive, comparable to a wooden paddle that has the aesthetics (subjective) but none of the extra convenience our paddle here comes with. Notice how the edges are enforced for more durability. The upgrade next in line would be a carbon based paddle, but that would cost 2 or 3 times as much. So yeah: that’ll do, fib, that’ll do. Learn more about SUP paddles here (link opens in a new tab).


LeashiRocker All-Around 11' iSUP Leash
I’m just gonna point out that I have nothing much to report when it comes to the leash, so I’m not sure why I’m writing this. Perhaps worth mentioning is that this iRocker leash is in fact included with the purchase, just as it was mentioned already, and it is color coded as well. Its one end straps around your ankle while the other end can be attached to the board. Turns out I did have at least something to report.

iRocker All-Around 11' iSUP BagBackpack carry bag
Built with quality materials and for traveling, The iRocker backpack is big enough to fit everything – the iRocker board, paddle, pump, leash – and a little more, such as change of clothes, towels, bottles, etc. The inner side of the bag has 2 adjustable straps to tighten and secure the contents from bouncing around inside. There’s also an extra handle on the side of bag, yet another way to carry the bag is always a plus. When fully loaded, it’s reported to be about 3 feet tall, 16 inches wide and 18 inches deep, weighing 41 pounds.



PumpiRocker All-Around 11' iSUP Pump
It’s a dual-chamber triple-action iRocker handpump that you can switch to single or dual action once you reach higher pressures in order to make pumping easier. This iRocker handpump comes with an integrated pressure gauge located on the very top, so that you can get the air pressure right. The optimal air pressure is 14-15 PSI, the board can hold up to 23 PSI. It takes about 5 to 15 minutes to inflate, 3 to 10 min to deflate and roll up.



So Is iRocker ALL-AROUND 11 For You?

When it comes to iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP, a lot of people like this board – it’s stable and fast enough to have a fun time, but it also preserves some degree of challenge beyond just learning to stay on the board and paddle around.

I’ve seen some larger paddlers having found this board a bit too challenging to balance on, so they switched to some other board instead. If a bit of getting used to feels like it might become a problem for you too, iRocker CRUISER 10’6″ iSUP (link opens to a review post in a new tab), an extremely stable board, seems to be the solution.

If the SUPs mentioned thus far are close to what you’re looking for, but not exactly, do check out this iRocker SUP Reviews post (link opens in a new tab) to find the right one.

Reach Awesome Places With iRocker ALL-AROUND 11' iSUP
Reach Awesome Places With iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP.

Where To Buy iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP Package?

Best way to buy stand up paddle boards would be from physical shops. That way you could gain much needed info, advice and tips from the enthusiastic sellers there (assuming they were enthusiastic…).

If purchasing from a physical store was not an option, there are still online stores to check out.

Check its price or buy here: iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP package.



iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ is highly verstile feature rich high quality all-around even larger paddlers can make good use of. And if that wasn’t good enough, it’s relatively affordable, a good bang for the buck.

iRocker brand is dedicated to making better and better iSUP every year at an affordable price.

iRocker Brand
The company behind this iRocker iSUP board has upgraded and polished their boards over the years with respect to their customers’ feedback.

iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP Board
The iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP is verstile, stable and glides well in the water. Better suited for flatwater paddling rather than surfing, though it doesn’t exclude anything. Go for fishing, lake or river riding, ocean paddling or do some yoga, it’s capable of all that and surprisingly stable in more choppy conditions. It can handle larger paddlers.

Included Accessories
Included with this iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP board are quality iRocker paddle, backpack, ultralight handpump, leash and a repair kit.

Where To Buy
It’s simple, buy here: iRocker ALL-AROUND 11′ iSUP package.



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